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With the new turbine technology we have developed, 1 MW ALTOHES Pumped Hydroelectricity 7/24 Productıon 7.700.000 kWh / Year. No need for storage.

ALTOHES Power Plant does not require long transmission lines and can be built in the city area.

Altohes technology The plant generates 3 MW energy and uses 2 MW of the energy produced for its pumps and supplies 1 MW for external use.
In the first movement of the plant, 6 minutes of energy is supplied from the mains or generator. It is ensured that the upper pool and pipes are filled with water.

When energy production starts, the electronic system automatically cuts off the external energy and the power plant uses 3/2 of the energy produced and the power plant is put into the energy production cycle.

ALTOHES Code: 980-1000 Power Plants will be used, Code: 960 1.120 and Code: 960 2.280 2 turbines will fall from 30 meters. It will produce 3,400 kW (mechanical) power with 4.8 tons of water per second.

ALTOHES Code: 980-1000 power plant, 3.4 MW generation power produced by it, it consumes 1.12 MW part for alternator, it consumes 2,28 MW part for its pumps and it gives 900 kW energy to external usage.

160 m2 gross open area and h 38 mt height are required.
The production capacity of the power plant will be designed according to the demand. With the combination of many units, power plants can be established with great power.


Phone: +905545929965

Address: NO: 44H / 2 ATATURK MAHALLESI ATASEHIR, istanbul, green energy technologies development specialist, 34758, Turkey
green energy technologies development specialist
 Technology CatalystLeif Johnston  Small Business Power Generation: Renewable Software control and innovative concept design. Our facilities include access to a river and a good sized stream. We were thinking about environmental impact and considered a floating catamaran style platform for the river and potentially a low water crossing bridge as low impact for streams as their uses are being expanded across the country where infrastructure issues appear.

While I don't have any great ideas for the hydro-kinetic portion of the turbine, it should be straight forward to design controls for flow and electric generation.


Phone: 5408475343

Address: 19411 Fields Mill Rd, Elkwood, VA, 22718, United States
 FPS Engineering & Technology, LLCDr. Andrew Zhang  Small Business Power Generation: Renewable FPS Engineering & Technology is focused on providing specialized engineering services and implementation through construction, installation and profitable operations for innovating floating designs.
Team members have extensive experience designing, building, and delivering floating offshore platforms in diverse environments around the world. Floating platforms include conventional semi-submersibles, Tension Leg Platforms, and Spars as well as innovative versions adapted to local conditions and most effective construction / installation techniques. Studies and designs are supported by our team of highly qualified specialists with the latest tools for analysis of sub-components such as mooring lines, risers, and tendons.
Our team also includes project managers with the construction, installation and operations experience to effectively bring new concepts to the commercial market. Related services include development of project execution plans, cost estimates, schedule estimates and economic analysis needed to successfully bring new technologies to the marketplace.


Phone: 281-919-6699

Address: 77 Sugar Creek Center Blvd., Suite 600, Sugar Land, TX, 77478, United States
 ULC Robotics, Inc.Aalap Shah  Small Business Other Energy Technologies ULC Robotics is a pioneer in R&D and Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) solutions development for the energy, utility, and industrial markets. ULC has 20 years of experience in the development, commercialization, and deployment of complex robotics, inspections systems, and unmanned aircraft. Since its inception in 2001, the focus of ULC has been the enhancement of utility operations and the support of infrastructure improvement. We combine cutting-edge design, complex custom software, world-class mechanical equipment, advanced machine learning algorithms, and top talent to create revolutionary technologies, robotics and unmanned systems (UAS) to reduce operations and maintenance costs while increasing efficiency, improving safety and meeting the increasingly complex demands of regulators and energy customers. Our team of engineers, machinists, project managers, field technicians, and support staff work daily to find solutions to challenging energy industry problems. For the past 4 years, ULC has been named one of the Top 50 Global Robotics Companies by Robotics Business Review.
Our areas of expertise and capabilities include Robotic Systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Inspection systems, AI & Machine Learning, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Field Testing, Field Deployment, Control systems, Wireless & RF, Sensor integration, Software design, Electromechanical technical assembly, Precision machining, 2d & 3d design, 3d modeling & analysis, Drive systems, Advanced pneumatics, CNC machining, 3D printing, System-Level Analysis, Flow Analysis, Motion Simulation, Condition modeling, Assembly Simulation, and Material Simulation.


