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 Borehole Mining International, Inc.Gregory AbramovPresident and CEO Small Business Other Energy Technologies Borehole Mining (BHM) is a remotely operated method of extracting natural resources through boreholes. It is conducted from land surface and floating platforms. BHM is used for mining of iron, uranium, coal, tin, manganese, etc. as well as for stimulation of O&G production. Since no personnel are required underground and no earth movement and other large-scale environmental disturbance, BHM is the most eco-friendly mining and stimulation technology. It is also a rapid, safe and cost-effective method. For more, please see: SME Surface Mining Handbook, 3rd Edition (2023), Chapter 23 and


Phone: 3039312010

Address: 10896 W. Beloit PL, Lakewood, CO, 80227, United States
 University of GeorgiaCharlotte GaringAssistant Professor Academic Other Energy Technologies I am a hydrogeologist with 10+ years experience studying flow and mineral reactions in geological formations, primarily in the context of geological carbon storage.
My research group is dedicated to the experimental investigation of multiphase flow and reactive transport in geological materials, and associated image analysis (X-ray micro-CT) and flow and geochemical simulations (pore-scale and continuum-scale modeling).
Current capabilities include characterization of rocks properties (porosity, morphology/topology of 3D pore space, permeability, mineralogy, distribution of reactive minerals within rock samples), conduct core-flooding reactive experiments in real rocks, and perform microfluidic experiments in rock replicate microchips to visualize the dynamics of multiphase flow and transport processes at the pore-scale.


Phone: 6504756051

Address: 210 Field Street, Department of Geology, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 30602, United States
 University of UtahWilliam BrazeltonAssociate Research Professor Academic Other Energy Technologies I am a microbiologist with expertise in metagenomic sequencing approaches. I have worked in H2-rich, subsurface systems for >20 years as a project lead and also as an interdisciplinary collaborator. I can provide "big data" computational approaches to the study of microbial communities. I have worked with a broad array of multi-disciplinary scientists and engineers throughout my career.


Phone: 2064076956

Address: School of Bioogical Sciences, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, 84103, United States
 IFP energies NouvellesOlivier SissmannResearch scientist Federal Government Power Generation: Renewable I am a geochemist who obtained a BSc in Geology from the University of Queensland, Australia, before travelling back to France to obtain a PhD on CO2 mineral storage from Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris and Ecole Normale Supérieure. I then joined IFP Energies Nouvelles as a research scientist, where I have been working on native H2 emissions ("white hydrogen") ever since, collecting associated rock and gas samples around the globe to understand the origin of geologic H2, quantify its emissions, as well as the generation potential of rock formations.

Our group has a large number of capabilities that may suit projects related to geologic hydrogen.
We can :

(1) efficiently run sampling campaign on the field and run in situ measurements with different detectors, whether it's to detect gases such as H2, analyze water (pH, eH) or screen rock composition for iron;

(2) run stable isotope analysis of H2 and associated volatiles at the lab through GCC-IRMS, whether they are gaseous (CH4, CO2 ...) or dissolved compounds (formate, acetate, methanol...), that indicate H2 consumption in the subsurface to quantify and identify the source of H2. We are also equipped with a highly sensitive GC with a plasma detector that can detect H2 down to the ppm level in small volumes.

(3) analyze water samples for microorganisms consuming H2 (acetogens, methanogens, sulfato-reducers ...).

(4) measure dissolved H2 concentration in water samples, down to the nmolar level with electrochemical sensors.

(5) analyze associated noble gases (such as Helium) to get information on residence time of associated gas flux in the subsurface and its origin (crust or mantle).

(6) analyze rock samples and alteration figures, by combining x-ray diffraction, electronic microcopy, microprobe and µtomography, to determine mineralogy, quantify alteration and iron valency, in order to determine past and future H2 generation potential.

(7) run HP/HT fluid rock interactions experiments, in order to determine H2 generation kinetics of select rock formations (and use it later as input data for numerical modelling).

(8) perform reactive transport modelling on a regional scale, through the use of our own numerical codes.


