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 NP PhotonicsXiushan Zhu  Small Business Online Sensing NP Photonics, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of fiber lasers and specialty fiber for the sensing, defense, metrology and research markets. NP Photonics' proprietary fiber technology is used across a broad family of products, including mid-IR transport fibers and narrow-linewidth, low-phase-noise fiber lasers specifically designed for operation in an industrial environment.Our recent achievement of ultra-broadband fiber laser source in the mid-IR wavelength range enables a promising technology for fast-speed and high sensitivity sensing of Methane.


Phone: 520-799-7400

Address: 9030 S. Rita Road., Suite 120, Tucson, AZ 85747
 Precision Solar Technologies CorporationTim Leonard  Small Business Technologies that offer new control capabilities via advanced models, mechanisms, or actuators Est. 1996, we design, manufacture and deploy integrated tracking control systems for large and small solar tracking mechanisms used in solar power production, industrial process heat, interior solar illumination and solar radiation scientific data collection/reporting equipment.
Our specialty is integrating solar power into existing industrial applications where coordinated control of heat, power or light is required by the process.
We have significant experience supporting high-precision, high-temperature CSP equipment for applications such as CO-2 splitting, methane gas reforming and micro-turbine operation. Our equipment has supported temperatures in excess of 2350 C and concentrations over 5000 suns.
We can provide a project with a variety of equipment including two 100+ kWt CSP dishes, a heliostat/dish furnace and a test site.
We are interested in developing an integrated CSP system combining gas reforming, electrical production and synthetic or 'drop-in' fuel storage.


Phone: (505) 281-0399

Address: 10 Camino del Senador, Tijeras, NM 87059
 Oakland UniversityXiangqun Zeng  Academic Other Energy Technologies Current sensor devices for the detection of methane or natural gas emission are either expensive and have high power requirements or fail to provide a rapid response. We have invented an electrochemical methane sensor utilizing a non-volatile and conductive pyrrolidinium-based IL electrolyte and an innovative internal standard method for methane and oxygen dual-gas detection with high sensitivity, selectivity, and stability. The simultaneous quantification of both methane and oxygen in real time strengthens the reliability of the measurements by cross-validation of two ambient gases occurring within a single sample matrix and allows for the elimination of several types of random and systematic errors in the detection. The use of hydrophobic, non-volatile ionic liquid as an electrolyte enables a simple gas sampling system that can be open to the ambient environment for preconcentration and significantly simplified the system integration which also providing long sensor lifetime.


Phone: 2483702881

Address: Chemistry Department
 Mazdak Taghioskoui, PhDMazdak Taghioskoui, PhD  Individual Online Sensing Mazdak Taghioskoui, PhD, is a scientist/engineer with experience in sensing. More specifically, Dr. Taghioskoui, in his dissertation research, studied novel methods for methane quantification in a mixture of gases mimicking the martian atmosphere using miniature inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry.


Phone: 5714380970

Address: 1301 S Joyce St, Arlington VA 22202
 Red Hen Systems, LLCNeil Havermale  Small Business Technologies that facilitate low-cost, high-performance, and/or plug-and-play hybridization and integration of disparate devices CH4 emissions detection and reduction using LDAR best-practices remain a hot topic in integrity voluntarism across the entire CH4 value chain - production to midstream to final distribution. Red Hen is involved in these discussions.

Red Hen Systems, LLC integrates GIS, GPS, and CAM – CAM standing for camera area metadata. Red Hen has unique skills in the geoptagging metadata for Gas Cameras

This metadata stream is embedded into full-motion video at recording with both UTC temporal and WGS84 positioning synchronizations to create a geo-spatial digital-media fusion or geotagging. This fusion includes imagery, audio, video, event triggers, and other adjacent telemetry, i.e. CH4 PPM sensors. Once made we term this merging as geospatially enabled media or GEM. We have been refining these methods for two decades. The GEM metadata is persistent through compression, edition, and transcoding as long as stereo pair fidelity is maintained in a standard manner.
Website: http:/


Phone: 970-493-3952

Address: 145 West Swallow, Building B, Fort Collins, CO 80525
 Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), A Xerox CompanyBernard Casse  Small Business Technologies that facilitate low-cost, high-performance, and/or plug-and-play hybridization and integration of disparate devices PARC, a Xerox company, is in the Business of Breakthroughs®. Practicing open innovation, we provide custom R&D services, technology, expertise, best practices, and intellectual property to Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies, startups, and government agencies and partners. We create new business options, accelerate time to market, augment internal capabilities, and reduce risk for our clients.

