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 Oklahoma State UniversityMarimuthu Andiappan Academic Other Energy Technologies Dr. Marimuthu Andiappan is Assistant Professor in the School of Chemical Engineering at Oklahoma State University. The Andiappan Lab is focusing on hybrid plasmonic photocatalysts and high-dielectric metal oxide nanostructures-based photocatalytic processes for the sustainable production of fuels and chemicals.


Phone: 405-744-6338

Address: 420 Engineering North, Stillwater, OK, 74075, United States
 American Bureau of ShippingDavid Walker Non-Profit Other Energy Technologies ABS is the not-for-profit marine classification, standards, and technology organization for the U.S. ABS has over 3,000 engineers, scientists, and marine surveyors with global expertise in the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of all types of marine assets. ABS R&D activities include internal programs and external projects (with government agencies, academia, professional/industry organizations, and industry).

ABS research portfolio elements of interest include: hydrodynamics and computational fluid dynamics; naval architecture and marine engineering; machinery, control systems, and automation; materials for the marine environment; advanced manufacturing; in-service engineering and maintenance optimization; and sustainability/alternative energy for marine assets.

ABS has the following capabilities:
• Advanced engineering analysis of structures and mooring systems for marine energy systems

• Novel concept and new technology qualification reviews against industry and professional standards

• Independent validation/verification of technology through test and evaluation support

• Development of industry standards, guides, and guidance notes on best practices for implementation of marine energy
• technologies (e.g., implementation feasibility assessments, suitable location assessments, conformation with standards/regulations, permitting requirements, etc.)

• Industry-wide workshops for communicating best practices for implementations


Phone: 1-865-803-3630

Address: 1701 City Plaza Dr., Spring, TX, 77389, United States
 QnergyPeterson, Allen Small Business Power Generation: Renewable Qnergy designs, builds, deploys, and operates unique power generation equipment and are focused on environmentally friendly power. We are also focused on enabling system solutions, rather than just electric power.

Qnergy technology development are currently targeting two methane sources at present, which are O&G supply chain and Animal waste. During 2020, Qnergy launched a product that addresses 'bleeding' methane-pneumatic devices within O&G. This product is gaining traction commercially. Qnergy seeks opportunities to partner, develop, deploy, or demonstrate these technologies within an ARPA-E team.

The next frontier for Qnergy products/systems is biogas emissions. Qnergy have prototyped a demonstration project but will seek further funding to launch a system that abates methane emission from SMALL farms (smaller than 100 animals). Such farms might be too small for a large biodigester, but Qnergy could offer a system approach that might includes a a small biodigester (sourced by Sistema Bio) combined with a PowerGen. The PowerGen turns methane into power, heat, and some CO2 emission. At a system level, the CO2 can be channeled to a greenhouse. Heat can be used to maintain the bacterial activity in the bioreactor during low temperature periods (temperature stabilization is a known issue in biodigesters). During prototyping, Qnergy encountered the challenge of corrosion due to high H2S levels. Development funding would help build and launch an H2S-resistant system enabling long term methane mitigation in biogas.

Qnergy looks forward to opportunities to team up on future funding announcements.


Phone: 18018334531

Address: 300 w 12th st, ogden, UT, 84404, United States
 National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)Randall Gemmen Government Owned and Operated (GOGO) Power Generation and Energy Production: Fossil/Nuclear NETL’s Energy Conversion Engineering competency develops innovative energy conversion systems to produce clean power, fuels, and chemicals from coal, natural gas, and integrated fossil fuel and renewables.

Capabilities related to this competency include:

•Microwave (mWave) Reaction Chemistry. Microwave catalysis technology has the potential to be the next frontier of science in the chemical process and manufacturing industries—reducing carbon footprints, transforming transportation, and enabling renewable power storage. NETL is pioneering a signature research infrastructure to conduct fundamental science studies of microwave reaction chemistry and is currently looking for clients and partners to pursue this exciting field of applied energy research.

•The Natural Gas Utilization Center of Excellence. NETL focuses attention on natural gas usage with the scale-up of innovation. NETL’s development of the Natural Gas Utilization Center of Excellence would help mature technologies and transform the downstream chemicals sector.

