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 Galaxy Advanced EngineeringBahman Zohuri Small Business Power Generation: Renewable The owner of this company has been involved on few innovative approach to SMR and has published few books and articles about the following subjects and title. They all can be found either or ANS journals

1-Combined Cycle Driven Efficiency for Next Generation Nuclear Power Plants: An Innovative Design Approach
2-Neutronic Analysis For Nuclear Reactor Systems
3-Thermodynamics In Nuclear Power Plant Systems


Phone: 650-740-3244

Address: 1516 Hemlock Ave San Mateo CA 94401
 Raytheon BBN TechnologiesMichael Rudolph Large Business Other Energy Technologies Raytheon BBN Technologies is one of Raytheon’s premier research and development centers. Our diverse research portfolio combines the best technologies to deliver innovative, custom solutions with real-world benefit. BBN has an excellent track record with proof of concept, prototype, and deployed systems for various government customers, including the Advanced Research Projects Agencies. To this program, we can bring experience with hardware/software/algorithm design and system integration to help meet or exceed program objectives.

BBN’S RELATED R&D EXPERTISE: Sensor Systems, Signal Processing & Algorithms, LIDAR People Tracking, Weak Signal Detection & Classification, Unattended Ground Sensors, Distributed Systems, Networking and Communications.


Phone: 617-873-4009

Address: 10 Moulton St Cambridge, MA 02138
 N5 Sensors, Inc.Abhishek Motayed Small Business Other Energy Technologies N5 Sensors, Inc. is an environmental sensors company, commercialization patented microsensor technology for detection of gases and chemicals in air. The N5's devices are small (chip-scale), low-power and capable of detecting multitude of gases relevant to indoor air quality, including carbon dioxide. The technology is ideally suited for low-cost, consumer applications such as smart home monitoring and demand controlled ventilation, and has the potential to replace non-dispersive infrared technology for carbon dioxide detection. Using N5's technology, carbon dioxide sensors can be developed that can fit on a chip smaller than a postage stamp. N5 designs and manufacturers the sensors and systems in Rockville, MD. N5 is looking for partnership opportunities for the SENSORS FOA.


Phone: 301-257-6756

Address: 9610 Medical Center Dr. Suite 200, Rockville, MD 20850
 TZero Research & DevelopmentStephen Wells Small Business Other Energy Technologies TZero Research & Development specializes in developing low-cost acoustic sensing technologies for CH4 and CO2 detection. TZero has developed a low-cost and low-power single sensor technology that is capable of making multiple acoustic-based measurements to determine the CO2 concentration in the surrounding environment and the presence and number of occupants in a space. These wireless sensors can be freely deployed throughout a commercial space, are maintenance free and do not require any calibration.

The founders of TZero all hold advanced degrees in acoustics, engineering and physics and possess extensive experience developed from years in government and commercial acoustic-based research. Expertise in acoustics, advanced package design, embedded system design and signal processing, allows TZero to produce advanced sensing technologies for occupation and gas sensing that can be deployed with disruptively low price targets for the SENSOR program.


Phone: 8149316905

Address: 1454 Westerly Parkway, State College, PA 16801
 SyracuseCoEChetna Chianese Academic Building Efficiency SyracuseCoE is New York State’s Center of Excellence for Environmental and Energy Systems. Led by Syracuse University, SyracuseCoE engages industry and academic collaborators to conduct research, development, demonstration, and deployment projects that accelerate innovations in building energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality, clean and renewable energy, , and water resource management. SyracuseCoE is headquartered in a $50-million, 55,000-square-foot facility that is designed for RD&D of building technologies at multiple scales, from individual occupants to the entire building. In addition, SyracuseCoE facilitates access to laboratories at Syracuse University and a diverse variety of residential and commercial buildings for field studies.

