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 Resolved Analytics, PLLCSTEWART BIBLE Small Business Other Energy Technologies Resolved Analytics is a professional engineering company headquartered in the Research Triangle Park region of North Carolina. Resolved Analytics provides multiphysics simulations and software.

A lack of knowhow in fluid dynamics and simulation often results in poorly designed products and processes. Resolved Analytics helps companies eliminate or remedy such problems by partnering with your team to reduce development cycle times and costs, design better products, troubleshoot existing design, and provide you with state-of-the-art visualizations and results.

Since 2014, engineers and industrial product designers have trusted Resolved Analytics to provide computational engineering expertise. Our team works with you to help you meet your engineering goals and desired business outcomes by implementing team work, creativity, and outstanding technical skills. All project engineers at Resolved Analytics have a minimum of 10 years experience in computational fluid dynamics and possess the necessary communication skills to make simulation results visually compelling, meaningful, and accessible to clients.

By bringing us onboard to serve as your fluid dynamics and simulation specialist, you can get to where you need to go faster.


Phone: 704-5599560

Address: 810 Vickers Ave, Durham, NC, 27701, United States
 E2sol LLCAnthony Baro Small Business Power Generation: Renewable Seeking to Partner.. We can design, construct, and commission solar renewable energy which can be used to produce the intended chemical compounds.


Phone: 401.489.2273

Address: 151 Martine Street Suite 107, Fall River, MA, 02723, United States
 Bettergy Corp.Zhong Tang Small Business Power Generation: Renewable Bettergy has low temperature membrane reactor based ammonia cracking technologies that could be useful for this project.


Phone: 9143687867

Address: 8 John Walsh Boulevard, Suite 321, Peekskill, NY, 10566, United States
 HydroStar USA, Inc.Darrel Smith Small Business Other Energy Technologies We are a startup Company that has developed a low CAPEX (<$250/kW) Electrolyzer that can be used to capture excess renewable energy, allow it to be used or stored, to make up for times when renewable sources are unavailable.

HydroStar has developed a membraneless hydrogen generation technology that is ideally suited to direct connection with renewable energy sources to produce green/renewable hydrogen on demand. Our technology is considerably lower in cost than other hydrogen generation technologies, does not need RO/DI/ or demineralized water and can be connected to a solar array without other power interface components. These elements make the distributed renewable ammonia system scalable and less capital intensive.

Our membrane less electrolyzer is different that typical electrolyzers in that it can be built in a modular basis, and doesn’t require high quality power or sophisticated power controls (a module operates at around 2-4V over a wide power band >10X, the modules can be put together in series/parallel configuration to match available voltages and obviate transformers, power supplies, etc.). These modules can be assembled into arrays of virtually any size to support utility scale power systems >100MW.


Phone: 5037794091

Address: 28550 SE Davis Road, Estacada, OR, 97023, United States
 Nel HydrogenStephen Szymanski Small Business Other Energy Technologies Nel Hydrogen is the market and technology leader in commercial electrolyzer technology. With more than 3500 PEM and alkaline electrolyzers installed worldwide, Nel has the largest installation base of any company, and has been producing commercial electrolysis equipment at a scale relevant to the FOA objectives since 1927. In addition, the US subsidiary of Nel Hydrogen manufactures PEM electrolyzers in Wallingford, CT, and is the only US-based manufacturer of fully commercialized PEM systems at the MW and multi-MW scale. Nel's fully containerized PEM electrolyzer systems are site-ready and pre-integrated for easy installation. The ability of our PEM electrolyzer technology to be integrated into dynamic renewable energy systems makes it an ideal solution for green ammonia plants. As such, we are interested in speaking with proposal teams who are looking for a proven and reliable electrolyzer system for the hydrogen supply in their project. Our capabilities and typical scope of supply include pre-engineering and design support, installation supervision and commissioning, turnkey equipment supply, and full O&M services.


