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 S.E.E.D. Energy CoTom Burgess  Small Business Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear This Project is the S.E.E.D. Energy Source Generator Format. It has over 18 years of Academic Research and Trial and Error tests that have resulted in a refined Revolutionary Format that is ready for Advanced RD&D prototyping. The collection of Physical Data from a Balanced Prototype is necessary to formulate the Output Equations needed for Scaling to suit various applications and Academic Educational purposes.
Traditional Faraday/Lentz equations for Magnetic Inductance EMF generators are already insufficient based on Function Test Models.
This electric Generator Format Could be ready for Field Application Trials on Grid Supply by next year (2022), making a Major Difference in the Clean Energy Initiative.
The Electric Generator is the Core of all except Solar Energy Technologies and Produces the Only Item that Truly matters in Any Power Facilities: Electrical Current. That being Said, Supply and Demand is Usurped by Need and Necessity, making this a potentially Priceless Technology.
S.E.E.D. Energy Co is seeking Funding, Facilities and Resource Assistance to complete Advanced Stage RD&D and inteoduce the New Standard in Electrical Current Generation.
Website: LinkedIn Tom Burgess


Phone: +1(517)597-0001

Address: 454 Ionia St, Mulliken, MI, 48861, United States
 Mayajuel LLCDanny Jones  Individual Other Energy Technologies Innovative research in alternative energy strategies. General research and development in advanced battery technologies, specifically Sodium/Carbon Dioxide Batteries. 3,000 S.F. building.
Website: Mayajuel


Phone: 4059683305

Address: 16869 SW 65th Ave. #373, Lake Oswego, TX, 97035, United States
 CDTi Advanced Materials IncCampbell McConnell  Small Business Other Energy Technologies CDTi has 20+ years of experience developing and manufacturing catalysts and materials for emission reduction, energy storage and industrial processes.

We are interested in bringing to market solutions for hydrogen production and energy storage via SMR, electrolysis and Carbon Capture.

Capabilities include catalyst & materials preparation, coating, bench test and characterization.


Phone: 8053400307

Address: 1641 Fiske Place, Oxnard, CA, 93033, United States
 AlchLight LLCDr. Chunlei Guo  Small Business Other Energy Technologies AlchLight is a company that specializes in surface modification utilizing an industrial-size femtosecond laser. There are a variety of different capabilities that the company can impart on the surface of a material. These include the ability to create superhydrophobic surfaces with contact angles over 150 degrees that are wear-resistant. In addition to superhydrophobic surfaces, AlchLight also has the ability to create super hydrophilic surfaces that are capable of wicking water against gravity. This has applications for cooling electronics, buildings, and microfluidics. Additionally, AlchLight has the ability to blacken metal in order to change its emission properties allowing for altered heat exchange properties. Our interests include higher efficiency cooling for buildings and electronics as well as blackening to increase the efficiency of thermionic energy generation devices. Finally, we have the ability to create surfaces that allow for stray light suppression.

We are currently capable of processing 1m X 1m samples in the space of an hour.


Phone: 5855455397

Address: 1999 Lake Ave, Rochester, NY, 14850, United States
 Free Form FibersJoseph Pegna  Small Business Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear Free Form Fibers (FFF) specializes in the fabrication of “unobtainium” fibers and powders. Materials for harsh environments, high specific strength, high hardness, as well as other exotic materials such a superconductors. FFF can do this based on a unique patented process that is Scalable, Additive, Material Agnostic, and Containerless.
Additive means that fibers are grown or “laser-printed” to a broad combination of filament shapes, diameter, and material composition.
Material Agnostic means that a broad range of materials can be processed without changes to the manufacturing equipment or process – a huge cost saving advantage.
Containerless means that material forms in the absence of a container, avoiding a major source of contamination.
Fiber products include long filaments and tow tapes, short fibers, non-woven mats, and tapes.
Powders include a broad range of achievable mean particle sizes, and microelectronics-grade purity.
Sample materials include:
• Silicon, carbon, boron, molybdenum, tungsten, uranium.
• Carbides, nitrides, borides of the same or in combination.
Product features include:
• Graded microstructures,
• Coatings,
• Adjustable diameter and diameter profile.


Phone: (518)690-0396

Address: 10 Cady Hill Blvd, Saratoga Springs, NY, 12866, United States
 MicroDC, LLCClint Parr  Small Business Building Efficiency MicroDC is an independent microgrid designer, builder and operator which specializes in custom microclimate technology including environmental sensors, data collection and controls. We can digitize and synchronize both a power and microclimate controls network which creates dual operational efficiencies. We are seeking partners and innovation customers to develop a SaaS master controller.