The SyracuseCoE headquarters offers an exceptional environment for evaluating building sensors as envisioned by the SENSOR program. For example, the Willis H. Carrier Total Indoor Environmental Quality (TIEQ) Laboratory includes two rooms side-by-side designed for studies of up to 16 human subjects and capabilities to control environmental factors including air temperature, humidity, air quality, lighting, sound, and views. The rooms contain extensive instrumentation and an independent control system, and the suite can be reconfigured for varying floorplans. In addition, offices for SyracuseCoE staff members and other spaces in the building two conference rooms are designed to serve as RD&D testbeds for prototype IEQ systems that are designed for office environments. SyracuseCoE also has access to real-world RD&D buildings for field testing, including single-family homes, multi-family residences, and commercial buildings. More information about SyracuseCoE capabilities can be found in our presentation at the ARPA-E SENSOR workshop.

SyracuseCoE is interested in partnering with organizations that are applying for Category D: Testing and Validation for Both Residential and Commercial Validation. In addition, we welcome inquiries regarding the capabilities of SyracuseCoE collaborating firms and institutions regarding applications in Categories A, B, and C.


Phone: 315-443-2939

Address: 727 E. Washington St
 New York UniversitySemiha Ergan Academic Building Efficiency Dr. Ergan has actively been working on building informatics domain to improve energy performance of buildings through data driven methodologies. The main focus is on improving energy performance of buildings by extracting the behavioral patterns of HVAC performance parameters and detecting abnormalities in large BAS data. She integrates semantically rich building information models (semantic and digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of buildings) with sensing systems to improve facility operations. One unique aspect her research team looks at is the impact of occupancy on setting HVAC schedules and ways to improve them through wifi data. She brings the domain knowledge on HVAC performance, occupancy and implications of it in HVAC scheduling, and building information models.


Phone: 6469973581

Address: 6 MetroTech Center, 407B, Brooklyn, NY, 11201
 School of Engineering Technology, Purdue UniversityDr. Maher Shehadi Academic Building Efficiency Experienced professional in the domain of air quality and ventilation. Have worked and published several articles related to human thermal comfort inside enclosed environments.
Currently, we are investigating the reliability of sensors/temperature thermostats in representing average temperature of the zone that it is used to control. The study will lead to technologies to improve the temperature control and ventilation rate supply inside an office space. We are looking forward to widen our research by applying to this opportunity to look into some of the applications where we can develop our current research to include occupancy sensors, CO2 sensing to control level of ventilation, and other factors.


Phone: (765) 455-9219

Address: 2300 S. Washington St., Kelly Center, IN
 Clivinia General Projects and Holdings061-019 4405 Small Business Power Generation: Renewable The nature of our business is Renewable Energy, Sustainable Solutions to the green eco-friendly debate.
The Solar Home System, Roof Light, Power Ball and Solar Street Light are the products we have on offer.
Corporates and the Public Sector are our targeted donor and sponsorship partners Rural and Informal Settlements, Underprivileged and Previously Disadvantaged Communities are targeted as beneficiaries of our products through our numerous projects.
Our business venture is fairly new and we are based in Johannesburg for logistical and infrastructural advantages
Website: none


Phone: 061-019 4405

Address: 4845 Ext 2&3 Rietvallei
 Jonathan Aerospace Materials CorporationJonathan North Priluck Small Business Other Energy Technologies We are the inventors and developers of Modern Materials Science. Our expertise is advanced materials processing and production. Primarily we are expert in the area of Lattice Block Materials (TM), generically known as periodic cellular solids. But this is a misunderstanding of our true function: invention. Not innovation. Invention. That bears repeating, please read it again. Without invention, there can be nothing truly new. Innovation is the art of re-purposing the existing to new applications and ends. Innovation is necessary, but not sufficient. Lattice Block Materials ended engineering trade offs forever. Materials can now be engineered to have whatever extensive and intensive properties the project requires. We know how to do this, we've proven it can be done, DARPA, NASA, and ONR have verified the claims. To produce power in space there will be a need for invention, when that need arises, we are prepared to contribute. We have already been paid in full. The most important feature of the SPS is that it must be capable of dumping waste and/or excess power into space at a rate which is greater than the total energy production capability of the planet. Without this fail safe, the system is IMHO too dangerous to implement.


