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 Voxel Innovations Inc.Daniel Herrington  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Voxel Innovations specializes in Pulsed Electrochemical Machining (PECM) which has particular relevance for high temperature or difficult-to-machine metal alloys. Our PECM process is able to achieve superfinished surfaces, micro scale features, and thin-walled sections with no heat-affected zone, recast layer, or other surface defect that could have negative effect on the material properties. Our PECM process is especially well suited for volume production applications where a higher value manufacturing process is essential to achieving techno-economic goals.

The team at Voxel has experience developing custom PECM tooling, equipment, and processes while also working with early stage, R&D clients on design-for-manufacturability problems and transitioning those applications into volume production in our Raleigh, NC facility. We are passionate about helping enable new energy innovations, have experience with R&D grants, and are interested to connect with ARPA-E applicants looking for an alternative manufacturing solution.


Phone: 3364147825

Address: 3420 TARHEEL DR, STE 300, Raleigh, NC, 27609, United States
 Zombee Tech CorporationAlbert B. Zuniga  Individual Grid Innovator-Disruptive-Foundation-Game Changing Innovations!


Phone: 2064806242

Address: 416 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA, 98104, United States
 CoreX MaterialsFrank Karbarz  Small Business Building Efficiency Mining of coal combustion residues for industrial minerals and 100% conversion of remainder material into construction products.


Phone: 713-893-5003

Address: 4153 Lanark LN, Houston, TN, 77025, United States
 Marjo,LLCJohn Sullivan  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Our Company has 25 years of experience developing products from electrical generator, Graphene and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. Our team included the University of Maryland and the Navy. Experts in Physics, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical designs.


Phone: 3014525526

Address: 11339 Barley Field Way, Marriottsville, MD, 21104, United States
 Alaska Applied Sciences, Inc. (AASI)William C Leighty  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Wind turbine design optimized for Hydrogen and Ammonia fuel production: AASI has owned and operated a small R&D windplant in Palm Springs, CA since 1991, engineering and retrofitting design improvements, and performing all maintenance. AASI intends to convert this windplant to deliver all its captured wind energy as Hydrogen and / or Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) carbon-free fuels via (a) multiple turbine operation in Self Excited Induction Generator (SEIG) mode combined on a "wild DC bus"; (b) close-coupling the electrolysis stacks array to the wild DC bus; (c) integrating all wind-to-fuel system components via a single SCADA system; machine learning artificial intelligence (ML-AI) for universal application on diverse wind turbines, as commercial product line. AASI applied for fed and state funding for this risky R&D project.

Alternatives to electricity systems for gathering, transmission, storage, distribution, and integration of diverse, renewables-source generation, including variable generation from wind and solar: Hydrogen and Ammonia C-free fuels, via underground pipelines, with very-low-cost bulk energy storage. Seventeen years co-authoring papers and presentations by Investigator, Bill Leighty, at:
Hydrogen-fueled, fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles (FCHEV's) will displace battery electric vehicles (BEV's) except for light-duty.

Geothermal: advocating lower-cost "Electro Pulse Boring" technology, to access deep (6-10 km) hot dry rock (HDR) energy for electricity and district heating and cooling systems (DHCS). Submitted concept paper for ARPA-E 2018 "OPEN" FOA; will submit a Full Application.

Thin-shell quasi-spherical concrete structures: Minimum embodied and operating energy. Proof-of-concept, scale-model, 5/8 sphere domes built in Juneau, AK. Construction method may be scaled-up to ~ 6-7 m ID for human use.

Science education: Custom designed, user-friendly, computer-guided telescope optimized for educational-recreational astronomy, especially in resort settings. "Big Blue", at Hyatt Regency Maui.

Investigator, Bill Leighty: BSEE, Stanford, '65 MBA, Stanford, '71 Member AAAS, IEEE, ASME, AIChE, ACORE, AWEA, CHBC, ASES
"Best Paper" award, World Gas Conference, IGU, Tokyo, 2004
Director, The Leighty Foundation
Principal, AASI


