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 Dagan, IncWilliam Salas  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Dagan uses satellite data (e.g. OpTIS platform) and soil process models (DNDC) to deliver accurate, low-cost, and accessible soil health insights (tillage, crop residue, cover cropping, crop productivity) to support sustainable farming practices worldwide. Dagan technologies (OpTIS and DNDC) are currently being used in carbon offset and insetting programs, including the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium ( Dagan core technical strengths include the use of operational optical and SAR platform for MRV agricultural systems and soil biogeochemical modeling (commercial grade version of DNDC model, developing nitrifier-denitrification N2O pathway) for quantification of soil carbon, GHG emissions (N2O and CH4) and ecosystem services at sub-field to watershed and regional scales. We have extensive experience in development of carbon offset and scope 3 reporting protocols. We are looking to partner with applicants interested in integrating in-field sensors with state of the art soil biogeochemical modeling and operational remote sensing data analytics.


Phone: 6032921191

Address: 15 Newmarket Road, Durham, NH, 03824, United States
 vegamxVivek Mital  Individual Other Energy Technologies We are a satellite big data analytics company working on several aspects of optimizing agri supply chain using small satellite constellations. This would include RADAR ( active microwave - SAR ) for biomass / soil moisture measurement as well as hyper spectral for soil chemistry / precision fertilizer ( NPK etc) applications in conjunction with weather data. This allows the calculation of GHG emissions and C stock through sensor fusion and big data /AI approach. We have a strong background in the capital markets / financial engineering domain as well. We are looking for partners/join in as subcontractor to address some/all of the aspects of this project.


Phone: 3477021659

Address: 2 gold st, ny, NY, 10038, United States
 Prairie View A&M UniversityRam Ray  Academic Other Energy Technologies I am working in the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences (CAHS) at Prairie View A&M University (HBCU and minority-serving institution) in Texas. CAHS has about 800-acre research farm. We have developed a research testbed for precision agriculture/smart farming, equipped with advanced soil, water, energy (including CO2/CH4/ET flux) monitoring system. I also have Soil CO2 16 nodes Multiplexer to monitor soil CO2 using 16 numbers of long-term chambers as well as GPR, EM38, and other ground sensors.
My research experience includes field experiments, remote sensing, smart agriculture, carbon sequestration, climate change, and modeling.

This year, currently, we have planted Corn, but COVID-19 did not let us install any sensor or collect data other than some parameters (e.g., climate parameter, CO2/ET/CH4 at 4-m above the ground, measured via Eddy Covariance Flux Tower and soil moisture, soil temperature, soil heat flux at three depths in the middle of the field. We have installed EC Flux Tower in 2016. We have an immediate (if COVID-19 permits) plan to install Soil CO2 chambers at least on 16 plots to monitor Soil CO2 emissions as well soil CH4. We also installed water quality and soil moisture sensors at the surface and root zone depths of corn. In addition, this experiment will be continued for another major crop grown in the Texas environment, such as Cotton and Sorghum. This project is supported by the USDA for three years.


Phone: 9362615094

Address: 700 University Dr, Prairie View, TX, 77446-0519, United States
 Manus BioRyan Philippe  Small Business Bioenergy Manus Bio owns and operates a fermentation manufacturing facility in the US. We can help you satisfy your US-based manufacturing needs.

We can partner for a range of production needs including lab-scale process development, pilot demonstration, production scale-up and commercial manufacturing.

We have over one million litres of fermentation capacity, ranging from 300 L pilot-scale through 30,000 L to 600,000 L to provide production of any product at a variety of scales.

We operate a complete downstream processing and purification line for a variety of ingredients, both water-soluble or organic.

We also possess chemical synthesis capabilities to convert fermentation products into downstream ingredients or to provide unique feedstocks for fermentation or bioconversion processes.

The facility is food-grade and certified Kosher and Halal.


Phone: 858-228-0395

Address: 1762 Lovers Lane, Augusta, GA, 30901, United States
 UC BerkeleyKRISTOFER PISTER  Academic Other Energy Technologies Low-cost, low-power wireless sensor networks; low-cost miniature MEMS sensors


Phone: 5108133878

Address: 20 CAMINO DEL DIABLO, ORINDA, CA, 94563, United States
 Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryMichael R. Schuppenhauer  Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Bioenergy I am currently the PI on one of the Phase I SMARTFARM projects and we are open to engage with suitable partners for a Phase II proposal.


