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 Pecan Street, Inc.Scott Hinson Non-Profit Grid Pecan Street, Inc. is a nonprofit based in Austin Texas and working nationally. We have decades of experience supporting the development and scaling of solar and storage, grid resilience, load management, microgrid, e-mobility, and EV2G solutions.

Pecan Street adds value as a partner for SCALE-UP teams along three pathways: 1) Real-world residential energy use data with circuit level granularity, at one second intervals. Data includes current, voltage, total harmonic distortion, and phase angle, as well as solar generation and EV charging. We already collect billions of data points daily from homes in multiple geographies across the county and can instrument additional homes to project specifications. 2) IoT integration services. Our team of engineers and data scientists can design and support a wealth of custom hardware - software integrations. 3) Testing and validation. Pecan Street provides objective 3rd party verification of services. Our specially designed lab can simulate three residential structures for demand response, fuel cell, building management, and other product testing. It features 800A electrical service, south and west facing solar arrays, multiple conduit raceways, AC and DC distribution buses, building automation systems, appliance stub-outs, and zonal refrigerant air conditioning. We can also field test solutions in a network of volunteer homes equipped with dual socket meters.

Additionally, we have experience supporting R&D and lean product development by entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and often serve as a bridge between academic researchers and private sector initiatives.


Phone: 512-940-4701

Address: 3924 Berkman Dr, Austin, TX, 78723, United States
 Altitude Grid, LLCAshley Wang Small Business Grid Altitude Grid strives to provide high-quality engineering services and build flexible, interoperable, and scalable data analytics software and grid edge hardware in the power and energy sector. We seek to create services and IoT, AI systems so we can improve how we use energy to foster sustainability and resilience.

Led by experienced power systems subject matter experts, data scientists, and software architects, Altitude Grid provides services and solutions with a combination of both deep domain knowledge of traditional model-based analysis and novel data-driven Artificial Intelligent (AI) analytics to tackle the challenges of the new era to foster a more sustainable and resilient future.

Altitude Grid seeks to team up and participate in this FOA as lead or sub-receipient.


Phone: 6082058701

Address: 2092 BROOKGATE DR, GRAPEVINE, TX, 76051, United States
 Great Lakes Crystal TechnologiesKeith Evans Small Business Other Energy Technologies Great Lakes Crystal Technologies is developing a suite of semiconductor grade crystalline diamond substrates, plates, and epiwafers for advanced applications in next generation electronics, high energy particle detection, optics, and quantum technologies. We are the only domestic supplier with a mission to become the leading supplier of semiconductor grade diamond materials. We recently completed our pilot manufacturing line in East Lansing, Michigan and we have close partnerships with academic, government, and corporate groups developing diamond based sensors and devices.

We can help SCALEUP proposers by supplying state of the art diamond materials both for active regions in sensors and devices and for advanced thermal management. We are interested in partnering within the SCALEUP project itself and in the T2M plans as well. We can pull our partners in as well if a diamond sensor or device capability is of interest.


Phone: 5172494395

Address: 4942 Dawn Ave, Ste 118, East Lansing, MI, 48823, United States
 Designs by Natural Processes, Inc.Carolyn Dry Small Business Other Energy Technologies Dr. Carolyn Dry founded the women-owned small business Designs by Natural Processes, Inc. (DNP) in 2003. Dr. Dry is an emeritus professor from the University of Illinois having also taught at MIT and VPI for a total of 27 years. She has numerous inventions, 23 patents, thousands of citations and vast experience in concrete and ash research, building materials, composites, and self-healing. She is also a registered architect. DNP is currently funded under two separate ARPA-E grants.

We seek collaborative opportunities and commercialization partners for our SCALEUP project proposal.


