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 UIUCArpit Dwivedi Academic Other Energy Technologies We are developing a high energy density thermochemical heat storage system which can store heat for indefinite period of time. It would be able to store grid electricity at large scale cheaply facilitating larger penetration of renewables. The technology can be integrated in coal power plants using them as energy storage centres. Other area of application include providing flameless process heat to industries.
Specialize in materials characterization, heat transfer, materials chemistry and chemical reactor development.
Website: -


Phone: 2179045378

Address: 1012 W Clark St, URBANA, IL, 61801, United States
 PWRJoule LLCBret Raymis Small Business Other Energy Technologies Technical Concept: A description of the technology innovation and technical risk areas.

The PWRJoule Magnetic Particle Flow Battery/Fuel Cell (MPFB-FC) is a novel electrochemical energy storage system that will replace current lithium-ion batteries in many applications. Current state-of-the-art lithium ion batteries have significant disadvantages including thermal runaway, fire and safety issues. The PWRJoule Magnetic Particle Flow Battery/Fuel Cell overcomes these serious safety issues. The MPFB-FC is a long-lasting and reliable design. It is a safe non-flammable water-based chemistry. It is constructed of low-cost sustainable materials and is an environmentally friendly technology. The battery has excellent reusability and recyclability and provides for the sustainable distribution of electricity. The MPFB-FC employs the fuel cell approach of separating the energy storage volume from the ion transfer operation which allows the optimization of both power density and energy storage density.

The current density of a battery is determined by the rate at which the electrochemistry occurs inside the battery. Like in any process (chemical, electrochemical or otherwise) the overall rate is determined by the slowest step, i.e. the rate determining step (rds). In a battery charge transfer is fast and ion transfer, i.e. diffusion, is slow. So, the way to get more current through a battery cell is to make the ions move faster. PWRJoule MPFB-FC technology uses a magnetic field as a driving force for ionic transfer. This is a game changer in batteries because now current density is no longer limited by the slow process of ionic diffusion.

One advantage of flow cells is that there is a continuous supply of fresh active material unlike a static electrode surface which degrades over time. The PWRJoule MPFB-FC is ideally suited for large-scale and long duration applications, for example grid energy storage, naval applications and electric/hybrid vehicles. For example, an electric vehicle could be refueled with fresh electrolyte in just a few minutes like a conventional internal combustion engine vehicle. No long electrical recharge or mechanical replacement of the batteries is required.
A typical use case for the MPFB-FC is electric propulsion of surface or underwater vehicles. The duration of the system would only be limited by the size of the electrolyte fuel tanks.


Phone: 928-259-7751

Address: P.O. Box 3810, Galveston, TX, 77552, United States
 Quebec Engine Technologies, LLCDale Renner Small Business Other Energy Technologies Despite its name, Quebec Engine Technologies is a U.S.-based company that—since 2014—has been developing a unique, alternative technology based on the internal combustion engine. Its’ branded name is “Avadi Engines” and, while easily scaled up or down in size, it is currently a single cylinder, 4-stroke, 250cc engine weighing less than 30 pounds, with performance capabilities of engines nearly twice its size… and it functions quite differently from any engine in existence.

We have built two generations of functioning prototypes, making exponential advances in performance and durability, with additional analysis, research and development on the horizon.

Applications for this technology are practically endless—and while electric power is absolutely on the rise—it is clear that the internal combustion engine isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Literally hundreds of millions of ICE-powered commercial products are sold each year—from leaf-blowers & lawn mowers, to cars & trucks… to cargo ships & locomotives.

Further, Avadi’s small-size and high-power capabilities make it the perfect companion to electric power, both as an option for a primary or secondary power system, or to generate power to perpetuate charging capabilities for vehicles and products that use electric motors. Lighter, smaller portable power generators, automotive range extenders and on-board power generation systems are clearly a strength for Avadi’s light weight, high-powered engines.