Phone: 650-440-8484

Address: 171 Vicente Road, Berkeley, CA, 94720, United States
 Duke UniversityJason J Amsden  Academic Other Energy Technologies Duke University has developed a unique highly sensitive miniature mass spectrometer that may be applicable to the SMARTFARM program. This mas spectroemter was developed as part of the ARPA-E MONITOR program for detection of methane and other volatile organic compounds. The spectrometer could be adapted to detect CO2 and N2O including analysis of thier isotopic ratios to improve ability to determine the origin of CO2 and N2O


Phone: 9193481574

Address: 100 Science Drive, 130 Hudson Hall, Box 90291, Durham, NC, 27708, United States
 U.C. BerkeleyAvideh Zakhor  Academic Building Efficiency Our expertise includes remote sensing and image processing algorithms and systems. We have experience with processing imagery from satellites, drones, UAVs, airplanes and helicopters. We also have extensive experience with DoE and ARPA-E projects both as a prime and a subcontractor.
Publication list is here

We are looking for partners who compliment our skill set with respect to the requirements of this project.


Phone: 510 384 3272

Address: 936 Creston Road, Berkeley, CA, 94708, United States
 Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)Kalai Ramea  Large Business Other Energy Technologies Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) has extensive experience in gas sensing and a number of technologies that can be applied to SMARTFARM. Relevant capabilities include a platform for realizing high sensitivity, high contrast colorimetric sensors, and a printable chemoresistive gas sensing technology. PARC has previously deployed gas sensors and demonstrated low-level methane detection and localization as part of the ARPA-E MONITOR program. Additionally, PARC has strong capabilities in optical sensors and systems, including low-cost fiberoptic sensor interrogation and hyperspectral imaging. Finally, PARC has expertise in designing and fabricating low-power electronics and communications for field deployments.

PARC also has a strong analytics team that works horizontally in several areas, including computer vision, large-scale analysis, and natural language processing. The group focuses on building domain-informed novel algorithms as well as innovative low-resource data collection approaches using machine learning, deep learning, and other advanced statistical techniques to facilitate rapid prototyping of systems.


Phone: 6508124467

Address: 3333 Coyote Hill Road, Palo Alto, CA, 94304, United States
 PLANT GROUP, LLCAustin Arrington  Small Business Other Energy Technologies PLANT GROUP is an environmental consultancy that builds and deploys environmental monitoring and automation technologies. I hold a MS in environmental science, and have a background in software engineering and data science for agricultural sensors. We have a small core group, consisting of three software engineers, one hardware engineer, and one ecologist. Our ecologist is Stew Diemont, pHD, is Associate Professor of Environmental & Forest Biology at SUNY-ESF.

Currently we are a member of the Terraton accelerator program, where we are developing technology to predict soil organic carbon (SOC) using analysis of soil images taken in situ using smartphones. Our hope is to adapt this tool to meet the needs of low-cost SOC quantification of agricultural soils fort the SMARTFARM project.


Phone: 8144047040

Address: 555 Malcolm X Blvd, New York, NY, 10037, United States
 SolecularSri Sukhi  Small Business Other Energy Technologies My background is in Data Science including Machine Learning, Large-Scale Software, Optimization Problems, and Distributed Systems. I'm Founder & CEO Solecular, a startup that specializes in forecasting and classification of time-series data using our patent-pending deep learning architecture. We are a team of 6, including three data scientists. Our interests are in helping on Renewable Energy projects including SMARTFARM biofuels by leveraging our time-series forecasting platform. The unique strengths of our platform include computationally efficient deep learning, which allows the ML to run close to the source of the data.

As a first example, we can identify the factors correlated with lowering the carbon footprint of biofuels by analyzing raw sensor data, while factoring in weather and long-term trends. As a second example, our platform can model "what if" scenarios on our platform that can overlay on our ML-based forecast of individual metrics. We can answer questions about the effect of changing preconditions including watering and fertilizer use.


Phone: 6503958285

Address: 100 S Murphy Ave Ste 200, Suite 200, SUNNYVALE, CA, 94086, United States
 GTIDennis Jarnecke  Non-Profit Other Energy Technologies GTI is a not-for-profit research, development and commercialization organization that has provided research management and technology development expertise for over 70 years in the energy industry. Projects have included those funded by federal and state agencies, as well as private industry, and has a long-established record of meeting the objectives, goals, and deliverables of similar programs on time and within budget. GTI has received almost 1,200 patents and has entered into 750 licensing agreements, and equity positions in several portfolio companies, which is proof of its ability to solve the customer’s challenges and move the results to the marketplace.

As a leading research, development, and training organization addressing global energy and environmental challenges, GTI has spent the last seven+ decades developing high-impact technologies and providing technical insight to unlock the potential of natural gas and other energy resources—making them economically and environmentally sustainable while reducing energy costs for consumers.

GTI develops innovative technology and helps bring it to the marketplace through field tests, prototype evaluations, and early-market deployment programs in partnership with clients and manufacturers. GTI has a history of working with technology developers and users to maximize R&D benefits and define a clear path to commercialization.

With a reputation for achieving market results, GTI R&D teams work closely with customers to find solutions that impact energy markets at every phase across the energy value chain—supply, delivery, and end use. GTI R&D teams provide contract and collaborative R&D services to industry, government, and consortia seeking competitive advantages through innovations in technology. Our highly trained engineers and scientists conduct research, development, and demonstration projects at large scale at our state-of-the-art research facilities or in the field.