Phone: 5412069894

Address: 736 4th Street, Suite #23
 ZAN Compute IncJunaith Shahabdeen Small Business Building Efficiency ZAN Compute is an intelligent building platform with sensing, machine learning that better suits the needs of property owners, managers and occupants. ZAN Compute's Smart Facility Management Platform (SFMP) is an end-to-end SaaS service that includes tracking, constantly learning and improving with data from regular objects like faucets/pipes, garbage cans, towel/soap dispensers, A/C vents etc, thus providing a new dimension to smart buildings.
SFMP's smart washroom solution has the ability to estimate traffic pattern in washrooms and common areas of a building, utilizing sensor fusion and advanced machine learning techniques. Enabling predictive maintenance of washrooms in commercial buildings.
SFMP has been in production for about two years in the industry and has already transformed several facilities, yielding significant cost savings for our clients. In addition, the solution enables buildings to be greener by cutting down material wastage like paper roll, liners and water.


Phone: 408-850-2245

Address: 4633, old ironsides drive, #406, Santa Clara, CA 95054
 UCSBYasamin Mostofi Academic Other Energy Technologies proposing non-conventional techniques based on using existing wireless links for occupancy estimation


Phone: 6507432729

Address: UCSB
 Nevada Nanotech Systems, Inc.Mark Brandemuehl Small Business Other Energy Technologies Nevada Nano is a developer of silicon MEMs based sensors that deliver high sensitivity, long life, low cost, and low power. We have developed a CO2 sensor that can be integrated with networking hardware and software to create a low cost building wide network of sensors. Our sensors employ multiple orthogonal measurements to eliminate cross-sensitivity and provide robust measurement results across wide temperature, humidity and pressure ranges. Our sensors are not cross-sensitive and can be extended to measure other IAQ compounds of interest including aldehydes and individual VOCs.


Phone: 510-409-8876

Address: 1395 Greg St #102, Reno, NV 89431
 Oak Ridge National LaboratoryEd Vineyard Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Building Efficiency ORNL has unique expertise in the following areas:
• CO2 sensors
• Low-cost wireless sensing
• International collaboration (IEA heat pump annex, IIR, ASHRAE leadership, etc.)
• Low-cost occupancy sensing
• Residential and commercial field test validation
• Laboratory testing
• High Performance Computing for building energy modeling and simulations
• Advanced HVAC system controls
• Additive manufacturing of sensors
• Sensors for additive manufacturing using additive techniques
• Communication systems development, testing, and deployment
• Rapid control systems prototyping and testing
• Cybersecurity detection and mitigation

ORNL has world-renowned technical expertise in the following areas:
• Vapor compression systems design and optimization (Heat pumps, Rooftop units, split systems, etc.)
• Automatic building energy model calibration
• Standard method of test for evaluation of calibration procedures
• Measurement and Verification (M&V)
• Innovative low-cost sensor device development, testing, and manufacturing
• Communication technology design, development and testing
• Control system modeling (cyber-physical modeling)
• Scalable Novel Nanostructured Materials
• Advanced polymer composites
• Micro-fabrication

ORNL has significant technical expertise in the following areas:
• Infrared sensor systems
• Pyroelectric thermal detectors
• Prototype development
• Techno-economic analysis
• Computational fluid dynamics
• Application-specific control theory development & demonstration
• Control system design, development, and testing – distributed controls, model-predictive controls
• Simulation-driven systems engineering
• Systems integration and testing
• Embedded computing and system design
• Modeling and simulation (cyber-physical systems, hybrid systems)
• Roll-to-roll processing technology
• Building energy modeling, analysis, and software development
• Automatic building energy model creation from open data
• Automation via software
• Machine learning, deep learning
• Computer vision
• Big data mining
• Predictive energy analytics for building consumption
• Parallel Coordinate Plot visualization
• Scientific and information visualization of multi-dimensional data
• Optimization
• Sensitivity analysis
• Uncertainty quantification

For more information please visit:


Phone: 865-574-0576

Address: PO Box 2008, MS-6085, Oak Ridge, TN 37831
 NineFX, Inc.Drew Varner Small Business Other Energy Technologies NineFX, Inc. is a small business looking to participate in the SENSOR SBIR/STTR. We have significant commercial experience in the IoT space. We are interested in a data fusion approach to the commercial or residential. We have experience processing standard IoT telemetry formats including MQTT. We are an SBA-certified HUBZone and VA-certified SDVOSB small business. We can provide software engineering, algorithmic and IoT-specific expertise on this project.


