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 Czero Inc.Lyle Shuey  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Specialized professional engineering services (PES); GSA contract GS-10F-0081X. Cero has teamed on 3 ARPA-e projects to date, with 2 receiving follow on funding. Czero is a premier engineering services company specializing in accelerating new technology development for automotive system clients. Czero has the ability to identify and accelerate customer R&D and advanced technology concepts and convert them into cost effect and robust designs and prototypes using principles for high volume production. Czero's expertise is backed by fundamental skills that deliver innovation for concepts that have not yet been developed or need significant R&D, including applying skills and know how in areas of mechanical design, mechatronics, controls, and software. Czero focuses on providing analytical solutions using engineering first principles and detailed analysis tools such as FEA, CFD, dynamic simulations, magnetic modelling, high bandwidth hydraulic simulation, electronic controls, and performs fundamental design and documentation, using 3D solid modeling (CAD), and print development, including GD&T. Czero has a high level understanding of essential automotive powertrain system functionality (conventional and hybrid), with the ability to apply its know-how to solving a variety of powertrain optimization challenges. Through requisite simulation and up-front analysis, we produce prototype designs that work largely as intended as first stage prototypes. Rigorous understanding of systems engineering and disciplined project management keeps projects on time and on budget. Czero deploys a rigorous project documentation process, maintaining regular communication with customers and project stakeholders at all time with regular project updates and feedback on all aspects of the project.


Phone: 317-340-9656

Address: 430 North College Ave, Suite 425, Fort Collins, CO., 80524
 Banpil Photonics, Inc.Achyut Dutta  Small Business None of the above With the continued growth in integration density of CMOSs (complementary metal-oxide semiconductors) technology and clock frequency of chips (e.g. microprocessors), the aggregate bandwidth required between future-generation chips and chipsets will increase sharply. Driving serial or parallel data at high speeds over copper on epoxy-glass (trade name: FR4) based printed circuit boards (PCBs) is a severe design constraint which significantly limits signal carrying capacity for a given channel length. As signal rates and pin counts are continually on the rise, the disparity between off-chip (on FR4-based PCBs) and on-chip signal speeds will continually widen, which will limit system-level performance and power requirements. An innovative high-speed power-efficient off-chip electrical interconnects technology, which can reduce the disparity between off-chip and on-chip signal speeds in a power-efficient, cost-effective and reliable way, is highly desirable.
Banpil has alternative power-efficient chip to chip interconnects technologies for rigid and flexible PCB interconnects, which can operate less than 1/10th power over the current standard interconnects while keeping the same bandwidth. Banpil’s proposed chip-to-chip interconnects which will be implemented in high-speed motherboards/backplanes of energy-efficient server systems and also possible to implement onto the on-chip interconnects and verified its energy-efficient performance a whole. The proposed energy efficient interconnects solution combining with the software solution can also be used also high performance imaging systems, networking systems, multifunctional RF systems, or computing systems where necessary signal carrying capacity is 25 Gb/s and beyond.
Through ARPA-E program, we can work with partner to build test board and test-chip incorporating with proposed interconnects and implement the software to evaluate the system’s energy-efficient performances.
Banpil has created more than 25 patents (issued) on the energy-efficient interconnect technologies and experimentally demonstrated the feasibility.


Phone: 408-282-3628

Address: 4800 Patrick Henry Drive, Suite 120, Santa Clara, CA 95054
 CIAN (Center for Integrated Access Networks)Nasser Peyghambarian  Academic Other Energy Technologies The vision for the Center for Integrated Access Networks (CIAN) is to deliver network services at peak data rates up to 100 Gbps anytime and anywhere at low cost and with high energy efficiency. Internet traffic and data center traffic continues to increase at near exponential rates, driven by an increasing number of users or connected devices, bandwidth-intensive applications such as video on demand, and mobile computing platforms, with aggregation and access networks (metropolitan area) exceeding long haul traffic volumes. These trends plus an increasingly heterogeneous and unpredictable traffic flow, and a growing need for dynamic allocation of bandwidth, put particular strain on aggregation points in regional networks and intra-data center communication. CIAN’s goal is the creation of a transformative network system by addressing bottlenecks in existing networks to unlock future scalability, delivery of 100 Gbps peak rates to subscribers, low latency, network management and control for dynamic bandwidth allocation, energy efficiency and low cost. The CIAN system-level research is being transferred to companies though its industry and education programs, with commercial adoption of early CIAN architecture innovations already underway.
CIAN’s achievements over the last year include a wide range of advances spanning devices to systems. New software defined inter data center optical functionality was demonstrated. System innovations include adaptive modulation with the potential to scale optical channels to 1 Pb/s with greater efficiency and higher performance, software defined optical networking and smart electrical grid control algorithms for greater resilience to disaster or attack events, a flexible all optical transmission node with energy efficient optical grooming. New insights were provided on network bottlenecks through an analysis of network capacity distance scaling. At the device level, planar silicon photonic switching chips set records for speed and port counts, a silicon photonic optical add drop chips was made athermal, and a second generation CIAN chip incorporating silicon photonic chip foundry manufacturing methods was designed and fabricated.