Phone: 5073124519

Address: 1220 E 7th St., Winona, MN, 55987, United States
 Government Services GroupChristopher Cole Curington Large Business Power Generation: Renewable Government Services Group (GSG) is a large US-based consulting firm specializing in public infrastructure development with over 25 years of experience in contract management, compliance, grant management, and alternative funding for projects throughout the US. GSG operates the FGUA, formed in 1999 through an interlocal agreement in Florida between Brevard, Lee, Polk and Sarasota counties. These four local governments desired to make the best use of their common responsibilities to acquire, own, improve, operate and maintain water and wastewater facilities. The model has expanded to other areas of the state and now includes 98 systems in 14 counties across the state. This knowledge and expertise has allowed GSG to develop standards and best practices that promote the sustainable growth of regional utility systems, including renewable energy.

GSG is actively looking to form partnerships that allow for collaboration on regional renewable energy projects that create value for customers at no expense to local governments. This model is well suited to energy infrastructure and the expansion and integration of renewable energy providers with existing grid networks.


Phone: 8505089130

Address: 1500 Mahan Drive, Suite 250, Tallahassee, FL, 32308, United States
 Rolls-Royce North AmericaAllen B. Barta Large Business Transportation Rolls-Royce is a power and propulsion company supporting land, sea, air, and space systems. In the aerospace sector we are developing a new generation of sustainable products, e.g. all-electric, hybrid-electric, SAF compatible, ... and alternative fuels (hydrogen). We are interested in enabling technologies that lead to safer, more efficient, more power-dense sustainable solutions. Besides being a systems engineering integrator of power and propulsion systems, our test and development facilities in North America (Indianapolis and Purdue Research Park) can support solutions ranging from UAMs to regional transports.


Phone: 317.289.3296

Address: 450 S. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46225, United States
 National Renewable Energy LaboratoryMichael Ulsh Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Other Energy Technologies The Process Science & Engineering group at NREL can provide equipment and expertise to project partners to develop and validate understanding and technical solutions to scale solution-based materials from lab to scalable fabrication methods. Specifically, we have developed understandings related to ink and slurry processing and coating and drying methods, from lab scale to a fully-capable roll to roll (R2R) coating system. We have worked across a range of energy technologies including fuel cells, electrolysis, batteries, solar, membranes and others, including the development of in-line quality inspection techniques, but could assist partners across a broad range of materials to be formed into thin or thick film functional layers.


Phone: 303-275-3842

Address: 15013 Denver West Parkway, Golden, CO, 80401, United States
 Pyrochem Catalyst CompanyJeffrey Harrison Small Business Other Energy Technologies PCC is a catalyst developer and manufacturer oriented toward emission control and hydrogen generation applications. The company has several exclusive licenses from the National Energy Technology Labs related to catalyst formulations and use in automotive and reforming processes. Additionally, the company has patents pending for the manufacture of crystalline metal oxide catalysts with unique activity, selectivity, thermal stability,

Notable are our catalyst for hydrogen production from bio-liquids and gases that are, otherwise, difficult to process without carbon formation and/or contaminant poisoning. PCC has a patent pending on a carbon-neutral and carbon negative process for hydrogen production using biologically-derived feedstocks.

The company is always interested in partnerships that leverage our technologies for the advancement of society and reduction of harmful pollutants, including GHGs.


Phone: 6098649746

Address: 11361 Decimal Dr, Louisville, KY, 40299, United States
 Banpil Photonics, IncAchyut Dutta Banpil Photonics, Inc. Small Business Power Generation: Renewable Company has more than decade of experiences in Following Area,

1.High conversion Efficiency Thermal Photovoltaic Cell: Generating electrical energy from Waste heat.

2. High performance thermal emitter source to tune waste thermal energy in wavelengths bands capable to produce highest thermal energy to electrical energy conversion

3. High conversion efficiency Solar photovoltaic cell

4. Coating technology capable to increase significantly conversion efficiency of PV.
(a) This coating film is retrofitted to the PV to which are already deployed in the filed for significantly increasing the electric energy generation, and
(b) also be utilized to next generation PVs to increase conversion efficiency

5. Broadband Detector to sense objects (e.g. gas, movable/ standstill live, or non-live etc.) from the environment


Phone: 4082823628

Address: 4800 Patrick Henry Drive, Suite # 120, Santa Clara, CA, 95054, United States
 FluorKasey Aydogan Large Business Other Energy Technologies Fluor brings depth of experience in designing and building global projects. As an engineering, procurement, construction (EPC), maintenance and technology licensor, Fluor has the distinctive ability to evaluate how new technologies can be brought to market, as well as a full understanding of what it takes to create new technology and market that technology as a licensed process. Fluor has a history of working with first-of-a-kind developments with both technology providers and facility owners to provide expertise in a multitude of areas including project execution, estimate support, and supply chain development.


