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 FedsproutAalap ShahPresident and CEO Small Business Other Energy Technologies As ARPA-E awardees embark on their projects, adequate recordkeeping and project reporting become crucial for successful reporting and timely invoice payments. Fedsprout provides a comprehensive solution designed to support ARPA-E awardees throughout the entire period of project performance, offering a streamlined approach to invoicing and project reporting.

Fedsprout provides customizable reporting templates tailored to ARPA-E's specific reporting requirements. Fedsprout can assist awardees in generating detailed reports on project progress, milestones achieved, and financial performance. This flexibility ensures that reporting is accurate and aligns seamlessly with ARPA-E's expectations. Fedsprout creates invoices and assists the awardee in obtaining all relevant information to be submitted. Fedsprout validates invoices against project milestones, budgetary constraints, and other compliance parameters and keeps track of direct and indirect expenses.

Fedsprout's team of experts is well-versed in Federal Acquisition Regulations and the Code of Federal Regulations. Several staff members have been past ARPA-E principal investigators.


Phone: 8443947268

Address: 76 Pettit Pl, Princeton, NJ, 08540, United States
 Purdue UniversityYu SheAssistant Professor Academic Other Energy Technologies Dr. She's lab at Purdue University focused on tactile sensing and robotic manipulation, including robotic assembly/disassembly in confined space, vision/touch empowered assembly, deformable object manipulation. A notable highlight of his work is the introduction of a novel multimodal sensing technique in robotics, achieved by embedding cameras within soft robot fingers. This technology enables the estimation of various physical properties of objects, such as geometry, hardness, and texture, as well as the states of the robots, such as proprioception, which significantly enhances robotic interaction with their surroundings, such as assembly and disassembly. His research also encompasses the design of compliant and soft robots, such as robotic hands/grippers, mobile robots, and snake robots. He developed advanced statics, kinematics, and dynamic modeling to guide the engineering design of these robots. The research experience may be applied to battery pack disassembly.


Phone: 6174171367

Address: 315 N Grant Street, West Lafayette, IN, 47906, United States
 ChemiLattice, IncJoseph C MagnottiDirector - Owner Small Business Power Generation: Renewable ChemiLattice Inc has patents pending on purely inorganic liquid crystal media and solid-state electrolytes (SSEs),composed of rare-earth metal and transition metal coordination complexes, and working prototype electrochemical cells using the SSEs. The SSEs exhibit an ionic conductivity superior to any solid electrolytes currently on the market or in development, they require no special handling and are prepared at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, and they can be applied in the liquid phase to electrodes during the assembly of all-solid-state batteries, ensuring electrolyte-electrode contact equivalent to liquid electrolytes while maintaining the higher energy density of solid electrolytes. The SSEs can be used in electrochemical cells employing any electrodes having a redox potential difference and are not restricted to electrodes containing lithium metal.


Phone: 6562041539

Address: 3301 N. 33 St., Tampa, FL, 33605, United States
 Cool Amps Corp.Thomas MaddenChief Technology Officer Small Business Power Generation: Renewable The Principal Investigator has recent experience in developing a novel electrochemical extraction technique of transition metals from end-of-life lithium-ion batteries. This technique is filed with the U.S. Patent Office as the following invention: "Electrochemical Recycling Systems and Methods for End-of_life and Scrap Lithium-ion Batteries. The investigator also has relevant experience in the design & operation of elevated-temperature electrochemical cells. These cells demonstrated and accurately quantified the effects of elevated temperature on methanol electro-oxidation. This work was completed at the University of Washington in 2001 and supported by the Petroleum Research Fund (Dr. Nancy Jensen - - (202) 872-6186). He also has several highly-cited papers describing the treatment of metal-EDTA complexes using TiO2 photocatalysis (PC), in particular Ni- and Co-EDTA (ref). This work is particularly relevant as it showed that the PC process selectively oxidizes the chelating carboxylic acid groups of the EDTA, thus freeing the metal ions. This research was completed at Sandia National Laboratories in 1997 and supported by the U.S. Department of Energy under Contract DE-AC-04-94AL85000 (Maria Vasquez - 505-845-4805).