•Pressure Gain Combustion. NETL is leading the development of detonation for industrial processes through its work on Rotating Detonation Combustion (RDC) technology which offers the potential to significantly improve the efficiency and flexibility of power cycles and processes that rely on combustion. Research related to Pressure Gain Combustion includes detonation control and combustion stability, computational modeling of reacting flows with ionizing gases, integration of detonation into power cycles, and the development of advanced high-speed, high-temperature, and high-pressure experimental diagnostics.

•Supercritical CO₂ Cycles. NETL has the capability to develop, design, simulate, and experimentally validate the thermal-hydraulic performance for advanced additively manufactured concepts and advanced materials under realistic sCO₂ power cycle conditions at the scale of 5-50kW. This capability can impact fossil, nuclear, and renewable energy sectors.

•Gas Turbine Cooling technologies can significantly improve efficiencies for gas turbine power cycles that are used in applications such as combined heat and power, natural gas combined cycle, and integrated gasification combined cycle systems. NETL has demonstrated the capability to develop, design, simulate, and experimentally validate advanced cooling concepts for gas turbine applications at a range of temperatures, pressures, and flow conditions.


Phone: 304-285-4536

Address: 3610 Collins Ferry Road, Morgantown, WV, 26507-0880, United States
 Almond Consulting Group, Inc.Derrick Henry Small Business Other Energy Technologies Almond Consulting Group, Inc. is a Professional Information Technology (IT) company based in Oviedo, Florida. We provide Information Technology, Program and Project Management, Cyber Security, Risk Management Framework (RMF) and Assessment & Authorization (A&A) services to Civilian, Federal, Defense and Intelligence Agencies.


Phone: 407 602-8540

Address: 5472 Baytowne Place, Oviedo, FL, 32765, United States
 Southern Aerospace Company, LLC (SAC)Frank Arena Small Business Other Energy Technologies A certified SDVO Small Business designed to develop complex, high tech, Intellectual Property (IP)-based R&D solutions. Each project is supported through unique global IP Research and Analysis; high performance computing, physics based Digital Engineering Enterprise; physical engineering and seasoned program management. Our solutions combine and reuse Prior Art in ways previously not imagined.

We combine current solid oxide fuel cell technology with a novel chemistry-based approach to produce 1Kw of energy and initially abate emissions to less than 10% methane from oil and gas wells. This novel approach requires methane sensing and leak detection. The field deployable unit requires remote smart controls, analysis and continuously-monitored reporting. The unit and the controller are intended for remote, hands-free operation with software defined controls and “plug and play” components. A smart-grid IOT data structure allows continuous operational monitoring, predictive analysis and planned replacement. This smart-grid construct allows monitoring of a single unit, a region of units to a system of units through small sensors which monitor the real-time operating “health” and "system" performance.

Applies an implementable and transformative solutions as digitally engineered prototypes first. The digital prototype are then developed into a physical engineering prototype for field qualification and certification. Digital prototyping allows for early trade space decisions for performance optimization and cost reduction. Once field qualified, the digital prototype can be further explored for use of biological remediation or bio-filters, other chemistry approaches, transformative mechanical engineering design implementation, and novel approaches for system solutions in virtual field settings or actual field settings.


Phone: 2566987723

Address: Southern Aerospace Company, 211 Pebblebrook Drive, Madison, AL, 35758, United States
 NanoFlex Power CorporationJ. Norman Allen Small Business Power Generation: Renewable NanoFlex Power Corporation has been developing Organic Photovoltaic technology for over 20 years based upon research work at Princeton, Michigan and USC. Now NanoFlex is readying OPV powered energy harvesting IoT sensor systems for use in several IoT sensor node vertical markets in both indoor (LED) and outdoor light. One of these applications is completely wireless OPV powered methane sensors which do not need battery replacement for 10 years or more. These IoT OPV powered sensors systems incorporate bluetooth and LoRa Wan radio systems and cloud communication along with handheld phone display of data trends and warnings. These self powered sensor nodes are place and forget and self linking to the cloud.


