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 The University of North Carolina at CharlotteSrinivas S. Pulugurtha Academic Transportation Dr. Srinivas S. Pulugurtha, P.E., F.ASCE is currently working as Professor and Research Director of Civil & Environmental Engineering Department at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNC Charlotte). He is also serving as the Director of Infrastructure, Design, Environment, and Sustainability (IDEAS) Center at UNC Charlotte. Additionally, he is a faculty affiliate of the School of Data Science at UNC Charlotte. During his 27-year tenure as a researcher, Dr. Pulugurtha has served as a Principal Investigator (PI) or co-PI on 85 transportation related sponsored projects/grants, published 248 peer-reviewed papers (includes 124 journal papers), and authored/co-authored over 300 conference presentations. He also has experience leading multi-institutional/cross-disciplinary initiatives and served in various leadership roles. His research collaborators include faculty and research staff of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Computer Science, Systems Engineering, Construction Engineering/Management, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Geography, Public Policy, Political Science, and Architecture departments.

The sponsors of Dr. Pulugurtha’s projects/grants range from federal and state agencies to regional and local agencies as well as private sector and non-profit organizations. His experience and knowledge in computer modeling and adaptation of emerging technologies are germane to the development of tools and techniques for quantitative analysis of transportation systems to support decision-making. Relevant projects include freight related market research study, analysis of radioactive waste transportation by rail and highway, operational and safety affects associated with heavy vehicles and public transportation systems, transportation energy, development of decision support tools, and collaborated on statewide freight logistics and regional freight mobility plans. His interests and expertise also include multimodal (transit, walking and bicycling) and intermodal transportation, traffic safety & operations, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), connected and automated vehicles (CAVs), transportation planning, data analytics and visualization (includes geographic information systems – GIS, artificial intelligence - AI, operations research - OR, and statistical analysis/modeling), and Internet mapping applications.


Phone: +1 7046871233

Address: 9201 University City Blvd, Charlotte, NC, 28223, United States
 Oklahoma State UniversityAustin Buchanan Academic Transportation My research focuses on combinatorial optimization problems in graphs or networks. I am particularly interested in solving problems with connectivity/distance constraints. I have previous experience working on a lane assignment tool for trucking and created a logistics cost estimation tool for the biofuel refinery industry. Methodologically, I have experience in graphs, networks, mathematical optimization, integer programming, combinatorial optimization, network optimization, etc.


Phone: 4057446055

Address: 354 Engineering North, Stillwater, OK, 74078, United States
 Oklahoma State UniversityBalabhaskar Balasundaram Academic Transportation I have methodology expertise in network optimization, specifically in integer linear programming (ILP) techniques and network flow algorithms (shortest paths, min cost flows, max flows). In the recent past I have worked on ILP methods to design multi-path, disruption-tolerant, fault-tolerant network topologies, sometimes called resilient or survivable network design problems, in deterministic and stochastic settings. I also worked (10+ years ago) with a colleague on freight movement modeling in the state of Oklahoma that was funded by the Oklahoma Transportation Center. I am interested in this topic as a challenging application of optimization and operations research. Although I possess significant methodological training and expertise in mathematical optimization, I lack the domain expertise in inter-modal transportation systems and energy systems. I think I can be a strong collaborator for someone who is a domain expert with the overall vision and is familiar with the aforementioned areas but not necessarily possess the optimization expertise.

Broadly, my past research has been sponsored by the NSF, DoE, AFOSR, and industry. Publications coauthored with my students and other collaborators have appeared in flagship journals in my field including Operations Research, INFORMS Journal on Computing, INFORMS Journal on Optimization, and INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics, among others. I serve on the editorial boards of Networks (Wiley) and Journal of Global Optimization (Springer). My website ( includes preprints of recent work and my current CV.


Phone: 405-744-1748

Address: 322 Engineering North, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, 74078, United States
 Illinois Institute of TechnologyZongzhi Li Academic Transportation The ongoing research can be grouped into three areas: i) urban/ metropolitan transportation congestion relief, security, and capital investment analysis; ii) transportation safety analysis; and performance-based transportation asset management.
i) Urban/Metropolitan Transportation Congestion Relief, Security, and Capital Investment Analysis. In this research area, research studies have been conducted on multimodal transportation planning, fuel tax reform, continuous traffic flow queue jumper system development, tollway, tunnel, bus rapid transit (BRT), and fixed guideway deployments, Chicago TRANSIMS model development, networkwide optimal traffic signal timing designs, and networkwide bus signal priority.
ii) Transportation Safety Analysis. Research studies have been carried out to develop the national work zone safety audit guidelines, establish statewide local road safety program, and assess safety impacts of shoulder paving for Illinois roads.
iii) Transportation Asset Management. The current transportation law- Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) requires U.S. transportation agencies to practice performance-based asset management of the National Highway System. The fundamental principle is to make the most cost-effective transportation investment decisions over short-, mid-, and long-term horizons by simultaneously addressing issues of physical infrastructure maintenance, renewal, and addition (economic dimension) and system usage in aspects of vehicle operating/user costs, mobility, safety, and security (social dimension, as well as environmental impacts (environmental dimension).