Phone: 9075861426

Address: Box 20993, Juneau, AK, 99802-0993, United States
 Whooshh InnovationsJanine Bryan  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Whooshh Innovations is an engineering company focused on innovative fish passage technology. Hydropower is a core energy with the potential for expansion. Addressing fish passage at current and potential hydropower facilities can be an economic and structural deal changer. The Whooshh upstream fish passage technology requires no spill water for rapid, safe, efficient fish passage. This alone potentially enables ~10% more water to be available for hydropower production. The Whooshh system offers modular flexibility, accelerated installation times, substantially reduced costs compared to conventional fish passage systems, and the environmental footprint impact is minimal. This novel technology glides fish rapidly through a near-frictionless, misted tube by creating an air pressure differential across the fish. The Whooshh system can accommodate a wide range of fish sizes, has transported fish >1700 ft with the potential for much further and is not restricted by the water-based vertical height limitations of other systems, as the Whooshh system utilizes air pressure to move the fish. The misted tube ensures the fish gills remain hydrated and that the fish glide without slime loss or epithelial damage. Partnering our novel, efficient, effective fish passage technology with new hydropower energy applications can remove the fish passage roadblock to hydropower industry growth.


Phone: 206-801-3565 ext 16

Address: 2001 W Garfield Street, Seattle, WA, 98119, United States
 Power 2 Storage LLCEric Curry  Small Business Power Generation: Renewable Power 2 Storage specializes in the energy storage sector of the power generation industry. Our suite of services includes front end design (early stage feasibility studies, storage simulation, single line diagrams, technology benchmarking), development engineering (interconnection, charge/discharge simulation and optimization, vendor qualification and selection, complete engineering design, permit submission), development support (financial and capital models, contract structuring, negotiation, EPC negotiation, investor placement) and owner' engineering (peer review, RFx administration, construction oversight, construction administration, verification of design execution, change order management, and Independent Engineer).

Our team’s experience includes strategic oversight of traditional and renewable generation portfolios, launch of a distributed solar generation business for a major Independent Power Producer, design and engineering of several hundred megawatts of renewable projects, creation of microgrids and associated intellectual property, oversight of generation project construction across the United States and Caribbean, and direction of capital investment over $300 million. Power 2 Storage has worked on multiple energy storage projects throughout the US and Caribbean, both distributed and utility scale.

Power 2 Storage is a Verified Veteran Owned Small Business, certified by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs


Phone: 833.769.3727

Address: 9711 S. Mason Rd., Suite 125 No. 203, Richmond, TX, 77407, United States
 Silicone Batteries US, Inc.Sequoya Cross  Small Business Power Generation: Renewable Supplier of silicate compound electrolyte storage batteries. Our unique electrolyte is non-hazardous and non-reactive, making it an ideal choice for renewable storage and back-up storage applications. The life cycle is 2 - 3 times the length of traditional lead acid batteries, has specific temperature capacity benefits, is lower cost than Lithium and is not limited by high temperatures or explosive risk environments or projects.

The silicate compound battery has a higher recharge and discharge capability, lower internal resistance, and little or no visible temperature rise during usage. Furthermore, it has a higher capacity and higher current output making the battery a more dependable, reliable and durable power source. Our product has been awarded a "National Defense Communication Equipment Network Access License" to provide Silicone Battery products for use in Military. In addition, Silicone Batteries is one of few companies certified to provide battery products to the Military for use in telecommunications, fighter jets and submarines. The silicone battery works normal in sub-sea applications 6000 meters beneath the sea and in high altitudes.

There are no hazardous materials used in the production of the battery and no pollution from the silicate compound electrolyte. The electrolyte is PH neutral therefore after the normal life-cycle of the battery has expired, the electrolyte can be used as a high grade fertilizer and the rest of the battery recycled. The universal patent silicate compound electrolyte is non corrosive, and does not contain sulfate to corrode electrodes, plates, joints or connections.


Phone: 7075994627

Address: 1812 Circle Drive, Eureka, CA, 95501, United States
 SEPASharon Allan  Non-Profit Power Generation: Renewable SEPA is interested in partnering with organizations on work related to advancing DER, including storage, solar, customer facing solutions, and EVs.


Phone: 9194142173

Address: 1220 19th St NW, Washington DC, DC, 20036, United States
 Dartmouth CollegeJeremy Faludi  Academic Other Energy Technologies Expert in sustainable additive manufacturing (3D printing). Performed the most extensive life-cycle assessments (environmental impact quantifications) of 3D printing processes, as well as policy paper for OECD--Chapter 5 of The Next Production Revolution: Implications for Governments and Business.

Looking for partners in inventing low-energy 3D printing processes using nontoxic compostable biomaterials.