Phone: 203-678-2338

Address: 10 Technology Drive, Wallingford, CT, 06492, United States
 PWR Advanced Cooling TechnologyChris Caylor Small Business Other Energy Technologies PWR has grown to be THE supplier to high level racing teams for thermal management, including Formula One, NASCAR, V8 super car and motor enthusiasts. We are taking the race-inspired culture of quality and fast response to the power electronics, battery, military and aerospace markets in the United States and around the world. PWR has leading aluminum brazing technology including vacuum and CAB processes, as well as unmatched machining and metal working equipment and talent. In addition to these fabrication tools, PWR also has the largest wind tunnel in the southern hemisphere for testing radiators and heat exchangers as well as full compliment of liquid cooling performance and pressure testing. PWR is also leading the way in additive manufactuing with 3D printing of aluminum. We have been working on cooling solutions for aerospace applications, VTOL and eVTOL, embedded computing as well as many decades servicing thermal management in motorsports, automotive, aerospace and defense.  We are an Australian company with a US facility, C&R Racing, in Indianapolis, IN which is ITAR registered.  Both facilities are capable of engineering support and full fabrication of radiators, heat exchangers and cold plates. 

PWR can offer substantial support to all components that require thermal management highlighted below;
· Intercoolers and charge air coolers including air-to-air and air-to-liquid solutions
· Radar rugged electronics board cooling (vacuum brazed cold plates)
· UAV avionics cooling
· Battery pack thermal management systems
· Air-Liquid heat exchanger (fuel, coolant)
· MMX – Micro capillary tube HX’s using hypodermic needle bundles
· Liquid-Liquid heat exchanger (hydraulics, pumps, gearbox)
· Calorimeter testing of air/liquid, liquid/liquid HX’s and cold plate systems
· Additive manufacturing

However, the best thing about PWR is the people - engineers and technicians who are proud of the work they do and giving the customer what they need: Engineering the Unfair Advantage!


Phone: 9199491109

Address: 6950 Guion Road, Indianapolis, IN, 46268, United States
 Texas Tech UniversityMahdi Malmali Academic Other Energy Technologies Our team has expertise in the followings:

1- Ammonia sorbent development: we are designing stable metal halide absorbents/sorbents for ammonia separation and storage. We have mapped the absorbents' performance at different operating conditions. We have expertise with synthesizing absorbents, evaluation and testing, characterization, and testing the cycling performance of absorbents for pressure and temperature swing operations.

2- Process modeling and simulation: we have a fully-fledged custom model for some of the technologies pursued in the REFUEL program, including reaction-condensation and reaction-absorption, as well as a comprehensive TEA for both of these processes. We have investigated different scenarios that can affect LCOA for energy storage. We can extend this model to include electrochemical processes if needed. With this custom model, we can import component performance metrics from any of the technologies being developed and provide the team/ARPA-E with some information regarding the performance in the process-level conditions - before they are being tested in the demonstration plant.

3- Low-pressure ammonia synthesis: we have complementary expertise in designing and optimizing low-pressure ammonia synthesis through the reaction-absorption process. We have optimized the operating conditions and could improve the performance metrics using better separating materials.


Phone: 806-834-8706

Address: 807 Canton Ave, Lubbock, TX, 79409, United States
 GTI (Gas Technology Institute)Ronald Stanis Non-Profit Other Energy Technologies GTI is a leading R&D, and training organization addressing energy and environmental challenges to enable a secure, abundant, and affordable energy future. For more than 75 years, we have been providing economic value to the natural gas industry and energy markets by developing technology-based solutions for industry, government, and consumers.
GTI has been following the ammonia technology market with great interest and we see the potential for ammonia to serve as an energy dense means of storing hydrogen. We believe at least three technologies within APRA-E’s REFUEL program are potentially game changing and ready for scale up. All three, and others, could be integrated into a one flexible, low-pressure, pilot plant to demonstrate a successful pathway for generating carbon free ammonia from water, air, and renewable electricity.
GTI is proposing to participate as the Integrator for this integrated pilot plant project. GTI is uniquely qualified for such a role due to our vast process scale-up and integration experience, non-profit status and IP management and commercialization experience. GTI has extensive experience working across DOE programs and with partners to secure necessary field sites and cost share for pilot and demonstration scale projects, with project budgets ranging from $1 million to well over $100 million.
Some recent examples of modular processes GTI has developed for field testing are the IH2® 5 ton/day biomass to liquid fuels demonstration facility in Bangalore, India (a technology now licensed to Shell), the R-GasTM 800 tonne per day entrained flow gasifier currently being constructed in China, the 0.5MWe hollow fiber membrane contactor for 10tpd CO2 capture in Wilsonville, AL, and the 10MWe STEP supercritical CO2 power cycle demonstration in San Antonio, TX. Another example of process scale-up is the 23 bpd TIGAS integrated biorefinery demonstrated at our Des Plaines, IL pilot plant campus. This campus has an outstanding safety record and two well-equipped machine shops and an in-house facility available to fabricate and assemble components, and we also work with contractors for specialty construction. The site is also suitable for shake-down testing of system components for the envisioned NH3 pilot.


