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 Sniffer Robotics LLCArthur Mohr  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Sniffer has developed a drone-based solution for methane detection using NDIR sensing technology. Our interest is to team with sensor technology companies to provide market-ready solutions that help the environment.


Phone: 855 476 4333

Address: 330 E. Liberty St, Ann Arbor, MI, 48104, United States
 X Machina Capital Strategies LLCTalal Debs, PhD.  Small Business Other Energy Technologies My background is in physics and commodity investing. My current company invests in upstream and mid-stream energy assets, as well as businesses that avoid, control, reduce and eliminate unwanted environmental impacts, such as GHG emissions through the application of advanced technological solutions. Accordingly, we are interested, among other things, in making our assets available as test beds for projects in this program.


Phone: 347-861-5750

Address: 44 S. Broadway, White Plains, NY, 10601, United States
 Jitsuin Inc.Patrick Reilly  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Jitsuin helps boost confidence in any multi-enterprise automated process with trusted data in blockchain, the world’s most powerful hack-proof distributed ledger platform. EVERY digital business moment leads to a decision that is powered or held hostage by data. Those aren’t our words – they are from Gartner’s Chief of Research. Why do they say held hostage? Because information is trapped in silos; your data-management systems were designed to lock up data and make it hard to get.

And it’s only getting worse: Data produced by devices you didn’t build, processed by software you didn’t write, stored in silos beyond your control.

What if you could trust someone else’s data to automate with complete confidence accessible through Microsoft Azure via public or private cloud? Your super-power would be faster, better critical decision making. The Jistuin RKVST is an API platform that delivers blockchain powered, mutual trust to multi-party automation. Our partners are planning and building a diverse variety of solutions to:

• Boost manufacturing efficiency
• Track carbon in the supply chain
• Deliver traceable AI in autonomous vehicles
• Control access to secure facilities through digital locks
• Certify compliance and to track shipments of nuclear waste packages from “cradle to grave”
• Manage data collected by, and streamed from IoT and smart devices

These all rely on any-to-many automations that prove the right data gets to the right place at the right time and is trusted by the right people… all thanks to Jitsuin RKVST. Contact us for your needs in secure data collection, management and sharing.


Phone: 408-667-8302

Address: 2445 Augustine Dr., Ste 150, Santa Clara, CA, 29732, United States
 REB Research & ConsultingRobert Buxbaum  Small Business Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear REB Research has been working in the hydrogen area for 30 years, and is a leader in membrane distillation and membrane reactor systems. I wold like to use membrane distillation to upgrade sewage gassed other low quality sources. Once upgraded, we could turn it into liquid fuels or, with proper safeguards, put it into the local gas lines.
Website: 12851 Capital St


Phone: 2485450155

Address: 12851 Capital St, Oak Park, MI, 48237, United States
 Saint-GobainPaul Rehrig  Large Business Other Energy Technologies Saint-Gobain is a vertically integrated manufacturer of technical materials including ceramics, crystals, refractories, and advanced polymers used as seal and gaskets serving multiple markets reaching $52 billion in global sales for 2019. SG has an extensive manufacturing footprint in the US including 160 locations in the US and Canada. The Ceramics Business Unit (BU) creates technical ceramics for structural, electronics and environmental applications. Directly relevant to this topic is a vast institutional knowledge in the area of engineering ceramic powders, shaping, forming and 3D printing complex green bodies, through a variety of techniques and of sintering ceramic components imparting thermal, chemical, ionic, mechanical, optical and/or electrical functions.

The Ceramics BU brings together the world's leading specialists in technical ceramics with an unmatched arsenal of technologies that has allowed us to partner with our customers to solve their most difficult challenges. As we face the new and the most important challenge of Making the World a Better Home, we have an exceptional level of resources that can be unleashed to transform our customers and even the world around us. To this end, the Ceramics BU has identified 6 Grand Challenges: Sustainable Environment, Electrification, Digitalization & IOT, Reduced Carbon Content Solutions, Human Well Being and Healthcare, Security and Safety, that we believe are not only critical for our long-term growth but more importantly to Our Purpose. To accelerate innovation of new growth opportunities and the development of solutions to meet our customers’ Grand Challenge needs, a dedicated team was formed to scout, identify, explore and validate potential Horizon 3 (new technology/new market) solutions in collaboration with Ceramics Businesses. As elaborated above, the purpose and technology focus areas align extremely well with ARPA-E’s mission in supporting high-risk/high-impact R&D and specific active research areas.

