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 Eighth Generation Consulting, LLCSaxon MetzgerProfessor - Lead Consultant Small Business Power Generation: Renewable With partnerships with Columbia University, EPRI, the City of Carbondale, and several Fortune 100 and 500 firms, Eighth Generation Consulting has established itself as the primary vehicle for adding indigenous perspectives and community benefits to projects regarding solar circularity and technologies, workforce development, and educational/political/regulatory toolkits, as well as extensive experience writing and editing white papers and academic research.

Our team has decades of experience in renewable and sustainability energy, particularly around solar and battery/energy storage decommissioning at scale, residential, C&I, utility, community, group buy, and distributed generation solar market analysis, and in depth scope 1/2/3 reviews for non profit and for profit institutions.

We are your sustainability experts for all of the United States, with our consultants receiving numerous awards for their work including public praise from the 2022 United Nations Biodiversity Conference (COP 15).


Phone: 6184345684

Address: 2501 CHATHAM RD STE R., SPRINGFIELD, IL, 62704, United States
 PTI Global Solutions LLCMichael SchultzPrincipal Small Business Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear PTI Global Solutions helps small businesses scale sustainable technology. We bring capabilities in process development, process scaleup, technoeconomic analysis, and third party partnership development.

We have scaled technologies and products in renewable fuels and bioproducts, biomaterials, novel distillation schemes, and lubricants and base oils. Specific technology areas include: sustainable aviation fuel, gas fermentation, conventional fermentation, ionic liquids, hydrogen production, and thermochemical conversion.


Phone: 6304646505

Address: 7404 N. Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN, 46260, United States
 SavorKathleen AlexanderCTO Small Business Other Energy Technologies Savor is commercializing a technology to decarbonize the production of fats and oleochemicals. Savor’s thermochemical process transforms green H2 and CO2 into fatty acids and fats at high yield with effectively zero greenhouse gas emissions. This technology represents a paradigm shift away from modern agricultural methods for fat production, which require extensive land use and difficult-to-decarbonize GHG emissions. The input to Savor’s process is synthetic paraffin wax (an intermediate in electro-fuel production) produced from CO2 and green H2. These paraffins are converted to high-value oleochemicals and fats through a series of thermochemical steps: oxidation of paraffins to fatty acids, purification, and formulation. Savor’s core expertise is the upgrading of paraffinic waxes to high-value oxidation products, we have a bench-scale demonstration of our technology and extensive experience in chemical engineering, technoeconomic analysis, and product development. We are interested in partnering with teams who produce paraffinic waxes from CO2 and green H2.


Phone: (916)633-1601

Address: 5941 Optical Ct, San Jose, CA, 95138, United States
 Montana State UniversityFaraz DadgostariAssistant Professor Academic Grid Mechanism Design for IoT-integrated Smart Grids


Phone: (406) 994-5938

Address: Norm Asbjornson Hall 253H, Bozeman, MT, 59718, United States
 KinectricsLuke BockewitzDirector, Advanced Nuclear Technology Large Business Other Energy Technologies Kinectrics, Inc. is a global Testing, Inspection, and Engineering company supporting clean energy technology development with over 1,300 staff and 30+ laboratories. Main service lines that support the advancement of new energy technologies include:

Environmental Qualification - full suite of testing and expert staff to support all types of EQ needs: seismic, LOCA/HELB, steam, thermal cycling, thermal shock, humidity, vibration, radiation, and electromagnetic interference testing all in-house.

Advanced Materials - specializing in the analysis of novel materials and components by assessing the quality, durability, and compatibility of materials. Specialization in polymers and composites, insulation, irradiated materials, harsh environments and aging, metallurgy and alloys, carbon fiber, ceramics, refractory materials, coatings, and high-voltage/high-amperage components.

Radioactive Wastes and Isotope Engineering - assists in the management, characterization, and handling of radioactive waste. This involves evaluating the types and quantities of waste generated, ensuring proper packaging, storage, and disposal, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Radiation monitoring, rad safety, decommissioning, tritium, lithium enrichment, and the design of innovative waste minimization techniques.