And when it comes to military infrastructure, the internal combustion engine is without a doubt a critical piece of the puzzle. Smaller, lighter portable power generation systems for field operations, primary power systems in mid-sized UAVs/drones for surveillance and materials delivery, and powered vehicles of all shapes and sizes from ROVs to tanks and boats... including the practicality of a remotely controlled UAV power generator for first-responders and isolated military installations. The technology can be adapted to a variety of different fuels, including diesel variations.

Generating power is absolutely necessary. Doing it more efficiently in a way that reduces the impact on our environment is our goal. It’s clear that those same goals are inherent for commercial and residential use, along with each branch of the U.S. Military. Avadi’s technology can help achieve those goals.


Phone: 509-961-3102

Address: 212 N. Naches Ave., Yakima, WA, 98901, United States
 Quintessent, Inc.Brian Koch Small Business Other Energy Technologies Background:
Quintessent is a startup company commercializing quantum dot lasers, amplifiers, and photonic integrated circuits operating in the O-band (~1300 nm). These devices have design traits that can offer advantages of lower noise, reduced sensitivity to reflections, and wider gain bandwidth compared to traditional quantum well devices. We are developing both discrete lasers/amplifiers to be used with fiber coupling to supply and amplify light to circuits remotely, and lasers/amplifiers that are directly integrated onto silicon photonic circuits. The types of devices that can be made include stable single wavelength lasers, tunable lasers, multi-wavelength sources, and silicon photonic integrated circuits associated with these, including light splitters/combiners, switches, wavelength multiplexers/demultiplexers, light modulators, photodetectors, and low loss silicon nitride waveguides. These devices and circuits can enable solutions that offer significant energy savings, and have a wide range of applications including high performance computing, artificial intelligence, datacenters, LIDAR, spectroscopy, and more.

Quintessent is seeking partners who have capabilities that complement our photonics expertise and capabilities, with the goal of offering complete, high value, solutions to meet ARPA-E needs and commercial product needs.

Quintessent has design, fabrication, and testing capabilities for lasers, amplifiers, and photonic integrated circuits. This includes a wide range of photonic simulation capabilities with both commercial software and our own software, photolithography mask design capabilities, US domestic foundry partners for wafer fabrication and our own fabrication capabilities for prototyping, and a large suite of opto-electronics test equipment including wafer level testing.


Phone: please email

Address: 120 Cremona Drive, Suite 155, Goleta, CA, 93117, United States
 Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteShanbin Shi Academic Power Generation and Energy Production: Fossil/Nuclear The RPI Thermal Hydraulics Laboratory performs experiments and computational simulations focusing on single- and multi-phase flow and heat transfer in advanced energy systems and space exploration missions.


Phone: (518) 276-8406

Address: 110 8th Street, JEC 2034 Jonsson Engineering Center, RPI, Troy, NY, 12180, United States
 Los Alamos National LaboratoryRodney Borup Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Transportation Los Alamos National Laboratory has scientific capabilities and expertise in the following areas:
- Fuel cell durability
- Electrocatalysis
- MEA design (membrane electrode assembly)
- Alternative membranes
- Impurity effects on fuel cell performance
- Water transport
- Portable fuel cells/alternative fuel cells
- Hydrogen safety codes and standards; sensors; fuel quality
- Hydrogen storage materials
- Hydrogen production


Phone: 505 695 4810

Address: Bikini Atoll Road, Los Alamos, NM, 87545, United States
 Los Alamos National LaboratorySheila Van Cuyk Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Bioenergy Los Alamos National Laboratory has scientific capabilities and expertise in the following areas:
-Algal biology, flow cytometry/high throughput screening, cellular characterization and sorting, environmental simulation (ePBRS), Indoor-to-outdoor/Scale up expertise
-Sequencing technologies, 'comics (genomics, metagenomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, multi-omics bioinformatics software
-Computational protein engineering, RNA-Based metabolic regulation
-Catalysis and reaction engineering centered around manipulation and conversion of small bio-derived building blocks, furan coupling chemistry
-Rapid, small scale fuel property testing and validation, high precision d13C analysis of bio-oils and co-processing products.
-Chemical catalysis, engineering and process design
-Rheology, chemical engineering, materials science and engineering, world-class materials characterization techniques and expertise in acoustics
-Biopolymer discover, design and development guided by Machine Learning


Phone: 5056670474

Address: Bikini Atoll Road, Los Alamos, NM, 87545, United States
 US Army Corps of Engineers - Cold Regions Research and Engineering LabBenjamin Barrowes Federal Government Other Energy Technologies Federal facility with the United States Army Corps of Engineers. My background is in physics and electromagnetics. I have been investigating low energy nuclear reactions with a small amount of internal funding since March 2020.