Phone: 979-492-4816

Address: 1 Fluor Daniel Drive, Sugar Land, TX, 77478, United States
 Green Energy PartnersAlaxandria von Hell Individual Other Energy Technologies 20+ years in the data center (infrastructure) industry. Heavy focus on renewable energy integration and hydrogen energy for primary and back up power systems.


Phone: 7207994335

Address: 16960 Ivandale Road, Hamilton, VA, 20158, United States
 Ultra-low Loss TechnologiesRenan Moreira Small Business Other Energy Technologies Ultra-Low Loss Technologies is a leader in ultra-low loss photonic integrated circuits, providing our customers with a complete photonics solution with short design and manufacturing cycle times to minimize development costs and time-to-market.

To further the development of energy efficient integrated photonic networking technologies for datacenters and high performance computing (HPC), we propose to revolutionize chip-to-chip interconnects with massively parallel photonic channels based on photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology and spatial division multiplexing (SDM) through multi core fibers (MCF). Emphasizing the number of cores per MCF for scaling allows for maintaining the Baud rate, number of fibers, and number of WDM channels at levels strategically designated to minimize complexity and power consumption. This effort investigated link modules that scale to 10 Tbps and beyond, while leveraging partnerships and technology that lend themselves to technology transition, manufacturability, and ultimately differentiated access of a unique and high-performance integrated photonics ecosystem for use by the Department of Energy (DOE) and other government entities.


Phone: (805) 319-2491

Address: 75 Aero Camino, Goleta, CA, 93117, United States
 Phoenix TailingsThomas Villalon Small Business Other Energy Technologies Current and future clean energy technologies, like wind turbines and electric vehicles, rely on rare earth metals for their performance. China controls 97% of the world's production of these metals, posing a considerable risk in light of increasing strategic competition. Phoenix Tailings is developing technology to produce rare earth metals domestically, reducing our reliance on China for these critical materials. The intent is to develop processes to create a mixed rare earth oxide concentrate from mining waste, separate individual oxides, and reduce those oxides to the final metal. The metal the actual input in permanent magnets, which are are crucial component of electric motors.

Phoenix's process is designed to operate at significantly lower temperatures than traditional technologies, reducing energy requirements and lowering scope two emissions. Additionally, it does not use hazardous chemicals found in conventional approaches, which release unacceptable levels of hazardous off-gases and by-products.

Phoenix's separation process and Neodymium metallization process development are currently funded through ARPA-E's SEED program. At the conclusion of this project, Phoenix will have de-risked the technology to the point where a demonstration plant or small commercial facility will be feasible. Phoenix is looking to partner with firms with expertise in scaling industrial processes to build out a facility. It will be the only commercial metallization facility in the United States and a huge step forward in securing a domestic supply chain.

Additionally, Phoenix is also looking to partner with firms that have successfully developed rare earth recovery and concentration processes from other feedstocks, such as coal-fly ash. We plan to form a partnership where both processes can be scaled and would take the concentrate product to produce the final metal product.

Phoenix Tailings was started to solve one of the world's biggest challenges, waste produced in metals & mining, and develop to processes that economically recover critical materials needed to power the shift to an electrified economy. We are looking to discuss opportunities with potential partners tackling their own challenges, to find synergies and advance our technologies together!