Phone: 6316679200

Address: 88 Arkay Drive, Hauppauge, NY, 11788, United States
 University of North TexasDr. Teresa D. Golden  Academic Other Energy Technologies My research interests include the areas of corrosion and materials chemistry. Investigations focus on the electrodeposition of nanomaterials of unique composition and phases. Synthesis of metals, ceramics, cermets, and semiconductors are studied using electrochemical techniques. These materials are of interest for technological coatings and corrosion protection. This work involves a wide range of experimental methods, including electrochemical techniques, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, scanning electrochemical microscopy, atomic adsorption spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, and Raman spectroscopy.


Phone: 940-565-2888

Address: 1155 Union Circle #305070, Denton, TX, 76201, United States
 PWR Advanced Cooling TechnologyChris Caylor  Small Business Other Energy Technologies PWR has grown to be THE supplier to high level racing teams for thermal management, including Formula One, NASCAR, V8 super car and motor enthusiasts. We are taking the race-inspired culture of quality and fast response to the power electronics, battery, military and aerospace markets in the United States and around the world. PWR has leading aluminum brazing technology including vacuum and CAB processes, as well as unmatched machining and metal working equipment and talent. In addition to these fabrication tools, PWR also has the largest wind tunnel in the southern hemisphere for testing radiators and heat exchangers as well as full compliment of liquid cooling performance and pressure testing. PWR is also leading the way in additive manufactuing with 3D printing of aluminum. We have been working on cooling solutions for aerospace applications, VTOL and eVTOL, embedded computing as well as many decades servicing thermal management in motorsports, automotive, aerospace and defense.  We are an Australian company with a US facility, C&R Racing, in Indianapolis, IN which is ITAR registered.  Both facilities are capable of engineering support and full fabrication of radiators, heat exchangers and cold plates. 

PWR can offer substantial support to all components that require thermal management highlighted below;
· Intercoolers and charge air coolers including air-to-air and air-to-liquid solutions
· Radar rugged electronics board cooling (vacuum brazed cold plates)
· UAV avionics cooling
· Battery pack thermal management systems
· Air-Liquid heat exchanger (fuel, coolant)
· MMX – Micro capillary tube HX’s using hypodermic needle bundles
· Liquid-Liquid heat exchanger (hydraulics, pumps, gearbox)
· Calorimeter testing of air/liquid, liquid/liquid HX’s and cold plate systems
· Additive manufacturing

However, the best thing about PWR is the people - engineers and technicians who are proud of the work they do and giving the customer what they need: Engineering the Unfair Advantage!


Phone: 9199491109

Address: 6950 Guion Road, Indianapolis, IN, 46268, United States
 University of HoustonWajiha Shireen  Academic Other Energy Technologies Background and Area of Expertise: Power Electronics

Interest: Alternate/Renewable energy systems, grid integration, energy storage, electric vehicle charging, wireless power transfer applications, subsea power electronics.

The Power and Energy Conversion Lab supports graduate research work in Power Electronics applications. Design, simulation, prototype construction, testing and evaluation of power converters are done in the laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with test stations along with associated instrumentation for experimental evaluation. These include power converter circuit boards (low power and high power), associated control equipment, computers, measurement tools, high precision oscilloscopes, load modules, motors etc. The laboratory is also equipped with Texas Instruments state of the art Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based controller boards and associated software used to control the power converters. High power PV and wind generation emulators, real time hardware-in-the-loop simulation systems: Typhoon HIL and OPAL-RT, are available for real time prototype testing.

