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 University of MissouriGraham Hubler Academic Other Energy Technologies 40 years as Research Physicist at the Naval Research Laboratory, the last 20 as branch Head of Materials & Sensors Branch. 5 years as Director of the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance (SKINR), ending in Jan. 2018. Presently, consultant to the Medical School, University of Missouri. Present project is investigation of the Havana Syndrome with the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, VA and NRL. We irradiate brain axons with pulsed microwaves. I have a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics but spent most of my career in Material Science. I have published papers on the Anomalous Heat Effect (AHE) since 2005 and have extensive experience both experimental and theoretical in AHE. In the field I have collaborated with Vittorio Violante's group at ENEA and worked there often. I worked on AHE at NRL along with David Knies, Dawn Dominguez and David Kidwell. I have published about 25 papers in the field, 5 as first author. Presently I am without a laboratory but am available for collaboration and consultation. I have observed the AHE at ENEA, NRL, SKINR and a private company. I am sure the AHE is a real effect that can potentially be a new energy source. I submitted an abstract to ICCF24 entitled, "Microscopic Insights into the Anomalous Heat Effect that Unify Disparate Experimental Results". I believe my knowledge of the AHE can help most experimental programs.
Website: Do not have website


Phone: 571 641 1471

Address: 6635 Prestwick Drive, Highland, MD, 20777, United States
 AnyFuel Engines, Inc.H. Wood Small Business Power Generation: Renewable AnyFuel Engines is a stealth-mode startup company that engineers novel, highly efficient combustion engines that range .5 to 500 horsepower (DoD Groups I - IV). These engines utilize a proprietary and innovative architecture and can be configured to run any of several fuel types including, but not limited to: Algal biofuel, Bio-diesel, Bio-gas, Bio-kerosene, Bunker Fuel, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Diesel (#1), Diesel (#2), Ethanol, Fuel Oil (#1), Fuel Oil (#2), Fuel Oil (#3), Fuel Oil (#4), Fuel Oil (#5), Gasoline (Avgas), Gasoline (Mogas), Hydrogen (Liquid), Jet A/A-1, Jet Propulsion 4 (JP4), Jet Propulsion 5 (JP5), Jet Propulsion 8 (JP8), Kerosene, Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), Liquid Propane (LP), Synthetic Aviation Fuel (SAF), and Vegetable Oils.

These are premium, hand engineered solutions that are premium priced (per custom design). Many designs were developed with SBIR Phase I/II grant awards and are therefore eligible for Phase III procurement by any Department in the U.S. Federal Government. The company, its investors/design/engineering/tooling/manufacturing are all Made in America and deliberately exclude components sourced from adversarial countries.


Phone: 800-555-1212

Address: 2505 Anthem Village Drive Suite E362, Henderson, NV, 89052, United States
 Servicios Integrales CarreñoServicios Integrales Carreño Small Business Building Efficiency Designing and maintenance of green areas to make our cities more enviromentally friendly


Phone: 983000000

Address: Valdevacas Street, Boecillo, Valladolid, 47151, Spain
 UbiQDMichael Burrows Small Business Building Efficiency UbiQD is an expert in solar windows. We produce prototype solar windows based on luminescent solar concentrator design with edge mounted solar cells. We are producing solar window prototypes up to 1m2 at our facility in New Mexico and are limited by practical considerations of handling large pieces of glass outside of a glass or fully operational window factory.

UbiQD has a defined alpha window product including the bill of materials and specifications and is working towards a beta electronic controller.

In addition to the window and electronics, UbiQD are experienced in 1) solar window assembly including spacers, sealants, glass selections, and low-e coatings; 2) Luminescent solar concentrator processing; 3) UV-cure and thermoplastic interlayer nanocomposite formulation and compounding, 4) Quantum dot synthesis; 5) Basic photovoltaic performance testing including efficiency and quantum yield.

UbiQD is also interested and working in Agrivoltaics and controlled environment agriculture (optimizing sunlight for growing plants in a greenhouse).