The Saint-Gobain Research North America corporate R&D center is organized into Competency Research Labs providing specialized equipment / personnel who are subject matter experts and Business Units which are focused on developing and supporting specific product lines. In this way, a direct link to manufacturing expertise is maintained while taking advantage of the entire suite of the Central Research Labs as needed throughout a project.


Phone: 508-873-9708

Address: 9 Goddard Rd, Northborough, MA, 01532, United States
 Onboard Dynamics, Inc.Rita Hansen  Small Business Other Energy Technologies With the support of ARPA-E, Onboard Dynamics has developed novel, patented methane compression technology that can operate at a variety of inlet and outlet pressures to compress methane without requiring external electricity. To date, the technology has been applied to multiple applications in the natural gas industry including vehicle refueling, filling of virtual pipeline trailers, and, most recently, the evacuation of natural gas pipelines during maintenance operations to reduce venting and flaring. The systems have been deployed across the US and CSA certification is pending for use in Canada.

Over the course of two ARPA-E awards and being selected a semi-finalist for the SCALEUP program, we have developed the understanding, systems, and relationships to successfully execute on ARPA-E awards. Importantly, we have also created a network of investors, state agencies, utilities, supply chain firms, and O&G companies to provide cost share required by ARPA-E.

Especially relevant to the REMEDY FOA, a noteworthy characteristic of our compression technology is that it is “right sized” for many of the dispersed sources of anthropogenic methane.

While our proprietary technology can be applied to REMEDY, it is important to emphasize that we have a proven track record to commercialize and build a successful business around the seedling of an ARPA-E award. We have shown the ability to:
• Develop industry commercialization partnerships, including demonstration projects
• Attract industrial, institutional, and private investors to further commercialization objectives
• Gain the necessary certifications to meet governing regulations and compliance requirements
• Create extended teams of professionals to provide necessary technical and business skills without incurring the time and expense of relying exclusively on internal hires
• Develop a service and support operations network to support product deployments in the field across the US and Canada
• Build an industry/market/brand image that exceeds expectations leveraging effective marketing, including the use of social media and state-of-the-art web tools and skills.

While the primary, current focus of our business is the sales, manufacturing, and support of our current portfolio of products-the GoFLO®, GoFILL™ and GoVAC™-we would welcome the opportunity to explore ways to leverage our technology, business skills and experience that address the vital challenges identified in the REMEDY FOA.


Phone: 2062913206

Address: 62958 Layton Avenue, Suite 2, Bend, OR, 97701, United States
 Catalytic Products InternationalSteve Klostermeyer  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Catalytic Products International (CPI), founded in 1969, is an expert in providing air pollution control solutions for industrial and process related industries. We provide customers with emission control solutions to their most complex Volatile Organic Compound VOC, NOx, and Odor pollution challenges.

Combining a team of chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineers, the CPI engineering team applies real world experience to apply our technology for research and development with challenging abatement problems.

Our methane abatement technology is utilized by leading companies in a wide variety of industries, including: Natural gas collection and processing, landfill, RNG, dairy manure, petrochemical, plastics recycling, as well as many others.

CPI "Enables Clean Production" by offering effective and reliable control technology meeting energy conservation strategies and minimizing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions such as methane.


Phone: 847-550-4106

Address: 980 Ensell Road, Lake Zurich, IL, 60047, United States
 Providence PhotonicsJon Morris  Small Business Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear Providence Photonics is focused on product development in the field of optical gas imaging. Through an SBIR grant awarded by the US EPA, Providence pioneered the Video Imaging Spectral Radiometry (VISR) method for measuring flare efficiency. VISR is a remote measurement method which is able to quantify the performance of an elevated flare (including combustion efficiency) at distances up to 500 meters. It has been validated through blind studies sponsored by industry and precision studies sponsored by the US EPA.

The VISR method provides flare efficiency data at a high temporal resolution (1-second) with no latency. This makes it well suited to both short term flare measurements and flare optimization through closed loop control. The instrumentation can be easily deployed with minimal setup time and minimal site support. Please contact Jon Morris for more information on the VISR method.