Phone: 203-254-9927

Address: 2384 Redding Road, Fairfield, CT, 06824, United States
 Gulf Coast Environmental SystemsCorina Sheridan Small Business Other Energy Technologies Founded almost two decades ago by Mr. Chad Clark, a mechanical engineer with a passion for process and efficiency improvements, Gulf Coast Environmental Systems (GCES) is an OEM of industrial air pollution control equipment serving dozens of industries and applications across the globe. With pollution control being Mr. Clark’s sole focus, he made GCES a pioneer in the industry, forming strategic partnerships and developing new approaches. In recent years, GCES has taken that focus one step further developing solutions that turn traditional pollution and waste into revenue.

With a mission “For the environment and the economy, we are inspired to develop innovative solutions to better the lives of employees, customers, and communities.” GCES systems is dedicated to technological advancements in air pollution control, clean energy development, gas purification, and industrial services. GCES is led by a team of engineers and environmental professionals that are dedicated to the success of our projects. Not only are they the who's who of industry experts, but they are truly wonderful people who are engaged in their communities, families, and of course their careers.

Our team has the innovation and experience to support a full range of custom solutions all backed by in-house controls, manufacturing and integration expertise. With office across the US including Houston (HQ), Tampa, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and San Diego and partners on nearly every continent we are well positioned to support projects around the globe.

Our global footprint includes over 300 installations supporting numerous industries.

Our technology solutions continue to set us apart as a pioneer in the environmental industry. Our solutions include:
Air Pollution Control
Water Treatment Systems
Soil Treatment
Renewable Energy

Our technologies are backed by the project execution and project development experience to support projects in any stage of development. GCES is able to engineer, design, integrate, install and commission a wide variety of plants all backed by performance guarantees.

Research and development in methane abatement and pollution prevention is at the core of our business and product offerings. As a solution developer and fabricator, we are uniquely positioned to assist with the goals of methane reduction initiatives. With this initiative, GCES feel strongly about our expertise and ability to advance solutions we already provide around the world.


Phone: 8323898751

Address: 1689 Hawthorne Dr, Conroe, TX, 77301, United States
 ISmartFERNANDO BERLINCK DUTRA VAZ Individual Power Generation: Renewable We are a Brazilian startup with a patent pending for a solar static thermal storage media solution for CSP and industries.
Our solution is the result of an inverted beam focusing CSE onto Fresnel lens that inject CSE directly into the battery, via windows.
Inside the battery, iron ore is hit by CSE, heating up. Inside the iron ore, a serpentine allows for water injection and steam recovery. Between the iron ore and the external walls of the battery, vacuum.

The mobile solution version, for industries, are sea container size batteries with windows on the cover, iron ore inside with the serpentine.

We are looking for partners to design the heat exchange solution.

We want a plug/play solution for the mobile version of the battery.


Phone: +5581999999113

Address: Rua Padre Roma, 107,, Apt 802, Recife, Pernambuco, 52050150, Brazil
 FGC Plasma SolutionsFelipe Gomez del Campo Small Business Other Energy Technologies FGC Plasma Solutions is a venture-backed startup based in Cambridge, MA, and was founded in 2013 to commercialize research into plasma-assisted combustion. FGC Plasma endeavors to develop ground-breaking technologies to improve combustion and other reacting flow processes with applications in energy, aerospace, and defense. To date, FGC Plasma has collaborated on its technology development with MIT, The University of Notre Dame, Air Force Research Laboratory, Army Research Laboratory, and Argonne National Laboratory. FGC Plasma has been awarded SBIR grants/contracts from AFWERX, the U.S. Department of Energy, and NASA for the development of its commercially applicable technologies in the hypersonics, civil aviation, and energy sectors. FGC Plasma has demonstrated world-class expertise in hypersonics, plasma physics, combustion, and advanced propulsion technologies. Its team includes six engineers with backgrounds from major aerospace contractors, national laboratories as well as plasma and hypersonic research groups from top research universities.

For this FOA, FGC Plasma is interested in supporting or serving as the prime recipient for projects relating to flare gas mitigation, ammonia combustion and other advanced combustion processes.