Phone: 6174011281

Address: 8B Henshaw Street, Woburn, MA, 01801, United States
 Skypoint EnergyJohn R Tuttle Small Business Power Generation: Renewable Skypoint Energy provides consulting and advisory services that can assist your organization in technology development, productization, production scaling, raising capital, and financial and cost analysis. Skypoint’s Principal, Dr. John R. Tuttle, brings over 35 years of experience in distributed energy technologies (solar, CHP, energy storage), technology & business diligence, techno-economic analysis, operations, and technology-to-market transitions. He is especially interested in how emerging technology and associated business models will transform the electric grid and transportation and provide solid, long-term solutions to climate change and sustainable economic practices.
In short, Dr. Tuttle has spent a majority of his career either deeply immersed in energy technology development or on the business side with their commercialization/deployment. Some career highlights include:
• Entrepreneur and executive with multiple startups including one that I financed via public equity and grew to over 100 employees. In these companies, he has served as Founder, CEO, CTO, COO and CSO;
• Clean energy technology innovator in private industry and national lab with more than 80 publications and 15 patent applications across multiple energy disciplines;
• Thought leader at ARPA-E in funding of early-stage hard-tech with first-of-its-kind workshop and whitepaper;
• Thought leader at Emrgy, Inc. in developing novel project development finance evaluation tools for hydrokinetic technology platform;
• Thought leader in solar PV with early gigawatt-scale manufacturing technology and cost model as well as multiple world-record solar cell efficiency achievements;
• Technology and commercialization advisor to 30+ projects funded by ARPA-E;
• Multiple grant awardee (> $7million) from DOE/EERE, ARPA-E and NYSERDA;
• Effective communicator of technology and business innovation and opportunity to a broad spectrum of audiences;
Dr. Tuttle holds a Ph.D. in E.E from the University of Colorado, an M.S. in Physics from the Colorado School of Mines and a B.S in Engineering Physics from Cornell University.


Phone: 303-918-5704

Address: PO Box 143, Warren, VT, 05674, United States
 EveractiveJohn Greenfield Small Business Building Efficiency Everactive delivers the most scalable and cost-effective digital transformation solutions, in collaboration with a growing ecosystem of developers, service providers, and partners. The company’s proprietary ultra-low power energy harvesting and wireless technology enables massive deployment of completely batteryless and always-on Internet of Things (IoT) systems. Ruggedized for harsh industrial settings, Everactive Edge devices provide continuous insight into asset health across a range of equipment and throughout entire plants and facilities. The company is interested in exploring teaming opportunities with emerging sensor technologies that would benefit from Everactive’s ultra-low power architecture and data services (energy harvesting, sensing, local processing, network management, and data/insight delivery) integrated solution to deliver high-value commercial data-streams. The company has offices in Silicon Valley, Ann Arbor, and Charlottesville. For more information, please visit:


Phone: 6512781961

Address: 2986 Oakmead Village Ct, Santa Clara, CA, 95051, United States
 Soluna ComputingDipul Patel Small Business Power Generation: Renewable Soluna builds, owns, and operates modular data centers that eliminate wasted energy and deliver revenue to renewable energy producers.

Computing is a better battery. Our data centers convert wasted green energy into global computing resources for batchable, compute-intensive applications like Bitcoin mining, AI, machine learning, and scientific computing. Today, up to 30% of renewable energy power plants' energy can go to waste because the power grid is inflexible – it was not built to handle intermittent energy resources like wind and solar.

Soluna offers a scalable solution to ensure that no energy goes to waste. Soluna’s data centers help renewable energy producers sell every megawatt of energy they can generate, and reduce curtailment-related losses. We are looking to partner with teams developing innovative technologies for power generation, renewable integration, grid services, microgrids, thermal management, and high-performance computing.


Phone: (800) 405-0796

Address: 232 Madison Avenue, Suite 600, New York, NY, 10016, United States
 Human Powered Future PLLCBradley Layton PhD PE Small Business Other Energy Technologies Dr. Layton has been working in renewable energy and renewable energy technologies for over 20 years in academia and private industry across numerous fields including transportation, solar, wind, biomass, hydrogen, rare earth element recovery from coal ash, plastics, zero waste, carbon-negative systems, smart contracts, energy storage, tribal energy development, electronics manufacturing, biomedical engineering, forensic engineering, grant writing, grant reporting, project management, technical training. He has been a PI and Co-PI on dozens of federally-funded an privately funded projects and is a licensed professional engineer in several states.


