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 Almond Consulting Group, Inc.Derrick Henry  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Almond Consulting Group, Inc. is a Professional Information Technology (IT) company based in Oviedo, Florida. We provide Information Technology, Program and Project Management, Cyber Security, Risk Management Framework (RMF) and Assessment & Authorization (A&A) services to Civilian, Federal, Defense and Intelligence Agencies.


Phone: 407 602-8540

Address: 5472 Baytowne Place, Oviedo, Florida 32765
 CeramatecDolly Chitta  Small Business Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear My name is Dolly Chitta. I am the PI on ARPA-E funded program for “Natural gas to Chemicals”. I worked with several ARPA-E PD’s Dr. Boysen, Dr. Lemmon, Dr. Cheryl Martin (former) and Dr. Mumme (current) T2M advisor. I have successfully transitioned the program from TRL 1-5 to private funding (Multimillion in 2 years) wherein CoorsTek has taken over the technology scale up effort beyond ARPA_E funding. I have a PhD with background in Chemical engg. I was part of a team for spinning off new start-ups as well as license the technologies to other companies. I work closely with a number of Fortune 500, privately held large companies, universities and VC firms for T2M (ex. Air Products, Chevron, Hunt Oil, CoorsTek, SABIC, BP, Grace Davison, Albemarle, Western H2 and ExxonMobil, UC Berkeley and Harvard U, UNC, Northwestern, ANL). I understand the ecosystem of technology transition for energy projects from early stage to ultimate commercialization and believe I can add value to ARPA-E teams.  
 Iowa State UniversityRan Dai  Academic Other Energy Technologies Our research developed a distributed traffic control framework to optimize the performance of balanced fuel consumption and travel time in large scale transportation networks at macroscopic level. We integrate the roadway infrastructures that equipped with sensing, communication, and parallel computation functionalities in the new traffic control paradigm. Going beyond the existing distributed architectures where precise dynamic flow models and fuel consumptions have not been considered, our work generates traffic control strategies to realize real-time macroscopic level traffic regulation with high precision. The developed control framework has significant impact on fuel savings and lead to energy economization in transportation. A byproduct of the research is the alleviation of traffic congestion and auto emissions. Expertise: Distributed control, networked systems, Optimization


Phone: 206-724-6836

Address: Howe Hall
 Clemson UniversityAndrej Ivanco  Academic Transportation The autonomous transportation system or RoboTaxi requires several areas of expertise to be synergistically joined together. High level part is managing the vehicle dispatching, communication and security, which dwells mostly in the domain of the Computer Science and Engineering. Middle ware is responsible for the system operation, efficiency, resource allocation and service quality, where Operational research and Civil Engineering are contributing mostly. Finally, the low lever part is managing the individual vehicle guidance and route planning, where the Mechanical and Automotive Engineering becomes essential.

The overarching outcome is to develop a dynamic transit allocation algorithm, which aggregates and process all mobility demands and assigns vehicles based on multiple criteria, such as: (i) Customer pick-up and drop off location, (ii) Customer tolerance for waiting time (iii) Available vehicles with respect to their location and on-board energy state of charge.


Phone: 864-283-7241

Address: 4 Research Drive, Greenville, SC, 29 607
 Columbia UniversityHuiming Yin  Academic Other Energy Technologies The long-term goal of this research team is to use emerging information communication and big data technologies to design and develop advanced transportation systems for improved energy efficiency and minimized environmental impacts. The objective of this project is to develop a simulation software package to demonstrate and improve the energy efficiency of the transportation system using New York City as an example. To this end, a system model will be designed and developed to simulate the real world transit behavior cross traveler social network, roadway network, and information communication network; on the other hand, a control architecture will be introduced and implemented to measure the energy use and optimize the transit behavior toward improved energy efficiency and environmental footprints. The system model and control architecture will be implemented in the software package - Open Mode Integrated Transportation System (OMITS).