Phone: 954-591-1429

Address: 675 Massachusetts Ave, Suite 501, Boston, MA, 02139, United States
 National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)David Alman Government Owned and Operated (GOGO) Power Generation and Energy Production: Fossil/Nuclear The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) is the research arm of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy. NETL has unique expertise for engineering the molecular structure of materials, predicting and evaluating performance at relevant service conditions, and demonstrating manufacturing pathways that are directly adapted by industry and other key stakeholders. NETL, a world leader in specialty alloys, has established the Advanced Alloy Deployment and Manufacturing (Advanced Alloys) initiative to address gaps in the nation’s research infrastructure needed to develop and manufacture affordable, durable, next-generation alloys for advanced energy systems, defense, aerospace, security, automotive, chemical processing, and biomedical technology. NETL welcomes opportunities to work with partners to develop and mature energy and environmental technologies


Phone: 541-967-5885

Address: 1450 Queen Avenue SW, Albany, OR, 97321-2198, United States
 National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)Philip Reppert Government Owned and Operated (GOGO) Power Generation and Energy Production: Fossil/Nuclear The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) is the research arm of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy. NETL’s Geological and Environmental Systems (GES) capabilities focus on the behavior of natural systems at both the earth’s surface and subsurface, monitoring, analyzing, and predicting the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of complex subsurface environments across spatial and temporal scales, from the field scale to the molecular level and over time spans from microseconds to centuries. NETL welcomes opportunities to work with partners to develop and mature energy and environmental technologies.


Phone: 412-386-5706

Address: 626 Cochrans Mill Road, Pittsburgh, PA, 15236-0940, United States
 Spectrum Environmental Solutions LLCTroy Boley Small Business Other Energy Technologies Spectrum Environmental Solutions LLC has been involved with industrial flaring for nearly 2 decades. We are a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers in a small business setting providing unique and customized solutions in four major areas;
Spectrum provides real-time measurements for gaseous compounds in support of Emission Studies, Process Gas Analysis, Ambient and Fence Line monitoring, Flare Gas composition analysis (patent holder), and Flare Emissions Analysis (PFTIR patent holder).
Analytical Devices:
Spectrum designs and builds FTIR’s (Extractive, Open Path, Extractive RAMAN), Continuous Emission Monitors with low (ppb) detection limits for Formaldehyde and Ethylene Oxide. We offer installation, operation, full maintenance service, and data reduction.
Network Services:
Spectrum provides Turn-key services for fixed and ambient air monitoring networks, operation & maintenance for embedded CEMs.
Spectrum is one of only a few companies that provides full Turn-key installation, operation, maintenance, and data reduction and evaluation service for long-term monitoring projects.
Consulting Services:
Spectrum provides consulting and management services for Flare Compliance Assessments, Flare gas minimization, Flare testing, Flare optimization, Combustion Systems Optimization, Haz Waste Combustor MACT Certification, and source testing oversight and project management.


Phone: 7708837082

Address: 2340 West Braker Lane; Suite A, Austin, TX, 78758, United States
 Steffes, LLCTodd Mayer Small Business Other Energy Technologies Steffes has expertise in the following areas:
• The design, manufacturing and service of products supporting the extraction and processing of oil and gas, such as flares, separators, treaters, walkways, and other facility surface level equipment. We specialize in products addressing methane emissions such as our flare systems that have been shown to have higher than 99% destruction efficiencies and blower systems that reduce methane emissions from tanks.
• Innovative product development and manufacturing of thermal storage and load management technologies to meet the growth of sustainable electricity production, distribution, and storage.
• Steel fabrication, electrical services, and engineering support for companies in need of manufacturing partners to support their business success.

We look forward to partnering with others to continue advancing the development of systems to reduce methane emissions.


Phone: 701-483-5400

Address: 3050 Highway 22 North, Dickinson, ND, 58601, United States
 Los Alamos National LaboratoryManvendra Dubey Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Power Generation: Renewable Dr. Dubey is an atmospheric scientist with expertise in methane fossil and biogenic sources and photochemical sinks by reactions with OH and Cl radicals. He developed a machine learning based sensor natural gas fugitive leak system from oil and gas fields (ARPA-E MONITOR funded) that won a R&D 100 award and is being pushed for use for LDAR. He is currently working on quantifying methane emissions from California dairies by field observations across scales and evaluate technologies such as digesters to reduce these emissions cost effectively (University of California funded). Dubey has done work on CO2 capture from dilute streams (10% in power planta) including ambient air (400ppm). He is eager to work with larger teams on innovative methods to reduce methane sources and/or enhance their sinks by transformational science and technology. Topics that Dubey can help REMEDY teams with as a leader or partner include

(1) Photochemical and/or catalytic oxidation of methane to liquids organics at point dilute methane sources (<10%) such as flares that would add value to the chemical industry.
(2) Work with agriculture sector to enhance methane emissions by altering cattle diet and/or soil composition.
(3) Finessing water management techniques that reduce anaerobic methane production from wetlands to water bodies.