I am interested in collaborating and contributing to a proposal regarding LENR theory and experiment.


Phone: 6036464822

Address: 72 Lyme Road, Hanover, NH, 03755, United States
 University at Albany - State University of New YorkMohammed Agamy Academic Other Energy Technologies Areas of ongoing research at the Energy Conversion Systems Lab at U. Albany include:
- Topologies and control of high frequency power converters
- Wide bandgap device gate drives and circuits
- Grid integration of renewable energy resources and energy storage systems
- Distributed DC architectures
- Transportation electrification
- Advanced lighting technologies


Phone: 5184425085

Address: 1400 Washington Ave, Li 90A, Albany, NY, 12222-0001, United States
 Southwest Research InstituteEloy Flores III Non-Profit Other Energy Technologies Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is an independent non-profit research institute focusing on applied R&D. Founded in 1947, SwRI's 2700 staff members perform science and engineering research for government and commercial clients across many industries. SwRI is located on a 1500-acre facility with millions of square feet of laboratory and office buildings. SwRI is a multidisciplinary organization that offers expertise from deep sea to deep space.
In addition to other expertise in energy and power storage/usage. SwRI offers existing pilot plants or complete new construction of pilot plants to support scale-up and process development work related to: energy in conversion of carbon dioxide to fuels and chemicals, hydroprocessing pilot plants to produce finished fuels (jet, gasoline, diesel) or conduct high temperature and pressure fixed bed reactions, FT-waxes to fuels, syngas conversion, high temperature carbon dioxide membrane separation, electrolysis (chlor-alkali, other), circulating fluidized bed pilot plant, catalyst development and testing, alkylation, complex chemistry processes, gas to olefins, nearly any analytical test methods.


Phone: 2105222547

Address: 6220 Culebra, San Antonio, TX, 78238, United States
 Gnosys IncJonathan J. Burbaum Small Business Other Energy Technologies Gnosys offers technology-to-market (T2M) analysis and development capabilities across the spectrum of energy technologies, with particular expertise in synthetic biology, bioenergy, and alternative fuel sources.


Phone: 8587752227

Address: 1 Valerton Ct, San Francisco, CA, 94112, United States
 Hawaiian ElectricDarren Ishimura Large Business Grid Hawaiian Electric is a regulated electric utility that serves 95% of the State of Hawaii's population on five islands. As such, Hawaiian Electric has a high interest in increasing our utilization of advanced technologies to support planning, operations, and grid modernization efforts, and bring innovative energy leadership to Hawaii as we work toward achieving the State's 100% renewable energy goal by 2045. We have participated in numerous DOE and ARPA-E awards in the past and are interested in partnering as a subcontractor under this FOA. We encourage anyone to review our innovation webpage ( and submit technology ideas there at any time. Of particular interest to us are technologies under the following topics:
1.DOE-sponsorship of national lab(s) to develop standards for grid-forming functionality, including requirements that developers can meet
2.Planning models, methods, and operational tools that support low inertia grids, including development and testing of system-level hybrid power plant optimization, controls and real-time inertia measurement
3.Better understanding of how to operate the system with primarily inverter-based control, standardization for how inverters respond to faults and tools to help operators make unit commitment decisions in all time frames through a range of faults and contingencies
4.Studies on stand-alone island systems of different sizes (vs studies that yield generic continental U.S. conclusions)
5.Capacity planning criteria & tools capable of modeling PV-battery hybrid systems
6.Short term (eg. 1-5 days) and long term (20+ yrs) planning tools that can help make decisions on multiple-day impacts (e.g., week of cloudy weather), assess how these situations impact the size of the energy storage needed & dispatch strategies
7.Models that simulate microgrid operations, including how devices work together (PV, batteries, synchronous condensers, etc.) and can be dispatched
8.Visibility of behind-the-meter resources (generation & loads) to help planning capabilities and operational decision-making in concert with other generation and storage resources on the grid
9.Assessment of climate change impacts (sea level rise, higher intensity of hurricanes, etc.) on island-based electric utilities and the ability to incorporate these insights into broader resilience strategies
10.Green hydrogen production, storage, distribution, and import for island-based electric utilities