Testing and Validation - Comprehensive testing and validation services to assess the performance, safety, and reliability of new energy technologies. This includes conducting various tests, simulations, and assessments to verify that these technologies meet industry standards and operate efficiently. Specifically includes materials characterization, electrical and electronics, compliance and certification to many international standards and regimes, failure mode analyses.

EPC of novel nuclear equipment and systems - capable of designing, engineering, manufacturing, commissioning, and delivering custom equipment to support a range of plant needs, from small obsolete electronic parts to large multi-skid-mounted systems.

Ai/ML applications - as applied to data analysis and analytics, preventative maintenance schemes, and tools to support the automation of component monitoring and decision making.


Phone: 630-615-6238

Address: 2135 City Gate Ln, Suite 100, Naperville, IL, 60563, United States
 Sheyene Gerardi FoundationSheyene GerardiPresident Non-Profit Transportation The scope of our work encompasses early-stage testing in our labs, research and collaboration on expertise to inform and share insights, plus education and outreach efforts. We support leaders on strategy, policy and delivery, while also working to advance national and international human rights laws that uphold the dignity and worth of each individual. Our organization focuses on building up a deep understanding of meaningful applications, tools and practices of supercomputers in a social context. The broad issues to which it attends integrally involves technological globalization, space law, human rights, international security, sovereignty, federalism, war, peace, terrorism, and so forth. We engage with OECD States and developing countries in developing and implementing policies for accelerating transformational change, resilience and transitions addressing the economic and social aftermath of ongoing crises and shocks while ensuring that no one is left behind.


Phone: 9292490003

Address: 276 5th Ave, New York, NY, 10001, United States
 Industrial ARC Firm Brokerage under DRE MLSMR Lunde Dadiane Faculty of Law Phd OWNERFund Administrator for Grants/Property Admin Large Business Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear Fuel energy program needed for grant 2500.00 per acres 88 acres in Funding Opportunity.

International Fuel Tax Agenda, and Underground Storage of DOE funding archives under Research and Investigation by owner of ARC listed above.

Details of Hypothesis will be available upon recieving 10,996 to start funding opportunity, NO Religion, and 2500.00 there after for 3(221 ft) towers that need to be eliminated. USDA PIV CAC CLOSED 10 years now, DACHA- in grant payments, under LII 26 1001, and grant transferred by IRS publication 15, 5000 per page issued in archived online warehouse.

Unused or blocked by legal actions, nobody is allowed to give all details here at once, Seeding, green fuel emissions, and partnership in energy resources has reviewed all necessity to recieve grant, grant should be issued directly to Director.

(7) 1926 CFR Teaming Partners with Federal Government of US, and other Federal Governments. FYI

Seeding, and piping, has been done since 11/21/2021, and 1/21/2022.

Continuation of this work need grant without Digital Distrubances.


Phone: 7072904045

Address: B/O Port Suite 6077-06177, RM 1356, Netherlands, AK, 1566, United States
 Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.Srujan Rokkam, Ph.D.,Engineering Manager Small Business Other Energy Technologies Advanced Cooling Technologies is a premier thermal management design and manufacturing company that develops innovative thermal technologies and provides technology based thermal products to customers in energy systems, electronics, aerospace, military, and government sectors. ACT specializes in advanced thermal technology development and custom thermal product design and fabrication. Thermal energy storage for various temperature ranges, two-phase flow heat transfer, heat pipes, and advanced thermal systems are particular areas of expertise. ACT’s business areas includes the sale of thermal products/systems (e.g., thermal energy storage systems, heat pipes, energy recovery units for HVAC, cold plates, and thermal management components) and R&D activities to develop new research ideas and transition them to products (mostly funded by federal research programs). Since the company founding in 2003, ACT has made significant investments in our manufacturing facility, and has had product sales from commercializing SBIR technologies of more than $130 million. ACT has a commercialization index of 95% (per ACT’s commercialization success is aided by its active patenting of intellectual property. ACT has 32 patents awarded for various thermal management technologies with 5 more pending at the current stage. ACT has 20 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of thermal systems and heat pipes for a variety of applications.

For ACT R&D webpage visit,
The resources section and papers also give a good glimpse of ACT's R&D activities.