Dubey's team offers state of the set instrumentation to manipulate methane producing systems in the laboratory and quantify their effects on methane – from photochemistry to combustion to biogeochemistry. His group measures methane across scales and also its isotope composition that facilitates deeper analysis.


Phone: (505) 665-3128

Address: SM-30 Bikini Atoll Rd, Los Alamos, NM, 87545, United States
 Red Shift Energy, Inc.Dr. Alexander Gutsol Small Business Other Energy Technologies Red Shift Energy, Inc. develops plasma technologies and systems for use in solving complex problems in oil and gas and energy production. Our team has wide experience in developing thermal and non-thermal plasma systems, including low-current high-voltage and gliding arc discharges, Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) and corona. In addition, our team is experienced in the design of power supplies for these discharges.
Applications include:
• dissociation of hydrogen sulfide to sulfur and carbon-free hydrogen
• syngas production from CO2
Red Shift Energy seeks partners in gas processing and separation technologies.


Phone: (215) 675-0555

Address: 1814 Mearns Rd., Warwick, PA, 18974-1195, United States
 Everactive Inc.John Greenfield Small Business Other Energy Technologies Background: Everactive is a venture-backed startup who builds completely self-powered sensing solutions that do not require batteries of maintenance, can be deployed nearly anywhere, and unlock new, actionable insights that deliver significant values. The end-to-end wireless sensing solutions are built upon advances in ultra-low-power circuit design and wireless communication to power the sensors exclusively from harvested energy. The company has also developed software and cloud infrastructure to deliver an out-of-the-box solution focused on providing analytics from continuously-monitored assets to generate actionable insights. Everactive’s current offerings are focused on industrial IOT, for energy efficiency, where they can deploy hundreds (or thousands) of small sensors to monitor the real-time operating “health” of systems like motors or steam traps.

• Batteryless, always-on sensing, completely self-powered from harvested energy from the environment (2 degree C temperature difference or 200 Lux of lighting)
• Ultra-low-power circuit and system design
• Industrial asset monitoring, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance
• Sensing modalities: gases (including methane), temperature, relative humidity, acceleration, magnetic field, radio frequency, corrosion monitoring, image detection, and motion and sound detection.


Phone: 651-278-1961

Address: 2986 Oakmead Village Ct., Santa Clara, CA, 95051, United States
 Resolved Analytics, PLLCSTEWART BIBLE Small Business Other Energy Technologies Resolved Analytics is a professional engineering company headquartered in the Research Triangle Park region of North Carolina. Resolved Analytics provides multiphysics simulations and software.

A lack of knowhow in fluid dynamics and simulation often results in poorly designed products and processes. Resolved Analytics helps companies eliminate or remedy such problems by partnering with your team to reduce development cycle times and costs, design better products, troubleshoot existing design, and provide you with state-of-the-art visualizations and results.

Since 2014, engineers and industrial product designers have trusted Resolved Analytics to provide computational engineering expertise. Our team works with you to help you meet your engineering goals and desired business outcomes by implementing team work, creativity, and outstanding technical skills. All project engineers at Resolved Analytics have a minimum of 10 years experience in computational fluid dynamics and possess the necessary communication skills to make simulation results visually compelling, meaningful, and accessible to clients.

By bringing us onboard to serve as your fluid dynamics and simulation specialist, you can get to where you need to go faster.


