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  DE-FOA-0002626 Harnessing Emissions into Structures Taking Inputs from the Atmosphere SBIR/STTR (HESTIA SBIR/STTR) Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) 12/20/2021 09:30 AM ET 3/22/2022 09:30 AM ET

DE-FOA-0002626: Harnessing Emissions into Structures Taking Inputs from the Atmosphere SBIR/STTR (HESTIA SBIR/STTR)

The goal of the HESTIA program is to support the development of technologies that nullify embodied greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions[1] (see Section I.C above), while simultaneously transforming buildings into net carbon storage structures. Specifically, projects funded under the HESTIA Program will develop and demonstrate building materials and whole-building designs that are net carbon negative (see Section I.C above) on a life cycle basis[2] by utilizing atmospheric CO2 or CH4 (see Section I.C above) from a wide range of potential feedstocks (e.g., forestry and purpose-grown products, agricultural residues, marine derived, direct carbon utilization) in the production process. HESTIA metrics are:

  • storage of more carbon in the chemical structure of the finished product than emitted during manufacture, construction, and use,
  • relevant performance testing (e.g., flammability, strength) as required per applicable building code and incumbent specifications,
  • market advantage (e.g., improved material performance in at least one area, lower cost, easier installation) over the best-in-class incumbent building element(s) (i.e. structural and/or enclosure) selected for replacement, and
  • sufficient retention of carbon storage over service lifetime and minimized end-of-life emissions where possible by designing for reuse, repurposing, and/or recycling.

This FOA supports the development of viable technologies to achieve these metrics in a cost-effective manner to meet building construction industry demand for low-cost. Technical categories of interest are identified in Section I.F of the FOA. Performance targets for the technical categories of interest are provided in Section I.G of the FOA. Section I.H of the FOA provides information on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) requirements. To ensure that the technologies developed through this Program are evaluated consistently and transparently, a separate solicitation[3] will be used to develop and perform Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) in conjunction with and to support Applicants of this FOA.

[1] Embodied emissions are also referred to as embodied carbon due to the bulk consisting of carbon dioxide and methane.

[2] LCA stages A1-A3 or cradle-to-gate for building materials in the Program and cradle-to-grave at the building level for the Program

[3] Special Program Announcement for Solicitation on Topics Informing New Program Areas (DE-FOA-0001953) Topic V. “Life Cycle Assessment for Carbon Negative Buildings.


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Application Forms and Templates

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Concept Paper

  • HESTIA SBIR/STTR Concept Paper Template (Last Updated: 11/5/2021 03:34 PM ET)

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  • HESTIA SBIR STTR Technical_Volume_Template (Last Updated: 2/8/2022 04:30 PM ET)
  • SF-424 (Last Updated: 4/4/2022 05:21 PM ET)
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Contact Information

    Please contact the email address above for questions regarding ARPA-E’s online application portal, ARPA-E eXCHANGE.
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Submission Deadlines

  • Concept Paper Submission Deadline: 12/20/2021 9:30 AM ET
  • Full Application Submission Deadline: 3/22/2022 9:30 AM ET
  • View Full Application Reviewer Comments Period: 4/26/2022 5:00 PM ET – 5/2/2022 5:00 PM ET