Phone: 520-621-5821

Address: 1630 E University Blvd, University of Arizona Tucson AZ 85721
 nanoRANCH-UHV Technologies, Inc.Nalin Kumar, Ph.D.  Small Business Other Energy Technologies We are a small company with expertise in fabrication of nano-crystalline thin films of diamond, electro-optic, optical, semiconductor and exotic materials; and their use in high performance devices and systems. In respect to this program, we have a unique capability to fabricate metallic, electro-optic and semiconductor thin films on optical fibers for use in various fiber-optic devices including pig-tails, cross-bars and evanescent wave devices.

we are interested in collaborating with organizations with expertise in network architectures, optical interconnects and fiber-optic packaging.


Phone: 817-880-3880

Address: 450 South Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 76104-3503
 Duke UniversityBenjamin Lee  Academic Other Energy Technologies The BCL Research Group at Duke University has deep expertise in design space exploration, technology modeling, and system simulation. Our research in these areas have influenced performance and power modeling in the architecture and systems community (Lee and Brooks. "Accurate and efficient regression modeling for microarchitectural performance and power prediction," In Proc ASPLOS 2006). Moreover, our group has developed cycle-level simulators for processors, memories, and interconnects with real datacenter workloads such as web search, Apache Hadoop, and Apache Spark (Lee. "Datacenter design and management: A computer architect's perspective," Synthesis Lectures on Computer Architecture, 2016).

Datacenters demand big memory servers for big data. For blade servers, which disaggregate memory across multiple blades, we derive technology and architectural models to estimate communication delay and energy. These models permit new case studies in scheduling to mitigate non-uniform memory access (NUMA) and improve the energy efficiency of data movement. Preliminary results show that our models help researchers coordinate NUMA mitigation and queueing dynamics. We find that judiciously permitting NUMA reduces queueing time, benefiting throughput, latency, and energy efficiency for datacenter workloads like Apache Spark. For more detail, see preliminary results (Wang and Lee. "Modeling communication costs in blade servers," In Proc. HotPower 2015).


Phone: 919-660-5043

Address: Box 90291, Duke University, Durham NC 27708
 AKHAN Semiconductor, Inc.Ernie Schirmann  Small Business Other Energy Technologies The primary aim of AKHAN Semiconductor, Inc. is to develop and manufacture next generation Nanocrystalline Diamond (NCD) based materials and devices. AKHAN’s IP portfolio addresses a broad range of applications including thermal management, optical windows, transparent electronics, MEMs, and active diamond semiconductor components. It also includes breakthrough, low cost, low temperature (<400C, CMOS compatible) diamond deposition technology developed by Argonne National Laboratory.

With extremely high thermal conductivity (5x higher than copper, 22x higher than silicon) diamond can be directly integrated into photonic ICs and packages for thermal management, thus improving optical conversion efficiency, wavelength stability, and extending component lifetime. Diamond is also optically transparent over the entire range of optical communication wavelengths, thus making it compatible with photonic IC integration.

AKHAN Semiconductor, Inc. is interested in collaborating with photonic IC and/or packaging partners to improve datacenter energy efficiency by leveraging the significant benefits of advanced thin film diamond technology.


Phone: (847) 855-8400

Address: 940 Lakeside Drive, Gurnee, IL 60031
 AEgis Technologies GroupJenna Tuck  Small Business Other Energy Technologies AEgis Technologies holds an interest in teaming on RFI-0000023. We feel as though we hold exemplary past performance, and proven ability in Data translation, and big data management. We are interested in providing solutions for the aforementioned portion of the RFI:

" To validate hardware solutions, ENLITENED will also entail modeling and simulation of the new datacenter architectures and data traffic protocols under realistic workloads, to provide quantifiable measures to validate transformative design strategies for future datacenters and retrofits."

Information Dominance – the ability to rapidly generate, transmit, and visualize the battlefield – has been an important focus for the U.S. Military since the early 1990s. However, the ability to disseminate information is too often hampered by incompatible message formats, transmission protocols, bandwidth limitations, and varying classification levels of systems. This can blur the picture of the battlefield and negatively impact the warfighter.

The Joint Embedded Messaging System (JEMS) was created to solve these types of problems. It is a GUI driven, operator reconfigurable product that translates messages, databases, protocols, and transmission methods as well as safe-guarding and securely translating between differing security levels in the most efficient manner possible.


