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 Solar Action NetworkBen Peters  Small Business Power Generation: Renewable The Solar Action Network is a clean energy consulting and advocacy organization with deep understanding of the nexus between policy, finance, and project development. Through our network of partners, we have established a leading position in the field of smart grid technology deployment, innovative product creation, and advanced project management performance.


Phone: 5058476527

Address: po box 330341 san francisco ca 94133
 The Aerospace CorporationJim Johansen  Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Grid The Aerospace Corporation’s systems experience has relevance to the evolving electric power grid. The system-level characteristics of the evolving electric power grid have strong parallels to national security space systems - complex, widely distributed “cyber-physical” systems with similar challenges of real-time monitoring and control, networked communications, data analysis, and resiliency/security requirements

The corporation's highly skilled technical staff has focused on ensuring the success of every mission and developing the most effective and economic hardware and software in the world. Our insight and involvement in various programs has significantly reduced the risk of failure and increased both endurance and performance. Avoiding catastrophic failures can save the government and critical power infrastructure providers significant money.

Key technologies for the “smart” power grid" have close counterparts in the space system domain that the Aerospace Corporation can leverage:

1) Integrated communications, connecting components to open architecture for real-time information and control, allowing every part of the grid to both ‘talk’ and ‘listen’
2) Sensing and measurement technologies, to support faster and more accurate response such as remote monitoring, time-of-use pricing and demand-side management
3) Advanced components, to apply the latest research in superconductivity, storage, power electronics and diagnostics
4) Advanced control methods, to monitor essential components, enabling rapid diagnosis and precise solutions appropriate to any event
5) Improved interfaces and decision support, to amplify human decision-making


Phone: 310-336-0779

Address: The Aerospace Corporation 2310 E. El Segundo Blvd. El Segundo, CA 90245-4691 U.S.A.
 MicrovastTom Yu  Large Business Grid Microvast is leveraging existing cell designs, currently being used for electric buses, in modules that will be provided to grid-scale energy storage market. The top two applications that we have been focusing on are frequency regulation and grid integration of wind and solar power.

Frequency Regulation

The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has recognized the high value of the rapid response capabilities of energy storage devices in providing frequency regulation to the electric power grid. Traditional thermal power generators require minutes to respond to Automatic Generator Control signals (AGC). This response lag dramatically limits their ability to stabilize system frequency. Microvast’s energy storage systems respond rapidly, moving power output to any level in a fraction of a second. FERC ruling 755 and ruling 784 require system operators to reward battery system owners for the value of providing rapid response frequency regulation.

Grid Integration of Wind and Solar Power

Wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation is rapidly growing across the globe. As these resources grow as a percentage of total regional power generation their intermittent power output becomes increasingly difficult to manage. Grid operators are beginning to take actions to facilitate this growth. Our energy storage solutions help in two primary ways.

• Ramp Rate Control- Limiting the rate of change in a renewable energy generator’s total power output over seconds and minutes helps local grid operators to accommodate increasing amounts of renewable energy. This is especially important in areas with weaker electric power grids.

• Firmed power output – Renewable energy power generators will often get paid a higher price for all their electric energy production if they guarantee that their output closely matches their short term power production forecasts. In most cases these forecasts are required to bid for energy production in day ahead or hour ahead markets.

Microvast’s Lithium Titanate solution is ideal for high power applications with 10 minutes to 50 minutes capacity.

In addition, Microvast’s new extended duration LpCO™ product is better suited to extended duration applications requiring 1 to 2 hours of energy storage. It is well suited to high throughput applications such as micro-grids integrating diesel, solar, and wind resources. These installations typically require longer duration for delivering a combination of services.


Phone: 281.491.9505

Address: 12603 Southwest Freeway, Suite 210, Stafford, TX 77477
 PowerHub SystemsGlenn Skutt  Small Business Grid PowerHub Systems develops power electronics and embedded systems solutions for emerging energy technologies and 21st century grid applications. With over 80 years of combined professional experience, our core expertise is in engineering smarter more affordable inverters, controllers, and integrated systems for the growing renewables and energy storage markets.

Distributed Energy Storage: PowerHub's energy storage solutions provide a wide variety of distributed energy resource (DER) functionality. Some models also provide backup power/microgrid capability to customers during short-duration service interruptions.

Intelligent Power Systems: The PowerHub Controller (PHC) is a flexible “plug and play” controller that handles communications, security, signal I/O, and processing of information for grid interoperable distributed resources. Custom applications and implementations can be deployed on the PHC platform.

Smart-Grid Compliance: PowerHub Systems' energy storage solutions implement the latest in Smart Grid functionality. Our power conversion and energy storage hardware can implement both existing and planned communications, security, and interoperability standards.