Phone: +33147525009

Address: 1 et 4 avenue de Bois-Préau, Rueil-Malmaison, 92500, France
 Iskandia Energy Operating, Inc.Adam FarrisVP West Small Business Other Energy Technologies Exploration and Production company.


Phone: 5125506388

Address: 801 Travis, Houston, TX, 77070, United States
 H2 Helium LLCWheeler M. "Bo" Sears, Jr.President Small Business Other Energy Technologies Dear Sir/Madam, my company, H2 Helium LLC, is focused on helium and natural hydrogen production principally in the State of Montana. I have been involved in the helium exploration business for the past 23 years, have testified in Congress regarding drilling for helium on Federal Lands, and have written a book (Helium - The Disappearing Element, 2015) about helium. In my investigations, we have uncovered incredibly strong geological hydrogen potential along with helium production from certain areas in the State of Montana. For instance, there is a well that flowed 27% Hydrogen and 2.2% Helium out of the same formation. The areas in question sit on Archean Cratons (oldest rock in North America, and thus the most enriched in Uranium and Thorium) from which iron-rich crustal rock is able to be reduced via serpentinization to produce geological Hydrogen. We are currently installing a "collaborative drilling program" so that multiple interested parties can pursue their own interests (helium, hydrogen, geothermal, lithium, etc) out of a single wellbore. We would enjoy the opportunity to work with ARPA-E on this geological hydrogen effort. Montana represents the most exciting location for geological hydrogen as it is the only State where it was recently tested. Other older wells in Iowa tested very high geological Hydrogen but were not productive. Thank you, Bo Sears


Phone: 2144553383

Address: 7111 Glendora Ave, Dallas, TX, 75230, United States
 University of GeorgiaAdam MilewskiProfessor of Hydrogeology Academic Other Energy Technologies I am a hydrogeologist with training in subsurface hydrologic modeling, remote sensing/UAVs, and data science.


Phone: 706-542-4263

Address: 210 Field Street, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 30602, United States
 Getech Group plcWilliam HeinsChief Geoscientist Small Business Other Energy Technologies Getech possesses the world's largest and highest-quality compilation of gravity and magnetic data, and has decades of experience processing and interrogating this data for resource exploration. The potential lithologic repositories of reduced iron for hydrogen generation are ultramafic rocks and iron ores with distinctive potential-fields signatures that should be identifiable with our data.


Phone: 17139920724

Address: 16225 Park Ten Place, Suite 500, Houston, TX, 77084, United States
 University of OklahomaDeepak DevegowdaProfessor Academic Other Energy Technologies Our team of Drs. Chandra Rai, Mark Curtis and Son Dang have extensive capabilities in rock physics, geochemistry and petrophysics as well as molecular and continuum-scale modeling, including reactive modeling. Our current research is focused on assessing CO2 and H2 geochemistry in the subsurface for long-term storage. Our experimental and modeling capabilities are synergistic and have been used to validate reactive forcefields for molecular simulations.

Our interest in this project is the modeling and characterization of geologic hydrogen resources. Our laboratory capabilities include capabilities to handle hydrogen and other gases at high pressure and temperature conditions and to monitor and assess hydrogen consumption/generation as it occurs.

Our capabilities can address a variety of challenges in Category 1, 3 and 4.


Phone: 4056289626

Address: 100 E. Boyd St, Norman, OK, 73072, United States
 SRI InternationalRahul PandeySenior Engineer Non-Profit Other Energy Technologies Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)-part of SRI International has developed a hydrogen gas sensing technology which can detect sub-ppm hydrogen concentrations and ppb-level perturbations in hydrogen concentrations required for large area monitoring of hydrogen seeps at the surface for characterizing and monitoring sites identified for geologic hydrogen extraction and storage.
Located in Silicon valley, PARC, now part of SRI International, has been at the heart of some of the most important technological breakthroughs of our time. Practicing open innovation, PARC provides custom R&D services, technology, intellectual property and innovation best practices to Fortune 500 companies, startups and government agencies.