Phone: 1-833-746-8664

Address: 1201 Main Street, Baton Rouge, LA, 70802, United States
 GPS International LLCWes Heiskell  Small Business Other Energy Technologies GPS provides an innovative approach toward new technology, technical services, resource solutions and business management services to multiple industries. Our clients are major oil and gas operating companies, multinational energy service companies, multinational engineering
and construction companies and small businesses. We are able to deploy the best consultants for significant roles and we find employment or positions for accomplished and skilled individuals.
Our Field Services Division offers technical consulting in field personnel to all streams.
Our Quality Division offers a Quality Audit and Risk Assessment Program and SOP Development and Review headed by world class SME's.
Our Chemical Sales Division is the Authorized Representative of FIREBULL F3 100% Fluorine Free Firefighting Foam and VaporAde Plus cleaning agent to reduce LEL's. We have sought environmentally friendly game-changing chemicals to introduce to the maritime, aviation, and energy industry. Our newest technology is a process of significantly reducing methane emissions.
GPS is dedicated to safety, customer service and the quality of the people we provide. We have built a team that is service oriented and focused on continual growth and improvement.


Phone: 7132138003

Address: 4200 Research Forest Dr Ste 110, The Woodlands, TX, 77381, United States
 GENUS BIOENERGYF. Lee Simmons  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Genus BioEnergy, has developed a novel Stoichiometric Decomposition Recombination (SDR) energy generation system converts agricultural waste slurries, waste water sludge, including, chemical waste ponds, petroleum ponds, etc., to usable products such as: green hydrogen, molecularly-structured-fuels (including: diesel, jet fuel, CH4, propane, butane, etc.), solvents, potable water, and saccharides. The SDR System represents an efficient method of waste conversion, sustainable energy generation, and fuel production. Employing proprietary molecular decomposition nanotech methods where molecules are crushed to create CH3 radicals having open electron positions to rapidly build long carbon chain fuels while generating significant energy and detachment which takes place in closed fuel cells without air access = a non-oxidizing environment within the modular skid-mounted plant. SDR System

SDR System provides an All-In-One, On-Site Modular Sustainable Energy Generation Waste Conversion system, which allows us to convert varying waste streams simultaneously. It offers efficient green hydrogen, potable water, and organic plant-based bacillus nutrient production and produces a minimum of 2 MW of sustainable reliable uninterrupted power with Zero Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions; the SDR System can be operational within 48 hours and can be scaled to over ≥100 MW. The SDR System is microprocessor controlled and self-powered; integrates learning features, robotics, 24/7 remote-sensor monitoring while incorporating process and constituent traceability via blockchain.


Phone: (630) 788-0796

Address: Technology Innovation Center 825 Chicago Ave., Evanston, IL, 60202, United States
 University of OklahomaPejman Kazempoor  Academic Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear Emission detection and mitigation technologies, Carbon management, Flare gas recovery, Sensing and measurement, Data analytics, Process design, and optimization


Phone: 4053256778

Address: Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, 865 ASP Ave. Room 238, Felgar Ha, Norman, OK, 73019, United States
 Questor Technology IncAudrey Mascarenhas  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Questor founded in 1994, is a leading global provider of safe, reliable, 99.99% efficient waste gas clean combustion systems that eliminate the emission of harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. Specializing in unique cost-cutting clean combustion solutions for many industries including the upstream, midstream, downstream and distribution sectors in oil and gas. Questor is able to generate power from the heat and is developing waste water treatment utilizing this heat to reduce costs associated with transport and disposal of produced water. Questor’s energy efficiency reduces costs, achieves compliance, reduces GHG emissions while obtaining public support. First company globally to receive ISO 14034 certification for 99.99% combustion efficiency performance.

I have worked in energy for over 38 years first with Gulf Canada Resources Ltd. and now with Questor Technology Inc. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto and a Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Calgary. I spent the first 18 years of my career in oil and gas. In the last 20 years at Questor, pursued a passion to improve how we deal with waste gases. I served as a distinguished lecturer for SPE in 2010/2011. I am a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineers. A member of the Schulich Industry Engineering Advisory Council and recently chaired the Canadian Federal Government clean technology economic strategy table. I am currently an advisor on the Canadian Council of Academics circular economy expert panel.