Phone: 540-443-9214 x4271

Address: 1700 Kraft Dr. Suite 1325
 Southwest Research InstituteSean Mitchem  Non-Profit Grid Founded in 1947, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is one of the oldest and largest applied research and development laboratories in the United States. SwRI provides contract research and development services to industrial and government clients. SwRI consists of 10 technical divisions that offer multi-disciplinary, problem solving services in the area of engineering and the physical sciences.

SwRI's background in Smart Grid technology includes:
-- Ground-breaking demonstration of electric vehicle integration into the grid
-- Development of remote sensing technology to detect high-impedance faults in the distribution grid
-- Economic study of the market effects of dynamic line rating technology in the transmission grid to reduce grid congestion
-- "Fight through" technology for GPS time signal protection of grid devices

SwRI developed and successfully demonstrated an electric vehicle (EV) aggregation system within the ERCOT market that automatically responds to grid frequency changes in less than 1 second, resulting in the first EV fleet to be paid for ancillary Fast Response Regulation Services in ERCOT.

SwRI is currently developing innovative grid sensoring technology for multiple clients and has expertise in control systems, networks and embedded systems, and machine learning and data analytics.

SwRI would make a good partner to those interested in developing innovative solutions to support the NODES program.


Phone: 2105222698

Address: 6220 Culebra road, San Antonio, TX
 Imergy Power SystemsAloke Gupta  Small Business Grid Imergy Power Systems is a leading provider of energy storage solutions leveraging its innovative flow technology. Its proven Energy Storage Platform (ESP) Series systems are fully integrated and containerized, ideal for stationary storage applications due to the systems’ long life, robust & durable design (no degradation), and highly competitive performance & cost, among other benefits such as easy & independent scaling of power and energy. Imergy’s storage systems are suitable for a wide range of applications (such as independent microgrids, demand charge management, solar optimization, resiliency, diesel substitution) for commercial & industrial, islands, and utility customers, as well as communities with weak access to grid power.


Phone: 5106681485

Address: 48611 Warm Spring Blvd
 XTRLs International incDavid Olson, PE  Small Business Other Energy Technologies XTRLs provides microgrid and grid-interface controls solutions for Government, Commercial, Industrial, and Utility customers.


Phone: 858.652.8450

Address: 2400 Historic Decatur Road, Mailstop 107-201 San Diego, CA 92106
 Colorado State UniversityProf. Sid Suryanarayanan  Academic Grid Prof. Suryanarayanan, with his research group members and collaborators, has established a track record of conceiving, developing, and implementing advanced energy management algorithms for the grid, buildings, and residences. Core expertise includes spatio-temporal optimization of network and assets using advanced mathematics, decision-making processes, distributed control, high performance computing, and visualization aids. For more information, contact Prof. Suryanarayanan.


Phone: 970 491 4632

Address: 1373 Campus Delivery, Colorado State Univ., Ft. Collins CO 80523-1373
 Slice Data SystemsPS Reilly  Small Business Building Efficiency Slice has technologies that can enable the use of commercial buildings or other key loads as part of grid balancing.

In addition to our own solutions, you should consider us as a potential team member to provide you the connected controls solutions that will enable your innovations. We can provide a robust wireless mesh backplane that we can integrate into sensors, etc. We are able to generate IoT (internet of things) adaptors to help manage and control devices of all types, whether locally or through the cloud. We also have openadr capabilities that we can bring to any project to synch local devices to key signals with low latency response times.


Phone: 2069148587

Address: 218 Main St # 254
 University of Southern CaliforniaViktor Prasanna  Academic Grid Viktor Prasanna is Charles Lee Powell Chair in Engineering and is Professor of Electrical Engineering and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southern California (USC) and serves as the director of the Center for Energy Informatics. He leads a large Smart Grid group conducting research into informatics-driven scalable software architectures to address real-time power management in the domain of Smart Power Grids. Research focuses on data-driven consumption and curtailment prediction during demand response by integrating novel scalable machine learning methods, optimization algorithms, and cloud based systems. Main results include the introduction of data-driven dynamic demand response which improves existing demand response approaches by periodically adapting the strategies and the targeted customers based on recent impact and current predictions. For validating the algorithms and scalable systems the group relies on the automated demand response infrastructure installed on the campus microgrid. Once validated these techniques are demonstrated as part of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Smart Grid Demonstration project.