Phone: ‭(603) 646-3154‬

Address: 3 S Balch st, hanover, NH, 03755, United States
 Lasen, Inc.Timothy Goolsby  Individual Other Energy Technologies Since its commercial debut in 2005, LASEN has flown Airborne LIDAR Pipeline Inspection System (ALPIS) in excess of over 3000,000 miles on natural gas pipelines, compressor stations, refineries, storage facilities, etc. and has detected over 25,000 leaks, generating a savings to our customers in the tens of millions of dollars. Continued improvements and upgrades along with ongoing research and development to allow the system to detect a variety of hydrocarbons and VOCs simultaneously, operate faster, higher and with greater sensitivity, will ensure that LASEN™ remains the leader in aerial leak detection systems.

LASEN is the industry leader in airborne methane leak detection, our system is 98% accurate in detecting leaks from 300-500 feet above the ground. Our flight altitude and the speed of the onboard laser allow our helicopters to safely fly at speeds up to 65mph, allowing for 15 times the range of vehicle mounted systems. All inspections include a high resolution video of the entire flight, allowing you to also inspect your Right of Way (ROW) for compliance.


Phone: 5756521091

Address: 300 N. Telshor Blvd, Ste 400, Las Cruces, NM, 88011, United States
 NeoChloris Inc.Prasad S. Kodukula, PhD  Small Business Bioenergy NeoChloris Inc. qualifies as a small disadvantaged business enterprise under SBA guidelines.

NeoChloris Inc. has over 60 years of combined experience in anaerobic digestion, biogas utilization, wastewater treatment and micro-algae cultivation. Dr. Prasad S. Kodukula, PhD has a doctorate in Environmental Engineering, and Mr. Charles Stack is a Board Certified Environmental Scientist. Full-scale anaerobic systems have been designed and installed for major US and UK industries, and agricultural operations in Latin America and Asia under the Kyoto Protocols Clean Development Mechanism.


Phone: 630-841-8706

Address: 155 N. Harbor Drive, Suite 4203, Chicago, IL, 60601, United States
 Kiwaho laboratory of energy & ecology Inc.Yanming Wei  Small Business Power Generation: Renewable I am aiming to power world with clean energy originated from the sun-cooking-earth! As a broad-spectral renewable energy senior researcher, my R&D domain is transdisciplinary & dynamically changing.

Currently focusing at the breakthrough osmosis power generation from the max concentration differential system, such as the salt saturated aqueous pairing water osmosis, mainly with the methodology inherited but substantially improved with hydraulic oil circuit inter-leverage upon the existing-but-never-commercialized PRO (Pressure Retarded Osmosis) theory fathered by professor Sidney Loeb 40 years ago.

I have strong confidence to commercialize the osmosis cleantech in very short near future, please support my endeavor for the mission of free-renewable-energy-anywhere-anytime!

The patent application fulltext is available on request for 3rd party collaboration or funding assessment:
Pending patent 1: Osmosis energy storage & restoration system and indirect solar powerplant
For detail:
Pending patent 2: Osmosis battery & high magnetic field generator & superconducting ionic current loop
For detail, full text available on request.

My webspace existence & footprint:


Phone: 6138999164

Address: 2190 CR 1, Mountain, Ontario, K0E1S0, Canada
 JAB SystemGary Powell  Individual Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear Need help for a developmental partnership --- I have an idea for a reduced heat, non water, non turbine, nuclear electrical generating devise. From almost every nuclear electricity generating concept, I can find, those systems deals with the heat from the nuclear material to turn a generator. I propose to use the decaying material particles that fly off the material to push electrons in a solar type of panel, into a power grid. Patent Pending
Will explain more - when contacted by those who may be interested

Low cost, Low heat, Can be built for any sized application, Etc...

I do not have the expertise to experiment / I have the concept / Need the experts to develop

Please email Leave message 712 266 6360
Website: None


Phone: 7122666360

Address: 1577 Fair Meadow Drive, South Sioux City, NE, 68776, United States
 North Carolina State UniversityProf Dr Douglas C Hopkins  Academic Transportation RESEARCH PARTNERSHIP or POWER ELECTRONICS MODULE PROTOTYPING
Dr Hopkins is part of the NSF Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management (FREEDM) Systems Center and directs the Power Electronics Design & Packaging Laboratory (PREES). His expertise is in high density/high frequency power electronics design and spans pulse power (e.g. 30MW/10kHz with vacuum-arc switched conversion) to power supply (e.g. 100W/2-10MHz with resonant conversion.