Phone: +1(312) 567-3556

Address: 3201 S Dearborn St, Chicago, IL, 60616, United States
 University of Nebraska-LincolnNathan Huynh Academic Transportation Worked as a Special Projects Manager and Systems Analyst at the Port of Houston Authority (PHA) from 2003-2007. Gained significant insight in the areas of seaport operations, logistics, and drayage truck operations through his work experience at PHA. Actively publishes research in these areas throughout academic career, 2008 to present.


Phone: 402-472-3447

Address: 2200 Vine St., Lincoln, NE, 68583, United States
 University of MarylandNii Attoh-Okine Academic Transportation Prof and Chair of Civil and Environmental Eng; Author: Resilience Engineering: Models and Analysis; Big Data and Differential Privacy: Analysis Strategies of Railway Track Engineering.
Blockchain Technologies in Railway Engineering
Data Sharing and Privacy [Infrastructure Systems]
Transport Hazardous Material using Railway Tanks.
Pipeline Deterioration Modeling


Phone: (301) 405-7768

Address: University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 20742, United States
 Berkeley LabBin Wang Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Transportation LBNL developed the HEVI-LOAD modeling tool to project the charging infrastructure needed in California to accommodate the growing number of Medium Duty/Heavy Duty electric vehicles. HEVI-LOAD projects the number, type, and location of chargers, and the related electric grid supply requirements to support the new charging stations. Bin Wang, the head developer for HEVI-LOAD, is currently leading engagement with Western state utility stakeholders and DOE to expand the application of the HEVI-LOAD tool nationwide. HEVI-LOAD can be applied to other states seeking to make large scale investments in electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The HEVI-LOAD tool presents data and analysis in simple formats, such as a Dashboard view available on the website Using a web-based interface, users can view large- and small-scale results, such as the State- and County-Level Infrastructure Projections for total chargers, total electric vehicle population, and total energy requirements in 2030.


Phone: 410-586-7250

Address: 1 Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, CA, 94720, United States
 Argonne National LaboratoryAymeric Rousseau Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Transportation Argonne Vehicle and Mobility Systems Department has more than 25 years of expertise in transportation decarbonization from individual vehicles to complete transportation system. Argonne has developed an integrated flexible workflow as part of the US DOE SMART Mobility Consortium that represents the movements of people and goods over a 24h period across multiple parameters including mobility, energy, emissions, GHG, economic impact and EEJ. The workflow has been used to assess the impact of technologies, policies and system level control, all of which are critical to the Intermodal Freight Transportation Systems.


Phone: 630-816-5471

Address: 9700 S Cass Avenue, Lemont, IL, 60439, United States
 XtelligentMichael Lim Small Business Transportation We're a connected vehicle (CV) and cooperative intelligent transportation system (C-ITS) venture commercializing NSF-funded control algorithms. We currently have three real-life test beds across California and Colorado in partnership with key transportation authorities and automotives. One of these sites include the Southern California freight corridor comprising the Ports of LA/Long Beach to the Inland Empire region responsible for approximately 40% of all incoming freight movement to the U.S.


Phone: 844-983-5544

Address: 525 S Hewitt St, Los Angeles, CA, 90013, United States
 Hyperloop Technologies, Inc. dba Hyperloop OneRyan Chan Small Business Transportation Hyperloop One has a consulting division specializing in Methodologies, Analysis, & Simulation for Transportation (MAST). Our team of engineers spans various industries, which gives us an advantage in intermodal infrastructure and logistics modeling.

We have significantly automated the process of evaluating various modes of transportation across multiple alignments. Our route optimization considers geographical conditions, vehicle performance, and environmental constraints.

We offer consulting services leveraging in-house methodologies we developed, such as:
 * Building infrastructure models to determine the best transportation technology for a given alignment
 * Optimizing vehicle performance along existing routes
 * Demand-based simulation for autonomous systems that provide insights into minimizing energy and maximizing fleet utilization


Phone: 760-265-3041

Address: 777 S Alameda Street, Suite 400, Los Angeles, CA, 90021, United States
 National Renewable Energy LaboratoryNadia Panossian Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Grid I have experience in power distribution modeling, especially in co-simulation with transportation and transmission systems. I wish to contribute to advanced modeling of intermodal freight transportation by leveraging this grid integration, controls development, and muti-simulation integration experience.