Phone: 14036088606

Address: 2240 140 4th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 3N3, Canada
 CimarronJianhui Hong  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Production equipment, Vapor Recovery Units, flares, combustors, thermal oxidizers, RTOs, ultra low emissions combustion equipment


Phone: 918-688-8506

Address: 11025 Equity Dr, Suite 200, Houston, TX, 77041, United States
 Prabhu Energy LabsEdan Prabhu  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Prabhu Energy Labs ("PEL") is developing a compact, single pass methane oxidizer that will oxidize methane streams as weak as 0.2% in air, or anything stronger (as measured by mass). The new oxidizer, the “Oxiperator”, will operate continuously, consuming methane without need for supplemental fuel. For methane streams between 0.5 and 0.7%, The Oxiperator can provide process heat or steam for power. For streams above 0.7%, it will power a gas turbine to generate electricity. The Oxiperator operates continuously, and unlike regenerative thermal oxidizers that must cycle back and forth, does not require ceramic heat soak media or catalyst to aid oxidation.
The Oxiperator has the potential to consume a wide range of anthropogenic methane, from landfills, oil and gas production, processing and distribution, dairy and water treatment digesters. It will also be able to generate power using traditional fuels such as natural gas, propane, and volatile liquid fuels. It could also use emerging fuels such as hydrogen and ammonia.
The rate at which methane oxidizes rises exponentially with temperature. As it oxidizes, the temperature increases, accelerating the oxidation. The oxidation rate also increases with pressure, but linearly, and not as rapidly. Edan Prabhu, founder of PEL received a US patent for an Oxiperator that oxidizes based on these facts. Prabhu Energy Labs is conducting tests in El Cajon, California that are demonstrating the technology, powering a small gas turbine with a 1% methane in air. Future tests will use even weaker streams of methane.
While the Oxiperator can consume methane, it can also consume other waste fuel gases, almost all of which oxidize at temperatures below those for methane. The Oxiperator can switch from one fuel to another on the fly.
Oxiperator technology has the potential to consume tens of millions of tons of seeping methane a year, equivalent to reducing gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions.


Phone: 949 636 7023

Address: 22922 Tiagua, Mission Viejo, CA, 92692, United States
 Gaia Energy Research InstituteWhitney Colella  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Dr. Whitney G. Colella, Engineering Ph.D., M.B.A., is especially well-suited to help with the required technology-to-market (T2M) activities on your ARPA-E proposal. Dr. Colella holds both a doctorate in engineering sciences and an MBA and has worked at the intersection of energy technology physics and economics for the past ~25 years.

Dr. Colella spearheads computer simulation, testing, and independent analysis of novel energy systems to improve their thermodynamics, economics, and environmental performance. Dr. Colella holds both engineering and economic expertise in fuel cells; electrolyzers; reversible fuel cells / electrolyzers; fuel cell vehicles; stationary fuel cell systems; electrochemical compressors and separators; hydrogen energy systems; hydrogen generation and distribution; energy storage; batteries; combined heat and power systems; combined cooling, heating, and electric power systems; systems for co-producing fuels and electricity; polygenerative electrochemical systems; district heating and cooling networks; and renewable energy systems including solar photovoltaic arrays, solar thermal, wind turbines, hydroelectric, tidal power, geothermal ground source, and geothermal electric power plants. Dr. Colella has extensively analyzed these systems in the context of the energy demands of the buildings, electricity systems, and transportation networks that they may supply.

Dr. Colella also holds expertise in energy market economics, including the privatization and liberalization of electricity grids, balancing and arbitrage electricity markets, and time-dependent electricity pricing. Dr. Colella also is familiar with energy markets for fuels, vehicles, heating, and cooling power.

Dr. Colella earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (highest honors) from Princeton University, a M.S. in Science & Public Policy from Sussex University, a M.S. in Engineering from Stanford University, and an M.B.A. with Distinction and a doctorate in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford on British Marshall, National Science Foundation, British Overseas Research Student, Lillian Moller Gilbreth, and Thomas J. Watson Fellowships and Scholarships. Dr. Colella has published 42 journal articles and conference proceedings, 29 peer-reviewed reports, 3 editions of the engineering textbook Fuel Cell Fundamentals, 10 plenary/keynote conference presentations, 102 oral conference presentations, 137 invited talks, and 43 poster conference presentations.


