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  DE-FOA-0001255 MICRO-SCALE OPTIMIZED SOLAR-CELL ARRAYS WITH INTEGRATED CONCENTRATION (MOSAIC) Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) 1/22/2015 05:00 PM ET 5/7/2015 05:00 PM ET


The MOSAIC (Micro-scale Optimized Solar-cell Arrays with Integrated Concentration) Program will fund potentially disruptive technologies and related system concepts to achieve new performance and cost benchmarks for solar-electric generation from photovoltaics (PV). Specifically, MOSAIC will develop novel concepts that integrate arrays of high-performance micro-scale concentrated PV (micro-CPV) elements into modules that are similar in profile and cost to traditional non-concentrated “flat-plate” (FP) PV, but achieve the performance level associated with conventional Concentrated Photovoltaics (CPV). Realization of the aggressive targets of MOSAIC will require the formation of R&D teams from several communities, including material scientists, electrical and packaging engineers, optical engineers, micro-scale manufacturing specialists, and researchers in polymers and opto-electronics. 

A list of potential teaming partners can be found here: - MOSAIC


  • MOSAIC FOA - Full Application - MOD 02 - 03.23.2015 (Last Updated: 3/23/2015 05:50 PM ET)

Previous Versions

  • MOSAIC FOA - Concept Paper - 12.08.2014 (Last Updated: 12/8/2014 03:58 PM ET)
  • MOSAIC FOA - Concept Paper - MOD 01 - 12.31.2014 (Last Updated: 12/31/2014 09:58 AM ET)

Application Forms and Templates

The following forms and templates may be used as part of the application submission. Note that these forms and templates do not necessarily constitute all the documents required for a complete application. Please refer to the 'Application and Submission Information' of the published announcement to learn more about the required application content requirements.

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Concept Paper

  • MOSAIC - Concept Paper Summary Slide - Template (Last Updated: 12/8/2014 03:59 PM ET)
  • MOSAIC - Concept Paper Template (Last Updated: 12/8/2014 04:00 PM ET)

Full Application

  • SF-424 (Last Updated: 3/23/2015 03:31 PM ET)
  • MOSAIC Technical Volume (Last Updated: 3/23/2015 05:48 PM ET)
  • Budget Justification Guidance (Last Updated: 3/23/2015 04:18 PM ET)
  • Budget Justification / SF-424A Workbook (Last Updated: 3/23/2015 04:19 PM ET)
  • Business Assurances & Disclosures Form (Last Updated: 3/23/2015 03:54 PM ET)
  • Business Assurance & Disclosures Form - Sample (Last Updated: 3/23/2015 04:19 PM ET)
  • Summary For Public Release Template (Last Updated: 3/23/2015 04:08 PM ET)
  • Summary Slide Template (Last Updated: 3/23/2015 04:08 PM ET)
  • Replies to Reviewer Comments Template (Last Updated: 3/23/2015 04:07 PM ET)

Contact Information

    Please contact the email address above for questions regarding ARPA-E’s online application portal, ARPA-E eXCHANGE.
    Please contact the email address above for questions regarding Funding Opportunity Announcements. ARPA-E will post responses on a weekly basis to any questions that are received. ARPA-E may re-phrase questions or consolidate similar questions for administrative purposes.

Submission Deadlines

  • Concept Paper Submission Deadline: 1/22/2015 5:00 PM ET
  • Full Application Submission Deadline: 5/7/2015 5:00 PM ET
  • View Full Application Reviewer Comments Period: 6/29/2015 5:00 PM ET – 7/2/2015 5:00 PM ET