Phone: 918.289.8696

Address: 4327 S Atlanta Ave, Tulsa, OK, 74105, United States
 Silniva CorporationJohn Carberry  Small Business Power Generation: Renewable I have been hard at work on my various business developments and with respect to TEMat I have come to a crossroads in my work. I believe I have made enabling progress to make the world’s first highly efficient TEMat, but I need to regather resources and collaborators to take these developments forward in several downstream processes not directly related to the TEMat itself.

We are out of funding for some time now, and I do not have the resources to continue this work at this time. My priority is to secure the IP, and keep the lab functional since we have a few million invested in this functional lab and I do intend to find a way to continue this work.

If successful thermoelectric will be a most important and critical business development for the world, and I believe that if TEMat technical and business leaders reviewed my work they will find it of great interest. I intend to contact industry leaders, ARPA E, DARPA etc. to find support to continue this work.

Some background for review:

A) I have been working on TEMat for 13 years, since 2008. I have self-funded, received funding from the DOE, and from a venture capital firm and friends and family. Total funding is probably about USD 5 million over this time period, support my small lab.

B) We have an impressive lab for ceramic processes for making porous silicon structuers, mills, laser Microtrac, ovens and furnaces, a lot of special analytical equipment, and lots of development data.

C) I had a series of conversations and dialogue with Dr. Millie Dresselhaus of MIT from about 2008 and 2017 when she passed. Mildred S. Dresselhaus » MIT Physics

D) Our conversations were largely focused on the enormous talent trying to solve the challenges to make a successful TEMat and our belief that there was something wrong with the Seebeck Equation itself. We speculated that the lack of progress was based on folk “turning the wrong knobs and ignoring the right ones”.

E) We observed that thermal conductivity, kappa, could not be correctly in the denominator for if it approached zero so too would thermal flux.

F) We observed that thermal flux required a phonon trap, a phonon well to make thermoelectric work.

G) So a question we started to ask, what was local, what was global, what of the three, Seebeck, Sigma and Kappa were actually decoupled?

H) I took solid pieces of silicon with kappa of 149 W/mK and arranged samples with doping/purity from 1011th to 98.5% pure.

I) At 1011th


Phone: 18652064131

Address: 110 West Old Andrew Johnson Highay, Jefferson CIty, TN, 37760, United States
 ElektrikCar LLCDanet Suryatama  Small Business Transportation We have been working on developing clean energy vehicles and its infrastructures, that include battery powered generators, hydrogen gas refilling stations, hydrogen gas generators and other corresponding technologies. We have built and deployed our battery electric vehicles (BEV) and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) in China and Indonesia. Our FCEV have dual modes of charging-refilling methods and power pack systems. They can be charged using conventional EV charger and be refilled with the hydrogen gas as well. Their sources of energy allow them to operate simultaneously and independently using electricity generated from battery packs and fuel cell power modules. With dual modes of electric powers, our intercity buses can have of more than 600 miles of driving range with single battery charge or hydrogen refill.

Our fuel cell power packs are now developed to power electric aircrafts to have much longer flying range compared with electricity generated by battery packs. Our fuel cell power modules have higher energy density compared with the battery packs and can propel a medium size 19 turboprop passenger aircraft for more than 500NM or 5 hours flight time.


Phone: 2484251712

Address: 5701 Cherry Lane, West Bloomfield, MI, 48324, United States
 FOUND IDEAS & MARKETINGN/A  Small Business Bioenergy Found Ideas & Marketing Limited is a marketing technology and recyclable waste consulting outfit with vast experience in multiple business sectors, including NGOs, finance & banking sector, and public sector agencies. We work with a team of collaborators who deliver across the marketing spectrum. We offer data-backed solutions to our clients which include Nigeria’s largest financial institution by total assets and reach – FirstBank of Nigeria, Nigeria’s fastest-growing Fintech, Kuda Bank and we consult for both Nigeria Airport Agency FAAN as well as Lagos’ Transport Agency LAMATA.

Our lead production partner, Greenocks Biodiesel, produces clean-burning fuel from re-used or waste vegetable oil. Greenocks Biodiesel is easy to use, biodegradable, nontoxic, and essentially free of sulfur and aromatics, reaching the world standard EN14214. Greenocks Biodiesel is committed to preserving the environment, reducing our carbon footprint and converting a locally generated waste product into a superior alternative fuel for use around Lagos, Nigeria.