Phone: 650-859-5248

Address: 3333 Coyote Hill Rd, Palo Alto, CA, 94304, United States
 New ENgland Research, IncGregory BoitnottVice President Small Business Other Energy Technologies New England Research (NER) was founded in 1985 to study the behavior of rocks at in situ conditions from the pore to the meter scale. Over the last 35+ years, NER has developed unique, custom equipment to conduct experiments as part of government and industry supported R&D projects. Progressive improvements in technique, analysis software, and hardware have incorporated into the design of each system which we use for commercial service work as well as sell as commercial products.

Over the past ten years, there has been an increasing demand for rock properties measurements at temperatures up to 450°C and at pressures up 400 MPa for geothermal programs, rock-fluid interactions at mid-crustal depths, frictional properties for studies of intermediate depth earthquakes, engineering of deep boreholes, and geophysical exploration. To support these studies, NER has modified the AutoLab series to operate at these conditions, providing a solid starting point for this study. The HPHT AutoLab systems support NER’s standard measurement options: velocity, permeability, electrical resistivity, and deformation.

We envision our role in a Geologic Hydrogen project to advance the state of the art in laboratory testing and physical properties modeling of petrophysical and geophysical rock properties including coupled THMC deformation during serpentinization. As examples, the integrated laboratory and modeling focused work could be directed at:

• Geophysical properties and their evolution during serpentinization to support for exploration for, and monitoring of, potential test sites.
• Hydromechanical properties for modeling and engineering of sustainable hydrogen generation and the potential of stimulation techniques.
• Integration of testing with modeling capabilities and workflow aimed at engineering the economic production of H2 from ultramafic source rocks.


Phone: 802-296-2401

Address: 331 Olcott Drive, Suite L1, White River Junction, VT, 05001, United States
 California Geological SurveyBrad T. GoochSenior Engineering Geologist State and/or Local Government Other Energy Technologies The California Geological Survey (CGS) is one of the oldest state geologic surveys in the US and has been mapping the surface geology of the state since its inception in 1860, as well as serving the public an array of other applied geologic data products. The CGS employs over 140 geoscientists, environmental scientists, geospatial specialists, equipment technicians, and engineers, providing the organization with diverse and broad technical expertise in the applied geosciences.

The CGS recently began a Geological Carbon Sequestration Group to enhance the state's knowledge of subsurface geologic reservoirs suitable for sequestration activities. This work entails geological mapping and modeling the world-renown, ultramafic rock deposits of the state for carbon removal, critical mineral, and geologic hydrogen potential. The CGS is implementing various geological, geochemical, and geophysical methods to model and characterize these deposits to create timely, publicly available data products that will be critical to managing this valuable geological resource. The CGS is interested in working with industry, government, and academic partners to better understand the applied geology of the prolific ultramafic resources present in the state for all beneficial uses related to decarbonization.


Phone: 9168790361

Address: 2120 Campton Road, Eureka, CA, 95503, United States
 Susteon Inc.Raghubir GuptaCEO Small Business Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear Susteon has deep expertise in carbon capture, CO2 conversion, coal and biomass gasification, syngas cleanup and conditioning, gas separation including separation of hydrogen and CO2 from various streams. We have worked on a number of technologies in this domain for last 30 years, taking lab-scale discoveries to pilot and commercial demonstrations. Couple of notable examples include design, construction, and operation of a 50-MW syngas cleanup and conditioning system at Polk Power plant in Florida to take syngas generated from a petcock gasifier to produce hydrogen and 1,000 ton/day sequestration ready CO2. Another example is spinoff of a direct air capture technology to capture CO2 from air using novel sorbents and renewable energy. We have worked with DOE for last 35 years on a number of technology development projects with combined DOE funding of $350 million. For this initiative, we bring expertise in H2 separation/purification and process design. We also are working on a number of pathways to utilize carbon-free hydrogen to convert biogenic CO2 into hydrocarbon products.


