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 Oregon State UniversityChris HagenConsultant/Professor Individual Other Energy Technologies I have experience as an ARPA-E lead PI and Co-PI over the past 12 years for both startup companies and universities.


Phone: 5416783365

Address: 1500 SW Chandler Avenue, Bend, OR, 97702, United States
 Inga GroupJuan IngaDirector Small Business Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear The Inga Group focuses on the engineering aspects of energy project that positively impacts the environment. We have engineered mounted plants on floating barges for diesel, jet fuel and also ammonia production. We have tackled projects dealing with associated gas flares as projects dealing with the reduction of CO2 emissions in Oil and gas companies.
Our experience covers Fischer Tropsch Synthesis and syncrude refining for the production of diesel, jet fuel and waxes. The processes included hydrogenation, hydrocracking as well as short path distillation.
Our personnel have experience in the design, construction, startup and operation of FT reactors including Fixed Bed, Slurry reactor, Circulating Fluidized Bed, Fluidized bed and Micro-channel reactors.
Our experience covers also syngas production from coal gasification, biomass gasification and new technologies for methane reforming such as Ion Transfer Membrane and Plasma Reforming.
For hydrogen production, we have worked with companies developing hydrogen membranes, electrolytic cells as well as the thermochemistry route.
We have supported companies in the development of powder material for energy storage.
Among our projects we support, include the recovery of rare earth material from mineral tailings.
Graphite Powder for Li Battery.
Our experience also includes IP items such as Freedom to Operate and support during IP litigation.
A couple of projects included the recovery of precious metals from electronic waste.
Our team is well experienced in the scaleup process from the bench scale to pilot plant, semiworks to commercial size. We have done this for FT slurry (Sasol Oryx), Bio Diesel, Gas to Liquid Plant, Fluidized FT reactors (Sasol I to Secunda), catalytic coal gasification and others.


Phone: 7135163000

Address: 9500 FEATHER GRASS LN STE 120-164, FORT WORTH, TX, 76177, United States
 WT Partners, LLCWilliam ThaiManaging Director Small Business Grid WT Partners, LLC (WTP) was founded in 2018 and is a U.S. certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) consultancy based in Florida. WTP provides technical, advisory, strategy, grant/proposal writing, and management services solely to the Power, Energy, and Utilities ecosystem. Our former and current clients include academia, government, industry organizations, utilities, startups, and venture capital/private equity.


Phone: 9499434554

Address: 8911 LAUREATE BOULEVARD, ORLANDO, FL, 32827, United States
 Carnegie Mellon UniversityAna TorresAssistant Professor Academic Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear I am an assistant professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. My research is on synthesis (design), optimization, and techno-enviro-economic analysis of clean and sustainable processes. Areas of application and representative publications include:

1- Conversion of biomass and captured CO2 into fuels and chemicals
a- Biomass
- “Optimal Retrofitting of Conventional Oil Refinery into Sustainable Bio-refinery under Uncertainty”. AIChE Journal, 2024; e18371 doi:10.1002/aic.18371
- “A market-driven algorithm for the assessment of promising bio-based chemicals”, AIChE J.- Special Edition: “Futures Issue, 65(12), 2019
- “Biomass to chemicals: Design of an extractive-reaction process for the production of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural”, Computers & chemical engineering, 42, 130-137, 2012
- "Continuous Production of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural from Fructose: a Design Case Study”, Energy Environ. Sci., 3(10), 1560-1572, 2010
b- CO2
"CO2 capture from industrial plants for the production of marketable compounds" MS thesis Valeria González 2023.

2- Utilization and storage of energy storage from renewable sources
a- in batteries:
- “Effect of Tariff Policy and Battery Degradation on Optimal Energy Storage”.Processes, 6(10), 204, 2018
b- in chemicals:
- “Green hydrogen production: Process design and capacity expansion integrating economic and operational autonomy objectives”. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 63 (1),358, 2024
- “Coupling time-varying power sources to the production of green-hydrogen: a superstructure based approach for technology selection and optimal design.” Chem. Eng. Res. Des., 183, 235, 2022