Phone: +2347061677788

Address: 5 Ladipo Oluwole Street, Ikeja, Lagos, 01234, Nigeria
 Wilderness LabsMatthew Coda  Small Business Grid Wilderness Labs has developed the Meadow IoT platform. This silicon-to-software IoT solution has been specifically developed to provide quick and powerful programming of IoT devices using the .NET environment. Meadow has an ever expanding set of secondary device specific drivers and built-in communications protocols with the specific intent of acting as a highly secure interface for both new and legacy SCADA systems and devices. This allows for state-of-the-art cybersecurity across mission critical systems while also enabling interoperability. Furthermore Meadown, with it's proprietary silicon, is also enabling AI-at-the-edge further empowering and expanding control systems capabilities. We welcome any inquiries for collaboration.


Phone: 4157346226

Address: 1 1st street, Portland, OR, 97204, United States
 Core2Core GeologicAshley Douds  Small Business Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear I am a Petroleum Geologist with 20+ years experience exploring for and developing hydrocarbon resources in conventional and unconventional reservoirs, both onshore and offshore. My technical specialties include sedimentation/stratigraphy, geochemistry of rocks and fluids, petrophysics, geophysics, log interpretation, and mapping. Integration of data from these areas of study allow me to present a holistic interpretation of the data.

I spent several years as the Director of Reservoir Technology where I evaluated new technology, from the lab to the field, to understand if and how the technology could better our understanding of the rock and fluids, and our ability to extract them.

As a WOSB, I can bring diversity and experience in all aspects of exploring and developing critical and strategic minerals to all stages of projects.


Phone: 412-216-2665

Address: 1325 Drifting Wind Run, Dripping Springs, TX, 78620, United States
 Jea Holdings LLC dba JealabsJosue Eduarte  Small Business Other Energy Technologies JeaLabs is the hardware OEM of the most powerful high-density computer nodes on market w/
50% higher efficiency
1000% higher output capacity
600% lower space footprint
30% lower weight

(compliant with ESG governance)

Pitch Deck can be provided upon request.

Due to my software stack needs, I became interested in building some very powerful high-density 2 step immersion computer nodes. The computing hardware is more efficient in terms of cooling, has high density (x4-x10 increase in capacity), lower dB (decibel), and reduces space footprint.
Some highlights of the Hardware:
1 PetaByte = 1000 TeraByte or 1,000,000 GB.
1 PetaFLOP= 1000 TeraFlops
In 1 rack we can fit comfortably (45-47U rack)40-70 PB = 40,000-70,000TB = 40,000,000 - 70,000,000GB of HDD space.
In 1 rack we can fit comfortably 15-400 PetaFlops depending if on TPU if is single precision, or double precision.
In 1 rack we can comfortably do 50,000-600,000 inferences per second (IPS).

Working on 2 step immersion lithium batteries should increase cooling by 50%, capacity and efficiency should improve while reducing the chance of overheat.

Water-cooled solar panels for high-density silicon or galium-based panels. The goal is to get 500-800w double current output, with a 25-45% increase in cost. We need to innovate on the Solar panel front due to our needs in our mesh Atlantis Datacenter network.

Cloud web services are an afterthought for us, but we can quickly provide these services to customers once we scale hardware, we want to do cloud web services at 0 carbon with a PUE (Power usage effectiveness) lower than < 1 (our target is .4-.9) by using 2 step immersion lithium batteries, water-cooled block solar panels, and use our powerful/ efficient computer nodes with almost 0 latency network via our OEM fiber routers.


The 2-4 year goal/focus of our entity will be liquid nitrogen cooling for low voltage FET (Transistors) operations.


The 6-15 year goal/focus of our entity will be liquid nitrogen/helium cooling quantum computers OEM or Quantum Cloud Provider (QCP).




Phone: 3059385592

Address: PO BOX 566539, Miami, FL, 33256, United States
 Marelli North America LLC.Stefano Fornara  Large Business Transportation Powertrain suppliers dedicated to the production of engine and transmission components for automobiles, motorbikes, and light commercial vehicles. Powertrain is present on a global scale with its own Research & Development centers, Applied Research centers and production plants. Marelli Powertrain is a current supplier to both Automotive and Non-Automotive (ROHV, Marine, commercial engines) Customers.

We are looking for funding to help support innovative technologies to reduce fuel consumption and emissions in the non-automotive/off-road sector such as a GDI fuel system for commercial engine applications (lawn mowers, snow blowers & commercial engines).