Phone: 808.543.7814

Address: PO Box 2750, Honolulu, HI, 96840, United States
 Odyssey Semiconductor, Inc.Richard Brown Small Business Other Energy Technologies Existing high voltage switching technology used in applications like Electric Vehicles or Solar Energy is based on silicon (Si) and silicon carbide (SiC), however, the material properties of gallium nitride (GaN) make it a far superior option. To date GaN processing has not been able to produce a viable switching transistor operating above 1,000V. Current devices are largely horizontal conduction, based on radio frequency designs, modified to operate at high voltage. These designs are not scalable beyond 1,000V operating voltage, which limits their use to low voltage, consumer electronics applications. Odyssey Semiconductor's unique and proprietary GaN processing technology allows for the realization of vertical current conduction GaN devices. Current GaN power switching devices are based on horizontal conduction and limited to 650 V, while Odyssey Semiconductor's vertical conduction devices extend application voltages to over 10,000 V. This allows GaN power switching devices to move well beyond the consumer electronics space and into more demanding applications such as Electric Vehicles, Solar Energy and Energy Grid applications. In addition to our focus on vertical conduction high power GaN diodes and transistors, Odyssey Semiconductor also has experience fabricating GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs), Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), InP photonic devices, chemical sensors, biological sensors, and other semiconductor-based devices.


Phone: 6073519768

Address: 9 Brown Road, Ithaca, NY, 14850, United States
 LDS Technology Consultants, Inc.Dr. Alexander Gutsol Small Business Other Energy Technologies LDS Technology Consultants, Inc. is an R&D company that develops plasma technologies and systems for different applications, including environmental and health-related ones. Our team has wide experience in developing thermal and non-thermal plasma systems, including low-current high-voltage arc and gliding arc discharges, plasma jet systems for surface treatment, Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD), low-power discharges in liquids, etc. Our team is also experienced in design of power supplies for these discharges.
Applications include:
• surface activation, oxidation, and disinfection
• on-demand production of: hydrogen peroxide, plasma activated water for disinfection, and carbon monoxide
• reactivation of precious metal-based catalysts
• air and water cleaning and disinfection
LDS seeks partners interested in commercialization and application of plasma technologies for their needs.


Phone: (215) 675-0555

Address: 1814 Mearns Rd., Warwick, PA, 18974-1195, United States
 Red Shift Energy, Inc.Dr. Alexander Gutsol Small Business Other Energy Technologies Red Shift Energy, Inc. develops plasma technologies and systems for use in solving complex problems in oil and gas and energy production. Our team has wide experience in developing thermal and non-thermal plasma systems, including low-current high-voltage arc and gliding arc discharges, Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) and corona. In addition, our team is experienced in the design of power supplies for these discharges.
Applications include:
• dissociation of hydrogen sulfide to sulfur and carbon-free hydrogen
• syngas production from CO2
Red Shift Energy seeks partners in gas processing and separation technologies.