3- Circular economy (NSF career award 2023):
- Design and Optimization of Circular Economy Networks: A Case Study of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). Proceedings of the 2024 FOCAPD Conference. Accepted
- “Recycling Rare Earth Elements from End-of-Life Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Motors”. Proceedings of the 2024 ESCAPE/PSE Conference. Accepted
- “Design and Optimization of Processes for Recovering Rare Earth Elements from End-of-Life Hard Disk Drives.” Proceedings of the 2024 FOCAPD Conference. Accepted

I earned a B.S. in Chemistry in 2003 and a diploma in Chemical Engineering in 2005, both from the Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay. In 2013 I earned my Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (University of Minnesota—Twin Cities). I completed my postdoctoral studies at MIT in 2014


Phone: 4129691699

Address: Doherty Hall 4210A, Pittsburgh, PA, 15213, United States
 Carbon CriticalMichael PasztiCEO Small Business Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear Carbon Critical developed a process that transforms organic waste into drop-in diesel and gasoline fuels. Feedstocks includes biosolids, food waste, source-separated organics, and even plastics. High water content is not a problem. The process pyrolyses, de-oxygenates, and purifies these wastes to produce hydrocarbon fuels identical to conventional diesel and gasoline but with zero net-carbon emissions. Byproducts include a modest amount of char, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. Carbon Critical has plans for a 100 tonne per day facility.


Phone: 415-605-9403

Address: 107 S B St STE 300, San Mateo, CA, 94401, United States
 Colorado School of MinesParisa BazaziAssistant Professor Academic Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear My research background is multidisciplinary, spanning colloid and interface sciences, porous media sciences, thermodynamics, and fluid dynamics. In recent years, I have been focused on the design and formulation of Spongy Structured Liquids for 3D liquid-in-liquid printing with the applications in energy storage, microreactors, and tissue engineering. Currently, we are working on all-in-liquid materials for hydrogen storage and transport. Also, my group is focused on the hydrogen production from industrial iron-wastes. With the energy industry on the cusp of a significant transition, my research aims to harness these innovations, aligning with the broader vision of Programmable Materials for Energy Applications.


Phone: 6092403537

Address: 1600 Arapahoe St, Golden, CO, 80401, United States
 Northern Illinois UniversityTao XuProfessor Academic Power Generation: Renewable Our team has the capability and extensive experience in converting CO2 to value-added chemicals at scale (to C2 compounds). To specifically address the area of interests of this call, we are looking for industrial partners that have expertise in petroleum chemical engineering.


Phone: 815-753-6357

Address: Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, DeKalb, IL, 60115, United States
 Seaquest Energy CorporationDan DockterCEO Small Business Other Energy Technologies Seaquest Energy Corporation is an energy transition decarbonization company providing chemical catalysts, gas-to-liquid (GTL) reactors, and technology licensing for patented high-efficiency/low hydrogen GTL catalysis of syngas to synthetic fuel and synthetic BTX reformates.

Seaquest Energy’s proprietary OneStep™ catalysis technology uses a single reactor to convert low-hydrogen syngas (0.9 : 1.0 [H2 : CO]) into a synthetic reformate that can be conventionally distilled and refined into valuable transportation fuels including synthetic gasoline, synthetic diesel, and up to 25% jet fuel which can be classified as Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) depending on feedstock sources. A separate OneStep™ catalyst produces synthetic BTX chemicals with >50% xylene isomers.

OneStep™ technology differentiation:

• Half the H2 requirement compared to F-T gas-to-liquid catalysis
• Twice the CO2 utilization compared to F-T gas-to-liquid catalysis
• Single reactor vs. 3+ reactors and ancillary pressure, pumping, and heat management equipment
• Flexibility and control in hydrocarbon output to meet current market demands
• Simple “shell and tube” reactor design


Phone: 503-512-0585

Address: 4504 Stevens Ave., Minneapolis, MN, 55419, United States
 AquaPot Tech LLCOkechukwu Charles NwambaCTO/Co-Founder Individual Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear CleanTech: liquid to gaseous fuels using modified graphite electrodes with improved and sustained electron transfer kinetics.