Phone: 8032619348

Address: 2744 Heyward St, Columbia, SC 29205
 UNC Chapel HillShahriar Nirjon Academic Other Energy Technologies I am interested in Smart and Connected Systems, which includes – Mobile Systems (OS, Services, and Applications), Networked Embedded Sensor Systems (HW/SW Co-Design and Wearables), Wireless Networks (Mobile, WSN, and other RF), Internet of Things (IoT devices and data privacy), Mobile Data Analytics, and Mobile Health.


Phone: 434-249-6719

Address: 201 S. Columbia St., Chapel Hill, NC 27599.
 Purdue UniversityMing Qu Academic Building Efficiency Center for High Performance Building (CHPD) at Purdue building aims to develop high performance building technology and assessment frameworks. Dr. Qu, as one of professors in CHPD, is an Associate Professor in Architectural Engineering at Purdue. She has taught building controls and operations for high performance and also investigated research projects on wireless-based sensor enabled demand control ventilation. Her work mainly focuses on the integration of wireless-based sensing system and smart building controls with respects of hardware and software.


Phone: 765-494-9125

Address: 550 Stadium Mall Drive, West Lafayette IN 47906
 BAH Holdings LLCCharles Scolaro Small Business Other Energy Technologies BAH Holdings, LLC’s (“BAH”) mission is to research and develop new gas optical detection technologies to specific client specifications and applications. These new optical detectors utilize either our patented Correlation Interference Polarization Spectroscopy (”CIPS”) optical technology or are the result of newly patented technologies developed by our in-house scientists. Recently BAH acquired Power Photonic Corporation (“PPC”), thus adding narrow-band semiconductor synthesis to our core competencies. BAH-PPC team combines in-house development and synthesis of advanced narrow-band semiconductor structures with expertise in the integration, testing and marketing of devices. Mid-IR semiconductors enable a variety of sensing devices that do not require active cooling.
We have developed a proprietary two-color mid-IR LED technology which enables a low-cost sealed multi-gas sensor which ca operated 10 years on a single battery charge. A two-color LED is a single chip which emits either of two distinct wavelengths depending on direction of the electrical current. One line is tuned to the absorption range of the gas of interest (methane in this case), while another line is located outside the absorption range. The sensor is utilizing the mid-infrared range where multiple common gases (CO2, water vapor, methane, formaldehyde etc.) have very strong absorption signatures. The design eliminates the weakest point of low-cost non-dispersive IR sensors: temperature stability.
We are looking for integration and marketing partners.


Phone: (516) 674-3112

Address: 45 Herb Hill Rd, Glen Cove, NY 11542
 University of Colorado at BoulderJohn Zhai Academic Building Efficiency Dr. John Zhai is a Professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering (CEAE) at the University of Colorado at Boulder (UCB). He has a unique and integrated background in both Mechanical and Architectural Engineering with a Doctor degree in Fluid Mechanics (Tsinghua University) and a Ph.D. in Building Technology (MIT). Dr. Zhai has been actively engaged in research activities in the field of fluid/thermal science and building/energy/environment technology since 1994. His particular research interests and expertise include: experimental and numerical study of building thermal and environmental systems; indoor environmental quality; immune and sustainable building design and technology development. As a principal investigator, Dr. Zhai has completed over 50 projects in the areas and published over 140 technical papers in reputed journals and conferences.

Dr. Zhai is an active member of ASHRAE, ASME, International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA), and International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ). He was an invited member for The Committee of Immune Buildings by The US National Academies and The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), an invited building expert for National Laboratory Assessment by The US National Academies and National Research Council (NRC), and an invited non-member roundtable speaker by The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA). Dr. Zhai has been serving as Conference Chairs, Advisory/Scientific Committee Members, Track and Session Chairs for many building, energy and environment related conferences and symposiums.