Phone: 2128511648

Address: 610 Mudd Building, 500 W 120th Street, New York, NY 10027
 Rutgers University, Voorhees Transportation CenterRobert Noland  Academic Transportation The focus of Dr. Noland’s research is the impacts of transport planning and policy on both economic and environmental outcomes. Work on economic effects has included examining behavioral reactions to changes in reliability, associations with the built environment, and trip chaining behavior. Environmental work includes impacts on safety, climate, health, and other factors associated with overall quality of life. Active research areas include developing methods to evaluate the lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions associated with building transport projects; evaluating the economic impacts of transit-oriented development; analysis of walking behavior and links to other travel behavior and the built environment; analysis of traffic and pedestrian safety using spatial analysis techniques; and, assessment of the economic effects of transport investments, in particular those associated with agglomeration externalities.


Phone: 848-932-2859

Address: 33 Livingston Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
 University of Missouri-ColumbiaDr. Praveen Edara  Academic Transportation Traffic Modeling, Large-scale Simulation Models, Microscopic and Mesoscopic Simulation Models, Calibration and Validation of Simulation Models, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Freeway Operations.


Phone: 5738821900

Address: E 3502 Lafferre Hall
 Alim InnovationsAbuanthony Alim  Individual High Energy Density Electrical Energy Storage For Transportation I started computer programming in 1990 an by 1992 was a software engineer and grad at CDI, VA. In 1992 I started computer aided drafting, CAD for short, product design and engineering. Got married moved to FL. Started Alim's plastering while moving more into electrical product design and energy generator. I am an Independent electrical systems researcher and electrical product design engineer since 2002. In 2011 I discovered the Open Thermodynamic systems for vehicles.


Phone: 386-290-1298

Address: 548 Ruth st.
 MAHLE Powertrain LLCHugh Blaxill  Small Business Transportation MAHLE Powertrain is an engineering consultancy to the transport, mainly automotive sector. We are wholly owned by MAHLE, a large tier 1 component supply to the transport and industrial sectors. We provide vehicle, system and component level expertise including detailed vehicle and fleet level modeling. We have extensive driving and vehicle databases linked to a deep knowledge of the vehicles control systems.

We would be happy to support a team where vehicle level expertise, knowledge and data is required to achieve the objectives of this FOA


Phone: 2487198692

Address: 23030 Mahle Drive, Farmington Hills, MI 48355
 Qualcomm Technologies, IncAidoo Osei  Large Business Online Sensing Aidoo is a partner development manager for Qualcomm's Smart Cities program. Has mobile product management, payments, and software development experience. Currently focused on enabling advanced transportation use cases leveraging Qualcomm's 3G, LTE and 802.11 technologies.


Phone: 8586516171

Address: 5775 Morehouse Dr., San Diego 92121
 LeidosPeng Su  Large Business Transportation Fuel-consumption modeling of transportation system
Traffic flow prediction
Travel behavior modeling (mode choice, departure time choice, route choice)
Personalized Simulation of travel behaviors
Consumer incentive effectiveness analysis
Multi-modal modeling, including buses, Subway, bikes, park-n-ride
Traffic Data analysis (including Waze probe data, RTMS data, and Connected Vehicle data)
Traffic data cleaning (Probe data, RTMS data, and DSRC data)


Phone: 716-923-3425

Address: 11251 Roger Bacon Drive, Reston, VA
 Washington State UniversitySandip Roy  Academic Technologies that offer new control capabilities via advanced models, mechanisms, or actuators My research is focused on developing strategic management technologies for electric power and transportation infrastructures, using network-controls approaches. This research has yielded core network-control-design methods, particularly for cases where limited actuation and sensing capabilities must be leveraged for wide-area management under uncertainty. Also, the outcomes of the work are being integrated into decision-support tools for the transportation and electric power industries, including flow-management tools for the United States air traffic system's central command, and for renewables integration into the electric power grid.


Phone: 509-781-2299

Address: P.O. Box 642752, Pullman, WA 99164
 The University of North Carolina at CharlotteWei (David) Fan  Academic Transportation Urban transportation planning and system analysis: transportation network modeling and optimization, dynamic traffic assignment, network design, network reliability, traffic demand/supply analysis, econometrics, discrete choice modeling, evacuation modeling, roadway congestion pricing;
Transportation system operations and control;
Operations research and its applications to the multimodal transportation systems;
Transportation data acquisition and statistical analysis using SAS/SPSS; and
Optimization and simulation computer software development using C/C++/Java.