Since its inception, PARC has pioneered many technology platforms – from the Ethernet and laser printing to the GUI and ubiquitous computing – and has enabled the creation of many industries. Incorporated as an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of Xerox in 2002, PARC today continues the physical, computer, and social sciences research that enables breakthroughs for our clients' businesses.

PARC's methane sensing technologies span from high-risk, high-payoff early-stage technologies to more mature optical sensor technology platforms.


Phone: 650 812 4000

Address: 3333 Coyote Hill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304
 ElicereDennis Ruggeri  Small Business Other Energy Technologies Elicere is a IT software company in Falls Church, VA with a practice dedicated to making mobile "apps for the environment". Mobile apps could be of various type, from assessing and auditing systems, to citizen science information and gathering apps, to simple information apps. We are looking for subject matter experts to team with as a technology partner to build mobile apps to help with environmental concerns. If you are interested in teaming with us, please call or email Dennis Ruggeri. In the past, we were a national finalist for the Clean Tech Open with an app to help mitigate storm water pollution on construction sites. We have ideas for building apps to monitor air and water quality as well.


Phone: 703-226-4237

Address: 400 N. Washington St. Suite 301 Falls Church VA 22046
 Los Alamos National LabThom Rahn  Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Other Energy Technologies Los Alamos National Laboratory has demonstrated expertise in application of state of the art analytical techniques toward identification of Fugitive Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Carbon Capture and Sequestration studies. We have extensive experience in applications from high frequency in situ field measurements to grab sample analysis via lab based mass spectrometry as well as deployment of mobile tower platforms and full suites of complementary meteorological measurements. We also have at our disposal mobile platforms for on-the-fly measurements and short term occupation of stations of interest. LANL also has modeling capabilities that link from the mesoscale (WRF) to high resolution on the order of meters (HIGRAD) that enable calculation and visualization of plume development in environments that can include highly detailed aspects of vegetation and manmade structures. We have previous and ongoing programs in partnership with industry as well as with other US governmental agencies.


Phone: 505-667-1812

Address: Los Alamos National Lab EES-14, MS-J495, Los Alamos NM 87545
 Iowa State UniversityAlan A. DiSpirito  Academic Bioenergy Research interest and background in the biochemistry, physiology and ecology of methanotrphic and chemoautotrophic bacteria. Current research efforts in my laboratory are focused on the basic metabolism, environmental importance and commercial uses of methanotrophic bacteria. Current projects in methanotrophy include focuses on the mechanism of methane oxidation in methanotrophs expressing the membrane-associated methane monooxygenase (pMMO). A second focus of my laboratory is involved in defining the role of methanobactin in metal acquisition, regulation of the two methane monooxygenase, metal resistance and in methane oxidation by the pMMO. A third project involved the mechanism of methanobactin biosynthesis.


Phone: 5152942944

Address: Department of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology, 4114 Molecular Biology Building, Ames, IA 50011
 Duke UniversityJohn Albertson  Academic Offline or Online characterization for fast monitoring and prediction Duke University's Wireless Intelligent Sensor Network (WISeNet) program has been partnering with the US EPA's Air Quality lab to develop novel and optimal methods for assessment of fugitive methane emissions from oil and gas production facilities, refineries, and pipeline systems. Our team's core foci are: 1) low cost raman spectroscopy, 2) turbulent dispersion in complex flows, 3) manned and unmanned ground and airborne vehicles, and 4) optimal mobile sensor path planning based on Bayesian and information theoretic principals. For this solicitation we are planning to partner with the Gasbot group in Sweden and the EPA's Emissions Characterization and Prevention Branch. Commercial partners are invited.


Phone: 919-660-5200

Address: Civil and Environmental Engineering, Duke University, Box 90287, Durham, NC 27708-0287
 Carbon Now Cast, LLCScott Richardson  Small Business Offline or Online characterization for fast monitoring and prediction Carbon Now Cast, LLC, is specialized in greenhouse gas emissions monitoring via atmospheric methods, from point sources to regional domains. Atmospheric methods are complementary to inventory estimates used for reporting of emissions, with the advantage of being available in near real-time. Our expertise in testing, calibrating, and deploying guarantees high accuracy and long term reliability when continuously measuring atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations. Recent technologies developed at Carbon Now Cast using state-of-the-art weather models make it possible to infer the spatially- and temporally-varying methane emissions from oil and gas operations. We can provide complete atmospheric-based emissions monitoring, or, as a first step, observational design studies (including atmospheric transport modeling) to demonstrate the utility of this method and determine optimal measurement locations to minimize the number of sensors deployed in the field.