Phone: 860-944-6421

Address: 2767 Hebron Avenue, Glastonbury, CT, 06033, United States
 Arizona State UniversityNicholas RolstonAssistant Professor Academic Power Generation: Renewable We study the connection between material degradation in energy materials and devices with the evolution of mechanical and environmental stress. We leverage scalable, open-air deposition methods to fabricate robust energy devices toward the goal of manufacturing. We use thin-film metrologies along with newly developed and custom-built equipment to characterize material properties and reliability on length scales from angstroms to meters. Projects and interests include the following efforts:

1. Rapid SoH characterization to measure battery degradation for second life applications: Use of machine learning (ML) methods with knowledge constraints developed through inputs such as equivalent circuit modeling to fit EIS and complemented with mechanical properties for understanding of both the chemomechanics and failure mechanisms underpinning battery degradation (ML methods demonstrated for energy harvesting devices in Z. Liu*, N. Rolston* et al., Joule, 2022

2. Quantitative adhesion measurements to measure and design reversibly bonded adhesives for stimuli-responsive systems (Adhesion methods demonstrated in N. Rolston et al., Advanced Energy Materials, 2018,

3. Design of battery cell materials with desired mechanical properties to enable robust and long-lasting devices and systems (M. Sahal et al., ACS Omega, 2023

4. Use of open-air plasmas to functionalize surfaces and interfaces to control material properties for rapid manufacturing and reversibility (N. Rolston et al., Frontiers in Energy Research, 2021

5. Advanced technoeconomic analysis of battery manufacturing processes (Demonstrated for energy harvesting devices in N. Rolston et al., Joule, 2020


Phone: 952-594-1285

Address: 7700 S River Pkwy, Room 2429, Tempe, AZ, 85284, United States
 A2MAC1Emily BerlietGlobal Sustainability Director Small Business Other Energy Technologies Strong of over 20 years experience in Cost & Value
Engineering and in global automotive Benchmarking,
A2MAC1 developed the broadest automotive
database alongside robust tools and insights.


Phone: 734-973-6468

Address: 8393 Rawsonville Rd, Belleville, MI, 48111, United States
 Analog DevicesSasha DassDirector, Innovation and Program Management Large Business Transportation Analog Devices is the market leader in battery management IC's. Analog Devices’ lithium-ion battery management systems for electric vehicles constantly measure the voltage of each cell, which benefits battery range and performance while guaranteeing maximum safety. Highly accurate state of charge measurements give automakers and parts manufacturers the ability to safely maximize output. Our products deliver the world’s best accuracy guaranteed for the lifetime of the vehicle, which enables fast, safe charging and discharging of the battery to the fullest extent, and provides maximum vehicle range per charge.


Phone: 6179479119

Address: 125 Summer Street, Boston, MA, 02110, United States
 Suppliers Partnership for the EnvironmentKellen MahoneyDirector Non-Profit Transportation Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP) provides a nonprofit leadership forum for global vehicle manufacturers and their large and small suppliers to work together to improve the environmental sustainability and business value of the global automotive supply chain. SP's member companies include large automakers, component suppliers, material suppliers, indirect service providers and end of life recyclers.

SP’s Responsible Battery Work Group provides a forum to promote information exchange on key challenges and opportunities related to end-of-life management of advanced EV batteries and to identify opportunities for strategic pre-competitive collaboration across the value chain to advance best practice in responsible management of such batteries in North America and beyond. In this context, SP welcomes collaboration with others to facilitate information exchange and to support advancing best practice in responsible lifecycle management of advanced vehicle batteries and enhancing competitiveness.


Phone: 202-530-0096

Address: 1455 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC, 20005, United States
 Teledyne Energy SystemsTim HennesyBattery Engineering Manager Large Business Other Energy Technologies Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc. (TESI) specializes in the production, research, and development of energy storage and energy production technologies with a focus on Radioisotope Thermal Generators (RTGs), Hydrogen Electrolysis Systems, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology, and Batteries.

TESI’s battery expertise is pack design, development and qualification for products used in harsh environments. Examples include cold weather packs for long-term arctic operations, pressure tolerant packs for subsea use, and packs designed for the extremes of space.

A key role TESI can play regarding new battery designs for a circular battery economy would be the development of cell joining techniques. Specifically, technologies that allow for removable/reworkable connections while still maintaining high-speed throughput and low impedance connection comparable to traditional resistance and laser welding techniques. We believe TESI is uniquely positioned to achieve a new technique based on our experience with creating reversible intermetallic bonds in our RTG products through ultrasonic welding.