FREEDM & PREES provide complete power electronics research, design and testing for kW-to-MW systems. In particular, PREES Lab ( is a full power electronics packaging laboratory developing advanced WBG intelligent power modules, power device test platforms and dense power circuits. The Lab makes extensive use of MultiPhysics modeling (ANSYS or COMSOL) for complete electro-physical design. Typical procedure is: electrical simulation with Spice/PLECS/Matlab; design of physical module/system; ANSYS-Q3D analysis of electrical parasitics; refinement of electrical and physical circuits; thermal/mechanical simulation; and final refinement before build.

[Recent (2018) projects: 6.5kV/200A SuperCascode SiC power module, 1kV-100kV 1MHz gate drive with power over fiber, 8kV/250A Full Power Test Platform recirculating energy for high speed WBG device testing, 12V:1V/100W GaN VRM using Folded Flex construction, and a 30kW EV inverter with fluid cooling of devices and inductors.]

1. “6.0kV, 100A, 175kHz Super Cascode Power Module for Medium Voltage, High Power Applications,” Bo Gao, Adam J. Morgan, Yang Xu, Xin Zhao, Douglas C. Hopkins, IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference, San Antonio, TX, March 4-8, 2018
2. "Design Methodology for a Planarized High Power Density EV/HEV Traction Drive using SiC Power Modules", Dhrubo Rahman,, IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Exposition (ECCE 2016), Milwaukee, WI, Sept 18-22, 2016
3. "Decomposition and Electro-Physical Model Creation of the CREE 1200V, 50A 3-Ph SiC Module," A. Morgan,, IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (IEEE-APEC), Long Beach, CA, 2016 (Best Paper of Session)
4. “A Robust, Composite Packaging Approach for a High Voltage 6.5kV IGBT and Series Diode,” A. J. Morgan,, 48th IMAPS Int’l Symp. on Microelectronics, Orland, FL Oct 28-30, 2015
5. "The First Demonstration of Symmetric Blocking SiC Gate Turn-Off(GTO) Thyristor," W. Sung,, Proc. 27th Int’l Sym on Power Semiconductor Devices & ICs, ...

Email: DCHopkins@NCSU.Edu

Phone: 919-513-5929

Address: 1791 Varsity Dr., Suite 100, Raleigh, NC, 27606, United States
 Total S.A.Carl Lenox  Large Business Other Energy Technologies Total's Gas, Renewables and Power Open Innovation - North America team is interested in participating in and contributing to R&D and pilot projects in the following areas:

EV charging and smart charging networks.
Energy data analytics / AI and data-enabled services.
Virtual power plants and distributed energy resource aggregation.
Hybrid (PV+prime mover) Microgrids and high solar penetration microgrid controls and modeling.
Transactional energy, including peer-to-peer and blockchain-enabled applications.
Distributed energy resources, including PV, storage, and energy management.
Grid scale storage.
Renewable power-to-gas.

Total can contribute market and subject-matter expertise, sponsor PhD / postdoc researchers, contribute project funding, and connect technology innovation to market opportunities.

Total's businesses span the electricity and natural gas value chain globally, with a particular R&D focus on renewables, energy management, energy storage, and electrification of transportation.


Phone: 510-847-1490

Address: 5858 Horton St. Suite 253, Emeryville, CA, 94608, United States
 LaSen Inc.Timothy Goolsby  Small Business Other Energy Technologies LASEN is the industry leader in airborne methane leak detection, our system is 98% accurate in detecting leaks from 300-500 feet above the ground. Our flight altitude and the speed of the onboard laser allow our helicopters to safely fly at speeds up to 65mph, allowing for 15 times the range of vehicle mounted systems. All inspections include a high resolution video of the entire flight, allowing visual inspection of ther Right of Way (ROW) for compliance. Our indication reporting system is the fastest this industry has to offer, the results are available online within 24 hours. Inspection data can be available within 1 to 2 hours of an inspection with proper notification. Download GPS coordinates, images from the helicopter, and satellite imagery for each indication to allow for easy location of the site. GPS data points can be downloaded into industry standard GIS mapping formats.

Lasen is currently working on the next generation of our system and working on a project to move to fixed wing and drone operation.