Over the past decades, GTI has conducted various research and evaluated various repair techniques for the repair and / or replacement of natural gas piping systems. GTI has also provided justification for their use per the Federal Code. This past work has provided natural gas utilities with repair method that reliable engineering tests and analysis show can permanently restore the serviceability of their cast iron, bare steel, and vintage plastic piping systems.


Phone: 847-768-0943

Address: 1700 S. Mount Prospect Rd., Des Plaines, IL, 60018, United States
 Pivot BioDavid Brown  Small Business Bioenergy Pivot Bio develops and sells a symbiotic microbial fertilizer. Our interest is in the quantification of its impact on N2O emissions. We are a motivated first customer for technology in this area.

We conduct nitrogen fertilizer replacement research trials in both the greenhouse and field. Our field experiments include small plot trials, strip trials, and on-farm at scale trials. We can make these experimental sites and support agronomists available to a technology development effort. We also operate a data science team skilled at analyzing field trial data. This allows us to connect engineering metrics from instrumentation to commercially relevant criteria.


Phone: 5168080548

Address: 2910 7th ST, Berkeley, CA, 94710, United States
 Central Michigan UniversityGoksel N. Demirer  Academic Bioenergy The Demirer research group has been working on bioenergy and bioproduct generation from various agricultural resources such as dairy manure, pistachio processing waste, cotton wastes, nopal cladodes, broiler manure, greenhouse waste, etc. Among others, we focused on generating volatile fatty acids (VFAs) from dairy manure and sugar beet processing wastes as the high-value end-products that can be generated from agricultural resources. Our current work includes bioenergy (biogas) and bio-product (protein) generation from hazardous algal blooms (HABs) and food wastes.

Our capabilities can be seen from our representative publications:

Gür E. and Demirer G.N., 2019. Anaerobic digestability and biogas production capacity of pistachio processing wastewater in UASB reactors, ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering, In Press.
Demirer G.N., 2016. Biogas production from pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) de-hulling waste, International Journal of Green Energy, Vol. 13, No: 13, 1320-1324.
Demirer G.N. and Chen S., 2004. Effect of retention time and organic loading rate on anaerobic acidification and biogasification of dairy manure, Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 79, 1381-1387.
Demirer and Chen, 2008, Anaerobic biogasification of undiluted dairy manure in leaching bed reactors, Waste Management, 28, 112-119.
Isci A. and Demirer G. N., 2007. Biogas production potential from cotton wastes, Renewable Energy, 32, 750-757.
Yilmaz V. and Demirer G.N., 2008. Improved anaerobic acidification of unscreened dairy manure, Environmental Engineering Science, 25, 309-Alkaya E., Kaptan S., Ozkan L., Uludag-Demirer S. and Demirer G.N., 2009. Recovery of Acids from Anaerobic Acidification Broth by Liquid-Liquid Extraction, Chemosphere, 77, 1137-1142.
Alkaya E. and Demirer G.N., 2011. Anaerobic acidification of sugar-beet processing wastes: Effect of operational parameters, Biomass and Bioenergy, 35, 32-39.


Phone: 989-774-2456

Address: Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI, 48859, United States
 ENERGETICS INCORPORATEDThomas Perrot  Large Business Transportation Energetics is a full-service technology and management consulting firm serving public- and private-sector clients. For 40 years, we have helped our clients develop and manage effective research, development, and information programs in the fields of transportation, alternative energy, manufacturing, climate and environment, infrastructure protection, security and resilience, and metrology. Our success lies in our ability to understand and align technology, market, and policy requirements with strategic objectives and to effectively communicate complex issues to enable informed decisions.

Our transportation staff of engineers, analysts, and project managers has been helping clients tackle critical issues for more than 30 years. We have served as technical advisors, R&D planning resources, technology outreach experts, and transportation analysts for clients in the public and private sector. Our services to our clients include technology, market, and policy analysis and modeling; program and project planning and management; technical and engineering subject matter expertise; proposal identification and development; partnership development; and technology assessments.

Energetics also have staff that are familiar with the challenges of integrating biomass based fuels into the transportation fuel system. The former Biomass Energy Research Association (BERA) president is a currently on staff at Energetics. BERA is a non-profit membership organization founded in 1982 by North American industrial, institutional, and university researchers interested in the development and commercial utilization of renewable, environmentally sound biomass energy systems. BERA’s mission is to encourage biomass energy research in both the public and private sectors, and to facilitate information exchange, education, transfer of research from the laboratory to commercial use, and international cooperation on all facets of biomass energy. BERA educates the general public about the potential of biomass energy and enhances information exchange and coordination of research priorities within the technical and business communities.


Phone: 4109536222

Address: 7075 Samuel Morse Drive, Suite 100, Columbia, MD, 21046, United States