Phone: 4074372328

Address: 12000 research parkway, Suite 201, Orlando FL 32826
 VPIphotonics, Inc.Jim Farina  Small Business Other Energy Technologies VPIphotonics has 20 years of experience as the industry leader in the simulation of optical systems and devices. Our capabilities include:

• Simulation and analysis of optical communication systems including Coherent, Superchannel, OFDM and multi-level modulation formats such as PAM.

• Time and frequency modeling of large scale hybrid photonics integrated circuits in materials such as InP and Si.

• Active device modeling largely based on rate equation approaches including bidirectional interactions and carrier effects etc.

• Passive device modeling based on sophisticated physical models or imported S-Matrix.

• Support for SDM with multicore and sophisticated multimode fiber models.

• Cosimulation with Python, Matlab, dll or exe.

• Powerful scripting and interactive sweep capabilities.

• PDK support.

Visit for more information on our suite of simulation tools.


Phone: 781-762-3901

Address: 89 Access Rd., Unit 1, Norwood, MA
 OPAL-RT Technologies Inc.Darcy La Ronde  Small Business Grid OPAL-RT provides a complete range of real-time digital simulators and control prototyping systems for power grids, power electronics, motor drives and other mechatronic systems. These real-time systems help you perform feasibility studies, develop new concepts, design and test your controllers for a wide variety of applications including small power converters, hybrid electric drives, large power grids and renewable energy systems.

OPAL-RT offers the most complete, open and high-performance power system real-time simulation solution on the market. Not only does it cover every need for traditional power grid simulation, it also offers an unsurpassed level of scalability to design, simulate and test complex power systems, thanks to a level of integration between products never seen before. The capability of ePOWERgrid products to simulate everything from fast electromagnetic phenomenon to the transient stability of large power systems, allows power system engineers and scientists to optimize the security, efficiency and performance of microgrid, renewable energy sources and large interconnected power grids.


Phone: 514-909-9398

Address: 1751 rue Richardson Ste. 2525 Montreal, QC H3K 1G6
 Chiral Photonics, Inc.Dan Neugroschl  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Chiral Photonics offers full optoelectronic packaging of photonic integrated circuits (PICs), including the highest density optical input/output (I/O) densities for both surface and edge coupling. This service is an outgrowth of Chiral's development of advanced fiber optic components.

Chiral Photonics develops, manufacturers and sells fiber optic components including the highest density fiber optic couplers used in PIC packaging, used for both edge and surface input/output (I/O). Chiral Photonics also offer fiber optic fanouts and related assemblies used in conjunction multicore fibers and their application to such diverse fields as spatial division multiplexing (SDM) and three-dimensional (3D) shape sensing.


Phone: 973-732-0030 x102

Address: 26 Chapin Road, Unit 1104
 Brown UniversitySherief Reda  Academic Other Energy Technologies data center energy efficiency
power management
cluster computing
power capping
power regulation


Phone: 4018631455

Address: 184 Hope St, Providence, RI 02912
 Princeton OptronicsChuni Ghosh  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Princeton Optronics makes high speed vertical cavity lasers (VCSELs) which is the type of laser used in high speed data communications inside data centers. They are making cutting edge low power high performance lasers for that application and would like to participate in this program.


Phone: 609-584-9696x118

Address: 1 Electronics Drive, Mercerville, NJ 08619
 University of Massachusetts LowellWei Guo  Academic Other Energy Technologies The Photonics Research lab is focusing on the development of InAs quantum dot lasers and comb lasers on Si for silicon photonics integrations, and have demonstrated high performance QD comb lasers integrated with silicon photonics ring resonators. The Photonics research lab is well equipped with the state-of-the-art facility to grow, fabricated and characterized III-V materials and lasers. The facilities include three MBE systems, state-of-the-art nano fabrication facility at UML and Harvard CNS and full testing lab.


Phone: 9789344046

Address: 1 University Ave., Lowell, MA, 01854
 Physical Sciences Inc.Oscar D. Herrera  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Physical Sciences Inc. has experience and expertise in the design and testing of optical modulators based on commercially-available CMOS compatible electro-optic (EO) polymers with EO coefficient greater than 200pm/V and relative low dispersion, enabling optical interconnects with switching energy as low as 10s of fJ/bit and bandwidths exceeding 100 GHz.