Phone: 2137404483

Address: Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California 3740 McClintock Ave, EEB 200C, Los Angeles, CA 90089-2562
 University of OregonMichel A. Kinsy  Academic Grid We are proposing to develop an advanced multi-core digital processor architecture aimed at power electronics controls and emulation. This architecture will enable faster, more reliable, and more efficient integration of renewable energy generations sources into the future smart grid. The principal investigator's doctoral work is one of the first to develop algorithms and computer hardware techniques to emulate and control large-scale power systems at the microsecond resolution.


Phone: 1-541-346-3998

Address: 334 Deschutes Hall, 1202 University of Oregon
 Iowa State UniversityJames McCalley  Academic Grid The Electric Power and Energy Systems Research Group at Iowa State University (ISU) has very strong expertise in power systems engineering and is highly active in research related to transmission and distribution systems, renewable technologies, distributed generation, demand response, electricity markets and ancillary services, network frequency performance, regulation and contingency reserves, and volt/var optimization. We operate the ISU Electric Power Research Center which has member companies from ISOs, investor-owned utilities, municipals, and cooperatives.


Phone: 5152944844

Address: Room 1115 Coover Hall
 EnergyHubMatthew Johnson  Small Business Grid EnergyHub provides a device-agnostic platform for the control of connected energy management devices, including connected thermostats. Our platform can be used to aggregate connected devices, including those installed by the customer, and dispatch them for demand response and load control.


Phone: 7185227051

Address: 232 3rd Street, C201, Brooklyn NY 11215
 University of North Carolina at CharlotteJohan Enslin  Academic Grid The Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC) at UNC Charlotte was formed in response to the need from industry to supply highly trained engineers qualified to meet the demands of the energy industry – through traditional and continuing education, and provide sustainable support the Carolina energy industry by increasing capacity and support for applied research. EPIC is a highly collaborative industry/education partnership that produces a technical workforce, advancements in technology for the global energy industry while supporting the Carolinas’ multi-state economic and energy security.

EPIC has the mission to enhance the available technical and business workforce, advance energy technology, and facilitate strategic industry-university collaboration for the global energy industry while supporting the Carolinas’ economic and energy security development.

With more than 250 regional energy corporations that include Duke Energy, Siemens, AREVA, Westinghouse, the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), The Shaw Group, URS Washington Group, STEAG, and several others, that cooperate with EPIC is leading to the expansion of energy engineering studies in our classrooms. Part of what EPIC is doing is developing and implementing energy concentrations based on industry needs. EPIC is also leading several research consortia that involve researchers from several engineering disciplines. This collaboration has also led to small business development and patentable ideas.


Phone: 704-687-5397

Address: 9601 University City Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28223
 University of Colorado BoulderChristopher T M Clack  Academic Power Generation: Renewable The cooperative institute for research in environmental sciences (CIRES) is a collaboration between NOAA and University of Colorado Boulder. The national energy with weather system (NEWS) team has been building and developing electric grid models to incorporate high penetrations of renewable energy into the US power systems. The team has expertise in numerical weather prediction, data assimilation, mathematical optimization, agent-based modeling, power modeling, transmission planning, policy, and economics.

The team wants to continue to work with partners on expanding the remit of the NEWS simulator into broader areas and increasing the model fidelity. The cross-collaboration that exists within CIRES can be expanded to other institutes and the sharing of expertise will help all stakeholders.

We wish to work on bringing ABM and LP together with power modeling directly from NWP that includes momentum sinks and heat transfers due to the electric power systems. This will allow a picture of the changing localized atmosphere around variable generation.


Phone: 3034974296

Address: Room 3B102, 325 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80305, USA
 Los Alamos National LaboratoryAlexander Scheinker  Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Other Energy Technologies The Accelerator and Operations Technology Radio Frequency Engineering (AOT-RFE) Control Group at the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center has expertise in development and implementation of real-time feedback control algorithms via Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology, including the optimization and control of fast (microsecond rise-time), high voltage (hundreds of kVs), high power (megawatt) systems. Furthermore, we are conducting active research focused on the model-independent adaptive control and optimization of large, uncertain, time-varying systems, including electrical systems with uncertain, nonlinear, and time-varying loads via bounded controls.


Phone: 5056958872

Address: Los Alamos Natl. Lab, Bikini Atoll Rd., SM 30, Mail Stop H827, Los Alamos, NM 87545
 Clemson UniversityPierluigi Pisu  Academic Transportation Dr. Pierluigi Pisu is Associate Professor at the Department of Automotive Engineering and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Clemson University and Co-director of the US DOE GATE Center of Excellence on Sustainable Vehicle Systems. He is also the director of the GATE Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrain Laboratory. His research group expertise includes: Battery modeling and control,energy management in hybrid electric powertrains, diagnostics and prognostics of electrochemical systems, fault mitigation in distribution systems, vehicle to grid interaction, dynamic phase balancing of distribution systems. Area of research include decentralized damping control of inter-area oscillations using distributed energy storage, cybersecure control, decentralized control and diagnostics in connected vehicle systems, energy management in connected vehicles.