Phone: 814-880-8087

Address: 200 Innovation Boulevard #261, State College, PA 16803
 SRI InternationalBarbara Heydorn  Non-Profit Other Energy Technologies SRI International has pioneered sensing systems for commercial and government clients for use in diverse environments. Techniques include lidar systems and frequency modulation spectroscopy using near- and mid-infrared laser sources, MEMS detectors (e.g. weather station on a chip) and systems that combine laser techniques with time-of-flight mass spectrometry. SRI develops compact instrumentation integrated with novel processing methods (e.g. combinations of statistical signal restoration with machine learning, computer vision, multi-sensor fusion, and computational imaging) to achieve rapid yet accurate detection and identification. Other capabilities include environmental modeling, integration of complex GIS data into meaningful visual representations, and robotics. SRI’s staff of 2,300 work in partnership with clients to invent, scale-up and commercialize promising technologies developed by SRI, brought to us by clients, or developed in partnership with clients.


Phone: 650 859 5717

Address: 333 Ravenswood Ave., Menlo Park, CA
 University of WyomingRobert Field or Shane Murphy  Academic Other Energy Technologies The Air Quality Research Group in the Department of Atmospheric Science at the University of Wyoming conducts ground-based and airborne measurements. Airborne measurements can be made from a UW research-dedicated aircraft supported through a cooperative agreement with NSF. Ground-based measurements are conducted from a Mobile Laboratory built on a Mercedes Sprinter Van with capacity for partner instruments. Current projects are focused on VOC and methane emissions from oil and gas systems throughout the western US. Past projects have included studies of wintertime ozone in Wyoming and Utah and mobile mapping of methane. The group has the capability to quantitatively measure the flux of methane (cavity ringdown) and VOC (PTR-TOF-MS) from oil and gas point sources utilizing the US EPA Geospatial Measurement of Air Pollution-Remote Emission Quantification–Direct Assessment technique. Flux measurements have been made in the field and the accuracy has been verified through test releases.


Phone: 307 766 2180

Address: Department of Atmospheric Science, University of Wyoming, 1000 E. University Ave., Laramie, WY, 82071.
 American EcotechMark Phelps  Small Business None of the above Our area of expertise is in the design, integration, installation, operation and maintenance of environmental & industrial monitoring systems. These include; gas analyzers and sensors, wind and weather monitoring systems; data logging systems, fixed site, mobile, solar powered remote and portable monitoring systems. We are innovative, small and flexible enough to respond to a wide variety of applications and solutions.

Our instrumentation is used by research and industry leaders throughout the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean, including federal, state, and tribal environmental protection agencies, major research institutions, industrial energy suppliers, mining and refining plants, and environmental consulting firms. With our major support center located in Rhode Island, and additional service teams based in Texas, California, Canada, and Mexico, our experienced staff is readily available and committed to providing our customers with the highest standard of service and support.


Phone: 4012470100

Address: P.O. Box 311, Warren, RI 02885
 Chemistry Division, Naval Research LaboratoryPehr E. Pehrsson  Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Online Sensing I head the Nanomaterials, Interfaces and Devices section in NRL's Chemistry Division. My background is in physical chemistry, surface science, and chemical sensing.

Our new ChemFET sensor is based on arrays of millions of vertical silicon nanowires made by metal-assisted wet etching of a commercial silicon wafer. The resulting sensors are small, light, low power, cheap and easy to make, and easily included in a simple circuit for trace vapor detection. They are extremely sensitive and responsive to trace gases.

Our sensor detects multiple analytes, including NO2, NH3, N2H4, DNT, and TNT. Properly functionalized, it should provide multidimensional chemical fingerprints to identify multiple species (including CH4), of different classes, in chemically complex environments.

Our related publications
1) Field et al., Analytical Chemistry, 83, 4724 (2011)
2) In et al., Nanotechnology, 22, 355501 (2011)
3) Yeom et al., Advanced Funct. Materials, 24, 106 (2014)


Phone: 202-767-3579

Address: Code 6178, Naval Research Lab, 4555 Overlook Av. SW, Washington, DC 20375
 KASSAY Field Services, Inc.Stephen Perry  Small Business Online Sensing KASSAY Field Services. Inc. specializes in the commercialization of optical remote sensing; open path FTIR spectrometers. Since 1996, KASSAY has pioneered applications for industrial, municipal, institutional, and military customers. The open path FTIR is a real time analyzer that can detect hundreds of chemicals along a beam path more the 500m in ppb-ppm sensitivity.