Currently the Power and Energy Conversion Lab at University of Houston is working on an industry funded project to develop a pin-less subsea connector for safe and reliable transfer of power underwater. The ability to transfer power wirelessly allows interconnected system components to eliminate costly wires and connectors. Recent research has covered new areas for wireless power transfer (WPT) systems in air. However, seawater being a conducting medium, WPT in the ocean environment is challenging and is still in the research stage. Wireless power transfer can eliminate the need for expensive cabling and fault prone electrical connectors currently in use in marine systems, which when exposed to seawater are prone to shorting and corrosion.

Relevant Project Idea for SHARKS:
Underwater wireless power transfer from hydrokinetic systems
One possibility worth exploring could be the use of Hydrokinetic systems as a docking system platform to provide power wirelessly to distributed ocean systems, such as autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), unmanned surface vehicles (USV), acoustic modems, underwater sensing nodes, ocean censors and monitoring technology, etc.


Phone: 713-743-4080

Address: 4730 Calhoun Road, Houston, TX, 77204, United States
 Emrgy, Inc.John R Tuttle  Small Business Power Generation: Renewable Emrgy Inc. provides clean energy generation in riverine environments and to the owners / managers of man-made water transport canals constituting a billion-dollar opportunity in California alone. The Company’s 5-25 kW modular hydropower turbines integrate flexibly within existing waterways to generate continuous renewable electric power using innovative hardware and software technology. Emrgy’s distributed hydropower solution embodies the same attributes that have made the wind and solar power industries grow exponentially over the past several decades: modularity and flexibility.
Emrgy is an operating, woman-owned small business deploying hydrokinetic products world wide. The Company has partnered with GE Renewable Energy to assist in the sale and manufacture of Emrgy's patented and proprietary technology. Emrgy has introduced its 2nd generation product and is closing on project opportunities in at least 10 countries on 5 continents.
Emrgy's capabilities span the entire technology and business range including computational fluid dynamics, mechanical engineering and design, power system engineering and design, turbine design and optimization, techno-economic analysis, industrial design, hydropower array design, and sales and marketing of renewable energy systems.
With that said, Emrgy has an interest in partnering in all of these areas to further advance product design and manufacturing cost reduction.


Phone: 5183218867

Address: 75 5th St NW, Ste 2210, Atlanta, GA, 30308, United States
 Southwest Research InstituteKevin Supak  Non-Profit Other Energy Technologies Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is an independent non-profit research and development organization with expertise across a wide range of industries and technology sectors. SwRI is an industry leader in developing technology related to energy production and distribution from renewable and non-renewable resources and is seeking partnerships that can utilize our experience and resources to increase the use of HKT energy production. SwRI has expertise in many different disciplines that can be directly applied to the development of hydrokinetic turbine technology (HKT) as listed below:

Renewable Energy

SwRI is continuously developing technology solutions from photovoltaic and concentrating solar to wind turbine mechanics and energy storage chemistries to diversify our world’s energy sources.

Fluid Mechanics

SwRI has extensive hardware and software resources for evaluating the flow fields and structural responses of HKT components. This includes broad experience in the testing and evaluation of components at in-house test facilities, as well as providing computational power for the simulation of HKT performance.

Rotating Machinery

SwRI is a world-renowned expert in designing and evaluating components used in rotating equipment to improve performance and extend the lifetime of components in underwater HKT equipment.

Intelligent Systems Design

Custom software and systems solutions can be provided for developing machine-learning technologies that can be used to optimize power production and automation in HKT systems.

Power Conversion and Transmission

SwRI has direct experience in providing software and systems for smart grids and energy management to ensure safe and reliable transmission of electricity. These technologies can be used to monitor and ensure that the power converted from HKT energy production is occurring at peak efficiency.

Marine Structures and Fatigue Analysis

SwRI has developed and evaluated marine structures for the offshore and maritime industries, including subsea components that require high reliability. This experience can be used to design fixed or floating structures to support HKT.

Materials and Surface Engineering

SwRI has in-house technology for developing novel materials and surface treatments that can be used in HKT components to resist corrosion, improve lubricity, and reduce drag to improve the availability factor in challenging conditions.