Phone: 505-310-6776

Address: 134 Eastgate Drive, Los Alamos, NM, 87544, United States
 Danfoss Power SolutionsCarolyn Ross Large Business Transportation Danfoss believes that less is more; we engineer solutions that enable the world to do more with less. We provide infrastructure, food supply, energy efficiency, and climate-friendly solutions to fulfill the expanding need. We have three business segments: Danfoss Power Solutions, Danfoss Climate Solutions, and Danfoss Drives. Danfoss can provide proven support and knowledge in technology development, testing, manufacturing, market research, supply chain and project management.
1. Danfoss Power Solutions provides unmatched systems capability within mobile and industrial hydraulics, fluid conveyance, electrification, and software. Danfoss Power Solution has 53 factories located in 19 different countries with over 17,200 employees.
2. Danfoss holds the second spot in the power solutions market, supplying components for forestry, agriculture, construction, and industrial solutions.
3. Electric converters, electronic controllers, Fluid conveyance, motors, pumps, software, steering, valves, and actuators are among the company’s current product offerings. A few industry trends that we are most excited about in Power Solutions include autonomy, connectivity and software solutions of off-highway vehicles, electric linear actuation & hydrogen power for commercial electric vehicles.
4. We collaborate with OEMs and distributors to develop specific solutions for their end users’ use cases. Customers and startup partners can test components’ performance in Danfoss’ Application Development Centers, also called ADCs. Danfoss Power Solutions ADCs’ capabilities range from testing and tuning for vehicles, pumps, motors, valves, and steering to software.
5. Application and development Centers for Power Solutions are located in the US, Europe, and China.


Phone: 5407172468

Address: 1 Broadway, 5th Floor, Cambridge, MA, 02142, United States
 Fentome Corprobert w carter Small Business Other Energy Technologies Background
Current CO2 plants are stationary, expensive, capture less than 4,000 metric tons/year for $1,000/ton. The world needs a more efficient technology that captures 5 million metric tons of CO2/year and drives down cost by 4X-5X.

Fentome Corp. aims to do early-stage R&D, develop an autonomous electric VTOL Air Ship with zero emission, captures 5 million metric tons of CO2/year, potentially reduce cost to $150-$200/metric ton, operates 24/7, 365 days/year. The ship contains all equipment & controls, flies 400mph from New York to California capturing CO2 from the air. The ship harvests solar and wind energy and recharges its electric batteries as it travels. The ship flies slowly in areas of high CO2 concentrations and hovers over oil wells & refineries, coal & methane power plants while capturing CO2. After tanks are full, it delivers the CO2 to a government facility for long-term storage or to a conversion facility.

• Do experiments, proof of concept, empirical analysis
• Build Prototype Air Ship controlled by human pilot
• Build automated demonstration unit
• Commercialize automated Air Ship
• Create IPs in parallel as our technology develops

Robert Carter, Fentome founder, President and CEO, 25 years’ experience in product design, manufacturing, outsourcing, contract manufacturing, supply chain management, product quality, continuous process improvements, problem solver. Manages the business & hires C-Level team, executes company’s plans, scales business, , technical writer. Robert earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering, CCNY.

Steve Carmen, Fentome founder, VP Technology, 25 years’ experience in Systems Engineering, Program/Project Management, Risk Management & Mitigation, aerospace, technology development, product assessment, problem solver, transform ideas into working solutions. He manages all technology development at Fentome. Steve earned a BS in Electrical Engineering, Ohio State University. MS in Electrical & Aerospace Engineering, San Jose State University.

Franklin Davis, Fentome founder, VP Operations, 15 years’ experience in multi-site operations management, manufacturing, continuous process improvements, lean standards, analytical person. Franklin manages operations excellence at Fentome. Franklin earned a BS Industrial & Systems Engineering, San Jose State University. MS in Engineering Management & Leadership, Santa Clara University.


Phone: 4088812529

Address: 1207 W. Sunset Dr., Rogers, AR, 72756, United States
 Interval Data Systems, Inc.Bill Gnerre Small Business Building Efficiency Interval Data Systems, Inc. (IDS) is an enterprise energy management company founded more than 18 years ago serving the K-12, higher ed and life sciences market to provide building automation services Our singular focus as a company is to assure that buildings operate consistent with design intent for the life of the building. To meet this goal, IDS developed the Smart Building Assurance Program ( SBAP), comprised of a continuum of services and technology that span schematic design, design development, construction, warranty and ongoing monitoring to assure the building operates as intended.