Phone: 919-889-7183

Address: 5001 Weston Parkway, Suite 105, Cary, NC, 27513, United States
 Anglo AmericanDan ShafqatPrincipal - Decarbonisation Ventures Large Business Other Energy Technologies Anglo American is a leading global mining company and our products are the essential ingredients in almost every aspect of modern life. Our portfolio of world-class competitive operations, with a broad range of future development options, provides many of the future-enabling metals and minerals for a cleaner, greener, more sustainable world and that meet the fast growing every day demands of billions of consumers.

At Anglo American, we believe that hydrogen has a significant and wide-ranging role to play in achieving the low-carbon future needed to combat climate change. Hydrogen is a clean, green, versatile energy carrier of almost infinite supply and it has a vital role to play in delivering on that plan and decarbonising the world.

Anglo American initiatives include nuGen™, the first ultra-class mine haul truck of its size to run on hydrogen. Retrofitted from a diesel-powered vehicle, it combines a hybrid hydrogen fuel cell with a battery, to allow for energy recovery when breaking.

Anglo American is also a founding member of The Hydrogen Council - the global voice of clean hydrogen action. A CEO-led organisation, it uses its global reach to promote collaboration between governments, industry and investors to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen solutions around the world.

We are interested in collaborating with academics, entrepreneurs, corporations and other members of the ecosystem to explore leveraging our assets for the exploration and production of geologic hydrogen.


Phone: 07961016058

Address: 17 Charterhouse Street, London, EC1N 6RA, United Kingdom
 OsmosesHolden LaiCTO Small Business Other Energy Technologies Osmoses is developing scalable polymer membranes for gas separations. These membranes have record combinations of permeability and selectivity compared to all other known polymers for hydrogen-based separations and they can be formed into high surface area modules. We envision that our technology could be integrated into systems for hydrogen-based gas management and recovery.


Phone: 415-623-8616

Address: 750 Main Street, Cambridge, MA, 02139, United States
 Stealth startupFlorian OsselinDr. Small Business Other Energy Technologies Former academic researcher with more than 10 years' experience, 5 of which on the in situ production of geologic H2. I am the future CTO of a soon-to-exist startup aiming at the production of geologic H2 from serpentinization.

We plan to test our technology on a pilot site and are looking for collaborations including reservoir modeling, geophysics, geochemistry, subsurface microbiology... to obtain the most from this field-scale experimentation.


Phone: +33632580443

Address: 1A Rue de la Férollerie, Orléans, 45000, France
 Project AlphaJames HollisPrincipal Small Business Other Energy Technologies Project Alpha is a consortium of 3 companies that are collaborating to develop a faster, better and more cost-effective way to characterize and identify surface expressions of naturally occurring hydrogen. Vy Corporation is contributing a novel machine vision technology that uses Bezier Curves vectorization providing fast and efficient self labeling and auditable characterization abilities. Uroboros provides access and deep geoscientific knowledge access to relevant geospatial data sets including multi and hyperspectral, SAR and other key geophysical data layers. Hydrogenesis brings additional geoscience know-how in addition to deep relationships with global political and economic leaders. The Project Alpha consortium is focused on scanning across multiple available data sources to quickly and accurately identify hydrogen surface anomalies and prioritize new discovery opportunities.