Phone: (215) 675-0555

Address: 1814 Mearns Rd., Warwick, PA, 18974-1195, United States
 Everactive Inc.John Greenfield Small Business Other Energy Technologies Background: Everactive is a venture-backed startup who builds completely self-powered sensing solutions that do not require batteries of maintenance, can be deployed nearly anywhere, and unlock new, actionable insights that deliver significant values. The end-to-end wireless sensing solutions are built upon advances in ultra-low-power circuit design and wireless communication to power the sensors exclusively from harvested energy. The company has also developed software and cloud infrastructure to deliver an out-of-the-box solution focused on providing analytics from continuously-monitored assets to generate actionable insights. Everactive’s current offerings are focused on industrial IOT, for energy efficiency, where they can deploy hundreds (or thousands) of small sensors to monitor the real-time operating “health” of systems like motors or steam traps.

• Batteryless, always-on sensing, completely self-powered from harvested energy from the environment (2 degree C temperature difference or 200 Lux of lighting)
• Ultra-low-power circuit and system design
• Industrial asset monitoring, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance
• Sensing modalities: temperature, relative humidity, gas sensing/detection, acceleration, magnetic field, radio frequency, corrosion monitoring, image detection, and motion and sound detection.


Phone: 651-278-1961

Address: 2986 Oakmead Village Ct., Santa Clara, CA, 95051, United States
 GRIDBRIGHT, INCAli Vojdani; Ph.D. Small Business Grid GridBright is a boutique systems integrator specializing in grid resiliency and integration of renewables and distributed energy resources. We currently serve over 85 utilities and renewable developers in the US. We are also engaged in several DOE R&D projects focused on grid management and cyber security. Our BetterGrids grid data Repository (, developed under an ARPA-E award, has registered users in 45 countries.

GridBright can provide:
i) Grid models and other test data for your project leveraging our BetterGrids Repository;
ii) Deep expertise on ADMS, DERMS, Systems Integration, and Cyber Security;
iii) Well organzied Data Management Plan (DMP), Interoperability Plan, and Cyber-Security Plan as required in the FOA;
iv) Tech-to-Market support, including development of commercialization plan; and
v) Our GRIDEON cloud-hosted R&D Collaboration Tools ( developed with ARPA-E funding for efficient and secure collaboration among geographically dispersed R&D teams.


Phone: 9258999025

Address: 618 Oakshire Pl, Alamo, CA, 94507, United States
 SAE InternationalKeith D Wilson Non-Profit Transportation SAE International is a global association of over 145,000 engineers, business executives, educators, and students from more than 110 countries which form our network of membership to share information and exchange ideas for advancing the engineering of mobility systems in the automotive, aerospace and commercial-vehicle industries.

One of the greatest assets SAE brings is its proprietary database of over 145,000 members (engineers, scientists and experts) from which we can identify and subcontract the technical expertise and knowledge base to provide technical consulting and training to transform transportation. SAE has the reach of technical experts with expertise in design of experiments, transportation system design and operation, failure mode analysis, system performance evaluation, quality assurance, system validation and additional transportation related avocations.
Through SAE International, thousands of engineers and scientists from around the world develop technical information on all forms of self-propelled vehicles including automobiles, trucks and buses, off-highway equipment, aircraft, aerospace vehicles, marine, rail, and transit systems. SAE International’s technical committees have developed over 35,000 aerospace and ground vehicle standards. SAE International disseminates information through its meetings, books, technical papers, magazines, online publications, standards, reports, pre-professional and professional development programs, and electronic databases.
Our Cooperative Research Program helps facilitate projects that benefit the mobility industry as a whole. Numerous meetings and exhibitions provide worldwide opportunities to network and share information. We also offer a full complement of professional development activities such as seminars, technical symposia, and e-learning products.
Every day, we demonstrate our commitment to society through local, national, and international public awareness programs that promote vehicle safety and maintenance and energy resource conservation. Through the SAE Foundation, we are also deeply involved in the engineering-related education of children, teachers, college students, and faculty.
Since its founding in 1905, SAE's dedicated people, strong technical base, and vision have helped serve the professional needs of engineers and the transportation needs of humanity. We are clearly poised to continue that role into the 21st century.


Phone: 2489250966

Address: 32821 Bassett Woods Court, Beverley Hills, MI, 48025, United States
 Materic, LLCDr. Stephen Farias Small Business Other Energy Technologies Materic is a firm specializing in the development and scale up of chemical products and custom material manufacturing for the coatings, electronics, cosmetic, lubricant, polymers, textiles, water treatment, agrochemical, therapeutics and related markets.