Our expertise in Sequences of Operation (SOO) and controls programming serve the design and construction phase, while our energy management and analytics platform, EnergyWitness™, serves warranty phases. (We make sure the software that runs you buildings work).

We offer these specialized services as we have observed very few buildings operate consistent with design intent (even as commissioned or LEED certified). We make extensive use of operating data from the buildings’s meters and HVAC system. We have discovered after tens of thousands of hours of analysis is that 80% of the operational issues - that cause energy waste and excessive maintenance are unintentionally created during design and construction phases only to show up after building acceptance.

There are two technical disciplines where operational issues are introduced: first, with the engineers’s Sequences of Operation and secondly, with the implementation by the control contractor. A third flaw, responsible for built-in operational deficiencies is a contractual one - the warranty. Warranties are typically for equipment breakage, not for conformance to operational requirements. This flaw results in preventing the owner from having leverage to address the shortcomings in building operation.

Finally, there’s an overarching business reality to recognize; no one party has the the obligation to deliver the building that operates consistent with design intent. You have an OPM, designer, MEP, commissioning agent and construction manager all with various levels of responsibility in delivering the building’s performance, but no one owns that responsibility.

Our implementation at the Commonwealth of Kentucky demonstrates our capability and the need to ScaleUp -
There is no comparable in the marketplace to our approach and would welcome the opportunities to team.


Phone: 781-996-4353

Address: 135 Beaver Street Suite #410, Waltham, MA, 02452, United States
 BlochSoft Technologies IncMichael Misovec Small Business Other Energy Technologies BlochSoft Technologies Inc. is seeking partners across the U.S. to develop and support the electric vehicle and mobile power markets. We will be deploying private and public workforce training while engineering products and IoT services for Utilities and rural communities. We are seeking working equity partners that may enable us to build a prototype which will require a Professional Engineer to ensure safety and compliance.

We own land in two underserved communities where we plan to conduct light manufacturing (3D printing), hosting workshops and testing renewable energy equipment including data services for monitoring and controls.

We are a Microsoft Partner and also will be hosting equipment monitoring and control as a service and sharing with our partners in renewable energy.


Phone: 17572829734

Address: 289 Bay Watch Ln, Reedville, VA, VA, 22539, United States
 Boundless Impact Research & AnalyticsBret Strogen Small Business Other Energy Technologies Boundless Impact Research & Analytics has developed the expertise and modeling capabilities to estimate the key life-cycle environmental performance metrics (e.g., GHG emissions, water footprint, particulate matter air pollutants) associated with an emerging energy-related technologies at a fraction of the cost and time of a typical life cycle assessment (LCA) conducted by a consulting firm. We collect data on the "incumbent" technologies, as well as other emerging technologies (to the degree data is available in the literature), across an industry and compare the customer's technology against those benchmarks. The result is a pithy, smart analysis of how the product's environmental performance compares to the most relevant competing products.


Phone: 4154832738

Address: 56 North Plank Road, Suite 1, PMB 405, Newburgh, NY, 12550, United States
 ASHKII, LLCJ Linlor Indian/Native American Tribal Government Other Energy Technologies EDWOSB Native American business experts in cybersecurity for compliance with CMMCv2 and DFARS 252.204-7021.

With 20+ years of cyber & hacking experience and active security clearances, we work nationwide to secure current networks from hacking or data exfiltration, and we provide a secure environment for email and file sharing of CUI and sensitive information.

We also provide EVMS and project management personnel to assist with deliverables tracking and logistics.


Phone: 7752981505

Address: PO box 1812, zephyr cove, NV, 89448, United States
 OxiCool, Inc.Gary Ezekian Small Business Building Efficiency OxiCool has over a decade of experience creating heat-actuated cooling solutions using the principles of solid adsorption and pure water as a refrigerant. The company maintains a 50,000 SF advanced development center in the greater Philadelphia area with state-of-the-art sheetmetal fabrication equipment, a small team skilled at rapid hardware engineering and production capability in high-purity Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) systems. OxiCool is open to considering mutually-beneficial partnerships related to creative applications for its patented HVAC technology, working together on complementary IP and/or using its flexible team & facility to help commercialize ClimateTech solutions.