We think that partnering with a group in the battery-powered vehicle space could allow for the creation of a new battery system. This system would maintain the cost/speed of production and electrical performance of a traditional design while enabling disassembly down to the cell level. This would allow for single cell repairs and a more efficient means of recycling.


Phone: 4108912289

Address: 10707 Gilroy Rd, Hunt Valley, MD, 21031, United States
 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL, LBL)Haegyeom KimStaff Scientist Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Transportation Our group at Berkeley Lab focuses on developing of advanced materials for rechargeable batteries and understanding synthesis reaction mechanisms. In this expected FOA, we are interested in partnering with industries to investigate and optimize experimental conditions (such as temperatures, time) for the recycling of used battery materials, in particular focusing on the solid-state reaction process. Our in-situ X-ray diffraction (XRD) combined with high temperature heat treatment and autonomous laboratory (A-Lab) will support these activities. (Website:


Phone: +1-510-486-5137

Address: 1 Cyclotron Rd., Berkeley, CA, 94720, United States
 Clemson UniversityMichael Carbajales-DaleDr. Academic Other Energy Technologies I head the Clemson Energy-Economy-Environment (E3) Systems Analysis Group whose mission is to build decision-support tools to reduce the environmental impacts of technology systems and to understand the structural transformation necessary to navigate a peaceful transition to a prosperous and sustainable future. Specifically, we model energy and material resource requirements at three distinct levels: micro, the device/facility level, using engineering-based, bottom-up life cycle assessment and techno-economic modeling tools; meso, the industry/local level, using multi-layer, network-analytic techniques; and macro, the regional/national/global scale, using geographic information systems (GIS) and environmentally-extended input-output models.


Phone: 8649869965

Address: 436a Brackett Hall, Clemson, SC, 29634, United States
 Avery Dennison CorporationThomas RibelliSenior R&D Manager Large Business Other Energy Technologies Avery Dennison is a global materials science company specializing in adhesives and bonding solutions. Our core competencies include adhesive design, synthesis and scale up as well as roll to roll manufacturing. Our interest in the area centers around de-bondable adhesive solutions. Our core R&D team comprises synthetic polymer chemists, rheologists, material scientists and photochemists. The team exploits this broad expertise to develop stimuli responsive polymeric networks through deep fundamental understand of structure property relationships.

We are looking to partner with downstream battery dismantlers and upstream automotive/battery manufacturers to bring an adhesive solution to fruition which successfully enables efficient battery dismantling to promote a circular EV battery supply chain.


Phone: 5704841481

Address: 8080 Norton Parkways, Mentor, OH, 44060, United States
 Baker HughesMaruthi Devarakonda Ph.D.Strategic External Engagement Leader Large Business Other Energy Technologies Baker Hughes is an energy technology company working in multiple energy related fields including Carbon Capture (CCUS), Hygrogen, emmissions management, sustainable energy etc.. With respect to this FOA the following are the most applicable areas of expertise:
1. Extensive experience of the inspection of cells and battery packs (at various stages of a battery's lifecycle) using Non-Destructive Inspection techniques, primarily 3D CT-Xray but also Ultrasonic. Such inspections can be optimized using AI enabled Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) software.
2. Multimodal learning-based analytics for 3D scanned images to develop an estimator to extract aging parameters and validate the estimator for various battery chemistries.
3. Combined digital twin development and validation for x-ray based and electrochemical based inspection for health monitoring, diagnostics and extending useful life.


Phone: 1 346 307 0196

Address: 300 NE 9th St,, Oklahoma City,, OK, 73104, United States
 BDO USADan DurstManaging Director Large Business Other Energy Technologies BDO Knows Grants Management. In the ever-evolving grants landscape, BDO emerges as a guiding force, offering a seamless journey through the complete lifecycle of grants management. BDO partners with organizations seeking the following capabilities:

Capability 1: Crafting Visions - Pre-Award Support

Embarking on the grants journey, our clients find solace in BDO's adeptness at transforming abstract ideas into compelling narratives. With meticulous attention to detail, we assist in articulating project concepts, ensuring they resonate with grantors. BDO supports organizations with the development of compelling concept papers and convincing full applications. A team of budgeting and indirect cost rate negotiation experts complements our grant writing expertise.