Phone: (650) 283-2701

Address: 309 Yoakum Parkway, Suite 1512, Alexandria, VA, 22304, United States
 Low Carbon Beef LLCColin M Beal  Small Business Bioenergy Low Carbon Beef (LCB) was founded in 2018 to certify beef with a significantly reduced carbon footprint over US baseline beef production. Our protocols improve the sustainability of beef production primarily through reducing greenhouse gas emissions, including methane. By combining high-performance genetics and low-carbon management practices, LCB protocols can significantly reduce the emissions from beef production as compared to the U.S. average. LCB is a branded beef program focused on filling the market demand for environmentally sustainable meat.

We provide an economic incentive for beef producers who reduce their methane emissions and other greenhouse gas emissions, which offers a commercialization opportunity for groups that possess methane-reduction technologies or feed additives relevant to beef production. Methane emissions from cattle can be measured with a GreenFeed system or similar. We use lifecycle assessment to quantify the amount of emissions that are reduced and award a certification - analogous to USDA Organic - for beef produced with low emissions.

Beef production yields relatively large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions that result from manure, digestion (i.e., burps), feed production, and machinery. In total, beef cattle generate roughly 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The average emissions for beef production are estimated to be 46 kg CO2e/kg carcass weight (CW) globally and 28 kg CO2e/kg CW in the U.S., as compared to only 6 kg CO2e/kg CW for pork, and 5 kg CO2e/kg CW for chicken [FAO, 2013; Beauchemin et al., 2010; Capper, 2012].

Dr. Beal established Low Carbon Beef LLC in 2018 and manages the operations of the company. He grew up raising cattle with his family and went on to receive engineering degrees from Virginia Tech (B.S.) and The University of Texas at Austin (M.S. and PhD). He returned to cattle ranching in 2011 while working for several large cattle ranches in Wyoming and started an Angus seedstock company (Beal Cattle Co.) in 2015, prior to launching Low Carbon Beef. Dr. Beal’s expertise span economic analysis, environmental assessment, cattle breeding, and cattle production. Beal Cattle Co. is a member of the American Angus Association, the Oklahoma Angus Association, the Texas Angus Association, and a partner herd with the second-largest seedstock producer in the U.S., Gardiner Angus Ranch. Dr. Beal also owns an engineering company called B&D Engineering and Consulting LLC.


Phone: 540-230-5049

Address: 12100 E Richmond Rd., Glencoe, OK, 74032, United States
 Penn StateArash Dahi Taleghani  Academic Other Energy Technologies Having background in developing methods for well integrity characterization and new cementing materials to address these problems in the field.


Phone: 5126568435

Address: 110 hosler pollock Rd, University Park, PA, 16802, United States
 United States Geological SurveyC. Ozgen Karacan  Government Owned and Operated (GOGO) Other Energy Technologies The USGS is a world leader in assessment studies of geology and geological energy sources. The USGS Energy Resources Program conducts research and assessments to advance the understanding of the Nation’s energy resources by studying processes critical to the formation, accumulation, occurrence and alteration of geologically based energy resources; prepare resource assessments; and evaluate the environmental and socioeconomic effects of energy resource occurrence, production and use.

The USGS has extensive resources and expertise in sampling, analytical testing, monitoring and sub-surface numerical flow modeling of coalbed and coal mine gases. We have expertise in field instrumentation for monitoring and sampling of methane, geological and engineering modeling of mine environment, and quantification of methane emissions from mines by taking into account geologic, hydrologic, engineering, and operational factors, as well as their uncertainty for coal mine methane capture and utilization.


Phone: 703-648-6456

Address: 12201 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA, 20192, United States
 Convergent Science Inc.Convergent Science Inc.  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Convergent Science specializes in modeling turbulent reacting flows using our CONVERGE CFD software. CONVERGE’s detailed chemical kinetics solver is a robust tool for modeling detailed chemistry in a variety of systems. The detailed chemistry solver is included in CONVERGE for all users at no extra cost, and it is fully coupled with the flow solver. This unique feature is pivotal to achieving accurate, efficient results.

