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 INFN - ASTRISergio Bartalucci Academic Dr. Sergio Bartalucci (male) was involved since more than 40 years in research activities at very important scientific institutions worldwide (DESY in Hamburg as Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, CERN in Geneva as Senior Fellow and Las Cruces University (NM- USA) als Visiting Scientist) and he is now associate researcher at the National Frascati Laboratory (LNF) of INFN, after his retirement in 2019. Among his contributions to nuclear and subnuclear physics should be mentioned the experimental study on vector mesons from e+e- pairs (DESY), theoretical and experimental studies on longitudinal instabilities in electron accelerators (CERN and LNF), computational and experimental studies on radiation hardness of VLSI circuits for cosmic ray physics (Las Cruces and LNF) and the design of an electron accelerator based neutron source for production of nuclear data (LNF). He is still collaborating with the ongoing VIP (Violation of Pauli Exclusion Principle) experiment at LNF and Gran Sasso labs which aims at further improving the present lower limit of the Pauli's principle validity.
In the last few years his interests were mainly focused on energy-related nuclear physics topics, such as neutron physics, waste transmutation, nuclear fusion with polarized nuclei, low energy nuclear reaction. As far as LENR are concerned, he is involved in a feasibility study for experimental proof of special concepts of Quantum Mechanics ((Correlated-coherent States, CCS) since January 2018 , with potentially high impact on energy production.
A first experimental test of CCS model was proposed (see Bartalucci S., Vysotskii V.I., Vysotskyy M. V., Correlated states and nuclear reactions: an experimental test with low energy beams, Phys. Rev. Acc. and Beams 22, (2019) 054503. 10.1103/PhysRevAccelBeams.22.054503) and performed at HZDR labs in Germany ( same authors, A Search for Correlated Quantum States in Nuclear Reactions: First Exciting Results From an Experimental Test, J. Condensed Matter Nucl. Sci. 23 (2022) 1–6).
CCS model seems the only one which has capabilities of explaining a wide class of LENR phenomena, without invoking new facts nor new concepts which have no evidence anywhere else. It has also predictive power, unlike all other models.
The proposing group is interested in building a new, more powerful apparatus, to get a final, conclusive proof of the validity of CCS model. If it works, the realization of a prototypal energy source is the next step.


Phone: +393291897138

Address: c/o LNF-INFN - Via Enrico Fermi 13, Frascati, Rome, I 00044, Italy
 CaltechJohn M Gregoire Academic Power Generation: Renewable Prof. Gregoire leads the High Throughput Experimentation team at Caltech. His lab accelerates materials and knowledge discovery by automating experiments to leverage and advance computer science and computational materials science. The research team explores, discovers and understands energy-related materials via combinatorial and high throughput experimental methods and their integration with materials theory and artificial intelligence. We seek to deploy our deep expertise in electrochemical systems design, workflow design, experiment automation, experiment provenance models, design of experiments, data management, and data science.


Phone: 6263955901

Address: 1200 E California Blvd, MC 132-80, Pasadena, CA, 91125, United States
 Brillouin Energy Corp.Robert W. George Individual Power Generation: Renewable Brillouin Energy Corp. of Berkeley, California (BEC) is a clean technology company that is set to revolutionize the global power industry. The company’s small scale “Hydrogen Hot TubeTM” (“HHTTM”) reactor system safely extracts the nuclear energy potential in hydrogen atoms to create an incredibly low- cost, highly scalable, completely non-polluting, non-hazardous source of heat. Unlike all other nuclear technologies, Brillouin’s technology generates absolutely no (ZERO) radioactive waste. There are no harmful emissions of any kind - including no CO2 and no penetrating radiation - emanating from this reaction. As a result, the HHT offers a potentially paradigm-shifting breakthrough in clean technology that can supplant the fossil-fuel based systems of the present with very low-cost, clean unlimited energy.
The only inputs to Brillouin’s HHT system are electricity and tiny amounts of hydrogen. The only outputs are heat and microscopic amounts of harmless, inert helium. In fact, the solid-state design of the HHT’s heat generation system is so safe, that it is safer than natural gas delivered to a home or commercial facility. Test results to date have been independently validated at SRI International ( and with other experts, and have been proven to be controllable, predictable and replicable at lab-scale.


Phone: 707-469-8732

Address: 1942 University Avenue Suite #305, Berkeley, CA, 94705, United States
 Applied Spectra, IncRick Russo Small Business Other Energy Technologies Applied Spectra is a small business that specializes in the R&D and commercialization of laser ablation (LA) based instruments for elemental and isotopic analysis. Laser ablation is direct solid sampling approach that provides spatial and depth mapping of every element on the periodic chart – a 3D map of elemental and isotopic heterogeneity. The technology capabilities are similar to SIMS (Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry) except that LA is performed with a material at atmospheric pressure and LA can be configured for in-situ measurements. Femtogram absolute mass and ppb relative detection sensitivities are achievable for most elements/isotopes. LA based analyses include sampling with ICP-MS (inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry) and LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy). LIBS is used by NASA on the Mars Rovers for standoff elemental analysis.