Phone: 248-250-3804

Address: 26555 Northwestern Hwy., Southfield, MI, 48033, United States
 Ways2H, Inc.Jean-Louis Kindler  Small Business Power Generation: Renewable CEO of Ways2H, a leading commercial provider of Waste-to-Hydrogen solutions for mobility and grid applications.

A 30-year veteran of the cleantech industry with work experience in Europe, Asia and North America, Jean-Louis led the development of various technologies including electrochemical water treatment, bio-based waste-to-energy as well as fuel cell components manufacturing.

Ways2H is a joint venture between U.S.-based Clean Energy Enterprises, and Japan Blue Energy Corporation. We are committed to helping improve the global environment by producing renewable hydrogen for mobility and power generation and eliminating waste by providing sustainable disposal options. Our patented thermochemical process converts waste biomass into renewable hydrogen.


Phone: 562-414-4150

Address: 145 W Broadway, Long Beach, CA, 90802, United States
 Duquesne Light CompanyElizabeth Cook  Large Business Grid Duquesne Light Company (DLC) is an electric utility owned by Duquesne Light Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: DQE). DLC serves approximately 600,000 customers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are interested in projects related to grid integration of electric vehicles (EV), distributed energy resources (DER), and other innovative solutions to help manage the grid, while meeting our clean energy goals. We are open to discussions related funding opportunities and partnerships to perform R&D, pilots, and demonstrations. Currently, we have a number of in-flight innovation pilots and are interested in expanding these capabilities.


Phone: 412-393-8480

Address: 2839 New Beaver Ave., Pittsburgh, PA, 15233, United States
 University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science/Chesapeake Biological LaboratoryJohan Schijf  Academic Other Energy Technologies I am a physical chemist with more than 25 years of experience in the analysis and modeling of trace metal cycling in aqueous systems. My main focus has been on the geochemistry of yttrium and the rare earth elements, but my interests include many other metals and metalloids, particularly the first-row transition elements, alkaline earth elements, and platinum group elements. I specialize in the geochemistry of seawater and other carbonate-rich solutions, such as groundwaters and marine sedimentary pore waters. An area of recurring emphasis has been metal behavior in anoxic and hypersaline environments. I am becoming increasingly fascinated by problems related to Technology Critical Metals and their use in the energy and resource sectors. I am eager to collaborate with both academic and industrial partners. My research consists of two main branches. In the laboratory, I study metal sorption on a range of mineral and organic surfaces and colloids, under a wide range of conditions. These surfaces have included plant tissues and biominerals, with applications in phytoremediation and the development of biogeochemical proxies. In addition, I measure the stability of metal complexes with a variety of natural and synthetic ligands. The results of these studies are incorporated into the other branch, the optimization of computer models that constrain metal solubility, mobility, and speciation. A major goal is the critical evaluation of existing thermodynamic databases and, where necessary, their expansion and enhancement via targeted experiments. Apart from my expertise in physicochemical modeling, I can offer support in the advanced characterization of solid and liquid samples, through mass spectrometry, atomic emission spectrometry, spectrophotometry, ion chromatography, and potentiometric titration, as well as chemical extraction and separation techniques.


Phone: 4103267387

Address: 146 Williams Street (P.O. Box 38), Solomons, MD, 20688-0038, United States
 Cybernet Systems Corp.Dr. Charles Jacobus  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Robotics, AI, and CyberSecurity, Autonomous vehicles


Phone: 734-678-6012

Address: 3741 Plaza Drive, Ann Arbor, MI, 48108, United States
 Fulgens ConsultingSeth Rhoades  Small Business Bioenergy PhD in analytical chemistry assay development and bioinformatic platform creation, including computational tools for metabolic engineering. Independently operate a bio and clinical informatics consulting service, with additional experience in analytics tech development as lead data scientist and engineer. True interests in engineering biology, with applications for biochemical manufacturing. Currently developing a technical prototype for biosynthetic route design, primarily suitable for cell-free biocatalysis. Interested in advancing technologies to enable cost-effective conversion to commodity chemicals, foods, and biofuels.