Phone: 7172050648

Address: 1046 New Holland Avenue, Lancaster, PA, 17601, United States
 SNL TECHNICAL SERVICES, LLCSteve KotefskiSenior Engineer Small Business Other Energy Technologies NOVEL ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES-

Current patented technologies and investigations in;

1. Hybrid Cruel Oil creation-
Have developed patented technology to create a novel method of manufacturing Crude Oil (Hybrid Crude Oil) from;
a. Sand Tars- we recover 100% of the petroleum content (not the current industrial capability of 30% and the remaining portion converted
into a pollutant. We recover 100% of the petroleum coating as a crude oil and the remaining sand (minerals as cleansed sand and
various valuable metals.
b. Asphalt Millings (used Asphalt Pavements)- We remove the Asphalt Binder and create a hybrid crude oil. The remainder of the Asphalt
Millings is the Aggregate (sands and stones) which can be recycled thousands of this. Thus a 100% solution for Asphalt Millings and
recycling. Resulting in a ecologically friendly Asphalt Manufacturing Process that reduces the carbon chain footprint of the industry,
reduces the air and water pollution of the industry and eliminates the need to destroy mountainsides for the needed aggregate for new
Asphalt Mixtures- we reclaim current roadway Asphalt Milling Aggregate and recycle it 100%.
c. Asphalt Roofing Shingles- We reclaim 100% of the used Asphalt Shingle mixture- Asphalt Binder, aggregate and fiberglass. The asphalt
binder is converted into a hybrid crude oil, the aggregate can be recycled back into new asphalt roofing shingle manufacturing and the
fiberglass can be recycled as a glass product. Very similar to the Pavement Asphalt Mixture described above.
d. Sludge- Sludge from Crude Oil Shipping Tankers and Crude Oil Storage Tanks can be 100% "cleansed" of their petroleum content and
converted into a (Hybrid) Crude Oil. Similar to the Sand Tar description above. AS with the Sand Tars, the petroleum content is
converted into a Hybrid Crude Oil and the Minerals (sand) is cleansed for reuse in other industries such as Concrete, Asphalt Mixtures
and etc.

2. Innovation Engineers in;

a. Clean Hydrogen Production- Developing algae and solar energy technologies for carbon free energy production.
b. Coal Gasification and Carbon reduction technologies for Syngas production.
c. Any technology investigation(s) into clean energy processing and/o generation


Phone: 973-563-8686

Address: 54 Highland Ave, Bloomingdale, NJ, 07403, United States
 BDO USADan DurstManaging Director Large Business Other Energy Technologies BDO Knows Grants Management. In the ever-evolving grants landscape, BDO emerges as a guiding force, offering a seamless journey through the complete lifecycle of grants management. BDO partners with organizations seeking the following capabilities:

Capability 1: Crafting Visions - Pre-Award Support

Embarking on the grants journey, our clients find solace in BDO's adeptness at transforming abstract ideas into compelling narratives. With meticulous attention to detail, we assist in articulating project concepts, ensuring they resonate with grantors. BDO supports organizations with the development of compelling concept papers and convincing full applications. A team of budgeting and indirect cost rate negotiation experts complements our grant writing expertise.

Capability 2: Sustaining Triumphs - Post Award Administration

The grant journey does not end with the notice of award; it transforms into a partnership sustained by compliance and reporting. BDO's commitment to ensuring adherence to grant terms and conditions is unwavering. Our experts seamlessly support the accounting, procurement, property management, and cyber related responsibilities of the largest grant recipients.

Capability 3: Bridging Horizons - Technology Integration

In an era dominated by technology, BDO does not merely adapt; it leads. Our grants management experts are enabled with innovative technology, bringing forth a wave of efficiency to our clients. From accounting to subaward administration, our experts identify the right solutions for each clients’ unique needs.

Capability 4: Echoes of Success - Impact Reporting

The soul of BDO's journey lies in the success stories etched in collaboration with our clients and their programs. Through quantitative metrics and qualitative milestones, BDO designs compliant and insightful reporting frameworks to address awarding agency demands.