Phone: 2105222350

Address: 6220 Culebra Rd., San Antonio, TX, 78238, United States
 Ingersoll Machine ToolDavid Champa  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Ingersoll Machine Tool is in our 138th year, supporting US Industry and the US Government. We are interested in submitting for several manufacturing related projects, but we feel as a Teaming Partners we can do more business and support DOE Projects and other companies as well.

For our entire history we have been involved with projects early providing design for build assistance in collaborative environment.

MES Support
Ingersoll seven large machining centers all over 100 feet in length. Three of those machines are 200 feet in length. Over the last 30 years we have machined hundreds of Wind Turbine Rotor Blade Hubs. We have support many of the Wind OEMs with machining and manufacturing services.

Industrial Automation
We have custom designed hundreds of machines for composites, steel, aluminum, and now 3D printing. Most systems are are large but we make hybrid machines between 40 -300 feet in length.

More information is available upon request.


Phone: 9498990120

Address: 707 Fulton Ave, Rockford, IL, 61103, United States
 University of New HampshireMartin Wosnik  Academic Power Generation: Renewable Expertise in hydrokinetic turbine testing, including power performance and wake characterization, at permitted open-water tidal energy test sites with readily available deployment infrastructure (for turbines up to ~3 m diameter) and extensive instrumentation, and in towing tank w/ turbine test bed.

Tidal Energy Test Site at Memorial Bridge, Portsmouth, NH:
- Maximum currents >2.5 m/s during peak ebb tide, stronger ebb than flood
- Nominal depth ~18m, tidal range ~3.7m
- Tidal currents approx. like Case Study S2 (can be scaled to S4)
- Permitting: US Army Corps; Biological Evaluation under NEPA through DOE
- Deployment off floating platform, turbine diameters up to ~3m (cross flow/axial flow)
-Can be operated in grid-connected or off-grid mode (load bank)
Turbine Deployment Platform (TDP):
- Floating platform 15 m x 6 m (49 ft x 18 ft)
- Two 1.1 m (42”) diameter pontoons, galvanized steel frame with moon pool (width 3.39 m, length 5.74 m)
- At Memorial Bridge: Moored to two 22 ft tall vertical guide posts
- Designed to deploy one turbine up to ~3 m in diameter, max. thrust 23 kN
- Turbine attachment: mounting bracket with presrcibed bolt pattern
- Note: smaller 11 m x 3 m deployment platform also available (~1m turbines)

UNH Pier: located across from Coast Guard Station on New Castle, NH, just east of Portsmouth, NH. ~100m concrete pier, cranes/forklift, power, internet; staging point for both offshore and estuarine operations. Bays under the pier are also used for Materials Testing for MHK (Corrosion, Bio-fouling). Research vessels R/V Gulf Challenger, R/V Coastal Surveyor, R/V Galen J are berthed here.

UNH Towing Tank (3.7m x 2.4m cross-section): instrumented turbine test bed for turbines ~1m scale (cross-flow, axial). Tow system provides highly accurate control of acceleration, velocity and position. A low-drag hydrokinetic turbine test bed, with a submerged frame made from extruded aluminum NACA 0020 struts is available to test turbines up to nominally 1m2 cross-section. The entire test bed is mounted on linear bearings to allow measurement of rotor thrust, and a servo drive onboard the carriage can precisely control turbine tip speed ratio. A 2-D traversing system can be attached to the tow carriage, e.g. for wake measurements.