Phone: (406) 203-2365

Address: 8 Columbine Rd, Missoula, MT, 59808-9635, United States
 University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignCan Bayram Academic Other Energy Technologies CURRENT PROJECTS:
Ultraviolet, Blue, and Green Light Emitting Diodes
Solid State Lighting and Visible LEDs for Bio-applications
Compound Semiconductors and Heterointegration
Next Generation Power Electronics for > 600V Applications
High Speed GaN Electronics for 5G and Beyond
High Specific Power Solar Cells with >30% Efficiency

INTEREST AREAS: Efficient energy management and conversion for lighting, light emitting diodes(LEDs), Communications, Information technology, transportation, Electromagnetics and Optics, Energy storage conversion, Solar Cells, Gallium Nitride, Aluminum Nitride, Power and RF transistors, Microcavity lasers and nanophotonics, Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), Microelectronic and photonic device modeling, Microelectronics and Photonics, Microwave devices and circuits, Microwave integrated circuits, Millimeter wave integrated circuits, Nano-electronics and single electronics, Nano-materials, Nano-photonics, Nanotechnology, Photonic crystals, Photonic integrated circuits (PICs), Power and Energy Systems, Quantum nanostructures for electronics and photonics, Semiconductor electronic devices, Semiconductor lasers and photonic devices, Semiconductor materials, Sensors


Phone: 2173000978

Address: 208 North Wright Street, Urbana, IL, 61821, United States
 Southern CompanyStephen Kelley Large Business Grid 7 years of utility experience spanning power transmission, distribution, and end use. Technical interests and knowledge include utility power quality, solid-state power substations, solid-state protection, power flow control, medium-voltage (15kV) grid tied converters, Distribution-level Flexible AC Transmission Systems (SVC, STATCOM, SSC, UPFC). Capabilities span from serving an purely in an advisory role on technical requirements to facilitating full-scale, grid-tied, real-world demonstrations of promising technologies.


Phone: 2057066337

Address: 241 Ralph McGill Road, Atlanta, GA, 30308, United States
 University of Colorado BoulderGregor Henze Academic Building Efficiency Gregor P. Henze, Ph.D., P.E. is professor and holds the C.V. Schelke Chair in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering at the University of Colorado. His research emphasizes model-based predictive optimal control and model-free reinforcement learning control of building energy systems, building thermal mass refrigeration systems, model-based benchmarking of building operational performance, whole-building fault detection and diagnosis, control strategies for mixed-mode buildings that incorporate both natural and mechanical ventilation, uncertainty quantification of occupant behavior and its impact, human presence detection, energy analytics and decision analysis as well as the integration of building energy system operations with the electric grid system. He is the primary author of more than 150 research articles, four of which have received best paper awards, and received two patents with another pending. He received the 2011 Colorado Cleantech Industry Association's Research and Commercialization Award. Prof. Henze is a professional mechanical engineer, certified high-performance building design professional (HBDP), member of ASHRAE, editorial board member for Journal Building Performance Simulation, Interim Co-Director of the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute, joint professor at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, collaborating with the power systems engineering and building research groups, as well as co-founder and chief scientist of QCoefficient, Inc., a startup developing real-time optimal control solutions for grid-interactive efficient buildings.


Phone: +1-303-492-1094

Address: CEAE Department, Boulder, CO, 80309, United States
 Scanalytics, Inc.David Webber Small Business Building Efficiency Scanalytics, Inc develops and deploys pressure-sensitive floor sensor arrays for fine-grained perimeter-based and area occupancy counting and behavioral analytics in commercial spaces. This anonymous and precise occupancy counting can be used in combination with building HVAC control to improve building energy efficiency without impacting occupant comfort, providing up to 30% energy savings.

As a commercial small business, Scanalytics has deployed sensor array mats in retail and trade-show environments. Our offerings include occupancy analytics, summary reports, online dashboards, and APIs to enable integration of our sensors and analytics into client and partner systems. We understand that it's not just the sensors but the contextual information of the data that's necessary for generating information and knowledge from the underlying data.

We are interested in working with teams that have expertise in building materials, HVAC control, and/or the built environment. Additionally, we can advise teams developing large-scale sensor platforms on our experiences and best practices.