Phone: 4849485999

Address: 41 Thorndike Street, Unit A, REVERE, MA, 02151, United States
 Climformatics Inc.Subarna Bhattacharyya, Detelina Ivanova  Small Business Power Generation: Renewable We Predict Localized Future Climate for Better Business Decisions

How would you have prepared for the California drought having foreseen it ahead of time? Do you want to know when it will end? Climformatics partners with IBM to predict climate conditions seasons, months, years, even decades into the future. We calculate how climate change impacts businesses, and offer actionable mitigation strategies to reduce risk and increase our customers’ bottom line.
Renewable energy generation is driven directly or indirectly by climate variables like local temperature, precipitation/snow, wind, solar radiation and ocean indices. Improved understanding of meteorological processes influencing precipitation/snowfall and processes, such as aerosols, barrier jets and atmospheric rivers, can improve forecasting for hydropower operations.
At Climformatics we are building a SaaS tool to predict future climate at any custom location for any future timescale (daily, seasonal to years ahead). We are building a robust climate prediction tool/product that is critically important to plan proactive risk mitigation solution for gradual and unforeseen catastrophic climate changes.

We also offer consulting service for customized climate modeling (particularly to vet geo-engineering technologies) simulation and impact assessment through predictive analytics.

We are a team of Climate modelers (atmospheric and oceanic scientist) and climate data scientists (all former employees of Lawrence Livermore National Lab) and computer scientists.

Dr. Subarna Bhattacharyya is the Co-Founder and CEO of Climformatics (winner of CleanTech Open 2014 Western US Finalist Award) with a novel mission to predict climate towards an environmentally sustainable future. She worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory modeling and simulating abrupt climate change. She has a Masters in Physics and Civil Engineering and a PhD in Engineering Mechanics.

Dr. Detelina Ivanova is Chief Scientist at Climformatics, Inc with expertise in oceanography, Earth system climate modeling, climate model evaluation, high-performance computing on NASA and DOE super computers. She worked as a scientist across premier research institutions of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories (LLNL), Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (NERSC) at Bergen Norway, Scripps Institute of Oceanography in UC San Diego.


Phone: 4085335617

Address: 5381 Ridgewood Drive, Fremont, CA, 94555, United States
 Nanocoating Plasma System Incyuri glukhoy  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Light-to-fuel solar fuels will be one day be at the forefront of renewable energy production. It is a significant challenge to convert CO2 into value-added chemicals and fuels, not only for dealing with climate change but also for reducing dependence on fossil energy. Solar fuels are produced from abundant resources like water and carbon dioxide, using only the sun’s energy as input. Nanocoating Plasma Systems Inc (NPS) offers to convert CO2 into usable fuel to methane (CH4), methanol (CH3OH) using a 3D TiO2 reactor that employs natural resources like solar and water for the photocatalytic conversion known as a "proton-assisted multi-electron photoreduction.” Key part of this converter called "solar fuel reactor” is a five-mm-thick matrix consisting of the combined quartz capillaries with OD 1.0 mm and ID 0.5 mm with TiO2 nanocoating the inner walls. Deep TiO2 nanocoating the inner surfaces of holes with high aspect ratios is provided by a patented atmospheric plasma beam technology with a two-dimensional plasma beam system. The densely distributed capillaries trap the solar light and deliver together with a mixture of gaseous CO2 and H2O vapors to the anatase TiO2-coated walls. Large area TiO2 coating harvesting photons may provide the photocatalytic conversion of CO2 into CO2 in CH4 and CH3OH or other desired products in the large volume. This 3-D reactor might increase efficiency up to 50% due to an enlarged surface area and the enlarged harvested spectrum provided by a bandgap drop from 3.2 eV to 2.5 eV using doping the TiO2 nanoparticles injected into the nitrogen inductively coupled plasma (ICP) discharge that generates the focused plasma beam. Ions N+ saturate the injected TiO2 nanoparticles and provide interstitial N doping in the fly simultaneously with the deposition process where TiO2 nanoparticles are dispersed inside matrix. Final substitutional N doping is provided by annealing the total matrix. However, the efficiency of converting CO2 in the fuel is challenged by a high recombination rate of the electron-hole pairs. The outer electric field is applied between the top a bottom of the matrix. High mobility electrons are swept out by this field, allowing the slow holes to migrate to the surface of the TiO2 nanoparticle, where the photocatalytic reaction occurs.NPS large-scale manufacturing production line with three linear beam systems can provide fabrication of matrices with size up to one-sq-meter with productivity ten matrices per day
Website: www.


Phone: 4155337696

Address: 4432G Enterprise St, Fremont, CA, 94538, United States
 FermilabTimothy Meyer  Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Other Energy Technologies As America’s particle physics and accelerator laboratory, Fermilab has a long history of designing, developing, building and testing accelerators and accelerator components to support projects for Fermilab and laboratories around the world. Together with nearby Argonne National Laboratory, Fermilab is home to the largest concentration of accelerator scientists and engineers in North America. In recognition of this significant capability, the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity and DOE joined forces to create the Illinois Accelerator Research Center (IARC) at Fermilab.