Using solely electrons to incinerate PFAS-contaminated water and wastewater from domestic and industrial sources.
Website: In stealth mode


Phone: 2083102049

Address: 1235 S BENTON ST, LAKEWOOD, CO, 80232, United States
 University of MiamiChunlei WangProfessor Academic Other Energy Technologies Prof. Wang's research group specializes in developing micro and nanofabrication methods to create innovative micro and nanostructures and synthesizing nanomaterials with unique structures and properties beneficial for energy storage and power generation applications.
Relevant research topics: (1) nanoconfined electrochemically active materials; (2) Microelectrode arrays for in-situ sensing and diagnosis; (3) self-healing interface.


Phone: 3052843308

Address: McArthur Engineering Building, room 225, 1251 Memorial Dr, Coral Gables,, FL, 33124, United States
 University of MichiganYang Zhang (YZ)Professor Academic Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear Our research can be summarized into two words: Matter and Machine. In the realm of Matter, we synergistically integrates statistical mechanics and molecular fluid mechanics theories, accelerated molecular simulations, understandable AI methods, and neutron scattering experiments to extend our understanding of rare events and long timescale phenomena in complex material systems. Particular emphasis is placed on the physics and chemistry of liquids and complex fluids, especially at interfaces, under extreme conditions, or when driven away from equilibrium. Concurrently, on the Machine front, leveraging our expertise in materials and modeling, we advance the development of soft robots and human-compatible machines, swarm robots and collective intelligence, and robots in extreme environments. These two research areas, spanning from fundamental to applied, serve as integral pillars in our overarching mission to foster a sustainable, resilient, and secure energy infrastructure.

Rare events and long timescale phenomena in complex material systems
Physics and chemistry of liquids, glasses, and complex fluids, especially under interfacial/extreme/non-equilibrium conditions (water, metallic liquids, molten salts, ionic liquids, electrolyte solutions)
Statistical mechanics and molecular fluid mechanics theories, accelerated molecular simulations, understandable AI methods
Neutron scattering, sources, and instrumentation
Soft robots and human-compatible machines
Swarm robots and collective intelligence
Robots in extreme environments


Phone: 5188828418

Address: 2927 Cooley Building, 2355 Bonisteel Boulevard, Ann Arbor, MI, 48109, United States
 Biosolar Energy CorporationMichael LandmeierFounder Small Business Other Energy Technologies Most CO2 capture chemistries destroy potential energy when contacting the feed stream.

We have identified a nature-inspired CO2 capture chemistry that recognizes that CO2 in the feed is potential energy and utilizes that energy to regenerate the aqueous solvent.

A software simulator has been developed that shows this technology can remove CO2 from any gas mixture. The simulator also shows that CO2 can be passively removed from the air using as little as 1.7 GJ. The team has recently identified optimizations that should reduce this number further.

We are submitting proposals to the DOE (SPARKS), but the team does not like the lead researcher because of a lack of chemical engineering experience.

Partnering with an established research team would be beneficial for this potential breakthrough CO2 capture technology.


Phone: +1 04802462047

Address: 9097 S Whisper Cove RD, SANDY, UT, 84094, United States
 Saint-Gobain NorProDave van der WielSenior Principal Research Engineer Large Business Other Energy Technologies Saint-Gobain NorPro's advanced ceramic technologies span over 150 years with well-known solutions for catalytic reactor processing and heat & mass transfer applications. We are the leading supplier of custom catalyst carriers, bed topping media, support media and other products that support chemical, refining, petrochemical, gas processing and industrial environmental industries.

90% of our catalyst carriers are co-developed with customers from an impressive variety of materials ranging from alumina to zirconia. We provide commercial products with low to high surface area, varying surface acidity, specific crystalline structures, and tailored porosity ranges.

Saint-Gobain NorPro is proud of its elaborate research and development facilities and team, diligently working to provide our customers with the latest technology to improve their overall processes and bottom line.

Our team of research and development professionals are highly-skilled and experienced and have the passion to do whatever it takes to imagine, develop and manufacture technology-driven ceramic solutions to meet your current and future challenges - including developing sustainable solutions that help to minimize the formation of C02 in your processes.

Saint-Gobain NorPro operates seven world class manufacturing facilities on three continents. Our strategically located manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe, and the United States maintain the strictest product and material standards and provide the same consistent high-quality and outstanding service to customers the world over.

Our reputation is fueled by our desire to be the best and to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers. As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, we continuously monitor and measure our performance at all of our facilities. Our goal is to identify and make improvements wherever possible, investing in our team and in our manufacturing processes and capabilities.