Capability 2: Sustaining Triumphs - Post Award Administration

The grant journey does not end with the notice of award; it transforms into a partnership sustained by compliance and reporting. BDO's commitment to ensuring adherence to grant terms and conditions is unwavering. Our experts seamlessly support the accounting, procurement, property management, and cyber related responsibilities of the largest grant recipients.

Capability 3: Bridging Horizons - Technology Integration

In an era dominated by technology, BDO does not merely adapt; it leads. Our grants management experts are enabled with innovative technology, bringing forth a wave of efficiency to our clients. From accounting to subaward administration, our experts identify the right solutions for each clients’ unique needs.

Capability 4: Echoes of Success - Impact Reporting

The soul of BDO's journey lies in the success stories etched in collaboration with our clients and their programs. Through quantitative metrics and qualitative milestones, BDO designs compliant and insightful reporting frameworks to address awarding agency demands.


Phone: 703-770-4456

Address: 8401 Greensboro Drive, Suite 800, McLean, VA, 22102, United States
 Iontra IncDaniel KonopkaChief Science Officer, co-founder, PhD Small Business Other Energy Technologies Iontra is a Denver-based company founded upon novel battery sensing and charge control technology that characterizes and prevents critical failure mechanisms including plating and dendrites, enables dramatic performance benefits for new and aged lithium-ion batteries, and meaningfully impacts numerous aspects of battery supply chain circularity. Iontra is validated by four independent laboratories, including NREL, and approximately three million cycling hours in Iontra’s own state-of-the-art facilities.

Iontra delivers a hardware and software-based platform for protecting, recovering, and measuring the health of battery cell and pack internal components. Iontra’s system senses and manipulates the electrodynamics within a pack or cell using controlled current to improve and recover health during charging, discharging or idle periods. The sensing approach requires no battery modification and provides real time information about the onset of degradation processes far earlier than impedance-based methods like EIS, DCIR, etc. This can be used to direct a health-restoration process at optimal times and diagnose aged cells/packs for safer, more cost-efficient transportation, 2nd life assignment, or recycling.

Iontra is interested in:

• Sensor platforms and methodologies capable of rapid determination of state of health (SoH) for individual battery cells during use and/or at the end of battery pack life to determine whether the cells should be regenerated, reused, or recycled
• Regeneration techniques/protocols to efficiently and cost-effectively restore battery cells to earlier life performance and safety
• Battery intelligence systems and data analytics to extend the service life of cells, modules, and packs.
• Application of Iontra’s platform to in situ healing and regeneration methods to various battery cell materials and designs

Iontra is supported by 140+ employees and operates four facilities in Denver and Dallas for R&D, large scale battery cycling (3000+ cyclers), EV cell testing, and hardware and software development. Iontra’s team includes PhD level experts in analytical electrochemistry, materials science, lithium-ion battery design, air-sensitive materials characterization, Design of Experiments and Statistics, and data analysis. Iontra has separate groups focused on machine learning as well as multi-physics modeling. A large portion of the staff have backgrounds in electrical engineering and physics.


Phone: (720) 556-0063

Address: 7025 South Fulton Street, Suite 100, Centennial, CO, 80112, United States
 COnovate IncCarol HirschmuglCEO Small Business Other Energy Technologies COnovate is an R&D, clean tech/hard tech start-up developing patented eCOphiteTM anode materials for active anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries (LIBs). This is a development from a discovery at the University of Wisconsin. COnovate has demonstrated that its eCOphite material delivers benefits across the LIB ecosystem, producing a cost-competitive eCOphite material as compared to battery grade graphite. The material is produced with a scalable process and will reduce supply chain anxiety by being locally sourced while delivering improved LIB performance. Battery grade ECOphite materials are “drop-in” ready for battery manufacturers. They are generated from biomass and are micron size particles that have size and shape like graphite, the incumbent active anode material for LIBs. ECOphite materials used both in combination with graphite or by itself, delivers higher specific capacity than graphite, providing similar benefits as silicon additives without the disadvantages (I.e., short calendar life and swelling). eCOphite material is a novel active anode material for the rapidly growing lithium-ion battery industry and ecosystem.