Phone: 703-770-4456

Address: 8401 Greensboro Drive, Suite 800, McLean, VA, 22102, United States
 EpirusMike3 HerndonDirector Small Business Other Energy Technologies We are an innovative power management company whose first application was in the field of High-Power Microwaves. By developing the first high power microwave phased array utilizing COTS solid state devices coupled with our advanced power management at the device level, we are able to minimize the prime power and cooling requirements needed to deliver this system to the US


Phone: 213-376-6712

Address: 19145 Gramercy Pl, Torrance, CA, 90501, United States
 GenHydro INCWilliam MonacciDirector Small Business Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear GenHydro INC is a minority owned early stage renewable energy company this is developing a novel process for producing clean hydrogen at a groundbreaking lower cost compared to established green hydrogen production methods. The process utilizes higher grades of aluminum to include varieties of scrap material in a self sustaining reactant based process that results in hydrogen, electricity, and commercial grade alumina byproducts. The goal of this process is to substantially reduce the requirement for carbon based fuels for the transportation sector including vehicle, rail and eventually the maritime and aviation industries. We are partnering with Stanley Black & Decker and Ford Motor Company among others to aid in reducing their carbon footprint. At its core GenHydro’s technology takes advantage of the metal-water reaction. Certain metals react with water to scavenge the oxygen from the water molecule, liberating hydrogen atoms and forming a metal hydroxide in the process. GenHydro uses this process to react aluminum with water, releasing hydrogen from the water, forming aluminum oxides (alumina), and generating heat. Adding one or more chemical promoters can facilitate the reaction. The GenHydro proprietary process uses two promoters that have been selected based on hydrogen yield, reaction time, aluminum consumption and the cost of material. They aid in removing the metal oxide layer, and can continuously hinder oxide layer formation until the aluminum is fully reacted. The promoter-based approach can be used for lower temperature and lower pressure reaction conditions and can be suitable for smaller scale systems. GenHydro’s system development is focused on optimizing certain parameters associated with the output of the reaction. The important factors that are guiding GenHydro’s system development pathway include minimizing the cost of reactor inputs, optimizing aluminum consumption and hydrogen production, as well as producing high value alumina outputs that can be marketed. The goal of the deployable commercial system is production of 16 kilograms of hydrogen per hour on a continuous basis while utilizing the heat and pressure resulting from the reaction in a turbine based approach to produce 0.78 MW of electricity per hour. The modular system is then scaled depending on the requirements of the user.


Phone: 7174138589

Address: 1064 New Holland Avenue, Lancaster, PA, 17601, United States
 Celsius ScientificJames HowePriciple Small Business Other Energy Technologies Celsius Scientific has over 20 years of experience in designing and installing scientific grade controlled environmental rooms-CER (or walk in cold rooms) CER's are an integral part of the modern biomedical research building. We are seeking to Develop and implement scientific grade controlled environmental rooms ( walk in cold rooms) in to federal and state research buildings that will replace existing refrigerants 448A, 404A 407 A&C and replace them with CO2. The CO2 compressor vs traditional compressor will run at 50% of the amperage conserving energy, with a worst case scenario ROI of 3 years. The CO2 systems have been used in Europe and commercial applications for years but the needs of the scientific community require much grater temperature uniformity and resolution and it is our intent to provide the R&D needed to prove proof of concept.


Phone: 3038814015

Address: 916 Shavano Peak Drive, Superior, CO, 80027, United States
 Oak Ridge National LaboratoryErdem AsaR&D Staff Member Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Transportation Erdem Asa (IEEE Senior Member’19) received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the New York University Tandon School of Engineering, Brooklyn, NY, USA, in 2016. He is currently a R&D Staff at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He has authored or co-authored over 40 journals and conference papers. Before joining ORNL, he was a Design / Control Power Electronics Engineer with GE Aviation from 2016 to 2019. He has experience in resonant power converter systems since 2006 and inventor of Oak Ridge Resonant Converter (ORC). His current research interests include isolated and non-isolated ac-dc, dc–dc, dc-ac, ac-ac converters, and wired/wireless EV charger applications for automotive industry.