Phone: 2154622665

Address: 508 Lapp Road, Malvern, PA, 19355, United States
 Wyoming Hyperscale White Box LLCTrenton K Thornock Small Business Other Energy Technologies COVID + Climate Crises = Better Data Centers

History has shown that crises accelerate innovation. The COVID crisis created a data center crisis -increased for ITE growth, amidst restrictions in job-site labor and supply chain challenges. Addressing this global crises requires open collaboration, advancements in off-site construction and BIM precision, and ITE solution advancement – concepts that have been progressing for decades but accelerated in the past two years. Concurrent with COVID, the climate crisis is driving sustainability to be top priority. The launch of Wyoming HyperScale White Box provides a case study on innovation acceleration amidst crises.
From the dual crises of COVID and climate change, Trenton Thornock saw opportunity to contribute to the data center industry. Coincidentally, in 2020 OpenComputeProject launched the Advanced Cooling Facilities subproject – a global, collaborative effort to advance deployment of liquid cooled ITE, with key focus on sharing best practices, advancement of BIM based reference designs and optimization of offsite prefab. Trenton launched his vision- the Wyoming Hyperscale WhiteBox, fully employing many of the construction and sustainability concepts shared at OCP (as well as employing several key OCP contributors)
Discussion Highlights:
• 30 MW Immersion cooled HyperScale data center
• Maximized use of VDC to reduce job site labor requirements, simplify assembly in COVID protocol environment
o Full offsite testing
o 170+ skid delivery
o Accelerated onsite assembly and commissioning
• Maximized innovation of sustainability in energy management


Phone: 7136706944

Address: 1368 Ebony Ln, Houston, TX, 77018, United States
 Cyanh3 LLCPuneet Sharma Small Business Per the World Bank, the world currently flares 3.25 trillion cubic feet of natural gas per year. Trillions of cubic feet of natural gas are stranded in remote harsh environments world-wide. Due to the small, individual quantities and /or remote environments, this flared, stranded, vented, or waste natural gas is incredibly challenging to collect, process, and commercialize.

The principals of Cyanh3 have over 30 years experience in Offshore Oil & Gas. We have worked in places such as Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria where significant quantities of gas are wasted /flared.

Cyanh3 has developed a Gas to Ammonia concept for monetizing off-shore flaring, thus reducing Green-House Gas emissions. We understand through conversations with RTI and UMN that Arapa-E is interested in reducing the size of Green Ammonia solutions. We believe those technologies could also help reduce the size of Blue Ammonia concepts.

We we are seeking funding to leverage Arpa-E investments in Green Ammonia to large scale Cyan Ammonia. We refer to Cyan Ammonia as gathering waste /flared /stranded gas and converting it to Ammonia, which is then used to displace Heavy Fuel Oil consumed by the Marine Industry, resulting in a net reduction in GHG.


Phone: 8322025974

Address: 13014 FOX BRUSH LN, HOUSTON, TX, 77041, United States
 Pecan Street, Inc.Scott Hinson Non-Profit Grid Pecan Street, Inc. is a nonprofit based in Austin Texas and working nationally. We have decades of experience supporting the development and scaling of solar and storage, grid resilience, load management, microgrid, e-mobility, and EV2G solutions.

Pecan Street adds value as a partner for SCALE-UP teams along three pathways: 1) Real-world residential energy use data with circuit level granularity, at one second intervals. Data includes current, voltage, total harmonic distortion, and phase angle, as well as solar generation and EV charging. We already collect billions of data points daily from homes in multiple geographies across the county and can instrument additional homes to project specifications. 2) IoT integration services. Our team of engineers and data scientists can design and support a wealth of custom hardware - software integrations. 3) Testing and validation. Pecan Street provides objective 3rd party verification of services. Our specially designed lab can simulate three residential structures for demand response, fuel cell, building management, and other product testing. It features 800A electrical service, south and west facing solar arrays, multiple conduit raceways, AC and DC distribution buses, building automation systems, appliance stub-outs, and zonal refrigerant air conditioning. We can also field test solutions in a network of volunteer homes equipped with dual socket meters.

Additionally, we have experience supporting R&D and lean product development by entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and often serve as a bridge between academic researchers and private sector initiatives.


Phone: 512-940-4701

Address: 3924 Berkman Dr, Austin, TX, 78723, United States
 Altitude Grid, LLCAshley Wang Small Business Grid Altitude Grid strives to provide high-quality engineering services and build flexible, interoperable, and scalable data analytics software and grid edge hardware in the power and energy sector. We seek to create services and IoT, AI systems so we can improve how we use energy to foster sustainability and resilience.