Phone: 925-743-1110

Address: 6652 Owens Drive, Pleasanton, CA 94588
 Boston UniversityDavid Bishop  Academic Other Energy Technologies Our group has been developing 3D MEMS optical switches with exa- and zetta-scale capacities. Using special large tilt angle MEMS mirrors (+/- 40 degrees) we have designs allowing for optical cross connects to be built with port counts in excess of fifty thousand input and output ports. Such very large cross connects can carry the "elephant flows" found in data centers with durations ranging from seconds to hours. By routing these flows in the optical domain as opposed to electronically, a significant power savings can be obtained. The key to being able to build such large switches is using a 3D architecture as opposed to a 2D one as would be found for integrated optics solutions. We believe that 3D MEMS architectures of the kind we have been researching using very large tilt angle mirrors are the only feasible, low power way to build exa- and zetta-scale switches for data center applications.

We would be interested in taking to potential partners to pursue this funding opportunity.


Phone: 617 990 4037

Address: 8 Saint Mary's St, Boston, MA 02215
 University of Arizona, College of Optical sciencesPierre-Alexandre Blanche  Academic Other Energy Technologies Dr Blanche was recently awarded a SBIR grant by the DOE for the development of an "Ultrafast holographic optical switch for hybrid data center architecture". In addition of being up to four orders of magnitude faster than the current technology, this switch has also an extremely low power consumption, is rate and protocol agnostic, and scalable to an unprecedented number of ports.

Dr Blanche has more than 15 years of experience in diffraction optics, and his part of the NSF funded engineering center for integrated access networks (CIAN).


Phone: (520)626-5389

Address: 1630 E University Blvd. Tucson Az 85721
 Columbia UniversityKeren Bergman  Academic Other Energy Technologies Expertise in optically interconnected architectures high performance systems, optically connected multi-level memory, chip-scale high connectivity photonic switching, and comprehensive modeling/simulations of energy consumption.


Phone: 212-854-1744

Address: 500 West 120th Street, New York NY 10027
 Phinix,LLCDr. Subodh Das  Small Business Power Generation and Energy Production: Liquid and Gaseous Fuels/Nuclear We have demonstrated (published papers,granted patents and federal grants & contracts)expertise and deep industrial & academic contacts in:
1. Arpa-e contract grantee and current sub-contractor
2. TEA - Techno-Economic Analysis
3. T2M - Technology to Market
4. Proposal Writing
5. Project team building

We are looking for partnership opportunities to apply for this FOA as a partner and /or sub-contractor.


Phone: 859-619-8386

Address: P.O. Box 11668, Lexington, KY 40577
 PARC, a Xerox CompanyDr. Christopher Chua  Large Business Other Energy Technologies PARC, a Xerox company has extensive experience in the design and fabrication of optoelectronics devices. We have a vertically integrated capability spanning epitaxial growth, micro-fabrication, back-end processing, prototype packaging, and device testing. In photonics interconnect, PARC has developed technology capable of connecting densely-packed input/output interconnects smaller than 4 um wide on 6 um pitch, and has demonstrated heterogeneous integration of Si driver ICs with densely-packed semiconductor lasers using the technology. PARC also has capabilities on wafer bonding and epi transfer of III-V materials such as InP, GaAs and GaN-based epi-layers.


Phone: 650-812-4113

Address: 3333 Coyote Hill Road, Palo Alto, CA, 94304
 National Renewable Energy LabAdele Tamboli  Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Power Generation: Renewable The National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) has decades of experience in the development and characterization of optoelectronic semiconductor materials and devices. We have deep expertise in III-Vs, lattice-mismatched epitaxy, integration of dissimilar materials (e.g. III-V and Si) via epitaxy, bonding, and stacking, and a wide range of growth techniques including MOCVD, MBE, HVPE, ALD, and various PVD processes. We also have extensive experience in device fabrication, including nanoimprint lithography. Our state of the art characterization facilities include a wide variety of electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, diffraction, compositional analysis, and luminescence based techniques. We can also offer high performance computing platforms and expertise, ranging from electronic structure to 3D optical/electronic device modeling.


Phone: 3033847223

Address: 15013 Denver West Pkwy, Golden, CO 80401
 University of California, DavisS. J. Ben Yoo  Academic Other Energy Technologies 1. High Radix Switches
2. Silicon Photonics
3. Heterogeneous Integration of Laser, Modulator, Switch, Detector, AWG, Mux/Demux structures on Silicon
4. Scalable Optically-Interconnected Computing Architectures


Phone: 5307527063

Address: Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering
 AurrionEric Hall  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Aurrion is a leading edge Silicon Photonics company utilizing a fabless semiconductor model to develop products for high bandwidth data communications based upon the heterogeneous integration technology pioneered by its founders. Aurrion’s photonic integrated circuit (PIC) solutions provide lower power, reduced cost and higher reliability for current optical transceiver markets as well as open up the design space for new network architectures based on highly-integrated photonic circuits.


Phone: 8058954604

Address: 6868 Cortona Suite C, Goleta, CA 93117