Electron beams are an exceptional source of energy that are capable of initiating chemical reactions without the need for catalysts, high temperature or high pressure. The high kinetic energy and penetrating nature of the electrons provide significant benefits over typical chemical methods.

Electron beam processing involves the absorption of large doses of energy from accelerated electrons in materials in order to modify them in some beneficial manner. The main processes initiated by electron beam are polymer modification by crosslinking or scission, curing of coatings, decomposition of industrial effluents or synthesis of a new substance. Some materials that have been successfully processed via electron beam include plastics and rubber, wire and cable insulation, crosslinking of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene for hip and joint replacement in the medical industry and many more. Beneficial changes produced in treated materials are improved thermal and chemical resistance, stability at elevated temperatures, improved tensile strength and other mechanical properties. Electron beam technology provides an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly way to drive chemical reactions.

Fermilab can provide expertise, facilities, and simulation & modeling related to accelerators, data science & analytics, and sensors and edge computing.


Phone: 630-840-2376

Address: PO Box 500, Batavia, IL, 60510, United States
 University of PennsylvaniaRobert Carpick  Academic Transportation My group works at the intersection of mechanics, materials, and physics to determine the atomic-scale origins of tribology (friction, wear, adhesion, lubrication) and the connections to the structure, composition, and mechanical properties of materials. We pursue the application of this knowledge to applications such as micro- and nano-mechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS), hard disks, thin film design, micro- and nano-manufacturing, protective coatings, and lubricants for mechanical systems including engines, wind turbines, and electric vehicles. We explore novel materials including ultrahard carbon films, tailored molecular layers, lubricant additives including anti-wear molecules and tribofilm-forming nanoparticles, and 2D materials. We focus on experimental methods including scanning probe microscopy including in situ methods, surface/interface science, and synchrotron radiation techniques, and we collaborate extensively with other groups who pursue theory and atomic-scale modeling efforts.

For this OPEN call, one specific interest we have is in designing a lubricant/coolant for future generation electric vehicles. Please contact me if you are interested in this topic, or any others.

Google Scholar:


Phone: 2158984608

Address: 220 S. 33rd St., Philadelphia, PA, 19104, United States
 NASANaina Noorani  Federal Government Other Energy Technologies We are working to develop technologies for power beaming in space. As we are going back to the moon and deriving resources like water from cold, dark areas we cannot rely on solar arrays. Power beaming technology would offer a long term solution for driving technologies in remote locations on the lunar surface. Our current experiments will generate dual use power (thermal and electric) using a 2 kW fiber laser.


Phone: 9723520499

Address: 2101 E NASA Pkwy, Houston, TX, 77586, United States
 Zodiaque ConsultantsRonda Bartee  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Project Management


Phone: 804 223-2442

Address: 1507 7th St #245, Santa Monica, CA, 90401, United States
 Grid DefendersMike Helton  Small Business Grid Military background with consultants in the fields of chemistry, energy, engineering, private defense, and cybersecurity. At Grid Defenders are focus is Environmental Grid Defence and cultivating the most skilled consultants in their fields. We offer a holistic approach to Environmental Grid Defence with our capabilities. Capabilities as follows per consultant: Cybersecurity- Big Data, Private Defence- Tim Easton, Engineering- Ben Edgar, Chemistry- Chuck Zimmerman and Carl Lee Burton (Pending). Grid Defenders has many other consultants depending on the contract to complete per region or overwatch area. Cybersecurity is one of the strongest areas of expertise with Johnathan Crane as a consultant if needed. Our relationships with our chemist are growing and we feel confident with a contract we will be able to secure the right chemist to work on environmental defence. We have the capabilities to build the reactor to meet the requirements set by President Biden to lower emission by 52% by 2030. That's means we need to lower it 5.8% rounded a year. With a 47 ton CPS system, a day (if feasible)depending on the pilot design, which we will not know until we pay the engineering consultants to develop. We need 120 plants @ 47tons a day for 9 years to reach 5 gigatons of CCS. That's a scalable model depending on 3 main components, Pilot design, and byproduct vendor relationships and execution. Blessings and hope,



Phone: 707-733-3730

Address: 1309 Darlene Circle, Chattanooga, TN, 37412, United States
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