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 Siemens Corporation, TechnologyJose Valenzuela Del Rio Large Business Building Efficiency Siemens AG is a multinational conglomerate corporation and the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe, with corporate divisions in Industry, Infrastructure, Mobility and Healthcare. Siemens Corporation, Technology is the central in-house research unit at Siemens, working alongside business units to drive forward the basic technologies that are important for the company as a whole.

Siemens has expertise and interest in the following areas:

-Recreating parametrized real road scenes in virtual space; given a road scene as the initial seed, Siemens can create a scene specification and file schema for the description of the dynamic content in driving simulation applications such OpenSCENARIO. Since scenes can be parameterized structured representations, a deterministic or probabilistic variation of the real scene could be generated for testing/validation purpose of NEXTCAR technologies.

-Developing real-time simulation of new physics for modeling, with focus on emissions and energy; vast experience with hybrid simulations which allow for accurate and fast analysis of products/phenomena like the ones required for CAV field testing.

-Developing distributed Reinforcement Learning (RL) control strategies that can navigate a vehicle within a collection in an energy efficient manner, while ensuring occupant safety and comfort; enabled using a physics aware model of the underlying vehicle dynamics and how it interacts with the environment.

-Sensor modeling and model-based system engineering and simulation required for performance assessment of full systems.

-Investigating how to make sensor fusion technology of non-safe systems safe where one system is AI-based; expertise in system design, robustness against adversarial attacks, consistency checking, operation domain modeling, mitigation for consistent failures, cross-validation, and simulation-based test input and environmental data optimization.


Phone: 407-765-4071

Address: 755 College Road East, Princeton, NJ, 08540, United States
 University of KentuckyJiangBiao He Academic Transportation Area of Technical Expertise:
(1) Power electronic converters and controls (e.g., EV fast chargers);
(2) Online health monitoring and fault-tolerant operation of power conversion systems
(3) Transportation electrifications (electric vehicles, aircraft, etc.)
(4) Control and Power Hardware-in-Loop (HIL) testing.

Brief Description of Capabilities:
The Advanced Motor-drives, Power Electronics, and Renewable Energies (AMPERE) Laboratory at the University of Kentucky (UK), has been specializing in high-performance power electronic converters, electric motor drives, transportation electrifications (electric vehicles, aircraft, etc.), renewable energy power converter systems, and online health monitoring and fault-tolerant operation of electric power conversion apparatuses for safety-critical applications. The research activities in the AMPERE lab have been supported by NSF, DOE, DOD, and NASA, leading high-tech industries, and non-profit institutions. The lab has been conducting cutting-edge research in the area of electric power energy and providing dedicated education and training for workforce development.
The lab has approximately 800 square feet of power energy laboratory space equipped with more than 10 new computer workstations. The testing facilities include programmable AC and DC power supplies, programmable RLC load bank, programmable power amplifier, RTDS hardware-in-loop platform, digital oscilloscopes with high frequency bandwidth, motor-drive dynos, and many others. Regarding the simulation software, the lab has many licenses for multi-physics ANSYS (specifically, Maxwell for magnetics, Simplorer for power electronics and controls, Q3D for parasitic extractions, Icepak for thermal), PLECS for power electronic simulations and controls, MATLAB & Simulink, and others. More information can be found on our lab website ( We look forward to collaborating with you on the emerging electric power energy projects.


Phone: 8592573124

Address: Grehan 002, Lexington, KY, 40506, United States
 The American Center for MobilityReuben Sarkar Non-Profit Transportation The American Center for Mobility (ACM) is a premier smart mobility test center specifically designed for R&D, testing and validation for connected and autonomous vehicles. ACM's capabilities include a 500 acre test facility with controlled test track with real road test environments, ITS network, fiber optics and high speed data (up to 100 GBps), specialized test equipment (guided soft targets, rain and grime trailer), AV software tool chain (HD maps and simulation tools), and demonstrated augmented reality (mixed reality) testing capabilities. ACM also has onsite garages that can be used as lab space for R&D programs. We have conducted considerable Federal R&D on evaluating energy efficiency of CAVs though U.S. DOE-EERE EEMS program as well as ARPA-E NEXTCAR using our capabilities, infrastructure, and research partnerships. ACM is interested to leverage our advanced capabilities in the area of energy efficiency and can bring advanced tools such as augmented reality on a controlled test environment to create complex traffic scenarios for evaluation of CAVs in vehicle under real road conditions.


Phone: (734) 223-9010

Address: 2701 Airport Drive, Ypsilanti, MI, 48198, United States
 Michigan Technological University, MTRIWilliam Buller Academic Transportation I'm a Senior Researcher at Michigan Tech Research and co-leader of the Transportation Research Area. I am active in research on topics of electronic warfare for the US Navy, Air Force and DARPA. I've designed and developed radar system specifications, detection, track and discrimination algorithms since 1997.
My work has helped develop signature models for animal collision avoidance algorithms, designs of automotive test surrogates with RF signatures representative of real vehicles, and I'm an invited member of SAE’s Active Safety Test Target Validation and Correlation Task Force.
I lead investigations for Michigan Tech’s studies on the impact of congestion on the performance of automotive radars, and studies on the impact of co-operative driving algorithms (CDA) on energy efficiency, as well as developing infrastructure for mixed-reality testing of CDAs for connected vehicles.

• Member of SAE Active Safety Test Target Validation and Correlation Task Force
• Former instructor of the SAE course: Introduction to Radar for Automotive Applications
• Several publications on sensing and transportation applications
• Served as panelist at conferences hosted by IEEE, SAE, NHTSA, and NIST


Phone: 7344765725

Address: 3600 Green Court, Ann Arbor, MI, 48105, United States
 Ernesto Eduardo DobarganesErnesto Eduardo Dobarganes Individual Transportation Self-Taught Polymath with Strong background in Physics, with experience in competitive Car Racing. 25+ years of Computation Experience, +15 years of experience in Web Development, Digital Media and other areas in the IT sector.

Studies & Papers on Autonomy, Future Topology of the Electric Vehicle Industry, Nuclear and Solar energy Generation and their Planetary Thermodynamic implications; Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Cybersecurity, Complex Systems Thinking and many other subjects

Assiduous student of traffic patterns, driving behaviours and the physics of vehicle collisions.


Phone: 8134129225

Address: 2632 62nd ave n,, St. Petersburg, FL, 33702, United States