Dr. Zhai is an Associate Editor for Energy and Buildings Journal and an Editorial Board Member of five major journals in the field. Dr. Zhai received the Young Researcher Award (2007) and the Research Development Award (2010) from UCB-CEAE, as well as the University Sustainability Award of Green Faculty (2008). Dr. Zhai was granted the Best Paper Award of International Journal of Building Simulation (2008) and the William Mong Visiting Research Fellowship in Engineering from The University of Hong Kong (2009). He also received the Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation Project Award (2007) and the Distinguished Service Award of ASHRAE (2010) and was named Distinguished Lecturer by ASHRAE (2014). Dr. Zhai is the Distinguished "Changjiang Scholar" Professor awarded by the Ministry of Education, China (2016).


Phone: 1-3034924699

Address: UCB428, ECOT441, Boulder, CO, 80309
 Endeveo Inc.Katie Hall Small Business Other Energy Technologies We specialize in solving the hard technical and business problems that stand in the way of transitioning exciting new technologies to real world applications and markets.

We are serial high-tech entreprenuers with a history of assembling top notch teams. We commercialized the first voice mail systems, 40 Gb/s optical transport equipment, and mid-range wireless power transfer systems. We developed next generation internet technologies including WiFi-based indoor positioning systems and sensors. We built large patent portfolios and are inventors on over 100 patents ourselves. We lead our own projects and will join teams with complementary expertise.

We have a WiFi-based, sensorless technology for determining the presence and number of occupants in a space. Our technology uses already deployed WiFi access points/routers and does not require the deployment of any additional sensors. We are interested in working with partners who can integrate or add this novel technology (in)to their systems.


Phone: 781 760 2828

Address: 223 Newbury St, Ste. 2, Boston, MA 02116
 Scanalytics IncJoseph Scanlin Small Business Building Efficiency Scanalytics is a sensor-based analytics and engagement based platform for physical spaces. Scanalytics provides intelligent, internet-connected floor mats with embedded sensors that monitor human behavior through foot-traffic and predictive analytics. With this platform, Scanalytics enables companies with a physical footprint to passively monitor building usage, predict patterns, and maximize facility efficiencies.

Scanalytics offers advanced facility control systems that allow for autonomously adjusting energy utilization modalities like lighting and HVAC. Through the high-granular and high-accuracy sensor and facility control system, Scanalytics can optimize energy usage in spaces ranging in size and type from commercial office, lodging, retail, workspace, and more. The floor sensors allow for maximum flexibility for installation, and can be leveraged in both indoor and outdoor applications, and used for existing and new construction buildings. The passive nature of the sensors do not rely on motion-activation, and are “always on” allowing for constant gathering of information of the environment. The accompanying platform is sensor-agnostic, which allows for a single control system for building management.


Phone: 608 215 2426

Address: 333 N Plankinton Ave Milwaukee WI 53203
 IBMShu-Jen Han Large Business Other Energy Technologies IBM Research is one of the world’s largest and most influential corporate research labs, with more than 3,000 researchers in 12 labs located across six continents. We play the long game, investing now in tomorrow's breakthroughs. Today, it forms a core part of IBM's business. During IBM’s 23 years atop the US patent list, the company’s inventors have received more than 88,000 U.S. patents.

IBM has strong commitments to both energy-saving technologies and the internet of things (IoT). These include its Smarter Buildings initiative, its Tririga facility management software, and its Watson IoT platform, which provides a framework for aggregating and analyzing data from a wide range of networked devices and sensors. With deep research and development expertise in semiconductor, nanotechnology, material science, as well as system integration and data analytics, IBM is interested in developing novel sensor technologies and smart-building devices for occupation and gas sensing for the SENSOR program.


Phone: 9149452876

Address: 1101 Kitchawan Rd., Rt 134, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
 Texas Tech University - Institute for Materials, Manufacturing, and Sustainment (IMMS)Dy D. Le Academic Other Energy Technologies In addition to exploratory and applied research efforts, IMMS is also creating test and evaluation (T&E) capabilities at the former Reese Air Force Base to address the United States Department of Defense (U.S. DoD) Third Offset Strategy initiative. The plan is to support the basic and applied research efforts, as well as the T&E and development of futuristic autonomous and situation awareness technologies for the U.S. Armed Forces to conduct expeditionary missions in a complex world. These technologies have dual uses and can be adapted for the development of novel occupancy and people counting sensors for residential and commercial applications.

