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 Pacific Marine Energy Center/Oregon State UniversityBryony DuPont Academic Power Generation: Renewable My research is in onshore wind, offshore wind, and wave energy device and systems optimization. We build advanced computational models that represent realistic concerns and objectives of these systems, and optimize the performance of these devices computationally. We also use data-driven design methods and machine learning approaches to model the environments in which these devices operate. I previously conducted research at the National Wind Technology Center, and currently serve as the PI on multiple research projects in collaboration with NREL and Sandia National Laboratory.

I am interested in working on offshore wind projects that have a substantial early-design phase, including ideation, concept generation, concept convergence, systems design, and design optimization. I'm also interested in studying the best means of using data throughout the design process to improve device and system performance, and to decrease system LCOE. Lastly, I am interested in creating reliability-based design optimization approaches in order to simultaneously meet stakeholder objectives while increasing the estimated lifespan of offshore wind and floating offshore wind technologies.

Since 2008, the Pacific Marine Energy Center (PMEC) has been dedicated to accelerating the responsible development of wave, tidal, in-river, and offshore wind energy technologies. The Center unites faculty and students across three leading universities (Oregon State University, University of Washington, and University of Alaska Fairbanks) in their work with key stakeholders to investigate technical, environmental, and social dimensions of marine energy. Our mission is to facilitate the commercialization of marine energy technology, inform regulatory and policy decisions, and close key gaps in scientific understanding with a focus on student growth and development.


Phone: 5417376462

Address: 204 Rogers Hall, Corvallis, OR, 97331, United States
 DeBor and AssociatesJoseph DeBor Individual Power Generation and Energy Production: Fossil/Nuclear DeBor is a Senior Human Factors Engineering Control Room Design expert and consultant to Talisman-Intl. DeBor is a former nuclear submarine reactor operator with extensive experience in subsurface marine propulsion and station keeping technologies. In addition DeBor is an expert sailor who has extensive experience in surface station keeping and propulsion under sail.
Website: pending


Phone: 7035249438

Address: 3630 North 21st Avenue, Arlington, VA, 22207, United States
 Marquette UniversityNathan Weise Academic Power Generation: Renewable The power group at Marquette University (EMPower) is among very few groups in North America with deep expertise and long track record in the areas of electric machines, power electronics and drives. Two of the faculty members are IEEE fellows. Faculty members have a combined track record of millions of dollars in external funding. The group has been funded by several federal agencies including ARPA-E, DOE, NASA and NSF. Also, the group has been funded by several industrial partners including GM, Grundfos, Kollmorgen, MTS, and Regal Beloit among others.
The group conducts research in a broad range of applications with special focus on transportation electrification, aerospace, renewable energy and smart grid. EMPower has a currently funded project from DOE ARPA-E focused on the design and implementation of a 1MW electric vehicle charger. Additionally, EMPower is working on the design of high power density and high specific power electric machines for aerospace propulsion in a NASA funded project.
The group has state-of-the art lab facilities and is in the process of expanding these facilities and adding more capabilities. The group also has a broad range of state-of-the art software (some commercial and some developed in-house) that includes finite element analysis (electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical) and optimization of electrical machines as well as design and analysis of electrical drives and power converters.

EMPOWER is formed by 3 faculty members:
Nathan Weise
Ayman El-Refaie
Nabeel Demerdash


Phone: 4142886193

Address: 1637 West Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI, 53213, United States