Phone: 9045599560

Address: 810 Vickers Ave, Durham, NC, 27701, United States
 Pennsylvania State UniversityHilal Ezgi Toraman Academic Bioenergy Dr. Hilal Ezgi Toraman, Virginia S. and Philip L. Walker Jr. Faculty Fellow is an Assistant Professor of Energy Engineering and Chemical Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Toraman’s research is in the field of chemical reaction engineering with emphasis on pyrolysis, heterogeneous catalysis, plasma catalysis, process intensification, and two-dimensional gas chromatography.
Dr. Toraman’s group is currently working on (plasma assisted-)catalytic conversion of methane and biogas to fuels, chemicals and hydrogen. Dr. Toraman’s laboratory is equipped with high temperature packed bed catalytic activity test system, and plasma reactors for methane and biogas conversion and tandem micro-reactor coupled to GCxGC-TOF-MS/FID for rapid catalyst screening. Dr. Toraman has access to the Penn State’s Material Characterization Laboratory for catalyst testing. The available characterization techniques are including but not limited to BET, FT-IR, SEM, TEM, XPS, XRD, Raman spectroscopy, thermal analysis, etc. One of her projects on biogas conversion to fuels and chemicals has recently been funded by USDA-NIFA as part of the Consortium for Cultivating Human And Naturally reGenerative Enterprises (C-CHANGE).


Phone: 8148639261

Address: 155 Hosler Building, University Park, PA, 16802, United States
 BrainDrip llcKent Weisenberg Small Business Other Energy Technologies As an employee owned R&D company, BrainDrip LLC has set the creative stage for a team of SME's to openly collaborate, explore ideas, accumulate associated concepts, and further expand and develop these concepts. The core creative and development emphasis of BrainDrip’s team centers around four fundamental subject matter classifications; robotics, materials, deployment, and dispersal. Independent of category charge, projects are invariably filtered and attuned with the core benchmarks of safety, environment, humankind, and industry betterment.

The BrainDrip team is made up of a diverse group of engineers and scientist in relation to age, culture, education, and experience. The BrainDrip team feels strongly that this balance of diversity is highly critical to the efficacy of the conceptualization - to - patent process. Fundamentally, this unique, creative, and analytical human composite provides an inherent and valued system of checks and balances throughout the process. The BrainDrip team utilizes this incalculable combination of education experience and teamwork to allow them first to understand the industry needs and then evolve the conceptualization process to meet market demands as well as industry requirements. This methodology results in clearly defined product specifications, proof of concept, and final technology product. Utilizing the most advanced modeling, design, and manufacturing tools, their team creates optimized deployment and dispersal systems and makes accurate stress, strain, and fracture analysis, materials, composites, and structures to develop innovative solutions based on highly specified performance criteria.

BrainDrip's current projects include Phase II development of their multi patent pending SafeGuard2 Intelligent Binary Composite Lining for high pressure Natural Gas and Hydrogen transmission pipelines and Manufactured In-Place Composite Vessel (MICV) technologies for underground energy storage. Additionally, the team continues Phase I development of robotic tools for the deployment of solid-state supersonic particle deposition and interspatial optic sensing arrays.


Phone: 9418898318

Address: 450-106 SR 13 N., Suite 135, St. Johns, FL, 32259, United States
 The University of MichiganJeremy D. Semrau Academic Bioenergy Expert in methanotrophic physiology, genetics, and biochemistry with >30 years experience. Specific past research projects include modeling/experimental validation of strategies for control of methane emissions from landfills and concentrated animal feeding operations.


Phone: 7347646487

Address: 109 EWRE Bldg, 1351 Beal Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI, 48109-2125, United States
 Univ. Southern CaliforniaSergey Nuzhdin Academic Bioenergy We are genomics breeding group improving performance of crops for agriculture and aquaculture. To stage massive macroalgal outgrowth for biofuel production, we are ARPA-E supported to develop F1 sporeless kelps with strongly improved photosynthesis and farm growth. We have also published on offshore outgrowth of red macroalgae Asparagopsis (and are a part of USDA SBIR) that strongly suppresses methanogens. We work with numerous ocean farmers in CA and Mexico, where R&D for biomass production is possible to permit and stage. We are searching for collaborations with extraction/food supplement development/animal/policy folks to fund and develop large scale trials.