Led by experienced power systems subject matter experts, data scientists, and software architects, Altitude Grid provides services and solutions with a combination of both deep domain knowledge of traditional model-based analysis and novel data-driven Artificial Intelligent (AI) analytics to tackle the challenges of the new era to foster a more sustainable and resilient future.

Altitude Grid seeks to team up and participate in this FOA as lead or sub-receipient.


Phone: 6082058701

Address: 2092 BROOKGATE DR, GRAPEVINE, TX, 76051, United States
 Great Lakes Crystal TechnologiesKeith Evans Small Business Other Energy Technologies Great Lakes Crystal Technologies is developing a suite of semiconductor grade crystalline diamond substrates, plates, and epiwafers for advanced applications in next generation electronics, high energy particle detection, optics, and quantum technologies. We are the only domestic supplier with a mission to become the leading supplier of semiconductor grade diamond materials. We recently completed our pilot manufacturing line in East Lansing, Michigan and we have close partnerships with academic, government, and corporate groups developing diamond based sensors and devices.

We can help SCALEUP proposers by supplying state of the art diamond materials both for active regions in sensors and devices and for advanced thermal management. We are interested in partnering within the SCALEUP project itself and in the T2M plans as well. We can pull our partners in as well if a diamond sensor or device capability is of interest.


Phone: 5172494395

Address: 4942 Dawn Ave, Ste 118, East Lansing, MI, 48823, United States
 Designs by Natural Processes, Inc.Carolyn Dry Small Business Other Energy Technologies Dr. Carolyn Dry founded the women-owned small business Designs by Natural Processes, Inc. (DNP) in 2003. Dr. Dry is an emeritus professor from the University of Illinois having also taught at MIT and VPI for a total of 27 years. She has numerous inventions, 23 patents, thousands of citations and vast experience in concrete and ash research, building materials, composites, and self-healing. She is also a registered architect. DNP is currently funded under two separate ARPA-E grants.

We seek collaborative opportunities and commercialization partners for our SCALEUP project proposal.


Phone: 5073124519

Address: 1220 E 7th St., Winona, MN, 55987, United States
 Government Services GroupChristopher Cole Curington Large Business Power Generation: Renewable Government Services Group (GSG) is a large US-based consulting firm specializing in public infrastructure development with over 25 years of experience in contract management, compliance, grant management, and alternative funding for projects throughout the US. GSG operates the FGUA, formed in 1999 through an interlocal agreement in Florida between Brevard, Lee, Polk and Sarasota counties. These four local governments desired to make the best use of their common responsibilities to acquire, own, improve, operate and maintain water and wastewater facilities. The model has expanded to other areas of the state and now includes 98 systems in 14 counties across the state. This knowledge and expertise has allowed GSG to develop standards and best practices that promote the sustainable growth of regional utility systems, including renewable energy.

GSG is actively looking to form partnerships that allow for collaboration on regional renewable energy projects that create value for customers at no expense to local governments. This model is well suited to energy infrastructure and the expansion and integration of renewable energy providers with existing grid networks.


Phone: 8505089130

Address: 1500 Mahan Drive, Suite 250, Tallahassee, FL, 32308, United States
 Rolls-Royce North AmericaAllen B. Barta Large Business Transportation Rolls-Royce is a power and propulsion company supporting land, sea, air, and space systems. In the aerospace sector we are developing a new generation of sustainable products, e.g. all-electric, hybrid-electric, SAF compatible, ... and alternative fuels (hydrogen). We are interested in enabling technologies that lead to safer, more efficient, more power-dense sustainable solutions. Besides being a systems engineering integrator of power and propulsion systems, our test and development facilities in North America (Indianapolis and Purdue Research Park) can support solutions ranging from UAMs to regional transports.


Phone: 317.289.3296

Address: 450 S. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46225, United States
 National Renewable Energy LaboratoryMichael Ulsh Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Other Energy Technologies The Process Science & Engineering group at NREL can provide equipment and expertise to project partners to develop and validate understanding and technical solutions to scale solution-based materials from lab to scalable fabrication methods. Specifically, we have developed understandings related to ink and slurry processing and coating and drying methods, from lab scale to a fully-capable roll to roll (R2R) coating system. We have worked across a range of energy technologies including fuel cells, electrolysis, batteries, solar, membranes and others, including the development of in-line quality inspection techniques, but could assist partners across a broad range of materials to be formed into thin or thick film functional layers.