Phone: 6038621891

Address: 24 Colovos Rd, Durham, NH, 03824, United States
 Eclipse Group Inc.Steven Saint Amour  Individual Power Generation: Renewable Eclipse Group, Inc. (EGI) is a marine operations service provider based in Annapolis, Maryland. We provide turnkey subsea technical solutions to both commercial and government customers. EGI owns and manages vessels and subsea equipment around the world meet the project needs and ensure mission success.
EGI’s organization utilizes highly skilled personnel including program managers, project managers, operations personnel, engineers and supporting administrative staff, all of whom share a commitment to planning, organizing and executing complex at-sea operations. EGI personnel average twenty-three years of experience in subsea marine operations and engineering, providing our customers the technical edge needed for successful subsea missions. EGI personnel have been involved in the subsea telecom / cable industry since 1998 performing deployment, touchdown monitoring, survey and recoveries over the last two decades.
Unmanned remote technology solutions are at the core of our business. Our subsea capabilities start at the surface of the ocean and descend to a depth of 6,000 meters. Every operation has its own unique requirements and mission objectives. EGI utilizes our own in-house capabilities to provide the best solution. EGI owns and/or has access to a wide variety of subsea assets including remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), Autonomously Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), survey and navigation systems, cable installation and burial equipment, heavy lift and deployment equipment as well as project vessels.
Our government clients are our partners; EGI has extensive experience working with federal agencies and appreciates the complexities of both domestic and foreign public sector contracting. Understanding each government’s contracting system is a critical step toward the goal of a successful relationship. As such, EGI’s accounting system has been approved by DCAA and DCMA for cost-reimbursable contracts.


Phone: 410-533-3041

Address: 1997 Annapolis Exchange Parkway, Suite 300, Annapolis, MD, 21401, United States
 GKinetic Energy LtdVincent Mc Cormack  Small Business Power Generation: Renewable GKinetic Energy Ltd is a Hydrokinetic turbine (HKT) technology developer based in Ireland. The company has developed a unique turbine technology that uses a patented “Bluff Body” system that increase’s turbine power output by 250%. Since the company's establishment in 2014, the turbine has been designed to deliver maximum power outputs for lowest cost: offering a competitive LCOE is the goal.

The technology can be deployed on floating platforms or alternatively on tethered submerged platforms. To date GKinetic's floating platforms are developed to Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 7, these are ideal for micro-grid applications in remote areas. The larger submerged turbines for tidal marine applications are at TRL 4 and are being designed for blue economy utility scale applications.

For the GKinetic floating platform solution, the company has built and deployed three floating platform demonstrations. The first was a grid connected unit in a bi-directional flow during an 18 month 25kW prototype deployment at the SEENEOH test site on the Garonne Estuary in France. The second demonstration was of a 60 kW platform power production during a tow test in Kirkwall harbour in Scotland. The third a 10kW floating device where all operational and electrical equipment was housed in the bluff body itself, further reducing cost, this demonstration ran for a total of 10 months in Ireland. To date GKinetic's submerged device has completed scaled tank testing of a submerged tethered system.

The SHARKS Program represents a fantastic, highly specific funding opportunity to further develop the technology and prove out the turbine's cost effectiveness and opportunities for reducing LCOE. Specifically GKinetic is interested in doing the following as part of a SHARKS project:

For GKinetic's floating platform:
- Explore options to further reduce LCOE.
- Develop a supply chain to ramp up production and achieve economies of scale.

For GKinetic's submerged platform:
- Investigate materials to scale up the technology to 500 kW output.
- Research submerged PTO systems at this scale.
- Complete a FEED study to evaluate the feasibility of deployment of this platform type.

These are initial ideas but GKinetic is very open to discussing ideas and other possibilities. The company seeks US partners that can lead or co-ordinate a project whereby the GKinetic turbines are suitable generators. We look forward to hearing from you.


Phone: +353 87 0962194

Address: 38 Killeline Heights, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick, V42FW61, Ireland
Co. Limerick
 Tocardo BVAndries van Unen  Small Business Power Generation: Renewable Tocardo is an ambitious company who aims to become a leading player in the renewable energy market for ocean energy. Tocardo is a specialist in tidal power based generation solutions; the company is the inventor and the manufacturer of the most widely used hydro flow turbines and has established the world’s largest commercial tidal installation with five turbines in array so far. Tocardo has an unbeaten track record of continuous tidal power production, inhouse developed turbines and foundation technology.

Tocardo is fully owned by HydroWing Ltd. and QED Naval Ltd. This tripartite, collaborative partnership brings together decades of multi-sector expertise as well as a blend of well tested, complementary products. The joint venture provides a truly end to end service with a spectrum of turbines, foundation systems, marine operations, as well as design, support and service expertise.

