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  DE-FOA-0000672 Methane Opportunities For Vehicular Energy (MOVE) Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) 3/26/2012 05:00 PM ET 5/23/2012 05:00 PM ET

DE-FOA-0000672: Methane Opportunities For Vehicular Energy (MOVE)

This program seeks to fund the development of transformational technologies that reduce the barriers to mass adoption of natural gas use in vehicles. Of particular interest are technologies that enable at-home refueling and low-cost, high energy density on-board storage for natural gas vehicles.


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  • SF-424: Application for Federal assistance. (Last Updated: 4/25/2012 04:27 PM ET)
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Contact Information

  • ARPA-E-CO@hq.doe.govFor questions regarding Funding Opportunity Announcements

    ·          Every Friday, ARPA-E will post responses to any questions that were received by Wednesday at 12 PM Eastern Time.  (Questions received after Wednesday at 12 PM Eastern Time will be answered the following week.)  ARPA-E may re-phrase questions or consolidate similar questions for administrative purposes.    

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  • ExchangeHelp@hq.doe.govFor questions regarding ARPA-E’s online application portal, ARPA-E eXCHANGE.

Submission Deadlines

  • Concept Paper Submission Deadline: 3/26/2012 5:00 PM ET
  • Full Application Submission Deadline: 5/23/2012 5:00 PM ET
  • View Full Application Reviewer Comments Period: 6/15/2012 5:00 PM ET – 6/19/2012 5:00 PM ET