The company has experience developing electrospun polymer nanofiber filters and textiles, advanced textile treatments for enhancing personal protective equipment in flame retardancy and insect repellency, electronic inks for flexible display monitors, nanoparticle synthesis and continuous purification processing, new nanostructured materials, controlled delivery of therapeutics, microencapsulation, ceramic additive manufacturing and high-throughput cell printing.

Materic’s 2,200 ft2 facilities are located in Baltimore, MD. The space is used for small in-house manufacturing, R&D laboratory work, and physical and analytical testing. The building has over 400,000 ft2 of total space to accommodate both R&D and manufacturing expansions.

Whether you want to partner to advance an idea, material or capability, Materic dedicates partnership activities to develop custom solutions and handles them as confidential research and manufacturing projects. Technical partnerships exist with both industry and government organizations to support future scale-up and development activities. The Materic Team of scientists, engineers and designers assist in all phases of product development from ideation to prototyping.


Phone: 410-692-8605

Address: 8 Market Place, Suite 300, Baltimore, MD, 21202, United States
 Forge NanoStaci Moulton Ph.D., MBA Small Business Other Energy Technologies About Forge Nano
Located just outside of Denver, Colorado, Forge Nano Inc. is the world leader in ultra-thin, surface modification and finishing technology for markets including semiconductors, energy storage, catalysis, additive manufacturing, electronic materials, adsorbents, and others. Forge Nano works with strategic partners to jointly develop and integrate Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)-modified materials into commercial supply chains.

Forge Nano’s Capabilities
• >20 in-house ALD systems for the coating of wafers, powders, and objects. Including research, pilot, and commercial-scale systems capable of processing anywhere 288 wafers per day for films in the thickness range of 100-200 nm.
• Fast deposition times up to 15nm per minute for rapid Al2O3 ALD coating solutions at ~$1 per 300 mm wafer.
• For powder ALD coating, Forge Nano is the world's only supplier of commercial-scale production equipment capable of tons-per-day capacities.
• The world’s most knowledgeable and experienced team for ALD onto all materials
• Ph.D. scientists, certified Professional Engineers, career scientists
• 20+ years’ experience designing and building ALD systems

Working with Forge Nano
Forge Nano assists customers daily with both R&D and commercialization of ALD enabled materials and manufacturing solutions. For R&D, we offer research services for proofs of concept and sell our R&D equipment globally. For commercialization, we offer joint development of products, production equipment, and IP licensing.


Phone: (720) 531-8997

Address: 12300 N Grant St, Thornton, CO, 80241, United States
 BattelleKate Kucharzyk Non-Profit Other Energy Technologies Battelle Memorial Institute is a large nonprofit organization that conducts research and development, manages laboratories, designs and manufactures products, and delivers critical services. Battelle is looking to collaborate in progressing R&D to help boost the REE Supply Chain.
Battelle’s current capabilities include recovery of Rare Earth Elements from coal by-products using Battelle’s Acid Digestion Process; microbial recovery of REE mediated via microbial metabolic processes; and geological surveying and/or techno economic analysis of REE potential and processes.


Phone: 614-424-5489

Address: 505 King Avenue, Columbus, OH, 43201, United States
 Eagle Harbor Technologies, Inc.James Prager Small Business Other Energy Technologies Eagle Harbor Technologies (EHT) Inc. provides innovative solid-state power solutions to solve challenging problems in fusion and low-temperature plasma science and engineering. EHT specializes in precision control of solid-state switch gate drive for enables fast, low-jitter switching. This capability allows for massive parallelization of solid-state switches for high current applications. EHT has used this to develop power systems for magnet driving, tube driving, arc modulation, fast neutral beam voltage modulation, and resonant load driving for fusion science applications. EHT has developed systems using IGBTs, SiC MOSFETs, and GaN HEMTs. EHT has experience with solid-state switching at high peak power levels and pulse repetition frequencies and seeks to advance the state-of-the-art in solid-state power systems to enable the next generation of fusion experiments, and ultimately, reactors.