COnovate is seeking interactions with battery manufacturers who want improved lithium-ion battery performance in parallel with minimal impact on battery manufacturing for lower cost at scale. The batteries deliver fast charging capability, low temperature performance and a safer solution with reduced likelihood of dendrite formation. COnovate is ready to deliver active anode materials for large scale battery prototypes and is prepared to scale-up quickly to meet future demands.


Phone: 4142480846

Address: 10437 W Innovation Drive, Suite 127, Wauwatosa, WI, 53226, United States
 EPRIStephanie ShawTechnical Executive Large Business Other Energy Technologies EPRI is the world's preeminent independent, non-profit energy &D organization, collaborating with more than 450 companies in 45 countries. We drive innovation to ensure the public has clean, safe, reliable, affordable, and equitable access to energy. EPRI has leading deep technical programs in design, performance, reliability, demonstrations and environmental aspects of electric transportation, energy storage, end-of-life management, and beneficial reuse. Engagement with electric power sector partners allows EPRI to provide context/perspective and conduct knowledge transfer activities (workshops, webcasts, FAQ sheets, training materials, surveys); managing technology demonstration projects; development of guidance/best practice documents; advisory services (lead technical advisory/working groups); conduct energy, environmental, and climate policy analysis; data analytics; strong existing collaborations with research universities, national laboratories, and industry non-profits.
Specific expertise on reuse, repurposing and recycling of batteries includes: Estimates and tools for LIB decommissioning cost, logistics, and planning; environmental, worker health, public health and safety assessments; LCA and TEA; life cycle inventory; regulatory assessments and implications; voluntary sustainability, certification and product declaration activities; resource and supply chain assessments; design-for-circularity; community engagement and benefit support; environmental justice assessments.
Other expertise: circularity assessments and tool creation for energy technology; tech transfer and educational module development; measurement, verification, and test procedure development; failure modes an effects analysis (FMEA); cost-benefit analysis; market impact review; diversity, equity and inclusion performance goals for corporate sustainability.


Phone: 6505658931

Address: 3420 Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto, CA, 94304, United States
 EPRIStephanie ShawTechnical Executive Large Business Other Energy Technologies EPRI is the world's preeminent independent, non-profit energy &D organization, collaborating with more than 450 companies in 45 countries. We drive innovation to ensure the public has clean, safe, reliable, affordable, and equitable access to energy. Leading programs in electric transportation, energy storage, end-of-life management, and beneficial reuse.
Relevant expertise on reuse, repurpose and recycling of batteries includes: Estimates and tools for LIB decommissioning cost, logistics, and planning; environmental, worker health, public health and safety assessments; LCA and TEA; logistics: regulatory assessments and implications; voluntary sustainability, certification and product declaration activities; resource and supply chain assessments; design-for-circularity; community engagement and benefit support; environmental justice assessments.
Other expertise: circularity assessments and tool creation for energy technology; tech transfer and educational module development, extensive network in industry, R&D, government, etc.; measurement, verification, and test procedure development; cost-benefit analysis; market impact review.


Phone: 6505658931

Address: 3420 Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto, CA, 94304, United States
 Intellistore, Inc.Roger OlleManaging Director Small Business Other Energy Technologies Intellistore delivers end-to-end supply chain automation & robotics solutions for our clients. We create concept solutions to meet client needs, and then bring those ideas to life through rigorous design and development engagements. Our technical expertise includes automation, robotics, materials handling, and conveyance automation for the e-automotive industry, e-manufacturing, and distribution center automation. Our engineered systems design & execution expertise includes: automated storage & retrieval systems, mobile & articulating robotics for manufacturing distribution center automated storage solutions, and automated conveyance & materials handling solutions. We utilize specialized design methodologies, including: visualization, emulation, and animation tools to rapidly execute advanced conceptualization & prototyping. Our team has deep knowledge in the following areas:
• Battery storage, containment, and thermal event containment systems
• Battery storage handling utilizing robotics, autonomous vehicles, automation, and minimizing risk to people and environments
• Development of test systems for autonomous and semiautonomous mobile robotics and autonomous vehicle technologies
• Materials handling robotics, conveyance system design, buildout, and testing
• System software with open-architecture SCADA and inventory control database
• Mechanical, electrical system design, with complete system development process
• Simulation, animation, and emulation strategies


Phone: 2482312934

Address: 755 W Big Beaver Road, Suite 209, Troy, MI, 48084, United States
 NRELSharon SmolinskiResearcher Government Owned and Operated (GOGO) Transportation Sharon Smolinski has extensive interest in contributing to EV battery supply chain circularity efforts. She recently contributed to the design and partial delivery of an EV battery Circularity Training Series for the Global Climate Action Partnership (GCAP). Additional background and capabilities include additional experience with international assistance (policy, technical) through GCAP on transportation and energy topics, policy analysis, and a background in bioenergy research. Sharon also has experience researching and understanding energy-related human decision processes, including the integration with nexus and social issues.