Achievements include:
- Only open path FTIR to complete USEPA's Environmental Technology Verification Program
- Open path FTIR SAFER approval (DHS) for emergency first responders.
- Open path FTIR Greenhouse gas monitoring funded by World Bank for Trinidad
- Open path FTIR chemical agent monitoring for DOD (More then 4 studies)
- Open path FTIR for Gas Technology Institute for MGP sites.
- Open path FTIR tracer studies for model validation for NYC waste water treatment plants.
- Open path FTIR monitoring by state regulatory agency PADEP for Marcellus shale sites.


Phone: 732.979.5192

Address: 190 Eagleview Drive Mohsville PA 19541
 Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural ResourcesDr. Susan Stuver  Academic Technologies that facilitate low-cost, high-performance, and/or plug-and-play hybridization and integration of disparate devices At the Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural Resources, our work is about improving the management of natural resources through applied research and technology integration that engages policymakers, land managers, citizens and industry. We have five programmatic focus areas to include Energy, Land, Water, Wildlife and Military Sustainability. Researchers in our Energy Program are developing advanced analytical protocols for air emission measurement and estimation at oil and gas sites. This effort includes going to drilling rigs, hydraulic fracturing sites and production facilities to develop continuous monitoring using Open Path Fourier Transform Infrared Instrumentation, integrated weather collection technology and modeling. The result is a monitoring system capable of detecting and measuring large ranges of pollutants as well as determine the pollutants source.


Phone: 210-277-0292 x208

Address: IRNR 4040 Broadway Suite 360 San Antonio Texas 78209
 Oak Ridge National LaboratorySteven Fernandez  Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Offline or Online characterization for fast monitoring and prediction ORNL VERDE has three of the four pieces required for a wide area situation awareness solution:

1) Fixed methane array sensors integrated with meteorology and utility data using predictive analytics to detect releases
2) Libraries of modeled release rates meteorology cases that exceed 10 billion cases
3) Triggering mobile sensors within 4 seconds of event detection
4) Integration of detected releases to develop total releases

VERDE has a single, real-time, location-based platform including cognitive predictive analytics. The platform tracks meteorological and hydrological data needed for infrastructure damage assessments, reverse plume modeling, and impact forecast. The analytic engine visualizes the relationships and patterns to characterize releases and uses those patterns to identify location and emission rates. VERDE uses dynamic datasets from streaming sources and data from assets owners’ operators. VERDE refreshes the condition of assets to start updated simulations.


Phone: 865 576 3565

Address: One Bethel Valley Rd, Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6017
 nanoRANCH-UHV Technologies, Inc.Nalin Kumar  Small Business Online Sensing We are a small high technology company specializing in advanced materials, devices and instrumentation development. We are currently working several DOE projects including one funded by ARPA-E for in-line sensing technology for high throughput sorting of aluminum alloy scrap. Another project involves development of nano-sensors for real time monitoring of mercury emissions from coal power plants. For the MONITOR program, we are seeking partners for our optical fiber based methane gas sensors.


Phone: 817-880-3880

Address: 450 South Freeway, For Worth, TX 76104-3503
 Florida State UniversityTarek Abichou  Academic None of the above Our expertise falls broadly in the discipline referred to as geo-environmental engineering. We have published a Guidance Document to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Landfills, the main reference used by U.S. EPA report Available and Emerging Technologies for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Municipal Solid Waste Landfills. Recently, we have started working on the feasibility of using surface ambient methane concentrations to estimate methane emissions and methne leak locations on surfaces of from landfills. We were also involved the use of vertical radial plume mapping to measure methane emissions from more than 20 landfills across the United States, where I introduced a methodology to quantify the uncertainties associated with the use of this technique to estimate surface emissions in landfill applications. We, furthermore, introduced a new approach to characterize area emission contributions from area sources with different intensity.