Phone: 608-561-1350

Address: N17W24222 Riverwood Dr. Suite 100, Waukesha, WI, 53188, United States
 ConsuleteSalem Alagtash Small Business Power Generation: Renewable Consulete is a small business company, specialized in smart technology solutions for smart grid and microgrid energy systems. Interests and capabilities include (1) mathematical models simulations for electricity markets, power generation, transmission and distribution systems, energy efficiency; (2) electricity market analysis, electricity spot pricing, unit commitment and power dispatch algorithms that involve a diverse generation mix, optimal power flow and stability analysis; and (3) isolated and grid-connected microgrid development and simulation while taking into consideration the intermittent nature of stand-alone photovoltaic solar and/or wind power as well as on-site storage, diesel generators, common coupling to utility grid, and controllable loads.


Phone: 4084170452

Address: 13505 Myren Dr, Saratoga, CA, 95070, United States
 Tulane UniversityMatthew Escarra Academic Power Generation: Renewable Through the ARPA-E FOCUS program, Tulane and partners at the University of San Diego, Boeing-Spectrolab, San Diego State University, and Otherlab developed a solar cogeneration system to generate electricity and industrial process heat (e.g. steam) from sunlight with high efficiency and low cost. Field validation and techno-economic analysis are reported here:

We are interested in a commercialization partner to take this technology to the next level.


Phone: 504-862-8673

Address: 6400 Freret Street, 2001 Percival Stern Hall, New Orleans, LA, 70118-5636, United States
 Los Alamos National LaboratoryDrew Geller Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Grid LANL testbed for thermostatically controlled loads
Los Alamos National Laboratory has an experimental testbed for thermostatically-controlled loads (TCLs) that would be available for research collaborations. The testbed consists of 20 compact model houses, each containing a window air conditioner (AC). Because the experimental testbed has no real occupants, the experiment can be used to test for control failures that cannot be tested on customers in field tests with real homes.
For several years, researchers at LANL have investigated the properties of small, residential air conditioners for use as distributed energy resources (DERs) in the context of load coordination. In one experiment, an air conditioner was incorporated into a compact model house with a heat source and a controlled outside environment for studying the effect of forced on/off switching on efficiency ( Based on this experiment, a new TCL experimental testbed was constructed, consisting of 20 model houses with window air conditioners; and this testbed is currently being used in a 2018 ARPA-e OPEN project on load coordination at scale. The ensemble of 20 loads is managed by data acquisition software on a single PC, and this software implements independent single-zone thermostats for each model house and logs data on internal temperatures and power usage. Also, the testbed’s software is capable of interprocess communication so that other programs--such as control algorithms written in MATLAB, LabView, or other languages--can effectively control the testbed. Each model house contains a programmable heat source for emulating the changing loads from occupancy or heat leaks, and the internal heating can induce a wide range of duty-cycles of the air conditioner. Other instrumentation and sensors may be added to the testbed as required.


Phone: 505-667-1052

Address: P.O. Box 1663, Los Alamos, NM, 87545, United States
 TexPower EV Technologies, Inc.Evan M Erickson Small Business Power Generation: Renewable OUR STORY
TexPower is a startup company spun out of the University of Texas at Austin in early 2019, continuing the disruptive innovations led by Profs. John B. Goodenough and Arumugam Manthiram on lithium-ion batteries. We aim to deploy our novel cobalt-free, high-energy, drop-in cathode materials in lithium-based batteries used across the U.S. and beyond. Our cathodes can replace commercial battery cathodes “Powder for Powder”, and thus are extremely flexible for any battery form factor and are applicable wherever portable power is required.

State-of-the-art high-energy battery cathodes use significant amounts of cobalt, a vital component only found a few places on Earth. Cobalt concentration in the DR Congo results in a centralized supply chain that facilitates monopolization. Additionally, significant social and environmental costs have supported this vulnerable supply chain that may not sustain the soaring demand from the massive electric vehicle market in the coming decade.


Phone: 763-339-9470

Address: 5000 Gulf Fwy, Bldg 5, Lab 146, Houston, TX, 77023, United States
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