Phone: 1-704-687-1222

Address: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, EPIC Building, Room 3261, 9201 University City Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28223-0001
 Virginia Tech Transportation InstituteHesham Rakha  Academic Transportation The team expertise includes:
1. Agent-based modeling of large-scale transportation systems.
2. Microscopic, mesoscopic, and macroscopic modeling of traffic.
3. Game theory.
4. Energy and environmental modeling of transportation systems.
5. Data analytics and data mining.
6. Traffic state prediction.
7. Evolutionary programming, optimization of transportation systems, and network-wide traffic control.
8. Eco-drive and eco-routing systems.
9. System development and integration.
10. Traffic signal control, ramp metering, and speed harmonization.
11. Connected vehicle research.
12. Vehicle automation and modeling of automated vehicles.
14. Vehicle powertrain modeling.
15. Multi-modal modeling of transportation systems including buses, cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, trains and planes.


Phone: 5402311505

Address: 3500 Transportation Research Plaza, Blacksburg VA 24061
 INRIXRick Schuman  Small Business Transportation INRIX is one of the fastest growing big data technology companies in the world. The company leverages big data analytics to reduce the individual, economic and environmental toll of traffic congestion. Through cutting-edge data intelligence and predictive traffic technologies, INRIX helps leading automakers, fleets, governments and news organizations make it easier for drivers to navigate their world. Our vision is simple – to solve traffic, empower drivers, inform planning and enhance commerce. Whether through an in-car or smartphone navigation application, a local newscast or our INRIX Traffic app, our up-to-the-minute traffic information and other driver services reach more than 150 million drivers to help them save time, fuel and frustration. INRIX delivers traffic and driving-related insight, as well as sophisticated analytical tools and services across six industries covering more than 4 million miles of road in 40 countries.


Phone: 407-298-4346

Address: 90210 NE Points, Suite 400, Kirkland, WA 98033
 University of Southern CaliforniaKetan Savla  Academic Transportation Research Interests in:

1. Analysis of transportation systems under dynamic decisions by drivers.
2. Distributed control algorithms for integrated transportation corridors through coordinated
traffic signals, metering and speed limit adjustments.
3. Resilience of transportation networks and its implications for robust network design.
4. Rigorous traffic flow models for next generation connected vehicles paradigm.
5. Traveler-compliant design of incentives and signalling.


Phone: 213-740-0670

Address: KAP 254A, 3620 South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90089-2531
 Saint Louis UniversityJalil Kianfar  Academic Transportation General research expertise and background include: (1) traffic operations and simulation, (2) connected vehicles and intelligent transportation systems, (3) application of optimization and heuristic techniques in transportation engineering, and (4) traffic flow theory.

Previous research experience include implementing SAE J2735 dedicated short-range communications message set dictionary in VISSIM for simulation of connected vehicles. Previous industry experience include developing signal timing plans for Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) projects.


Phone: (314) 977-8271

Address: 3450 Lindell BLVD, Rm 2037, St. Louis, MO 63103
 Indicia ConsultingSusan Mazur-Stommen  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Susan Mazur-Stommen is the founder of Indicia Consulting, a firm that uses anthropological theory and methods to solve real-world challenges. Clients have included Fortune 500 companies and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs. Founded in 2008, she took a three year hiatus and worked for ACEEE as the Director of the Behavior and Human Dimensions Program. Susan earned both a Master of Arts and a Doctorate in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California, Riverside, and her Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology from San Jose State University.

20 years of experience working in corporate, academic, and non-profit circles. Her work has been published in peer-reviewed journals and books from academic presses, as well as trade journals and other media. Sought after conference speaker on topics concerned with Behavior and Energy. Research focus is on the intersection of human behavior, particularly the role of behavior in the built environment.


Phone: 9519078069

Address: 427 Peabody St NW
 Metropia IncDr.Vassilis Papayannoulis  Small Business Transportation Metropia,Inc.brings a diverse range of knowledge and experience, shaped by our staff’s involvement in the forefront of newly emerging fields in the transportation and technology industries. Through our Metropia Synergy platform and our Urban Analytics Group, we bring a unique perspective in addressing urban traffic congestion, air quality and safety challenges facing the cities in the U.S. and around the world.