Tidal energy is the answer for the increasing volatility in our energy system. Solar and wind power are the drivers for the current unpredictable energy system. On the other hand the extreme predictability of the tides results in an endless source of predictable renewable power generation. Tidal energy will be the number 1 in the near future energy production merit order. Currently the sector has to develop and execute tidal energy projects themselves in order to create a market push. When the market for tidal energy matures and the technology has proven itself, independent project developers will develop the projects in which Tocardo will solely function as the turbine developer and supplier.

It is our ambition to make tidal energy ‘top of mind’; on par with solutions such as solar and wind power. Whenever production of clean energy is considered, tidal energy is among the possible solutions. Tocardo is the market and thought leader on tidal energy and systems.


Phone: +31655688706

Address: Nieuwzandweg 1, Wieringerwerf, Noord-Holland, 1771MZ, Netherlands
 Ocean Specialists, Inc.Perry Wright  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Ocean Specialists Inc. (OSI) specializes in the development of coastal and deep ocean infrastructure projects, often specializing in submarine cable systems. Our organization provides a range of services and technology that would fully support a Hydrokinetic energy provider to bring their technology to the field. Our offering includes:
- Seabed geophysical and geotechnical survey, route engineering, burial engineering
- Submarine cable system design, engineering, installation management, commissioning
- Program and Project Management
- Field Operations Management
- Environmental assessment, permitting, monitoring of all marine projects
- Engineering, design and fabrication of foundations, winches and handling systems, including engineered solutions
- Autonomous surface and subsea vehicles, specialized marine robotic and instrumentation systems
- Oceanographic instrumentation
- GIS cloud-based geoportal systems for real-time data visualization and management


Phone: 386 295 3142

Address: 8502 SW Kansas Avenue, Stuart, FL, 34997, United States
 Pioneer Valley RenewablesMark Daniel Farb  Small Business Power Generation: Renewable We have a system for much improved fluid dynamic shroud and blades, offering a substantial decrease in LCOE from that improvement alone, with 2 granted patents, a previous Navy SBIR award, and a preliminary permit for a river project. We also work closely with mechanical engineering and to some degree electronics at Stony Brook University School of Engineering, and could also bring them in as partners.


Phone: 6315520284

Address: 240 Central Ave., 1J, Lawrence, NY, 11559, United States
 The Adept Group, Inc.Alex Spataru  Small Business Power Generation: Renewable Green tech transfer expertise.
Focus on technology to market engagements.
Ability to assemble and lead multi-capabilities private and public sector entities towards common goal.


Phone: 13104783456

Address: 10866 Wilshire Blvd. , Suite 400, Los Angeles, CA, 90024, United States
 JANICKI INDUSTRIESAndy Bridge  Large Business Power Generation: Renewable Janicki Industries is a privately owned, full-service engineering and manufacturing company with facilities in Washington and Utah. Janicki specializes in engineering and manufacturing parts and tools made of advanced composite materials and metals across all industries ranging from Marine (large scale yachts), Aerospace (commercial and military), Renewable Energy (wind blades, OTEC, kites), Space (rockets and satellites), and Transportation (bus and rail). Janicki is fully capable of building your largest projects utilizing large-scale facilities, high precision 5-Axis mills (100’X20’), large autoclave (12’X40’) and large annealing oven. This 100% in-house capability for the total tooling and parts solution enables a one-stop, lean enterprise solution.


Phone: 4252188770

Address: 719 Metcalf Street, Sedro-Woolley, WA, 98284, United States
 C-Motive TechnologiesJustin Reed  Small Business Other Energy Technologies C-Motive Technologies has developed unique electric generators for marine hydro kinetic applications based on proprietary technology originated at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s WEMPEC research group. The company is seeking partnerships to bring this high efficiency generator design to a SHARKS program team. Electric generators are critical to MHK systems however their innovation space has been severely limited by 130 years of tradition. C-Motive’s platform is a radical departure from conventional generators, delivering greater than 95% efficient torque at speeds less than 500 rpm (high M1).