Phone: 5755225110

Address: 300 N. Telshor Blvd, Ste 400, Las Cruces, NM, 88011, United States




Phone: 9064820387

 Julia Computing, Inc.Viral Shah  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Julia is an open-source language for high-performance technical computing and data science created by some of the best minds in mathematical and statistical computing.
Julia has quickly become the preferred programming language for data and analytics. Julia combines the functionality of quantitative environments such as R and Python with the speed of production programming languages like Java and C++ to solve big data and analytics problems. Julia provides parallel and distributed computing capabilities out of the box, and literally infinite scalability with minimal effort. It delivers dramatic improvements in simplicity, speed, capacity, and productivity for data scientists, algorithmic traders, quants, scientists, and engineers who need to solve massive computation problems quickly and accurately.

Julia offers an unbeatable combination of simplicity plus speed that is thousands of times faster than other mathematical, scientific and statistical computing languages.

Partners and users include: IBM, Intel, DARPA, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), MIT Lincoln Labs, Moore Foundation, Nobel Laureate Thomas J. Sargent, Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY), Brazilian National Development Bank (BNDES), BlackRock, Conning, Berkery Noyes, BestX and many of the world's largest investment banks, asset managers, fund managers, foreign exchange analysts, insurers, hedge funds and regulators.


Phone: 6174879366

Address: 130 CambridgePark Dr, Unit 231, Cambridge, MA, 02140, United States
 Trimeric CorporationAndrew Sexton, PhD  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Trimeric Corporation is a process chemical engineering consulting and R&D firm, and we often get involved with technology developers to provide process engineering support activities and assist with technology development and scale-up – for both private industry and through government-funded projects. As an example, we have experience with the CO2 value chain for both government and private industry clients, from supporting CO2 capture technologies at the bench and pilot scale to the design (and operational support) of both pilot and commercial scale CO2 compression and dehydration surface facilities to supporting the operation of EOR surface facilities to separate and recycle CO2 from produced fluids.

In addition, Trimeric has a breadth and depth of knowledge across multiple industries that results in frequent exposure to novel, first of a kind technologies. We typically get involved in supporting these technologies after a funding decision has been made (via the investor, the technology developer, or a potential end user), but we also have performed technology evaluations to support funding decisions. Trimeric's experience allows technology developers to focus their resources on their core technology development, while Trimeric supports upstream/downstream separations and unit operations development and addresses scale-up challenges.

Trimeric is independent of technology suppliers, equipment suppliers, and chemical suppliers. By this, we mean that Trimeric neither licenses nor intends to license technology to clients, has no interest in what brand of equipment a client might buy (other than technical performance), and maintains no preferences with respect to chemical supplies (assuming the same chemicals and quality at different suppliers). By remaining independent of technology, equipment, and chemicals suppliers, Trimeric ensures that it functions as an unbiased advocate for its clients.


Phone: 512-295-8118

Address: PO Box 826, Buda, TX, 78610, United States
 Xairgen LLCPeter Mark Evans  Individual Other Energy Technologies I am looking for an Electrical and Electronics Engineering Company to assist us in finalizing the development of the Xairgen Generator it has an innovative designed rotor and air intake turbine system that is combined with stators to produces electrical energy. The company should also to be able to develop the systems needed to monitor its operation communications and Global Positioning System (GPS) The vision I have for the Xairgen is to be incorporated into electric cars/trucks, portable emergency power, domestic and commercial applications. We are open to hearing from companies in automotive industry as well.
Website: not available at this time


Phone: 561-563-0858

Address: 12555 Biscayne Blvd #999, Miami,, FL, 33181, United States
 AsterTech LLCDr. Santanu Bag  Small Business Power Generation: Renewable AsterTech LLC is an Ohio-based small business company founded in 2017 by Dr. Santanu Bag who developed multiple key technologies at IBM Research and Air Force Research Laboratories. Our PI is a lead author and inventor in numerous top-notch publications (Science, Nature Chemistry, Advanced Energy Materials, Energy and Environment Science etc.) and patents. AsterTech was launched with the motivation of delivering scientific, technical and research support to government and industry as well as commercializing transformative technologies. We are in the process of building a diverse R & D team.

Our core competencies lie in the following areas:
1. Additive manufacturing of device components
2. Printed embedded electronics
3. Semiconductor processing and device integration (both von Neumann and non-von Neumann device technologies)
4. Low-cost photovoltaics
5. Lab-to-fab process transfer

Recently, we are trying to commercialize hybrid perovskite photovoltaics for niche applications and looking for potential joint development partners.