Phone: 3474568700

Address: 2360 Cherahala Blvd, Knoxville, TN, 37932, United States
 Schneider ElectricDavid McGlocklinStrategy & Innovation, Cooling Large Business Building Efficiency Schneider Electric is a large company that specializes in digital automation and energy management. It addresses homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries, by combining energy technologies, real-time automation, software, and services, For this team, we will help address Data Center Energy Efficiency by promoting and assisting the adoption of our teams' Liquid Cooling technology. For the Data Center space, we offer everything except for the server itself. In this teaming project, we will assist by offering infrastructure equipment necessary for the project. We also have at scale manufacturing experience to assist our partners.


Phone: 636-544-9998

Address: 801 Corporate Centre Dr, O'Fallon, MO, 63368, United States
 Mighty Waves Energy IncMark H HesselsCEO Small Business Power Generation: Renewable Background and Capabilities:
Mighty Waves Energy (MWE) has developed and tested a novel offshore floating platform and has submitted 3 unique patents for an innovative hybrid design with applications to renewable wind energy generation. The floating platform is scalable and can support wind turbines ranging in size from 0.5 to 10+MW. The platform includes large semi-submersible buoyancy columns which provide significant volume for useful payload and energy storage. MWE platforms are designed for ease of manufacturing using mild grade plate steel and readily available laydown and assembly in shipyards around the globe. They do not require specialized vessels or barges for assembly and standard tugboat and local vessels of opportunity can provide installation and deployment services. Platforms can be erected quay-side with standard heavy-lift cranes and existing slip-way access, can operate in depths from 40 to 2000M and have been demonstrated at model scale in the NSWCC MASK to withstand sea-state conditions equivalent to a 50-year storm. The platforms can be equipped to perform Blue Economy operations such as hydrogen production, or modified to support Department of Defense missions supporting unmanned system operations, or instrumented to serve as a gateway communications hub with edge compute capabilities.

Might Waves is interested in building on existing ARPA relationships and developing new partnerships to deliver integrated energy solutions. Current partnerships with prior ARPA awardees present powerful potential to deliver SCALE-UP concepts, while new partnerships present opportunities to integrate novel capabilities, and deliver these concepts to the commercial world.

Specific interests for integrating onto the MWE platform include:

-High efficiency green energy generation solutions: light-weight high power turbines, solar energy panels

-Innovative power storage capabilities: hydrogen production, battery systems, ammonia

-Transmission and data cables: deliver power to national grid

-International applications and operationalization: Island Nations/US Territories defense and energy production into local grid

-Payloads for situational awareness: air, sea and undersea monitoring

-Gateway communications technology: provide communication from undersea to airborne platforms

-Integrate with a global diversified supply chain for the floating wind industry

-Support to Blue Economy operations


Phone: 4104432610

Address: 21232 Golf Estates Drive, Gaithersburg, MD, 20882, United States
 global gorilaTerrance HarveyStratic planning Large Business Power Generation: Renewable Logistical ennginneer , Stratigic planning , Climate ennginneer . Oxygen electrical power plants , the way of the future


Phone: 0429729946

Address: 22a north terrace, Boulder, 6432, Australia
 DDM SystemsSuman DasCEO Small Business DDM Systems is a digital manufacturing company disrupting and modernizing the manufacture of precision cast metal parts with advanced ceramic 3D printing in the global $16B investment casting industry. Investment casting is the process used to make the most high-value and high-precision metal components across diverse industrial sectors including aerospace and defense, industrial gas turbines, medical implants, fluid handling, oil and gas, automotive and other sectors. DDM’s patented 3D printing technology combining proprietary hardware, software and materials produces ceramic shells in a single step, replacing 7 out of 12 steps in traditional investment casting with a single 3D printing step, enabling precision metal castings to be made 10 times faster and at 50% of the prevailing cost while reducing energy consumption by up to 90% and increasing the yield in the casting process. DDM's digital casting technology is proven across multiple alloys and industry sectors, has undergone third party qualification, and is ready to scale. The company is seeking strategic commercial and foundry partners to industrialize its technology and modernize an industrial manufacturing process that hasn't changed in decades. DDM Systems is currently teamed with GE Power under an ARPA-E grant #DE-AR0001590 titled "High Yield Investment Castings with Minimal Energy". DDM Systems teamed with Oak Ridge National Laboratory is also the awardee of a DOE HPC4EI grant titled "HPC Modeling of Photopolymerization of Powder Suspensions for Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics".