CONVERGE employs a variety of acceleration strategies to make its detailed chemistry solver as efficient as possible. Setting up these acceleration strategies is a straightforward process, and you can combine different strategies.

In addition to fully coupled chemistry, CONVERGE contains automated meshing with Adaptive Mesh Refinement for on-the-fly refinement when and where it’s needed. Our powerful meshing tools create an accurate and efficient mesh, which yields grid convergent results in a timely manner. This meshing approach is critical for making appropriate use of the detailed chemistry calculations.


Phone: 1 (608) 230-1500

Address: 6400 Enterprise Ln, Madison, WI, 53719, United States
 Longbridge Energy ConsultingDick Winschel  Individual Other Energy Technologies I led the CONSOL Energy team that installed a full-scale ventilation methane abatement system on a long-wall coal mine, installed a microturbine generator on a methane vent at another mine, and installed a microturbine generator on waste gas from a gas processing plant. My experiential knowledge may prove useful to project developers.
Website: none


Phone: 412-334-5620

Address: 505 Milbeth Drive, Pittsburgh, PA, 15228, United States
 Advanced Resources International, Inc.Jonathan Kelafant  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Advanced Resources International (ARI) is a consulting, research and development firm providing services related to unconventional gas (gas shales, coalbed methane and tight sands), enhanced oil recovery (EOR), and carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS).

ARI’s staff of geologists, reservoir engineers and business/environmental analysts provide in-depth expertise on the topics including: planning, management and monitoring of CO2 sequestration, including serving as the primary technical services provider for the “poster child” integrated CCS project at Citronelle, Alabama; state-of-the-art reservoir simulation of optimizing CO2-enhanced oil recovery and its economic viability for hundreds of domestic and international oil fields; and core- and log-based geologic models, databases and appraisals of major domestic and international shale oil and shale gas basins.

For the U.S. EPA, along with other public and private sector organizations, ARI has worked in identifying emission reduction opportunities and in developing and implementing mitigation plans for reducing emissions, including in countries identified as targets for Natural Gas STAR International. ARI has worked with industry organizations to develop guidelines for pursuing more environmentally responsible and efficient oil and gas development and production operations.

For U.S. DOE’s Southeast Regional Carbon Sequestration (SECARB) Partnership, we conducted the first CO2 injection project located on a power plant site (Plant Daniel) and undertook the first fully integrated CCS project involving: (1) CO2 capture at Plant Barry, (2) a built-for-purpose CO2 pipeline, and (3) long-term CO2 storage in a saline aquifer at Citronelle.

Our firm has expertise in the technologies, markets, environmental and regulatory issues, and economics of CO2 enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR) in depleted oil as well as shale oil reservoirs. Also, ARI is a leading researcher in the use of N2 and CO2 to improve natural gas recovery from coal seam and shale gas systems.

Outside of our primary focus in the USA and Canada, we also have worked extensively in some 30 other countries, including well site testing and operations in Australia, Botswana, China, Chile, India, Indonesia, Poland, and South Africa.


Phone: 17035288420

Address: 4501 Fairfax Drive, Suite 910, Arlington, VA, 22203, United States
 REI Drilling, IncMichael Schultz  Large Business Other Energy Technologies REI Drilling (REI) focuses on horizontal directional drilling applications primarily in the mining industry, including methane collection from coal beds. We are routinely involved in degasification projects at active coal mines, and we also have been involved with abandoned mine sites and outcropping coal seams that vent high levels of methane. We can install directionally drilled boreholes to collect methane that would otherwise vent to the atmosphere, and the collected methane can be flared or captured to limit greenhouse gas effects. Horizontal holes have the benefit of being in-seam along their entire lengths, which typically leads to more efficient drainage compared to an array of vertical holes.

Our equipment is safe for use in potentially-explosive environments like coal mines, which is a significant safety consideration when producing methane. Our directional boreholes are designed and installed based on the source of the gas, which may be from multiple coal seams, sealed mines, gob areas, or other strata such as certain shales. We have experience navigating coal beds with holes beyond 5,000 ft in length, and we have successfully navigated seams as thin as 2 ft. Typical borehole sizes are 3.8 inches in diameter, and we can ream to larger diameters as needed. We also use modeling software to predict gas production rates and can assist with the design of pipeline infrastructure.