Phone: 2137405773

Address: 1050 Childs Way, Los Angeles, CA, 90089-0005, United States
 ULC Technologies, LLCDr. Farah Singer Large Business Other Energy Technologies ULC is a pioneer in R&D and Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) solutions development for the energy, utility, and industrial markets. ULC has 20 years of experience in the development, commercialization, and deployment of complex robotics, inspection systems and unmanned aircraft. Since its inception in 2001, the focus of ULC has been the enhancement of energy and utility operations and the support of infrastructure improvement. We combine cutting-edge design, complex custom software, world-class mechanical equipment, advanced machine learning algorithms, and top talent to create revolutionary technologies, robotics and unmanned systems (UAS) to reduce operations and maintenance costs while increasing efficiency, improving safety and meeting the increasingly complex demands of regulators and energy customers. Our team of engineers, machinists, project managers, field technicians and support staff work daily to find solutions to challenging energy industry problems. For the past 4 years, ULC has been named one of the Top 50 Global Robotics Companies by Robotics Business Review.
ULC’s areas of expertise and capabilities include Robotic Systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Inspection systems, AI & Machine Learning, Sensors, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Field Testing, Field Deployment, Control systems, Wireless & RF, Sensor integration, Software design, Electromechanical technical assembly, Precision machining, 2d & 3d design, 3d modeling & analysis, Drive systems, Advanced pneumatics, CNC machining, Additive Manufacturing (3D printing), System-Level Analysis, Flow Analysis, Motion Simulation, Condition modeling, Assembly Simulation, and Material Simulation.
ULC’s facilities house engineering offices that allow for intensive research and development projects, an advanced machine shop to create customized parts and prototypes for robotic technology, and a reconfigurable space to accommodate assembly and testing.


Phone: 631-667-9200

Address: 88 Arkay Drive, Hauppauge, NY, 11788, United States
 University of Maryland College ParkDongxia Liu Academic Other Energy Technologies My group have conducted research on the direct non-oxidative methane conversion to chemicals, fuels and hydrogen, with zero CO2 emissions. We focus on novel catalyst design, modular reactor development and process optimization to maximize the conversion and product yields for a range of methane sources from natural gas, shale gas, oil-gas fields, biogas, etc.


Phone: 301-405-3522

Address: 4418 Stadium Dr., College Park, MD, 20742, United States
 Ohio State UniversityUmit S. Ozkan, Seval Gunduz Academic Other Energy Technologies Dr. Umit S. Ozkan is a Distinguished Professor at the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the Ohio State University. Dr Seval Gunduz is a Research Scientist in the same department. The Ozkan Research Group specializes in heterogeneous catalysis and electrocatalysis including (1) the design and execution of solid oxide electrochemical cells for high-temperature electrolysis of water and/or carbondioxide, electrocatalytically-assisted oxidative dehydrogenation of alkanes (funded by NSF), high-temperature electrocatalytic synthesis of ammonia from nitrogen and water (being funded by NSF) and high-temperature electrocatalytic methane coupling, (2) investigation of PGM and non-PGM based catalysts for the complete oxidation of ventilation air methane (VAM) emitted from coal mines (funded by Ohio Coal Development Organization), (3) fundamental studies of the multifunctional electrocatalysis on heteroatom-doped carbon (CNx) catalysts for oxygen reduction (ORR) and evolution (OER) reactions (being funded by DOE) and (4) gas and liquid phase environmental catalysis for wastewater treatment (funded by Ohio Coal Development Organization). The experiences, expertise, and capabilities of the Group relevant to the methane abatement and prevention project are listed below:
• Catalyst synthesis using wet chemistry (sol-gel techniques), solid-state synthesis and chemical vapor deposition.
• Catalyst characterization including surface area analysis (BET), crystal structure/structural stability analysis (ex-situ & in-situ XRD), surface characterization (ultra-high vacuum X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (UHV-XPS) and near-atmospheric pressure XPS (NAP-XPS)), steady-state isotopic transient kinetic analysis (SSITKA), in-situ vibrational spectroscopy (Diffuse Reflectance Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy: DRIFTS), Raman spectroscopy, X-ray absorption spectroscopy (Dr. Ozkan has active proposals with the Argonne National Laboratory and Brookhaven National Laboratory), scanning and transmission electron microscopy (SEM/TEM) and Mössbauer Spectroscopy.
• Catalytic and electrocatalytic activity testing systems: In her laboratory, there is a catalytic activity test system built for the complete oxidation of ventilation air methane (0.3-1% methane in air) and an electrocatalytic activity test system composed of a solid oxide electrochemical cell operated in both electrolysis and ion-pump modes which can be used for methane oxidation and coupling.


Phone: 614-292-6623

Address: 151 W Woodruff Ave., Columbus, OH, 43210, United States
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