Phone: 470-225-6987

Address: 1876 Defoor Ave NW, Bldg. 3, Atlanta, GA, 30318, United States
 DDM SystemsSuman DasCEO Small Business Other Energy Technologies DDM Systems is a digital manufacturing company disrupting and modernizing the manufacture of precision cast metal parts with advanced ceramic 3D printing in the global $16B investment casting industry. Investment casting is the process used to make the most high-value and high-precision metal components across diverse industrial sectors including aerospace and defense, industrial gas turbines, medical implants, fluid handling, oil and gas, automotive and other sectors. DDM’s patented 3D printing technology combining proprietary hardware, software and materials produces ceramic shells in a single step, replacing 7 out of 12 steps in traditional investment casting with a single 3D printing step, enabling precision metal castings to be made 10 times faster and at 50% of the prevailing cost while reducing energy consumption by up to 90% and increasing the yield in the casting process. DDM's digital casting technology is proven across multiple alloys and industry sectors, has undergone third party qualification, and is ready to scale. The company is seeking strategic commercial and foundry partners to industrialize its technology and modernize an industrial manufacturing process that hasn't changed in decades.


Phone: 470-225-6987

Address: 1876 Defoor Ave NW, Bldg. 3, Atlanta, GA, 30318, United States
 SPEC Process Engineering & ConstructionSteven LandauVice President Project Development Small Business Other Energy Technologies SPEC Process Engineering and Construction (SPEC) is your go-to partner for startup and R&D;D companies seeking assistance in prototype development and construction. We specialize in chemical engineering and process controls engineering services, dedicated to supporting your technology development.

At SPEC, we define ourselves as "engineers who build." We offer a comprehensive range of services, starting from preliminary budgeting and project planning, all the way to construction. Additionally, we can help you with project financing, making the entire process seamless for you.

Our design/build approach is unique and brings multiple benefits. By keeping project costs down while ensuring high efficiency and quality, we are able to deliver exceptional results. Our team is highly focused on manufacturing and product development facilities for fine chemical and pharmaceutical companies. We possess the expertise to handle everything from process equipment specifications to navigating regulatory requirements imposed by the FDA, environmental agencies, and local authorities.

Flexibility is important to us, and we offer various options tailored to our clients' needs. If requested, we can provide individual project components such as process engineering, project management, or cGMP consulting. Even when we supply a specific component, our construction-oriented approach adds value. With SPEC, you can expect realistic, practical service that combines engineering knowledge with street-wise construction experience.

What sets us apart is our integrated approach. All our design engineers, process engineers, construction/project managers, and controls staff work together under one roof. Our construction managers are engineers with construction experience, ensuring the highest quality outcome for technically and regulation-driven projects. We prioritize transparency and cost certainty. Before detailed design begins, we aim to lock in a budget, typically requiring only 2% to 5% of the project budget. We assume the risk by guaranteeing the price and taking responsibility for all aspects of the project.


Phone: 781-743-0144

Address: 17 A Street, Burlington, MA, 01803, United States
 Advent DiamondAnna ZaniewskiCTO Small Business Other Energy Technologies Advent Diamond is developing semiconducting diamond materials and devices for next-generation power electronics and other applications. Diamond holds great promise as a wide bandgap semiconductor, with the largest thermal conductivity of any material, and exceptional figure of merit values for power electronics. Advent Diamond is interested in teaming with organizations with an interest in power electronics for energy applications.


Phone: 5106849487

Address: 1475 N SCOTTSDALE RD, STE 200, SCOTTSDALE, AZ, 85257, United States
 Southwest Research InstituteScott HotzDirector R&D Non-Profit Transportation SwRI performs around $800 million per year of contract R&D that includes vehicles, battery technologies, grid storage and power electronics. We are interested in teaming up with potential partners in all areas related to sustainable energy and mobility applications.