REI is based in Salt Lake City, Utah but can work in any region of the United States.

We are interested in this program because we have extensive background and experience in methane collection in mining. We can contribute to any solutions that involve drilling, such as using horizontal directional drilling to control methane venting from active and abandoned mines, as well as outcropping coal seams.


Phone: 3305404506

Address: 250 West Berger Lane, Salt Lake City, UT, 84107, United States
 K&E Petroleum Consulting, LLCHarry E Henderson  Individual Other Energy Technologies I am a PhD chemist who has been involved in the petroleum industry for 43+ years. I have worked with both domestic and international petroleum companies including Imperial Oil, ExxonMobil, Petro-Canada and CITGO. In my consulting work thru K&E Petroleum Consulting, I have become involved in a number of projects including used oil re-refining, plastics to liquids technology, domestic hydrocarbon management including utilization of high wax crudes and also gas to liquids processing. The latter is most applicable as I have specific technologies and opportunities where one can take natural gas and in particular methane and convert into synthetic naphtha, distillate, wax and base oils for various applications. I have been involved with gas-to-liquids (GTL) and coal-to-liquids (CTL) for 20+ years and have authored technical reports and documents on potential end applications for the products from these technologies. The market wants these high end materials and they would also be a benefit to the DOE and other government/private entities. One project that I am involved as a senior consultant would be to take excess (or stranded) methane and convert into synthetic products. The project requires some investment for final technical demonstration via pilot plant testing and financial sponsorship for this work would be appreciated. The technology can be applied anywhere in the US where sufficient methane quantities are available, or transported to a central location where it can be processed. I am happy to share some of my work in this area at your request.

Dr. H. Ernest Henderson
K&E Petroleum Consulting, LLC


Phone: 4055055850

Address: 12605 Flagstone Ct, Oklahoma City, OK, 73142, United States
 Captis AireKim K Tutin  Small Business Other Energy Technologies MISSION: To provide a capital and energy efficient air emissions control technology. Our Fluidized Bed Concentrator (FBC) uses Bead Activated Carbon (BAC) to efficiently adsorb and recover emissions from waste industrial process exhaust streams. The FBC’s process intensification characteristics enable 1) Reduced Energy Usage, 2) Reduced Operating Costs, 3) Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and 4) Recovery of Valuable Organics.

1) Methane emissions control with subsequent energy generation and reuse
2) Technologies that improve the energy efficiency of or reduce emissions from producing industrial materials
3) Technologies that enable energy-efficient manufacturing capabilities or methods or that use advanced manufacturing to enable new energy technologies.
4) Technologies that improve the energy efficiency of processes which are not covered by other subcategories.
5) Bioenergy Supply Chain: Technologies critical to supply chain development, such as organic feedstock collection from gaseous waste streams.

BACKGROUND: Commercialized systems at 60 sites worldwide. Technology utilizes primarily BAC, but other sorbents have been investigated including Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs), and polymeric adsorbents (DOWEX™ OPTIPORE™).

CAPABILTIES: We provide industrial air emissions control technology for a broad variety of potential applications with a specific expertise in controlling emissions from wood drying operations including Oriented Strand Board (OSB).

• Emissions equipment system design, fabrication, installation, commissioning, and operations
• System controls, instrumentation, electrical systems.
• Adsorbents (Sorbents)

• University of Maryland. Air Force. Electronic Systems Technology Degree.
• Siena College, Loudonville, NY BS Pre-med Biology & Chemistry. Advanced Analytical Chemistry & Electrical Engineering
• Missouri Science & Technology. BS Mechanical Engineering Manufacturing and Energy Conservation. Purdue, Indiana. MS of Industrial Operations, Engineering & Business.
• University of MN. Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. MBA in Technology & Engineering Management. 3.91 GPA


Phone: 4045802795

Address: 1612 W. Cleveland Ave, Suite 001, East Point, GA, 30344, United States
 National Renewable Energy LaboratoryXiangqi Zhu  Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Grid We can provide expertises on distribution system analysis, grid edge control, and EV integration analysis and management.


Phone: 9193766793

Address: 15013 Denver West Parkway, Golden, CO, 80007, United States
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