Phone: 2342880115

Address: 3840 Fishcreek Road, Stow, OH, 44224, United States
 Fulgens ConsultingSeth RhoadesManaging Member Small Business Bioenergy Computational biology, Bioengineering


Phone: 4849485999

Address: 113 Beaumont Avenue, Mewton, MA, 02460, United States
 National Renewable Energy LaboratoryEvan ReznicekHydrogen systems analyst Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Power Generation: Renewable Relevant background and capabilities: Process modeling, simulation, and optimization of technologies for energy storage and synthetic fuel production; transient process and power cycle simulation, techno-economic analysis of hydrogen technologies for energy storage and industrial applications such as steel and ammonia

Relevant interests: Design, optimization, and techno-economic analysis of power-to-X processes


Phone: 303-384-6894

Address: 15013 Denver West Parkway, Golden, CO, 80401, United States
 PlasmaTech Energy SystemsAndrew M. DanielResearcher Small Business Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear My education is firmly rooted in the fundamental sciences of chemistry, electro-chemistry, astrophysics, standard physics, quantum mechanics, string theory and biology.

At the core of my intellectual pursuits is a relentless curiosity for the unexplained and uncharted areas of theoretical phenomena. I’m deeply fascinated with rare occurrences like non-thermal ball lightning, the enigmatic nature of black holes, the mysteries surrounding dark energy and dark matter, and the exploration of concepts such as anti-gravity and time manipulation. My interests also extend to studying ultra-powerful cosmic rays, the wave propagation of photons, the existence and properties of virtual particles, and the intricate realms of string theory.

Creativity is the fuel for my theoretical and practical endeavors. I dedicate much of my spare time to developing new inventions and merging old technologies with recent discoveries. This process is not just about crafting new products; it’s about reenvisioning possibilities, pushing scientific boundaries, and constantly challenging established theories with innovative ideas and methods.

My Contributions and Innovations:
1. Unified Grand Theory of Everything: I’ve established a unified grand theory that encapsulates the fundamental aspects of the universe, serving as a foundation for various other inventions and discoveries.
2. Anti-Gravity Propulsion: I’ve designed a propulsion technology that uses the repelling forces between matter and antimatter particles to generate thrust, opening a new chapter in propulsion methodologies.
3. Zero-Carbon Energy Generation: In my quest for sustainable energy solutions, I’ve innovated a technology that harnesses the power of hydrogen, alongside a blend of advanced scientific principles including strong electromagnetic fields, electrostatic forces, and unique aspects of quantum physics. This intricate combination, along with several other key variables, enables the production of a superfluid-like substance.
4. Exploring Black Hole Singularities: I’ve determined the chemical and physical properties of singularities within black holes, contributing valuable insights to the field of astrophysics.
5. Innovating Complex Matter Structures: Through the manipulation of scalar waves, I’ve devised a method for generating complex structures of matter such as advanced meta-materials.
6. Interference-Free Communication: Designed a novel communication system immune to electromagnetic interfe


Phone: 778-871-7345

Address: 2810-13325 102A Ave, Surrey, BC, V3T 0J5, Canada
 National Renewable Energy LabWilson McNearyResearcher III Federal Government Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear Our team is developing a solid phase reactive CO2 capture material and process for integrated CO2 capture (point source or DAC) and conversion to C1 molecules (e.g., MeOH, CO). We are interested in further catalyst development of the solid phase dual function material, durability testing, integration with intermittent renewables, and non-contact heating technologies such as induction or Joule heating. Our capabilities include microreactor test systems with online gas analysis, in situ and in operando DRIFTS, and advanced synthesis techniques including atomic layer deposition (ALD).

Please see our recent publication in EES Catalysis ( for more information.