Phone: 937-701-7274

Address: 2490 Edgewater Dr., Dayton, OH, 45431, United States
 De Nora TechFilippo Ronzani  Large Business Other Energy Technologies De Nora is a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of electrodes, self-standing electrocatalyts and coatings, and complete solutions for a wide range of electrochemical technologies and related industries. De Nora also supplies turn-key systems and custom-engineered solutions for water and wastewater treatment applications.De Nora is a global company with 23 locations (including 4 R&D facilities) and over 1,600 people in over 10 countries. In the United States, De Nora has over 11,000 ft2 of lab space and four manufacturing .

De Nora's Electrode Technologies division, most famous for the Dimensionally Stable Anode (DSA®) technology for the chlor-alkali, hypochlorite, and chlorate industries, also includes metallic and carbon-based electrode systems which serve the following sectors: energy storage and conversion technologies, e.g. redox flow batteries, water electrolysis, fuel cells, CO2 conversion to higher value compounds, electrochemical refining and winning of metals,, and cathodic protection. Innovation at De Nora aims to continuously improve the energy efficiency of electrochemical processes and the cost/sustainability of manufacturing the system components to yield more sustainable and economically viable industries.

In the field of water treatment, De Nora's focus is on the electrochemical generation of highly reactive species for the disinfection of water and the removal of recalcitrant organic compounds. Moreover, non-electrochemical technologiesdeveloped at De Nora such as filtration, adsorption, absorption, and ultraviolet radiation can find application in desalination, disinfection, and the removal of toxic compounds such as nitrates, fluorides, and arsenic. Markets in which these technologies find application include: oil & gas, marine water treatment (ballast and water treatment for offshore platforms), and municipal water/wastewater.

To support its technology leadership, De Nora has the continuous support of a strong internal R&D community and a rich network of collaborators in academia and industry. Innovation at De Nora finds its best expression at the intersection between electrochemistry, engineering, materials science, and catalysis.


Phone: 4407105338

Address: 7590 Discovery Ln, Concord, OH, 44077, United States
 Dover Food RetailMichael A May  Large Business Building Efficiency Advanced Refrigeration technologies related to energy efficiency in supermarket, food retail, food warehousing, food processing applications, including Magneto Caloric refrigeration technologies and other advanced refrigeration technologies.


Phone: 713 305 2484

Address: 2016 Gees Mill Road, Conyers, GA, 30013, United States
 Rose-A-Lee TechnologiesJustin Crews  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Rose-A-Lee Technologies is a WBENC Certified EDWOSB engineering firm servicing multiple industries with a focus on vehicle
manufacturing. With a core competency in design and material manipulation, Rose-A-Lee Technologies offers design optimization for
light-weight components as well as the manufacturability of product. Rose-A-Lee Technologies also offers prototype and low volume
manufacturing, fabricating components using metals, plastics, and carbon fiber. Rose-A-Lee Technologies is a full service supporter of
R&D efforts, taking a project from concept to build.

Rose-A-Lee Technologies was formed in 2013 by Patricia Lopez and Jennifer Howard. The company was initially created under the
premise of becoming the defense manufacturing arm to sister company Elmhirst Industries, an automotive manufacturing company.
Recognizing the need for diverse suppliers throughout multiple industries, Patty and Jen expanded their focus to additional markets
including automation, appliance, and complementary automotive services to Elmhirst. While these industries are a focus point, Rose-
A-Lee Technologies considers itself industry agnostic–meaning, we are experts in engineering and manufacturing first and foremost,
which translates across multiple industries. Rose-A-Lee Technologies prides itself on the ability to provide quick turn, quality service. We give our words to treat every task with the same intensity and vigor, whether a large project or small one-off prototype delivery.

In the field of manufacturing, Rose-A-Lee has capabilities in sheet metal & stamping assy., tool design, machined detail, 5 axis laser service, welding, CMM inspection, carbon fiber/ fiber glass lay-ups, kitting and assembly, metal fabrication, CAD/CAM capabilities, check fixtures, tube fabrication, vacuum forming and assemblies, plastic rapid prototyping, and logistics. In the field of engineering, Rose-A-Lee works in prototype development, reverse engineering, design optimization, conceptual development, surface and solid modeling, and program management. Rose-A-Lee specializes in the key markets of automation, appliance, automotive, and defense.


Phone: 5867994555

Address: 6550 Sims Drive, Sterling Heights, MI, 48313, United States
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