Metropia Synergy uses advanced traffic prediction and vehicle routing technology—combined with user incentives—to reduce both traffic congestion and environmental impacts.Currently the technology is beta-tested in LA and Austin and it is scheduled to launch in NYC in late 2014. Metropia’s Urban Analytics Group is leveraging Metropia’s Synergy patented technology with Metropia’s involvement in advance and emerging transportation areas to provide clients with creative and innovative cutting-edge solutions that address their transportation planning and system operation needs


Phone: 917 613 9979

Address: 72-11 Austin St. #205 Forest Hills, NY 11375
 Penn State UniversityVikash Gayah  Academic Transportation Previous experience in traffic flow theory modeling, including computationally efficient models of traffic in congested urban networks. Includes both microscopic and macroscopic analysis. Team has previous experience in design algorithms to improve traffic efficiency using vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications. Team also have substantial experience in multimodal transportation operations, including conflicts and the development of innovative strategies to mitigate multimodal conflicts. Close interactions with other Penn State researchers in the areas of control theory and game theoretic models of transportation systems. Supported by the Larson Transportation Institute, specifically the Transportation Operations Program.


Phone: 8148654014

Address: 231L Sackett Building, University Park PA 16802
 University of MichiganGabor Orosz  Academic Transportation Dynamics and control of connected vehicles, including vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I), and vehicle-to-cloud (V2I) communication and their application to improve mobility and fuel economy. Modeling transportation systems on micro and macro level. Vehicle dynamics and control. Networked systems. Time delay systems.


Phone: 734 763 2769

Address: Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan, G034 Autolab, 1231 Beal Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2121, USA
 UC Berkeley / Institute of Transportation StudiesAlexandre Bayen  Academic Offline or Online characterization for fast monitoring and prediction For more than 60 years, the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, has been recognized as one of the world's leading centers for transportation research, education, and scholarship. The Institute was created as an Organized Research Unit in 1948 by the California state legislature in response to the deferred maintenance of transportation facilities during World War II. Its mission was to conduct research and provide instruction to a new generation of transportation professionals. Today ITS Berkeley is home to a large and diverse community of people who study all aspects of transportation—from technological advances to social and environmental / energy consequences. Many of our faculty and other researchers play leadership roles in industry and government. More than 100 graduate students pursuing master's degrees and Ph.D.'s currently study here. Nearly 100 graduates have gone on to university faculty positions.


Phone: 5105020391

Address: 109 McLaughlin Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720
 uclaLei He  Academic Other Energy Technologies Modeling, emulation, and simulation for traffic, and game theory and pricing for traffic jam reduction


Phone: 3102062037

Address: EE Dept
 National Renewable Energy LaboratoryRyan Daley  Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Transportation As the only national laboratory dedicated to renewable energy and energy efficiency, NREL spearheads RD&D needed to put sustainable transportation solutions on the road. NREL's RD&D teams focus on vehicle systems, fuels performance, operational testing and analysis, transportation markets and economics, and scenario modeling to simulate and evaluate the benefits and challenges of deploying alternative transportation technologies at scale. NREL maintains a number of large databases of real-world transportation data that serve a multitude of purposes from systems analysis, to technical benchmarking, to education, and outreach. Additionally, our team has extensive experience with network optimization, measurement of transportation energy use at the component and systems level, consumer adoption modeling, and behavior analysis.


Phone: 303-275-4466

Address: 15013 Denver West Parkway | Golden, CO 80401
 National Transportation Center at the University of MarylandLei Zhang  Academic Transportation The National Transportation Center ( and the Transportation Engineering Program ( at the University of Maryland are internationally recognized for its expertise in:
1. Historical and real-time transportation-related system data collection, fusion, and visualization, and data analytics;
2. Large-scale dynamic traffic and multimodal transportation system simulation with real-world applications and products, with multi-agent and agent-based techniques;
3. Transportation network equilibrium analysis and optimization with mathematical and simulation-based methods;
4. Travel behavior modeling with behavior/experimental economics theories; and
5. Traffic operations and control.


Phone: 301-405-2881

Address: 1173 Glenn Martin Hall, College Park, MD 20742
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