Phone: 303-384-6870

Address: 15013 Denver West Parkway, Golden, CO, 80401, United States
 University of Texas at ArlingtonChris BoyerAssoc. Prof. Practice, Dir. Industrial Engagement Academic Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear Electrochemical engineering, Reactive Distillation, Renewable Energy Systems, Techno Economic Analysis


Phone: 8172724110

Address: 416 Yates Street, Arlington, TX, 76010, United States
 Precision Combustion, Inc.Subir RoychoudhuryVP, Research & Engineering Small Business Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear Precision Combustion, Inc. is a privately held clean energy technology company developing and manufacturing components and systems for clean and efficient power generation, combustion, emissions control and chemical manufacturing applications. Our novel approach to reactor design and systems engineering enables efficient lower energy solutions and performance improvements for spark and compression ignition engines, fuel processing, syngas generation, hydrogen production, high temperature fuel cells and CO2 conversion. These products feature rapid response rates, enable wide turn-down ratios, and achieve thermal efficiencies significantly greater than conventional approaches, regardless of endothermic or exothermic operating modes. Additionally, we are active in related technologies including energy efficient state-of-the art solid sorbents for carbon capture, effective use of electric heating for reactor startup or operations, compact heat exchangers and C1-C2 hydrocarbon upgrading to liquids. We offer a full range of balance of plant activities, including in-house design, fabrication, testing, analysis and modeling and deliver turn-key solutions. Our core technologies include a range of catalyst formulations and high heat and mass transfer catalyst substrates. We have experience moving technology from concept to commercial solutions via the SBIR process, with funding from ARPA-E, DOE, NASA, DoD, and others.

PCI is seeking expertise in TCA/LCA modeling and renewable electricity availability, upstream and downstream commercialization partnerships and heterogenous catalyst or catalyst precursor manufacturing.


Phone: 2032873700 EXT 267

Address: 410 Sackett Point Road, North Haven, CT, 06473, United States
 National Renewable Energy LaboratoryAlon LidorSenior Research Engineer Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear Background: high-temperature thermochemical fuel production (solar-driven), thermal energy storage systems, performing both numerical, theoretical, and experimental work in the field. Development of system models for solar-driven high-temperature thermochemical fuel production processes.
Interests: development of electrically-heated chemical reactors, studying the dynamic behavior of chemical reactors, working on a novel concept for a dynamic RWGS reactor.
Capabilities: experimental testing of reactors/systems with high-purity hydrogen, system modeling with technoeconomic analysis (TEA), component modeling.


Phone: 303-275-4949

Address: 15013 Denver West Parkway, Golden, CO, 80401, United States
 Colorado State UniversityReza NazemiAssistant Professor Academic Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear Our team at Colorado State University has expertise in materials synthesis, electrocatalysis, process engineering, and TEA and LCA analyses. We have developed and demonstrated a bench-scale electrochemical reactor to convert small molecules such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide to value-added chemicals (ammonia and methanol). We have funded industry projects on large-scale demonstrations of electrochemical ammonia synthesis. We have evaluated the performance of our electrochemical reactors under dynamic operation. Powerhouse Energy Campus is home to a 180 kW electrolysis system, hydrogen storage, a high-pressure H2 refueling station, and large industrial engines, including a 3.5 MW Centaur 40 gas turbine (Solar Turbines) and a 1 MW spark-ignited engine (CAT).

For this call, we seek industry partners to help us with large-scale demonstrations (pilot-scale systems) of dynamically operating electrochemical reactors for CO2 conversion to methanol and provide input for process intensification.


Phone: 906-281-8770

Address: 430 N College Ave, Fort Collins, CO, 80524, United States
 RTI InternationalSameer ParvathikarDirector, Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Non-Profit Other Energy Technologies RTI is an independent non-profit research institute focused on improving the human condition by turning knowledge into practice. RTI's Technology Advancement and Commercialization (TAC) business unit develops and derisks step-out technologies by transitioning them through lab-, bench-, and pilot-scales to commercialization. RTI maintains fully developed lab facilities that include PEM electrolyzers, custom high-pressure, high-temperature gas-to-liquids prototype plants, as well as pilot-scale facilities that include CO2 capture, sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and methanol pilot plants. RTI has a long history of leveraging these facilities to support demonstrations of both in-house developed technologies and those developed by university, start-up, and industrial partners.