Our generators eliminate costly rare earth materials, eliminate gearing for minimal maintenance and simpler system architecture, and are completely sealed to prevent corrosion. These benefits are made possible with a liquid-filled electrostatic approach that eliminates magnetic materials and copper losses, and to date has demonstrated 11x greater torque per Watt than off-the-shelf servo motors. The simplicity of the technology coupled with the elimination of rare earth materials results in a generator with both low CAPEX and OPEX (high M2). The technology has been developed and validated using NSF as well as Army and Navy funding. C-Motive is seeking to partner with a SHARKS team to design, build and test a customer engineered co-designed MHK generator and power converter for this application.


Phone: (608) 223-0880

Address: 2436 Pennsylvania Ave, Madison, WI, 53704, United States
 European Marine Energy CentreRob Flynn  Non-Profit Power Generation: Renewable The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) Ltd is the first and only centre of its kind in the world to provide developers of both wave and tidal energy converters with purpose-built, accredited open-sea testing facilities.

With 13 grid-connected test berths, there have been more marine energy converters deployed at EMEC than at any other single site in the world, with developers attracted from around the globe to prove what is achievable in some of the harshest marine environments.
EMEC also has an onshore hydrogen production plant where green hydrogen is generated from surplus tidal and wind energy and conducts R&D activities in this area.

EMEC operates to relevant test laboratory standards (ISO17025) enabling the Centre to provide independently verified performance assessments and is accredited to ISO/IEC 17020 offering independent technology verification on marine energy converters and their sub-systems. It does this at its own test sites, but also at other sites around the world.

EMEC has been heavily involved in the development of marine energy standards for the last decade at both UK and international level.


Phone: +447984078414

Address: 71 Oxford Road, Cambridge, Cambridge, CB4 3PH, United Kingdom
 University of Maryland, Baltimore CountyWeidong Zhu  Academic Power Generation: Renewable Geared infinitely-variable transmissions that are scalable and can provide continuously variable speed ratios; they are specifically suited for low-speed large-torque applications.
Tidal current energy harvesting with an infinitely variable transmission for low flow velocities (> 1 m/s); sea regions in the U.S. where tidal energy can be harvested increase from 2% (> 2.2 m/s) to 70% (> 1 m/s).
Vertical-axis hybrid turbines with low starting speeds and high efficiencies at all speeds.
Design, dynamics, control, fluid-structure interaction, and optimization of vertical-axis hydro-turbines.
Expertise on dynamic modeling and analysis, hydrodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, fluid-structure interaction, optimization, high-fidelity simulations, power transmission design, systems and control engineering, numerical simulation, system identification, and control experimentation.


Phone: 410-480-3885 (H); 410-455-3394 (W)

Address: University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD, 21250, United States
 Maine Marine CompositesStephen Von Vogt  Small Business Power Generation: Renewable Maine Marine Composites:

MMC specializes in motion prediction for ships and platforms, advanced hydrodynamic analyses, and mooring system design and simulation. Our engineering staff has decades of experience with design and analysis of ships and offshore energy systems, and has successfully completed diverse and challenging projects for many of the most highly regarded offshore and ocean energy companies.

Sample Projects:

• Mooring and seakeeping response – tidal and river current energy converters.

• US DOE Wave Energy Prize—Optimization for Finalist Team increased projected ACE metric (performance/cost) by 60%

• BSEE/BOEM – Fatigue analysis of offshore floating wind mooring systems.

• Simulation and mooring system analysis for barge-transported road segments for Firth of Forth replacement crossing bridge.

• Design of mooring system, motion analysis, deployment systems for 50MT wave energy convertor.

• Analysis and Simulation of Complex Marine Systems using multi-body simulation in OrcaFlex.

• Mooring System Design and Analysis using OrcaFlex, Aqwa with Cable Dynamics.

• Advanced Hydrodynamics Analysis using CFD, ANSYS Aqwa.