Phone: 3039192806

Address: 15013 Denver West Parkway, Golden, CO, 80401, United States
 National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)Dustin WeiglMobility Research Analyst Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Transportation LIBRA explores the technological advances and market signals that could affect global supply chains for raw materials, primary and recycled batteries, and electric vehicles. LIBRA has demonstrated that the growing demand for Li-ion batteries presents opportunities for domestic manufacturing, recycling, and global partnerships, leading to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and greater use of clean energy.

Additional key insights include:

Investments and research progress necessary to grow the li-ion battery recycling industry
Importance of battery chemistry and sorting in the recycling supply chain
Specific regional potential of recycling to offset mineral imports
Economic and job benefits due to battery manufacturing and recycling.

NREL researchers have used LIBRA to support industry, academia, and government agencies to provide insights to strengthen the U.S. battery recycling supply chain.


Phone: 3032753000

Address: 15013 Denver West Parkway, Golden, CO, 80401, United States
 Argonne National LaboratoryJarod KellyPrincipal Energy Systems Analyst Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Transportation Our team has developed and used the GREET model for process-level and system-level LCA (life cycle analysis, life cycle assessment) for batteries and their materials throughout their production, use, and retirement. We are interested in and capable of utilizing existing circularity methods for new analyses. We have executed detailed modeling of minerals production including lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese, aluminum, electrolytes, and other battery materials along with the stages of cathode precursor, cathode, and battery manufacturing.


Phone: 6302526579

Address: 9700 S Cass Ave, Lemont, IL, 60439, United States
 BMW of North AmericaFrederik MorgensternSenior Battery Technology Engineer Large Business Transportation Automotive experience (focus Batteries)
cell design
pack & Module design
Development of new chemistries
requirement management


Phone: 4154898487

Address: 2606 bayshore Pkwy, Mountain View, CA, 94043, United States
 Battery StreakChun Han "Matt" LaiBattery Scientist Small Business Other Energy Technologies Battery Streak makes electrode materials that allow a Lithium-Ion battery to charge in 10 minutes or less, with little heat generation and long cycle life.


Phone: 8054024088

Address: 4770 Calle Quetzal, Camarillo, CA, 93012, United States
 Oak Ridge National LaboratoryJaswinder SharmaSenior Scientist Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Other Energy Technologies Background: Materials scientist with expertise in electrode engineering, next generation current collectors, solid state electrolytes, and battery manufacturing.

Interests: 1) Battery materials and cell designs that are amenable to in situ regeneration methods.
2) Regeneration techniques and protocols that can efficiently and cost-effectively restore battery cells to beginning of life performance and safety.
3) Reversible manufacturing materials and methods to facilitate battery module/pack disassembly.

The major facility that will be used for completion of this project is the Battery Manufacturing Facility (BMF) which was specifically designed for this type of project. The BMF provides the ability to analyze every aspect of battery cell development, from raw materials and electrode dispersion preparation to finished product and performance testing. The BMF houses the equipment and instrumentation necessary to research every step in the battery manufacturing process with an emphasis on advanced materials, electrolyte development, electrode formulation chemistry, rheology of slurries, innovative coating technology, and high-performance electrode architectures. The resources include three coating lines, a 1,400 ft2 dry room, and a cell assembly line. The BMF can produce pouch cells of up to 66 × 99 × 12 mm and 6 Ah capacity—large enough to make market decisions yet small enough to affordably demonstrate the impact of innovative technologies. Additionally, BMF has state of the art battery material characterization instruments such as XRD, SEM, and XPS and battery electrochemical performance testing; Maccor and Bilogic cyclers.


Phone: 865-241-2333

Address: 2370 Cherahala Blvd, Knoxville, TN, 37931, United States
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