Phone: +1 2812223400

Address: 567 Len Way, Incline Village, NV, 89451, United States
 GenHydro INCWilliam MonacciDirector Small Business Power Generation: Renewable GenHydro INC is a minority owned early stage renewable energy company this is developing a novel process for producing clean hydrogen at a groundbreaking lower cost compared to established green hydrogen production methods. The process utilizes higher grades of aluminum to include varieties of scrap material in a self sustaining reactant based process that results in hydrogen, electricity, and commercial grade alumina byproducts. The goal of this process is to substantially reduce the requirement for carbon based fuels for the transportation sector including vehicle, rail and eventually the maritime and aviation industries. We are partnering with Stanley Black & Decker and Ford Motor Company among others to aid in reducing their carbon footprint. At its core GenHydro’s technology takes advantage of the metal-water reaction. Certain metals react with water to scavenge the oxygen from the water molecule, liberating hydrogen atoms and forming a metal hydroxide in the process. GenHydro uses this process to react aluminum with water, releasing hydrogen from the water, forming aluminum oxides (alumina), and generating heat. Adding one or more chemical promoters can facilitate the reaction. The GenHydro proprietary process uses two promoters that have been selected based on hydrogen yield, reaction time, aluminum consumption and the cost of material. They aid in removing the metal oxide layer, and can continuously hinder oxide layer formation until the aluminum is fully reacted. The promoter-based approach can be used for lower temperature and lower pressure reaction conditions and can be suitable for smaller scale systems. GenHydro’s system development is focused on optimizing certain parameters associated with the output of the reaction. The important factors that are guiding GenHydro’s system development pathway include minimizing the cost of reactor inputs, optimizing aluminum consumption and hydrogen production, as well as producing high value alumina outputs that can be marketed. The goal of the deployable commercial system is production of 16 kilograms of hydrogen per hour on a continuous basis while utilizing the heat and pressure resulting from the reaction in a turbine based approach to produce 0.78 MW of electricity per hour. The modular system is then scaled depending on the requirements of the user. GenHydro’s current approach, used in testing with the Gen 2 reactor, uses a fine aluminum powder combined with two promoters. The two promo


Phone: 7174138589

Address: 1064 New Holland Avenue, Lancaster, PA, 17601, United States
 HyTerra LtdLuke VelteropChief Operating Officer Small Business Power Generation: Renewable HyTerra is an Australian publicly listed company focussed on the exploration and production of naturally-occurring geologic hydrogen.

HyTerra has a portfolio of owned and operated lease holdings on the Nemaha Ridge, Kansas through its wholly owned US subsidiary HYT Operating LLC. Nemaha Ridge is an emerging play fairway, supported by at least 10 historical occurrences of natural hydrogen.

A focussed exploration program is now underway to mature prospects to permitted well sites in preparation for a multi-well drilling program in 2024.


Phone: +61 476 136 890

Address: Unit 9, 335 Hay St, Subiaco, 6008, Australia
 Bureau of Economic GeologyToti E. LarsonResearch Scientist Academic Other Energy Technologies Dr. Toti Larson is a Research Scientist and Principal Investigator of the Mudrock Systems Research Laboratory (MSRL) consortium at the University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology. As PI of the MSRL since 2019, Toti coordinates with Energy companies to identify knowledge gaps and develop subsurface geology characterization projects that leverage geological and petrophysical datasets. In his own research Toti applies geochemistry, stable isotope measurements, geology, and machine learning tools to develop predictive subsurface characterization models. In addition to subsurface characterization, Toti has developed gas and liquid fluid-flow experiments that are designed to identify reactive transport, and adsorption and dissolution processes. Projects have included geological CO22 sequestration, natural gas transport into shallow groundwater systems, and most recently abiotic hydrogen generation associated with ultra-mafic rocks.


Phone: 512-838-3230

Address: Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin, P.O. Box X, Austin, TX, 78713, United States
 Virginia TechRohit PandeyAssistant Professor Academic Other Energy Technologies My interests and expertise is in experimental geomechanics and reservoir characterization. The experimental facilities include tri-axial core flooding equipment, high pressure reactors and custom strain monitoring setups along with traditional geomechanical testing facilities. We aim to understand the mechanical and hydraulic response of source/reservoir rocks to ex-situ and in-situ treatments, as expected during serpentinization type processes.


Phone: 6182039423

Address: 445 Old Turner St, Blacksburg, VA, 24061, United States
 University of OklahomaDimitrios PapavassiliouProfessor Academic Other Energy Technologies Expertise: Computations with lattice Boltzmann methods, Lagrangian tracking of particles in porous media, nanoparticles and particle dispersion, multiphase flow, oil-water interfaces and interfacial behavior with surface active agents (Janus particles, surfactants, anisotropic nanoparticles). In addition, financial risk analysis and research administration. I have been an NSF program Director, and currently I am the Director of the School of Sustainable Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering. I am also the lead PI in a multidisciplinary project for hydrogen production and storage with no carbon emissions at the U of Oklahoma.