Phone: 850-410-661

Address: 2525 Pottsdamer Street Tallahassee FL 32310
 LI-COR BiosciencesMark A. Johnson, PhD  Small Business Online Sensing LI-COR Biosciences has developed environmental sensors and systems since 1971. More than 30,000 customers in 100 countries use LI-COR instruments. Our product family includes measurement systems for solar radiation, leaf area, atmospheric gases, soil CO2 flux, photosynthesis, and eddy covariance. Our eddy covariance (EC) family includes sensors (our own and third party), data acquisition hardware, software, and wireless/cellular communications. EC data can be post-processed using EddyPro, or real-time processed with the SmartFlux engine.

LI-COR's gas analyzers/systems are deployed in diverse fixed and mobile installations on land, air, and sea. They measure methane, carbon-dioxide, and water vapor using both NDIR and WMS techniques. The LI-COR LI-7700 open path methane analyzer was designed for low-power, unattended, and remote/mobile applications. The LI-7700 was awarded R&D Magazine's "R&D 100" in 2010.

LI-COR is a privately held company and is ISO 9001:2008 certified.


Phone: 402-467-0654

Address: 4647 Superior Street, Lincoln, NE 68504
 U.S. EPA Office of Research and Developmet (ORD)Eben Thoma  Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) Other Energy Technologies The EPA ORD, National Risk Management Research Laboratory (NRMRL), develops and applies next generation measurement approaches to assess and mitigate air emissions from fugitive and area sources including upstream oil and gas production operations. The group develops technologies and methods in the following areas:
• Mobile techniques for mapping source emissions
• Near-field inverse and tracer correlation source strength assesment
• Open-path optical spectroscopy and flux plane approaches
• Airborne platforms and infrared camera / hyper spectral systems
• Onsite and remote speciated source composition characterization
• Fence line measurement approaches with low cost sensor networks
ORD NRMRL has conducted onsite and remote field measurements of air emissions from oil and gas produced water ponds and well pads in multiple basins. The group is actively involved in development of low cost fence line sensors and advanced leak detection and repair concepts for multiple sectors.


Phone: 919-541-7969

Address: 109 TW Alexander Drive, Durham NC, 27711, M/S E343-02
 University of HoustonWei-Chuan Shih  Academic Online Sensing Assistant Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering. Prior to joining UH, he was a Schlumberger postdoctoral fellow at Schlumberger-Doll Research, focusing on development of optical analysis of hydrocarbon fluids and automated remote monitoring system for offshore oil spills. He obtained PhD (’07) from MIT Spectroscopy Laboratory/ NIH Laser Biomedical Research Center, working on optical spectroscopy for noninvasive chemical sensing and disease diagnosis. He also worked extensively on nano/microfabrication and plasmonic-enhanced spectroscopy and imaging. His research interests are in biophotonics, neurophotonics, microscopy, computational imaging, N/MEMS, and environmental sensing. He is a recent NSF CAREER Award winner (2012) and inaugural NASA Early CAREER Faculty Award (2012).


Phone: 7137434454

Address: 4800 Calhoun Rd. Eng. Bldg. 1 N308
 Red Hen Systems, LLCNeil Havermale  Small Business Technologies that facilitate low-cost, high-performance, and/or plug-and-play hybridization and integration of disparate devices RHS has over 15 years of persistent innovation, commercialization, and commitment to user support related to the integration of the global positioning system (GPS), camera area networking (CAN), and geographical information systems (GIS). We have extensive skills in the multiplexing of metadata streams synchronized to video and still frame. Our media tradition is taken from the hand-held still and full motion imagery perspective using ad-hoc commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) handheld and mounted cameras.
Red Hen has innovated an aerial or vehicle-based natural gas best-of-breed corridor patrol method including an absolute CH4 sensor and a cooled infrared CH4 sensitive camera. We are seeking out CRADA relationships to process, fuse, and classify these several streams of visual sensors with detection sensors in the one to 300 PPM domain of sensitivity. We are most interested in detection of small wasteful emissions in leak detection and repair integrity programs.


Phone: 97-4933952

Address: 145 W. Swallow Rd Bld B Fort Collins, CO 80525
 University of WashingtonMarina G. Kalyuzhnaya  Academic Bioenergy Marina G. Kalyuzhnaya, PhD, is a Research Associate Professor at the University of Washington. Dr. Kalyuzhnaya has 20 years of experience in biochemistry, genomics, biotechnology and genomic engineering of methane-utilizing microbes. Her lab has an array of microbial species suitable for methane/natural gas sensing.


Phone: 425-233-4009

Address: 4270 Hubbs Hall 8750 Biological Grade Scripps Institution of Oceanography University of California, San Diego La Jolla, CA 92037
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