Phone: 847-768-0838

Address: 1700 S. Mt Prospect Rd, Des Plaines, IL, 60016, United States
 Advanced IonicsChad Mason Small Business Other Energy Technologies Advanced Ionics is developing electrolyzers specifically for industrial hydrogen consumption, such as in the production of ammonia. These can re-use heat from reactions running between 200-500 °C, which allows for less electricity to be used (< 36 kWh/kg H2). For comparison, conventional alkaline or PEM electrolyzers use over 49 kWh/kg H2.

For groups working on direct ammonia synthesis catalysts in need of scaling up – our electrode, cell, and stack architecture can be reconfigured for your needs in order to build compete systems.

On a side note, though partnership, we have access to land and >70 tons/yr of ammonia usage potential in an agriculture setting in central North Dakota.


Phone: 630-310-1045

Address: 4201 N 27th St Fl 2, Milwaukee, WI, 53216, United States
 Colorado School of MinesColin Wolden Academic Other Energy Technologies Our team is completing the first year of a 2018 Open project associated with the REFUELs portfolio that is developing catalytic membrane reactor (CMR) technologies for both scalable synthesis of ammonia as well as its decomposition and purification to deliver UHP hydrogen to refuel fuel cell vehicles. Our potential role in this project would be as a technology developer. We have developed catalysts for synthesis that exhibit high activity at mild conditions and are developing selective, ammonia-permeable inorganic membranes that will be explored as an alternative to condensation for ammonia recovery. An advantage over condensation is that the un-reacted N2/H2 can be recycled without the need to re-pressurize. The goal is to integrate these catalysts and membranes into a CMR, which could potentially remove conventional equilibrium constraints. This would leverage novel CMR designs that we have successfully demonstrated for ammonia decomposition that exhibit world leading hydrogen productivity.


Phone: 3032733544

Address: 1600 Illinois Street, Golden, CO, 80401-1887, United States
 GE ResearchJUDITH GUZZO Large Business Power Generation: Renewable Renewable energy, controls, power conversion, renewable integration with grid and industrial processes


Phone: 518 709 7986

Address: ONE RESEARCH CIRCLE, NISKAYUNA, NY, 12309, United States
 Starfire EnergyJoseph D. Beach Small Business Other Energy Technologies Starfire Energy has developed Rapid Ramp NH3, which consists of (1) a low pressure, flexible-process reactor for making ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen, (2) an adsorbent process that removes NH3 from the reactor product stream at a wide range of NH3 partial pressures, and (3) processes to extract pure NH3 from the adsorption bed for liquefaction at low pressure.

We have designed, built, and are currently testing a 10 kg/day Rapid Ramp NH3 system that includes an electrolyzer for hydrogen, pressure swing adsorption for nitrogen, and our NH3 production technology.

We have a particular interest in meeting partners who can provide inexpensive sensors for measuring the concentration of hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, and ammonia in an ammonia product gas stream.

Starfire Energy's goal is to manufacture and sell Rapid Ramp NH3 systems. We are developing the supply channels and strategic partners to make that happen.


Phone: 303-363-7848

Address: 403 Laredo St Unit S, Aurora, CO, 80011, United States
 Colorado School of MinesNeal Sullivan Academic Power Generation: Renewable Extensive equipment for electrochemical production of NH3.

Fabrication and performance characterization of ceramic electrolyzers.

Experimentation for quantifying ammonia production rates.

Deep and experienced research staff with skills in electrochemical ammonia synthesis.


Phone: 3035433879

Address: 1500 Illinois Street, Golden, CO, 80401, United States