One of envisioned key capabilities is the unique integrated computation, modeling, test and evaluation with built-in data analytics fabrics in virtual environment. This capability is created to provide an effective real-time analysis and mining of the massive amounts of data (Big Data) being autonomously collected and generated. Particularly, TTU IMMS is able to create, test, evaluate, and demonstrate smart and autonomous physical systems (SAPS), which have the following abilities:

a. Aware of their own remaining capabilities and health condition, assess demanded tasks versus available capabilities, self reconfigure or adapt to a particular health condition or situation, capable of self operating autonomously over extended periods of time with minimum or no human assistance or supervision.
b. Perform multiple tasks to include: (1) providing direct feedbacks, (2) conducting self learning, (3) acquiring structured or unstructured information or data, and (3) be able to ingest; digest; extract; prepare; and transform them into a critical and essential asset.
c. Self monitor their own behaviors and self-diagnose their own states in order to quantify, forecast, and prognosticate their future state and system remaining useful capability or longevity.
d. Self inform of what; when; and why it has happened, perform quantitative; qualitative; and introspectively meta-reasoning about their limitations; future decisions; and projected outcomes, and optimize insights into the past and future.

IMMS has approximately 81 years of combined research experience in the fields of: health monitoring, intelligent sensing, sensing fusion and algorithm development, sensor materials development, highly efficient computation in real time, data analytics, and wind turbine sustainment & controls.


Phone: 667-216-0752

Address: Texas Tech University, Experimental Sciences Bldg., Lubbock, TX 79409-3132
 Architectural Engineering Program, University of CincinnatiJulian Wang Academic Building Efficiency Our research expertise is on smart buildings, indoor comfort and environmental quality, healthcare design, and simulation-based building environmental studies.


Phone: 513-556-5398

Address: 765 Baldwin Hall
 PercepTonicGoksel Dedeoglu Small Business Other Energy Technologies PercepTonic has a top-down people-counting solution that is more than 99% accurate. It can distinguish adults from children and pets. Our lab has been successfully developing computer vision prototypes since 2014. We specialize in power and performance optimizations on embedded architectures, including ARM Cortex-Ax, DSPs and FPGAs. More info on our website.


Phone: 2143564640

Address: 2208 Valcourt Drive, Plano, TX 75023-1623
 Robert Bosch LLCScott Averitt Large Business Building Efficiency The Bosch Group, founded in 1886, is a leading global supplier of technology and services. It employs roughly 375,000 associates worldwide. The company generated sales of 70 billion € in 2015. Operations are divided into four business sectors: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its roughly 440 subsidiary and regional companies in some 60 countries. Including its sales and service partners, Bosch is represented in roughly 150 countries. This worldwide development, manufacturing, and sales network is the foundation for innovation and future growth. In 2015 alone, Bosch applied for some 5,422 patents worldwide. The Bosch Group’s strategic objective is to create solutions for a connected life that improves quality of life worldwide with products and services that are innovative and spark enthusiasm. In short, Bosch creates technology that is “Invented for life.”

Additionally, the Bosch group is the world’s largest provider of MEM sensors that enable new applications and innovative solutions across a wide range of applications. Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH is a leading supplier of heating products and hot water solutions in Europe. Bosch Thermotechnology has strong international and regional brands and manufactures a diversified product range in European, American and Asian countries. Bosch’s Research and Technology Centers (located in Palo Alto & Pittsburgh) also have extensive experience in developing infrastructure for collecting sensor data from a medium scale distributed systems, developing several applications for improving energy efficiency in buildings including occupancy estimation and thermal comfort assessment, deploying the solutions in real-world and evaluating their performance.

Most recently the Research and Technology Center (RTC) lcoated in Pittsburgh was awarded a DOE BENEFIT grant in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University for its Human-in-the-loop Sensing Control project.


Phone: +1 (248) 876-1000

Address: 38000 Hills Tech Dr., Farmington Hills, MI 48331
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