RTI is also currently leading several ARPA-E-funded projects and programs including REFUEL, REFUEL+IT, and FLECCS in which we have demonstrated subject matter expertise to demonstrate flexible chemical synthesis. These areas of expertise include:
- Design and build of bench- and pilot-scale renewables to liquids platforms
- Operational expertise of bench- and pilot-scale systems
- Integration with point-source carbon capture and direct air capture
- Technoeconomics, process optimization, and lifecycle analyses of chemical synthesis integrated with intermittent renewables
- Team building and stakeholder (from power generation asset owners to technology providers and offtakers) engagement
- Tech to market and commercialization support, including market assessments, IP landscape and freedom-to-operate, supply chain analyses, and commercialization plan development.

RTI looks to support any technology developers (universities, start-ups, and industry) in the areas of expertise detailed above and as a potential host site for technology demonstrations.


Phone: 9195416783

Address: 3040 East Cornwallis Road, Research Triangle Park, NC, 27709, United States
 Carbon Utility LLCJay FosterCEO Small Business Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear Carbon Utility is a developer of patent pending direct air capture (DAC) technology that removes CO2 from air at low cost using only renewable electricity and water. Our core advantage is our modular and scalable system design allowing us to place our units as close to the point of end use as possible. We also generate green hydrogen (H2) as a by-product and have successfully converted these outputs into renewable methanol, which is a fast-growing lower emission fuel source increasing in use by the shipping industry.

New and innovative solutions are needed to reduce CO2 emissions with direct air capture (DAC) and synthetic fuel synthesis being estimated as a clean energy technological solution at our disposal with the potential to remove at least 10 million tons of CO2 annually per year. Our solution focuses on modular and scalable solutions that can be deployed rapidly creating a self-sufficient system that utilizes only air, water and electricity to produce a readily available sustainable fuel source.

Carbon Utility LLC was established in May 2022 as an Arizona-based LLC focused on commercializing direct air capture (DAC) and synthetic fuel synthesis technologies utilizing only CO2 and H2 as recycled inputs from our DAC system. In August of 2022 Carbon Utility LLC participated in the Net Impact Future of Energy accelerator program and took first place in the final pitch event. As a result, Carbon Utility LLC received non-dilutive funding from Shell GameChanger and in December of 2022 we joined the University of Arizona Center for Innovation (UACI) as a client company to take advantage of the many resources available to early-stage hard technology companies in Southern Arizona.


Phone: 6235707205

Address: 3150 N 31st Street, Mesa, AZ, 85213, United States
 AECOMRen FarmerProject Manager and Process Engineer Large Business Other Energy Technologies AECOM Process Technologies is an engineering procurement and construction (EPC) group, with a focus on technology development and full service labs and analytical capabilities to support troubleshooting, scale-up and 3rd party assessment.
Experienced in:
- Chemical, mechanical, electrical, structural/civil and instrumentation engineering.
- ARPA-E and DOE project management.
- Technoeconomic analysis, pilot and parametric testing, sampling and troubleshooting, full-service EPC, Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), permitting, modeling and much more.
- Balance of plant (BOP) support for variety of reactor designs, catalysts, sorbents, hydrogen production, etc.
- Air, water and wastewater treatment, carbon capture and emissions control.

Let us help you with you develop your renewables-to-liquids technology and engineering installation!


Phone: 5127695605

Address: 9400 Amberglen Blvd, Austin, TX, 78729, United States
 FedsproutAalap ShahPresident and CEO Small Business Other Energy Technologies As ARPA-E awardees embark on their projects, adequate recordkeeping and project reporting become crucial for successful reporting and timely invoice payments. Fedsprout provides a comprehensive solution designed to support ARPA-E awardees throughout the entire period of project performance, offering a streamlined approach to invoicing and project reporting.

Fedsprout provides customizable reporting templates tailored to ARPA-E's specific reporting requirements. Fedsprout can assist awardees in generating detailed reports on project progress, milestones achieved, and financial performance. This flexibility ensures that reporting is accurate and aligns seamlessly with ARPA-E's expectations. Fedsprout creates invoices and assists the awardee in obtaining all relevant information to be submitted. Fedsprout validates invoices against project milestones, budgetary constraints, and other compliance parameters and keeps track of direct and indirect expenses.

Fedsprout's team of experts is well-versed in Federal Acquisition Regulations and the Code of Federal Regulations. Several staff members have been past ARPA-E principal investigators.


Phone: 8443947268

Address: 76 Pettit Pl, Princeton, NJ, 08540, United States
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