Phone: 303-275-4187

Address: 15013 Denver W Pkwy, Golden, CO, 80401, United States
 Great Plains Development AuthorityBrad Reams State and/or Local Government Transportation As director of the only carbon neutral industrial park in North America, Reams’ focus on site development has led to over $4 million in grant funding and over 2,700 acres in secured development projects. Utility scale solar and alternative fuels energy corridor development have led to new and diverse revenue streams. His work toward the creation of Foreign Trade Zone #161-D has contributed to an unprecedented growth in warehousing storage on site. REams works with rail and road freight stakeholders daily.

Reams is TEAM Kansas Region 7 Director, a KDOT Freight Advisory Committee Member, SEK Inc Board Member, MAEDC Board Member and a Grow Labette Economic Development Interlocal representative.


Phone: 16207789743

Address: 21101, Parsons, KS, 67357, United States
 Macomi B.V.Michele Fumarola, Ph.D. Small Business Transportation Macomi is a software and consultancy company based in the Netherlands that has its roots at Delft University of Technology and was founded in 2011. Research results from the faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management, have been successfully commercialized and have led to the development of the Macomi Platform. We are one of the leading parties worldwide in the development of innovative, strongly value-oriented simulations and optimizations, mainly aimed at simulating and optimizing transport infrastructure. Macomi offers an specialized analytics software platform rail, maritime and terminal logistics. We work for ports and terminals, among which the Port of Rotterdam and the Port of Antwerp. Core activity: Developing intelligent simulation and optimization solutions for logistics flows, bottleneck analysis, maintenance planning, and resource management.

Macomi often works in research projects. We are currently involved in , a European research project to calculate and minimize emissions in maritime ports. In the past, we have developed large European simulation models for multimodality in Italy and the corridor connecting the Netherlands and Germany.


Phone: +31624946780

Address: West-Blaak 33, Rotterdam, 3012KD, Netherlands
 Schlenker LLCMarty Schlenker Individual Transportation BA Economics University of Chicago, 1993. Bachelor's Thesis: Economics of Remote Control Locomotives
MS Transportation Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1995. Master's Thesis: Improving Railroad Performance Using Advanced Service Design Techniques.

25 years experience with 2 Class I railroads including 9 years at AVP level at BNSF. As AVP Service Design, led team responsible for 40% of BNSF's service planning, implementing BNSF's first optimization toolset for service planning. As AVP Technology Services, led operations research, simulation, corporate performance metrics, and a wide range of analytical techniques and subject areas.

As an independent supply chain and technology consultant since May 2021, I continue to be heavily involved in network analytics and economics. I am a current contributor to ARPA-E funded research with partners University of Illinois RailTEC and Parallel Systems regarding the movement, energy usage, and network operations dynamics of autonomous rail-bound vehicles.

I envision (and preliminary modeling points toward) a future in which freight decarbonization is advanced by autonomous, self-organizing rail-bound vehicles which combine the responsiveness of truck transport with the low energy use of rail. I desire to participate in the next round or ARPA-E promoted research to develop deeper understanding of network dynamics, shipper experience, economics, and energy use as the development and adoption of autonomous rail-bound or bi-modal vehicles occurs.


Phone: 8173742762

Address: 515 Nursery Drive South, Mechanicsburg, PA, 17055, United States
 Vega MX IncVivek Mital Small Business Transportation VegaMX is a US based AI Insights, New Space Technology firm that uses earth observation with model and data driven approaches for addressing food, energy and national security challenges. We are a multinational consortium of experts with professional experience in space applications (earth observation), agriculture & forestry, logistics, finance, physics, and data science across commercial government, and scientific domains. The company has strengths in space sensor technology such as microwave and optical, designing and operating complex airborne platforms, atmospheric physics and weather / climate modeling, AI / ML and massive data management, as well as fielding commercially successful engineering solutions deployed at leading defense and commercial entities world wide.

Agriculture multi modal freight modeling will be of particular interest which will utilize extensive amounts of satellite data for crop production and demand estimates and AI/ network flow models for optimal routing. The simulation model will be the building block of the digital twin being proposed for this project. The model will be run in the cloud platform and uploaded with real time data and other machine learning feeds. This digital twill will help take not only strategic decisions but will be instrumental in operational and tactical decision making. This will help address decarbonization as well as help build a climate resilient agriculture sector.

Maritime decarbonization through voyage optimization and emission estimation using satellite, in-situ sensors is another topic of interest.

We are looking to partner with like minded entities.

Thanks, Vivek


Phone: 3477021659

Address: 455 fdr drive, apt 1601, new york, NY, 10002, United States