Phone: 864-283-7227

Address: 4 Research Dr., Greenville, SC 29607
 Electric Motor Werks, IncValery Miftakhov  Small Business Grid EMotorWerks' smart EV charging networks increase the utility of electric vehicles while making the grid cleaner and more reliable. We reduce the need for dirty peaker plants, enable growth in renewable generation, and provide regulation capacity to stabilize the grid. Our hardware and cloud-based management platform have best-in class control accuracy and latency to meet the most stringent SmartGrid control requirements.


Phone: 6509060477

Address: 846 Bransten rd
 University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeAdel Nasiri  Academic Grid The Center for Sustainable Electrical Energy Systems (SEES) has four power electronics and electric power professors with expertise in:

- Modeling, analysis, design, and control of power electronic converters and power systems
- Energy storage systems
- Renewable energy sources
- Grid integration of distributed generation systems
- Microgrids
- Power system reliability
- Cybersecurity
- Communications and controls for power systems and power conversion ciscuitry
- MVDC systems
- Fault and protection in MVDC and MVAC systems


Phone: 4142294955

Address: 115 E. Reindl Way
 National Renewable Energy LaboratoryMurali Baggu  Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Grid NREL is working to modernize the electric power system by making it more resilient to outages and disturbances and by supporting the integration of increasingly large amounts of renewable energy. NREL's research in distributed grid integration includes detailed electrical modeling and simulation, advanced power electronic systems design, and development of advanced control techniques. An important aspect of this work is collaboration on research and development projects with industry, academia, and government agencies. We also maintain state-of-the-art facilities and provide expert technical support in a range of distributed generation projects.


Phone: 303-275-4337

Address: 15013 Denver West Parkway Golden, CO
 KisensumRyan Lipkin  Small Business Grid Kisensum is a software company dedicated to enabling electric vehicle batteries and static storage to seamlessly interact with power grids to store and manage clean energy. The storage these batteries provide enable customers to access consistent, reliable power from renewable portfolios. By connecting with any variety of EV fleets through standard communication protocols embedded into EVSE's, Kisensum modulates the EV charging micro-schedule in response to the grid's need for frequency regulation, demand response events, or other ancillary services. This creates even more customer value.


Phone: 5103325649

Address: 2150 Shattuck Ave #PH
 OhmConnectMatt Duesterberg  Small Business Grid OhmConnect is a platform that empowers residential users to participate in demand response events. Users sign up to participate in events via a simplified app, hook in any automated devices (such as WiFi thermostats, electric vehicles, and home automation devices), and receive rewards for participating directly on the app. OhmConnect has done extensive testing on what motivates users to participate and signup whether it be changing incentives during events, contextual messaging around the service, or personalized features for people to understand their energy usage better.


Phone: 404.881.8659

Address: 350 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA 94107
 San Diego State UniversityYusuf Ozturk  Academic Grid We have expertise in networking and grid communication. We have a team of faculty in our group with a diverse knowledge of Network Modeling, Network analysis, Large scale and distributed computing, Power system analysis. We have completed projects in demand forecasting, demand aggregation, integration of renewable energy resources, distributed energy storage and management. We have studied real time pricing of energy for residential and commercial consumers, developed cloud software for demand shifting using price elasticity. We developed solutions for user energy behavior monitoring and identification of habitual energy usage patterns. Our group developed the patent pending home energy management system which offers optimization of energy consumption. We have extensive background on linear and nonlinear control, modeling power systems, self organizing and self recovery computer networks.


Phone: 6195944550

Address: 5500 Campanile Drive
 Michigan Technological UniversityWayne Weaver  Academic Grid Wayne Weaver is an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Michigan Technological University. His expertise and research interests include microgrids, power electronics, power system dynamics, optimization, optimal control, game theory and nonlinear control techniques.


Phone: 906/487-1461

Address: 1400 Townsend Ave, 121 EERC, Houghton MI 49931
 ZBB Energy CorporationLarry Goldberg  Small Business Grid ZBB Energy Corporation (NYSE MKT: ZBB) is a leading developer of innovative energy management system solutions serving the utility and commercial and industrial building markets, providing reliable power in off-grid and grid-connected environments throughout the world.

ZBB designs and manufactures end-to-end platforms including microgrid power electronics and energy storage, to ensure the effective integration of renewable energy, reduced operating costs, power assurance, energy independence and security.


Phone: (857) 248-5561

Address: N93 W14475 Whittaker Way, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
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