Phone: 4054766253

Address: 100 East Boyd St, SEC T301, Norman, OK, 73019, United States
 TensoraRob MoakCEO Small Business Other Energy Technologies Background:
Tensora is a geophysical services provider that offers both novel geophysical datasets, as well as multiphysics modeling and interpretation services for a variety of applications. We specialize in providing ultra-high resolution strain tensor data for characterizing and monitoring poroelastic processes in the subsurface. We have used shallow strain tensor data measured near the ground surface during well injection tests to characterize the properties and geometry of a reservoir at 500 m depth. Our technology has been developed with over $6M in support from the DOE and NSF.

We are interested in teaming with companies pursuing exploration, characterization or production of geologic hydrogen reservoirs. We will complement those activities by providing valuable monitoring and data interpretation services for tracking pressure changes caused by the migration of Hydrogen and other fluids in the subsurface.

Our capabilities include designing and deploying state-of-the-art instruments to conduct ultra-high resolution in situ deformation monitoring, as well as applying multiphysics models to interpret the resulting datasets. Our instruments deployed at shallow depths can characterize deformation caused by pressure variations at much greater depths. Interpreting these data can help track the migration of Hydrogen or other fluids in the subsurface. These capabilities could reduce costs of drilling and exploration, and help mitigate risks of leakage during production.


Phone: 6013174267

Address: 147 PRINCE ST, PR4/60B, Brooklyn, NY, 11201, United States
 Cemvita IncDr. Liz DennettChief Technology Officer (CTO) Individual Other Energy Technologies Cemvita is a US-based company with the major focus on clean energy production, including Hydrogen and to decrease greenhouse gas emissions in heavy industries.
Below, please see a summary of Cemvita's technical capabilities and areas of interest for the contribution in the geological hydrogen program.
1- Stimulation methods (including biotic and abiotic methods) for rapid/ enhanced hydrogen generation in subsurface from mineral resources.
2- In silico modeling, and laboratory simulation of the subsurface condition to predict the hydrogen generation capacity before and after the stimulation methods.
3- Advanced laboratory capabilities for simulation of subsurface/ reservoir conditions, including pressure, temperature, pH, mineral composition, rock permeability, by using sand-pack columns, and core flooding
4- Analytical laboratory capabilities for real time measurement of hydrogen production, including gas chromatography (GC), and LC-MS.
5- Analytical lab capabilities, including Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) to determine mineral composition of rocks.
6- Subsurface modeling tools and machine learning for risk mitigation, e.g., for prediction of the volumetric expansion, the effect of different biological and geochemical factors on H2 production in subsurface, prevention of hydrogen leakage, prevention of greenhouse (CO2/ Methane) emissions, prediction of geochemical reactions between hydrogen and minerals (based on the composition of rocks).
7- Advanced Biotechnology laboratory capabilities for understanding the subsurface biological effect on hydrogen production.
8- Modeling of geochemical reactions on subsurface hydrogen production (e.g., the impact of iron and radioactive elements in rocks on hydrogen production under specific geological/ geobiological conditions.
9- Access to mobile/ portable analytical tools for the detection/ measurement of Hydrogen production in the field,
10- Access to a multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers with backgrounds in subsurface/ reservoir engineering, geochemical engineering, geomicrobiology, and process engineering.
11- Collaboration with partners from mining industry.
12- Expertise in subsurface engineering including separation/ purification of hydrogen from other gases.


Phone: +1 (608) 354- 6949; +1 (832) 269- 7111

Address: 9350 Kirby Dr, Suite 100, Houston, TX, 77054, United States
 GTI EnergyShadi SalahshoorSr. Technical Leader Non-Profit Other Energy Technologies Over 80 years of technology development and commercialization for the Energy Industry


Phone: 8477680979

Address: 1700 S Mount Prospect Rd, Des Plaines, IL, 60018, United States
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