Phone: 925-330-1431

Address: 950 Riverside Parkway, Suite 90, West Sacramento, CA, 95605, United States
 US Army Corps - Cold Regions Research and Engineering LaboratoryBen Barrowes Federal Government Other Energy Technologies We are primarily working the experimentalist side of LENR: in the past seeking to replicate the Mizuno, fast codeposition, and laser stimulation experiments.

Interested in finding a "lab rat" that produces nuclear products in real time, every time. Would potentially focus on the laser stimulation experiments for simplicity, but open to other experiments, and also open to partners with more experience in LENR theory.


Phone: 603-646-4822

Address: 72 Lyme Road, Hanover, NH, 03755, United States
 Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryThomas Schenkel Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Other Energy Technologies We have expertise in plasma science, ion beam technology, nuclear diagnostics and materials characterization. Experimental capabilities are supported by modeling and simulation capabilities. Examples of recent work related to LENR include:

T. Schenkel, A. Persaud, H. Wang, P. A. Seidl, R. MacFadyen, C. Nelson, W. L. Waldron, J.-L. Vay, G. Deblonde, B. Wen, Y.-M. Chiang, B. P. MacLeod, and Q. Ji, “Investigation of light ion fusion reactions with plasma discharges”, J. Appl. Phys. 126, 203302 (2019),

C. P. Berlinguette, Y.-M. Chiang, J. N. Munday, T. Schenkel, D. K. Fork, R. Koningstein, M. D. Trevithick, “Revisiting the cold case of cold fusion“, Nature 570, 45 (2019),

We are interested in applying our capabilities to advance the science of LENR.


Phone: 510-387-2837

Address: 1 Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, CA, 94729, United States
 OPMTony DeCarmine Small Business Other Energy Technologies OPM has been providing solutions based on the thermoplastic PEKK for 20 years. Industries services include Medical, Aerospace, Defense, Energy & Automotive. All manner of compositions, alloys, modifications and processes utilizing the PEKK copolymer are within the wheelhouse. PEKK outperforms PEEK in all categories.
Perhaps most notably is the OXPEKK-SC product - a simple to apply nanothin (submicron) coating system known to provide biological, chemical and electrical isolation via a compliant, contiguous film.
Also useful is the vetted OXFAB 3DP system for production of known reliability components.
OPM proposes that the range of PEKK resins in the form of OXPEKK products is useful for providing lightweight mechanical structure and volume reduced insulation that will improve the operating (including charge and discharge) temperature range, as well as per mass and per volume performance of electrochemical cells - to include batteries, fuel cells, electrolyzers and the like.

Preliminary work on PEKK systems revealed a useful low background radiation signature valuable for fabricating bodies and other mechanical elements for Low Level Radiation Detection Hardware. As OPM enjoys a captive toll arrangement for synthesis of PEKK via several routes, even 'cleaner' versions of the polymer and fabricated components are completely possible.


Phone: 860.977.1710

Address: 30 South Satellite Rd, South Windsor, CT, 06074, United States
 University of MichiganIgor Jovanovic Academic Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear The Applied Nuclear Science Group (ANSG) at the University of Michigan is led by Prof. Igor Jovanovic and has an extensive experience in the detection of most forms of ionizing radiation, including the highly penetrating types: neutrons, gamma rays, and neutrinos. The group operates Michigan’s Neutron Science Laboratory, which provides outstanding infrastructure for detector development, testing, and scientific experimentation with a variety of neutron sources. The laboratory sources include DD (2.45 MeV) and DT (14.1 MeV) generators, spontaneous fission source (Cf-252), and (alpha,n) neutron sources. The group’s experience spans modeling using codes such as Geant4, Fluka, and MCNP, custom detector design and characterization, and complex experiments in low-signal, high-background environments, such as active interrogation and detection of antineutrinos from nuclear reactors. ANSG intends to submit a capability proposal that will offer a sophisticated, well-characterized neutron detection and spectroscopy system with exquisitely characterized backgrounds that will be available for unbiased measurement of the radiation production from various LENR experiments. The capability will be augmented by state-of-the-art modeling to account for experiment-specific shielding conditions. We are interested in partnering with LENR performers interested in the detailed measurement and characterization of neutrons produced in their experiments.


Phone: 7346474989

Address: 2355 Bonisteel Blvd, Ann Arbor, MI, 48109-2104, United States
 Brookline ConsultantsChiping Chen Individual Other Energy Technologies Recently discovered the limit of fusion energy gain in magnetically confined thermonuclear fusion reactors.

Currently interested in alternative fusion energy concepts.

Have a particular interest in exploring fundamental mechanisms for low-energy nuclear reactions., especially electron screening effects in low-energy nuclear reactions.


Phone: 6177679374

Address: 23 Doane Avenue, Needham, MA, 02492, United States
 Foothold Labs Inc.Sean McIntosh Small Business Other Energy Technologies We are transition metal dichalgonide, materials science, thin film and organic chemistry experts.


Phone: 7854248731

Address: 10900 S. Clay Blair Blvd., Olathe, KS, 66061, United States