Phone: 303-275-3842

Address: 15013 Denver West Parkway, Golden, CO, 80401, United States
 Pyrochem Catalyst CompanyJeffrey Harrison Small Business Other Energy Technologies PCC is a catalyst developer and manufacturer oriented toward emission control and hydrogen generation applications. The company has several exclusive licenses from the National Energy Technology Labs related to catalyst formulations and use in automotive and reforming processes. Additionally, the company has patents pending for the manufacture of crystalline metal oxide catalysts with unique activity, selectivity, thermal stability,

Notable are our catalyst for hydrogen production from bio-liquids and gases that are, otherwise, difficult to process without carbon formation and/or contaminant poisoning. PCC has a patent pending on a carbon-neutral and carbon negative process for hydrogen production using biologically-derived feedstocks.

The company is always interested in partnerships that leverage our technologies for the advancement of society and reduction of harmful pollutants, including GHGs.


Phone: 6098649746

Address: 11361 Decimal Dr, Louisville, KY, 40299, United States
 Banpil Photonics, IncAchyut Dutta Banpil Photonics, Inc. Small Business Power Generation: Renewable Company has more than decade of experiences in Following Area,

1.High conversion Efficiency Thermal Photovoltaic Cell: Generating electrical energy from Waste heat.

2. High performance thermal emitter source to tune waste thermal energy in wavelengths bands capable to produce highest thermal energy to electrical energy conversion

3. High conversion efficiency Solar photovoltaic cell

4. Coating technology capable to increase significantly conversion efficiency of PV.
(a) This coating film is retrofitted to the PV to which are already deployed in the filed for significantly increasing the electric energy generation, and
(b) also be utilized to next generation PVs to increase conversion efficiency

5. Broadband Detector to sense objects (e.g. gas, movable/ standstill live, or non-live etc.) from the environment


Phone: 4082823628

Address: 4800 Patrick Henry Drive, Suite # 120, Santa Clara, CA, 95054, United States
 FluorKasey Aydogan Large Business Other Energy Technologies Fluor brings depth of experience in designing and building global projects. As an engineering, procurement, construction (EPC), maintenance and technology licensor, Fluor has the distinctive ability to evaluate how new technologies can be brought to market, as well as a full understanding of what it takes to create new technology and market that technology as a licensed process. Fluor has a history of working with first-of-a-kind developments with both technology providers and facility owners to provide expertise in a multitude of areas including project execution, estimate support, and supply chain development.


Phone: 979-492-4816

Address: 1 Fluor Daniel Drive, Sugar Land, TX, 77478, United States
 Green Energy PartnersAlaxandria von Hell Individual Other Energy Technologies 20+ years in the data center (infrastructure) industry. Heavy focus on renewable energy integration and hydrogen energy for primary and back up power systems.


Phone: 7207994335

Address: 16960 Ivandale Road, Hamilton, VA, 20158, United States
 Ultra-low Loss TechnologiesRenan Moreira Small Business Other Energy Technologies Ultra-Low Loss Technologies is a leader in ultra-low loss photonic integrated circuits, providing our customers with a complete photonics solution with short design and manufacturing cycle times to minimize development costs and time-to-market.

To further the development of energy efficient integrated photonic networking technologies for datacenters and high performance computing (HPC), we propose to revolutionize chip-to-chip interconnects with massively parallel photonic channels based on photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology and spatial division multiplexing (SDM) through multi core fibers (MCF). Emphasizing the number of cores per MCF for scaling allows for maintaining the Baud rate, number of fibers, and number of WDM channels at levels strategically designated to minimize complexity and power consumption. This effort investigated link modules that scale to 10 Tbps and beyond, while leveraging partnerships and technology that lend themselves to technology transition, manufacturability, and ultimately differentiated access of a unique and high-performance integrated photonics ecosystem for use by the Department of Energy (DOE) and other government entities.


Phone: (805) 319-2491

Address: 75 Aero Camino, Goleta, CA, 93117, United States
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