Phone: 206-582-1244

Address: 169 Western Ave W, Seattle, WA, 98119, United States
 Soluna Technologies, Ltd.Dipul Patel Small Business Power Generation: Renewable Soluna is a private equity funded venture that leverages cloud computing to facilitate the integration of substantial amounts of renewable energy affordably, reliably, and resiliently into dynamic and rapidly evolving energy systems. To accomplish this, we combine wind and solar power plants with data centers that perform scientific, blockchain, machine learning, and artificial intelligence-related computing. The heart of our technical innovation is dispatchable data center capability enabled by advanced R&D approaches such as the Zero Carbon Cloud (ZCCloud), inspired by the work of Prof. Andrew Chien at the University of Chicago. By unlocking unprecedented demand-side flexibility to match intermittent power generation, Soluna’s cloud architecture enables renewable assets, including both grid-connected and isolated distributed systems, to support local loads and enhance the operation of microgrids.

For ARPA-E OPEN 2021, we are looking to partner with R&D teams from universities, national laboratories, and other leading institutions. Soluna is well-positioned to serve as the commercialization partner for advanced technologies in areas such energy efficient cloud computing, systems integration of renewable assets, and distributed generation. We have several field deployments underway, including a project in Morocco that combines 900MW of wind energy production with high-density cloud computing that maximizes the utilization of intermittent wind generation under a wide range of resource availability and power quality conditions. Soluna’s proprietary Modular Data Centers (MDC) have an architecture developed from the ground up to accommodate (1) variable energy, (2) remote operations with minimally trained staff, (3) near real time grid management and (4) various (and strict) interconnection guidelines. MDCs are meshed together to create cloud-computing resources for specific types of Web 3.0 applications. The software layer, called MAESTRO, handles real time prioritization and scheduling of tasks across multiple MDCs while allowing the compute resources to turn on and off as needed.

The Soluna team is composed of proven business executives and technology entrepreneurs. John Belizaire (CEO) studied Computer Science at Cornell and founded multiple companies with successful exits. Dipul Patel (CTO), an MIT graduate, started his engineering career at Lockheed Martin, where he architected and led the design and development of multiple off-grid radar systems.


Phone: +1 (800) 405-0796

Address: 232 Madison Avenue, Suite 600, New York, NY, 10016, United States
 Solar TurbinesDavid Voss Large Business Power Generation and Energy Production: Fossil/Nuclear Gas Turbine OEM with experience in hydrogen and biomass fuels for GT combustion, Energy storage systems (Li Ion, Pumped Heat, etc.), Microgrid controls, System Integration, hydrogen pipeline gas compressors.


Phone: 619-544-5551

Address: 2200 Pacific Highway, San Diego, CA, 92101, United States
 Resolved Analytics, PLLCSTEWART BIBLE Small Business Other Energy Technologies Resolved Analytics is a professional engineering company headquartered in the Research Triangle Park region of North Carolina. Resolved Analytics provides multiphysics simulations and software.

A lack of knowhow in fluid dynamics and simulation often results in poorly designed products and processes. Resolved Analytics helps companies eliminate or remedy such problems by partnering with your team to reduce development cycle times and costs, design better products, troubleshoot existing design, and provide you with state-of-the-art visualizations and results.

Since 2014, engineers and industrial product designers have trusted Resolved Analytics to provide computational engineering expertise. Our team works with you to help you meet your engineering goals and desired business outcomes by implementing team work, creativity, and outstanding technical skills. All project engineers at Resolved Analytics have a minimum of 10 years experience in computational fluid dynamics and possess the necessary communication skills to make simulation results visually compelling, meaningful, and accessible to clients.

By bringing us onboard to serve as your fluid dynamics and simulation specialist, you can get to where you need to go faster.


Phone: 9045599560

Address: 810 Vickers Ave, Durham, NC, 27701, United States
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