Prior winner of ARPA-E NEXTCAR award. More details on our work in the connected powertrain space can be found here:


Phone: 7342632813

Address: 6220 Culebra Road, SAN ANTONIO, TX, 78238, United States
 University of KentuckyJiangBiao HeAssociate Professor Academic Transportation The AMPERE Lab at the University of Kentucky has been focusing on the development of high-performance power electronic converters and electric motor-drive systems, for board industry applications, particularly on transportation electrifications (electric vehicles, chargers, aircraft, ships, etc.), industry automation, renewable energy power conversion, and energy storage. Our research projects have been sponsored by NSF, DOE, DOD, NASA, and multiple high-tech industries. Please refer to our lab website for more information.


Phone: 8592573124

Address: 219E Grehan Building, Lexington, KY, 40506, United States
 BattGenie Inc.Manan PathakCEO Small Business Transportation BattGenie provides Battery Management System (BMS) software and system integration solutions for Lithium-ion Batteries. BattGenie's goal is to enable faster charging and improve battery life for electric vehicles (EVs), consumer electronics, as well as grid storage battery applications. BattGenie's patented technology uses a combination of physics-based battery models combined with Machine-Learning and AI to predict and improve battery performance. BattGenie has demonstrated improvement in cycle life in excess of 100% and charge time reduction by 40% compared to standard battery charging methods. BattGenie's technology has been independently tested and validated by the National Renewable Energy Labs (NREL). BattGenie's technology is BMS hardware agnostic and has been demonstrated on a range of microcontroller platforms used in BMS hardware. BattGenie has demonstrated performance improvement on a range of different battery chemistries, form-factors, and manufacturers as well as on battery modules and packs. BattGenie is already working with multiple top-tier automotive and electric aircraft manufacturers, battery manufacturers, and system integrators.


Phone: 2063955087

Address: 4625, Union Bay Pl NE, Seattle, WA, 98105, United States
 NRELDan SchellPilot Plant Manager Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Bioenergy Research, process development, and scale-up on biomass conversion can be carried out at NREL utilizing thermochemical (TC) and/or biochemical (BC) pathways. NREL has sophisticated integrated TC and BC pilot plants for conversion of biomass feedstocks, including woody biomass, agricultural wastes, municipal solid waste, and other unconventional renewable resources. Products from these pilot plants include syngas (a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen), bio-oil, cellulosic sugars, liquid transportation fuels, and other biomass-derived chemicals and intermediates. The pilot plants are available for use by others as part of competitive solicitations or a variety of partner-funded agreements.
The BC pilot plant processes raw feedstock to sugars using pretreatment technologies and enzymatic hydrolysis and produces a variety of products using GRAS and engineered microorganisms. The BC plant houses the following unit operations; feed milling and conveying, pretreatment (any aqueous-based process at 20 to 40 dry kg/h), high-solids enzymatic hydrolysis (4,000-L reactors), solids removal and sugar stream clarification by cross flow filtration, and sugar conversion in assorted bioreactor systems (two 160-L, two 1,500-L, and four 9,000-L vessels). The unit operations can be integrated or operated in a stand-alone batch mode. Adjacent laboratories provide full analysis capabilities for raw biomass feedstocks and intermediate products using a suite of analytical instrumentation.

The TC pilot plant is used to test biomass pyrolysis technologies at the pilot scale. The plant can be configured for fast pyrolysis and catalytic pyrolysis. An entrained flow reactor is used to generate the pyrolysis vapors, cyclones to collect char and ash, and a spray condensation train to collect the final products. A recirculating regenerating reactor can be used to catalytically upgrade the pyrolysis vapors. Online analytical capabilities include molecular beam mass spectrometry, gas chromatography, thermal conductivity detection, and nondispersive infrared. Partners can use the TCPDU to test catalysts or bring in their own unit operations to attach to the TCPDU to test their pyrolysis technologies.

NREL also maintains bench-scale facilities and personnel to assist in preliminary lab-scale experiments, identify key parameters, and assist in scale-up to our pilot facilities.


Phone: 303-384-6869

Address: 15013 Denver West Parkway, Golden, CO, 80401, United States
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