• Finite Element Analyses of complex structures and materials


Phone: 207-828-1414

Address: 2 Portland Fish Pier, STE 211, Portland, ME, 04101, United States
 Cape Horn Engineering LtdDr.-Ing Rodrigo Azcueta  Small Business Power Generation: Renewable Cape Horn Engineering is a UK based company, best-in-class independent CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) consultancy with clients all over the world. Industry leaders in CFD and marine technology solutions, specialising in performance prediction of renewable energy structures, commercial ships, racing yachts, superyachts, sailing yachts and motorboats.
We have been at the core of simulation-based America’s Cup and Ocean Racing yacht design campaigns for almost 2 decades, always pushing the boundaries. Our engineering solutions have helped teams win the Volvo Around the World Race among other success stories.
Our renowned engineering expertise and CFD services can support marine design projects for critical elements such as performance predictions, reducing emissions, weight-saving and shape optimisation. We can also help to develop more efficient sustainable energy sources and have successfully completed studies for the prediction of floating offshore wind platform motions, for wind-assisted ship propulsion, ship propellers, seakeeping and manoeuvring.
Our high-fidelity simulations are based on codes solving the RANS equations. We utilise the best 'state of the art' CFD package available for industrial applications, STAR-CCM+ by Siemens PLM. We have access to large High-Performance Computing clusters. Our workflow is highly automated, with a capacity to run hundreds of simulations per day at full scale. Complex hydrodynamic phenomena such as cavitation, sprays, laminar-turbulent transition and fluid-structure interaction can be taken into account.
Model testing and /or full-scale trials have been regularly used to verify and validate our CFD modelling. Presentations in workshops, conferences and journal papers are available as references.


Phone: +447821717383

Address: Gatcombe House, Copnor Road, Portsmouth, PO3 5EJ, United Kingdom
 Texas A&M EngineeringJohn Pappas  Academic Other Energy Technologies Applied R&D, test and prototype development; wave, wind and current test basin; low speed wind tunnel; power conversion; electromechanical machinery; power electronics and drives; energy storage; controls; sensors; data analysis; anchoring and mooring systems; corrosion; Power, Ocean, Environmental, Mechanical, & Materials Engineering; environmental study & impact; multi physics modeling and simulation;, 3D modeling; CFD simulation and analysis; hydrodynamics; 3D printing, ocean testing, resource assessment, techno-economic analysis.


Phone: 9794581648

Address: 3124 TAMU, College Station, TX, 77843, United States
 Exceedence Ltd.Dr. Brendan Cahill  Small Business Power Generation: Renewable Exceedence Ltd is an Irish software and consultancy services company in the renewables sector, with specific expertise in LCOE analysis and financial modelling of MHK systems. Our software package ExceedenceFINANCE provides sector-specific, independent and robust financial planning, evaluation and optimisation, and has been built and tested around international standards. It focuses on analytics, sensitivity and ‘what-if’ scenario planning and generates technical and financial KPIs such as energy yield, LCOE and project cash flows.

Exceedence has engaged with a wide and global range of MHK technology developers through our consultancy work, and we can bring this industry experience to support projects engaging in the SHARKS programme. We previously have led a project through multiple stages of the Wave Energy Scotland Power Take-Off programme, which like SHARKS focuses on developing a rigorous LCOE reduction pathway for a MHK system. Further examples of projects we have demonstrated our value in are available in the Case Studies section of our website:

Our team has experience in managing large commercial and academic research projects in offshore renewables, corporate finance, the utility sector, and national and European energy policy development: Profiles of staff members of who could support your SHARKS project include:

Dr Raymond Alcorn (CEO): A Chartered electrical engineer with 20 years of experience in renewable energy in commercial and R&D roles. Previously he was Chief Engineer at an ocean energy device developer where he was responsible for the electrical design and development of a full-scale prototype OWC wave energy plant. Ray has a PhD in control of ocean energy systems and has been responsible for the real-world implementation of a number of wave energy devices.

Dr. Brendan Cahill: PhD in ocean energy resource assessment and 12 years’ experience in the ocean energy sector. Has managed R&D funding programmes in the offshore renewable energy sector and in the development of testing infrastructure for offshore renewables.

Annicka Wann: 10 years’ experience in the renewable energy sector, including with a large energy utility. Previously managed the Wave Energy Scotland project for Exceedence for which she used our software to conduct the LCOE work required.


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Address: Environmental Research Institute, Lee Road, Cork, N/A, Ireland
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